I want to see South Park join the GAY GAY GAY

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I want to see South Park join the GAY GAY GAY

Postby CrazyKarl » Sun Oct 28, 2012 2:00 am

Little characters wearing pink pointed hoods and outfits riding horses through the town....They burn crosses on lawns to illuminate the love of Christ for all people everywhere. Everyone is welcome, even racists because racists are people too! Jesus loves everyone!

If this sounds like a good idea, just give CrazyKarl some facetime/credit time. Awesome!


P.S. The Grandmasterbater of the GAY GAY GAY is always masterbating in his cloak. He's not really gay. He's Bi. But, saying your a member of the BI BI BI just doesn't work.

You can join the Buy Buy Buy. That is a club spreading the word to stimulate the economy...BUY BUY BUY! from door to door like mormans or jahovas wittnesses.

Maybe some conflict between the GAY GAY GAY and the Buy Buy BUY???

The Grandmasterbater is always trying to hit on everything, male and female. He convinces the girls he won't get poop in the pussie.

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