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Idea for NRA SouthPark episode

Postby clipher » Sat Dec 22, 2012 10:41 pm

Here is an idea I had for the perfect SP episode playing on the NRA announcement:

Kids are all sad about the school shooting.
They see the NRAs comment about more guns.
Cartman Jumps on NRA bandwagon.
Stan & Kyle Jumps on Assault weapons ban bandwagon.

Cartman starts hording guns because the only way to protect himself from guns is more guns.

Then there is a shooting in a neo-natal ICU and babies are killed. The hospital staff decides that all OBGYNs should be packing during delivery.. Then they cut to a delivery where the OB is just completely bogged down by the guns they are having to wield, "dangit we lost the baby because I just can't operate under these conditions.." But at least the mom was safe from shooters during the botched delivery.

At one point Kenny is poking around in a closet at Cartman’s house as he is amassing his arsenal, and a gun goes off, and kills him. Carman reacts to the trauma with a need for more guns.. more guns, more guns!!! As he is amassing his pile of guns in his room, another one goes off when the cat jumps on the pile, killing someone walking by outside.. Reaction is more guns.

After a while Carman’s room is filled to the brim with guns and he is in the center, protected by the guns by inability to move. Carman has a sigh of relief. "Now my family is totally safe."

Side Story - Right now the solution to the gun problem is more guns, if we arm guards in schools, we have to raise taxes, cut other programs -- South park admin staff and principal react to this dilemma

To play on this theme the school principal is trying to figure out what to do. She looks at her budget. Decides to cut music to pay for an armed guard. Then one of Carman’s guns goes off when it falls off a shelf, the guard was in the wrong room. So the school board re-meets and decides to cut another program to pay for more guards and bigger guns.

Pretty soon the whole school budget is funding nothing but guards with huge assault rifles after they fail to be in the right place at the right time, and all school subjects are cut. At the end of the episode the Kyle and Stan reflect, that they don't feel that much safer now that the school is crawling with guns, at any point the security guard could have a bad day and kill us.. Yaa I just can't concentrate under those conditions..

Maybe somewhere in the episode to balance out the story, Stan and Kyle at first go too far and get a petition to bans all guns and hunting supplies and then Kenny's family can no longer put food on the table. People of Southpark are starving so they reverse it go extreme in the other direction.

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Re: Idea for NRA SouthPark episode

Postby triplemultiplex » Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:28 am

Eh, makes me glad something as shitty as Newtown happened between seasons. Although I imagine the Congress will be mired in the legislative fallout of Newtown by the time the show comes back this spring, so it'll still be a current event. I'm not sure the issue needs the false balance you propose of guns everywhere vs. no guns. I just don't see enough funny on the subject to carry an episode.

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