Thank you for Season 16, Matt and Trey (A review of sorts)

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Thank you for Season 16, Matt and Trey (A review of sorts)

Postby TurnItOff » Sun Nov 11, 2012 5:25 pm

I’m a fan who lives in Norway; so don’t expect my English to be 100% perfect. This will be my (positive) review of Season 16 that, in my opinion, is Matt and Trey’s best since Season 11. This forum seems to be filled with mostly whiners and cynics, so I thought I’d try to cheer the mood up a little.

Reverse Cowgirl: 7.7/10
+ Toilet seat joke had me laughing
+ TSA satire worked well
+ I loved Mr. Garrison’s “Quick, sue him!” line
- The “Sue-ance” scenes weren’t funny and didn't work

Cash for Gold: 8.2/10
+ Lots of funny moments, especially the Hindu sayings
+ Satisfying and emotional B-plot (the one with Stan’s grandpa’s dog)
+ The circle of jewelry montage
- Felt slow at times

Faith Hilling: 6.5/10
+ “The Dangers of Memeing” video
+ The song at the end
- Extended periods with no laughs at all
- The meme jokes weren’t strong enough to carry the episode

Jewpacabra: 7.0/10
+ Gerald and Sheila’s slaughter of the lamb was pretty great
+ Holiday specials are always welcome
- Unfunny
- Concept not interesting enough for a full 22-minute show

Butterballs: 9.0/10
+ The plot was interesting, smart and emotionally satisfying
+ Bathroom confrontations made for a great running joke
+ Two amazing songs
- Not a very satisfying ending

I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining: 8.1/10
+ Really funny
+ Satire of disaster shows was spot on
+ “Helicraptor”, “seven-turdy-seven”, and the return of “poo-choo-express.”
- Though I liked the live-action sequence, the third act kind of felt like a cop out

Cartman Finds Love: 8.6/10
+ Fun, simple plot
+ Cupid me, Garrison teaching Game of Thrones
+ Cartman singing “I Swear”
- Not enough quality jokes to bump the score above 9


Sarcastaball: 7.9/10
+ Decent opener to 16B
+ Randy becoming the coach for the Denver Broncos made for a great story arc
+ Butter’s Creamy Goo
- The sarcasm joke was really run into the ground by the end

Raising the Bar: 9.2/10
+ Great A- and B-plot
+ Many brilliant jokes
+ I always love it when Matt and Trey reference themselves
+ Felt like a show from Seasons 5-11

Insecurity: 9.0/10
+ Crazy, weird and funny
+ Awesome Bane voice
+ Return of that guy from “Asspen” and “Butter’s Very Own Episode”
- The alarm joke was a little overused

Going Native: 7.0/10
+ Got better towards the end
+ Kenny finally got some screen time
- Unfunny for long periods of time
- Hawaii jokes had a very limited target audience

A Nightmare on Face Time: 9.0/10
+ In my opinion, SP’s best Halloween special ever
+ Gangnam-stein
+ Great Randy plot
- B-plot should have been the A-plot, and vice versa

A Scause for Applause: 9.2/10
+ Jesus on drugs
+ Experimental animation style
+ I love rhymes

Obama Wins!: 9.5/10
+ Best season finale since Woodland Critter Christmas
+ Morgan Freeman, China, Mickey Mouse, Duck President (best thing ever?)
+ Cartman didn’t get what he wanted in the end


This season had its ups and downs, but what’s worth noticing is that none of the episodes were “just okay”. They were all at least “good” in my book. Some of them were even classics. And that hasn’t been true for a season since season 11. I’m guessing that Matt and Trey are pretty frazzled right now, having done two runs of South Park, written the script for “The Stick of Truth”, and opening the Book of Mormon 1st National Tour. But they seem to come up with some of their greatest stuff when they’re tired. It’s not up there with Season 6 or 8, but I still think it was a major step in the right direction. I can’t wait for South Park to return next spring.

Season 16 Rating: 8.5/10

TL;DR: f*ck you, I spent a lot of time writing this in what isn't even my first language.
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Re: Thank you for Season 16, Matt and Trey (A review of sort

Postby Im_Seriously » Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:51 pm

1) Your English was spot on. Thank you.
2) I agree with your review, mostly. It did have its ups and downs, but all the episodes were at least good. There are some that I can watch over and over again and still laugh my ass off.
3) Thanks for the positive review!
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