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Postby Cartmancaine » Fri Apr 17, 2015 7:08 am

Could we be linked up with another, than the .dk?
Today, triying to watch one an episode in season two, a commercial starts, it ends, and you see the startup of southpark, where they all wave as expected, and the commercial starts AGAIN, it seems to be in a loop.

A few weeks ago, the episode I was watching just stopped, while loading a segment.
I think they are up to speed episode wise now, but a for a looong time they were behind in episode(just sure if it was because they were not allowed to bring the latest episodes, or because the DK admins were lazy and didn't link to them).

If you ABSOLUTELY are going to force people from the to .whatevercountrytheyarefrom, please make it works. Im pretty sure the .com version works a hell of a lot better than the .dk version, why not just hook us up with that?

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