Not so bad after all and other rants !

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Not so bad after all and other rants !

Postby RealPatrickDJ » Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:32 pm

Ok so this year I was at San Diego comic con and despite the fact that South Park not showing up not only I visit South Park Studios for the first time ever in Culver City and discovered that the creators of South Park really do read their fan mail including mines. But I got to met Eliza Jane Schneider at least And damn it was such an honor to meet her! Afterwards I finally got to voice my suggestion at the comic con feedback panel to the comic con president "john rogers" to bring back the creators of South Park and he said he will! And everyday I keep praying to myself that Matt and trey will return. And when they do I'll be first or second in line, which ever comes first and I'll be notice and HEARD FROM THE TWO even if it take many years until they return, I will be waiting! Now that's enough bitching for now and today in the late morning I watch the new South Park episode and it was abbot funny, not extremes funny which made me laugh too hard but it was just plain funny!! And as always I'll see you guys soon bye!
This is patrick Jenkins and I just so happen to be the biggest South Park fan whore in the entire universe!

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