Ideas For South Park !

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Ideas For South Park !

Postby xxxnightmarexxx » Thu May 26, 2011 10:48 pm

I have a Grate Idea for South Park it starts off with Kenny watching a show called Extreme Makeover : Home Edition and at the end of the show it says call this number 1-800 (whatever you what) so Kenny calls then they say they will be over there really soon so Kenny tells his Family so they make a video as there were making the video Carmon steps in so Kenny and Carmon start to yell then Carmon levees and he starts to make his video so when Carmon was going to put the video into the mail he sees the Extreme Makeover car then Carmon starts chancing the car then the car stops right in front of Kenny's home so they step out then Ty says "HELLO McCormick Family" then the family starts yelling then they give then show then the home and Carmon gets mad and starts yell outside as Ty and his friends are inside they point at Carmon and Kenny says "Oh that is just a fat guy yelling for food" so Ty said are you guys ready to go to Disney World ! Kenny yells and says " Hella" so they went in a limo and Carmon starts yelling in the sky saying "why God why are you doing this to me " so Kenny is having the time of his life and at home Ty calls the McCormick Family and starts to brake down the home and Carmon trues the TV and starts watching Extreme Makeover : Home Edition so he gets mad and heads over to Kenn'y house and starts yelling and Ty points and says "that fat kid really whats food" so they start going back to building the house and 1 week went by and Kenny comes out of the limo and Ty says "behind this bus is your new home" Kenny says "Move that bus" Then all the people start yelling "Move that bus" once the bus moved Kenny's dad crap himself then Ty shows then the new house and Kenny runs into his new bedroom then Ty walks in the room and starts talking to Kenny (South Park creators i hope you guys read this and i hope this can be on your show i did not finish the page because i what you guys to please fix the page and put what you guys what in it thanks)

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