Cannibal: The Musical: On Stage

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Cannibal: The Musical: On Stage

Postby triplemultiplex » Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:31 pm

Matt & Trey's first feature length film is now touring as a stage production. They started in Toronto and came stateside this week right in my own backyard. So naturally, I had to plunk down some green to catch a performance here in Madison.

It was a lot of fun. In addition to all the songs I remember from the movie, there was also new music to enjoy. Such a pleasant surprise. They've done a great job with source material. Even the cyclops is in there. Before the show starts and during the intermission, the were playing bluegrass versions of classic rock songs like Aerosmith and Kiss and The Stones. :lol: The only thing I noticed was missing was one joke I really liked when they're about to cross the Green River and they're like "How deep is it?" and I think it was Trey, throws a rock into the water. Then after a beat or two, Matt is like, "Well what does that prove?"

Keep your eyes open for them coming around to your part of the USA. Next up is Nashville, so if you're at all close, I recommend going.
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Re: Cannibal: The Musical: On Stage

Postby Big-Will » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:20 pm

Noon: Sorry, Packer. How deep do you think it is? [Packer picks up a rock and tosses it in. Water splashes up and falls away. Everyone waits for a few seconds for any further activity, but none is coming]
Miller: Well what the hell was that supposed to prove?!

Aw, they took that out?

You got the actors wrong, lol. Noon was Dian Bachar, Miller was Jason McHugh.
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