The After Season 15 Adult Animation Comedy Downfall:

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The After Season 15 Adult Animation Comedy Downfall:

Postby leopoldstotch29 » Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:44 pm

I'm a diehard fan of South Park, I own all 15 seasons on DVD and 'South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut' on Blu-Ray, as well as a 11 x 17 nice framed poster for 'South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut'. But I am beyond disappointed with this new season, season 16, I'd describe each episode so far from this season as such:

Horrible: Faith Hilling, Jewpacabra, Going Native, A Nightmare on Face Time (4)

Bad: I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining, Sarcastaball, Raising the Bar, Insecurity (4)

Average: Butterballs, Cartman Finds Love (2)

Good: Reverse Cowgirl (1)

Great: Cash for Gold (1)

So basically, as I see it in the twelve episodes we have had so far, we have only had one good episode, 'Reverse Cowgirl', and one great episode, 'Cash for Gold'.

I was also very disappointed with Season 15, I'd put it's episodes in the following categories:

Horrible: You're Getting Old, A History Channel Thanksgiving (2)

Bad: HumanticeiPad, Funnybot, Royal Pudding, Broadway Bro Down, The Poor Kid (5)

Average: City Sushi, Ass Burgers, Bass to Mouth (3)

Good: Crack Baby Athletic Association, 1% (2)

Great: T.M.I., The Last of the Meheecans (2)

To me that is a shame. I mean come on, compare these last two seasons, 15 & 16, to the golden seasons of South Park, in my opinion, those were Seasons 6 - 8, which in my opinion don't contain a single episode that is not at least good, if not great in any of them, with Season 8, in my opinion, being the undoubted best season of South Park for sure, I mean nearly every single episode in season 8 is a classic all-time great, like: Good Times with Weapons, Up the Down Steroid, You Got F'd In the A, AWESOM-O, Goobacks, Douche and Turd (my all time favorite episode), Quest for Ratings, Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset, and Woodland Critter Christmas (probably the greatest ending of any South Park episode).

The point I am getting at by my discussion of these last two seasons is I recently got back into 'The Simpsons', having grown up as a fan, but not watched it for at least 7 years because I don't think it's been good for a long time. I noticed that right around Seasons 12 - 14 was when 'The Simpsons' went from great to good, than Seasons 15 - 16 from good to average, and than from Season 17 - 20 to just poor, Season 20 in particular was so awful that I haven't watched a single episode of any episode from any season after it.

Also, I started thinking, although 'King of the Hill' only made it 13 Seasons, around season 10 or so it started to go down hill, mostly when Tom Petty became a regular character.

'The Simpsons' and 'King of thee Hill' are in my opinion two of the finest adult animated comedy shows ever on television, with 'South Park' being in the same category as them, as "The Big Three". And as I showed above 'South Park' has seriously gone down hill after Season 15, The Simpsons had the same problem, and it's only gotten worse, and although 'King of the Hill' didn't last as long it went down hill after ten seasons.

So, I am left wondering if 'South Park' should stay on the air, because if the episodes in the rest of this season and future seasons are like those so far this season it's just ruining the legacy of the show.

I am confident, however, that Trey and Matt have not lost their edge, as Season 13 included awesome episodes like: "The Ring", "Margaritaville", "Fishsticks", "Fatbeard", and "Butter's Bottom Bitch" and Season 14 included the great two parter: "200 & 201", as well as one of my all time favorite episodes "Poor and Stupid".

So, I still think Trey and Matt have it in them to give us quality great episodes, and hope they find their way back to that.
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Re: The After Season 15 Adult Animation Comedy Downfall:

Postby JVM » Tue Oct 30, 2012 2:45 am

I've disliked a lot of Season 16, but I felt Season 15 was a continuously strong season with no real total duds.

I don't think South Park's lost it's edge or humor - if anything it has the opposite problem. There aren't a lot of episodes this season that have had an emotional element to them, and the few that have used it have ignored it later, aside "Cash for Gold".

But I won't decry the series' quality as fading. Every time I get cynical, they throw out a home run.
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Re: The After Season 15 Adult Animation Comedy Downfall:

Postby floela » Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:42 pm

I actually really liked a lot of the episodes you didn't, e.g. Butterballs, You're Getting Old, Ass Burgers, The Poor Kid, Funnybot... So, I guess it's a matter of opinion.
Have faith though, I'm sure there'll be another episode you'll love soon. If not, you could always stop watching :?
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Re: The After Season 15 Adult Animation Comedy Downfall:

Postby Lyon82 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 1:27 am

Comedy is subjective.

I've enjoyed a number of episodes this season. I know what I like (some of the more subtle references and jokes in particular) and don't (poop or spooge hijinks) and when I don't like something I can accept that's my preference. I'm in my early 30s and a woman and will have different opinions than a guy or someone a decade younger.

That said, I can call several episodes in the last 2 seasons to be excellent. Last of the Meheecans. Butterballs. Nightmare on Facetime. Cartman Finds Love. You're Getting Old/Assburgers. Insecurity. The Poor Kid.

I enjoyed the surprisingly subtle Jewpacabra episode. I loved the live action sequence in I should Have Never Gone Ziplining despite the pacing issues of the episodes. The legitimate dramatic tones that popped up in You're Getting Old and Cash for Gold. Oh, and there was the wonderful meta moment in Raising the Bar where Kyle and Stan reference how they cannot help but think they had a part in the bar sinking so low after having another episode reference "going back to the 90s".

It means I can shake my head and write off an episode like Humancentipad or Sarcastaball that just aren't appealing to me. I can raise an eyebrow and go I don't get it when Funnybot is anything but. Of course there seems to always be the occasional episode I either find too gross for my liking or I just don't get (the wrestling episode) because of the references. I go into episodes looking to enjoy it rather than trying to pick it apart to see if it is 'slipping'.
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Re: The After Season 15 Adult Animation Comedy Downfall:

Postby leopoldstotch29 » Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:53 am

Yes, I understand that everyone has their own opinions and I understand that I won't love or even like every episode. However, in seasons 1 - 14, for me, bare minimum 75 percent of the episodes were excellent, and for these past two seasons it's less than 25 percent.

Also, I hadn't watched 'The Simpsons' for like 10 years until about six months ago a friend gave me seasons 4 and 5 for free on DVD. So I watched them and remembered how awesome 'The Simpsons' used to be and how hilarious that show was, but the show started going downhill, ironically, during season 15, and by season 20, I think it's completely unwatchable. So it's like 'The Simpsons' have ruined their legacy, similar to how people said if Brett Favre kept playing in the NFL he would tarnish or ruin his legacy, and I don't want 'South Park' to do this too, especially since 'South Park' has way more haters and so people will be less forgiving to it than they will for 'The Simpsons'.
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Re: The After Season 15 Adult Animation Comedy Downfall:

Postby JVM » Wed Oct 31, 2012 4:20 pm

I don't really like Season 16 but I'm not taking a season I don't like as a sign of the show's downfall. South Park's quality is inconsistent as f*ck. My favorite and least favorite episodes were released back-to-back.

I mean, every time I can think that I got a little down on the show, a new episode came in no time that reinvigorated my faith.

Give it time.
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