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Manti Te'o Inspired Episode

Postby nwt000 » Fri Jan 18, 2013 3:49 am

I think M&T should do an episode in Season 17 that pokes fun at the Manti Te'o fake girlfriend controversy that just came to light. I would imagine the episode being something along the lines of Cartman bragging to all of the other kids about his supposed amazing girlfriend that lives in Phoenix. When he decides to ditch school and go to Orlando, he comes up with this bullshit story about his girlfriend being hit by a car and subsequently being diagnosed with leukemia in order to leave South Park, claiming she may not have much longer to live. He later calls and says his girlfriend has passed away and he now has to stay in Phoenix for her funeral, finally revealing her name to the other kids. A skeptical Kyle and Wendy lead a group of students trying to figure out if this girl Cartman claimed he was in a relationship with ever existed. After a couple or so hours of research, there is no trace of Cartman's alleged girlfriend ever existing. However, Jenny Simon finds Cartman's non-existent girlfriend's Twitter account and finds a bunch of tweets that were obviously written by Cartman himself, as many of the Tweets are Anti-Semitic and bash students at South Park Elementary School. The most interesting she finds though is Cartman's plans of making up this whole girlfriend thing in order to go to Universal Studios in Orlando and boost his ego at the same time. After exposing Cartman's bogus tragic love story, the kids all fly to Orlando, with Jenny hellbent on revenge for what happened to her in Bass To Mouth. When the kids arrive in Orlando, they figure out how to find Cartman and devise some sort of a scheme to humiliate him in front a large group of people. To make a long story short, Jenny successfully gets revenge on Cartman and Fatass ends up becoming the butt of jokes nationwide, leading him to throw some stupid tantrum in the closing seconds of the episode while the other boys and girls laugh and videotape him on their phones and other shit like that.

What do you guys think of this concept?
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Re: Manti Te'o Inspired Episode

Postby quitpickingonme » Wed Jan 23, 2013 9:17 pm

The fake girlfriend idea is a good one but I think that there is room for improvement with your plot. Butters being the naive and trusting one would be a better target. I don't have the time or patience to script out the whole thing but I'll give it a shot. Butters is selling candy to raise money for his sick girlfriend. The story goes national, and everybody in town jumps on the bandwagon. It ends up being a scam with Cartman setting the whole thing up. In the end Cartman would have to end up getting ripped off himself.

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