wanting to get a south park tattoo

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wanting to get a south park tattoo

Postby Butters159 » Tue Jul 03, 2012 6:17 pm

been watching SP since 1997 (think i was 6 then). so its been a very big part of my life. i have 9 tattoos already. my next tattoo is going to be a ship on my side. but im going to bring this picture with me and talk about some potential designs. this pic was posted in another topic on here. but i dont like hijacking other peoples topics.


i cant find this pic anywhere else except its original link. so i dont know if the guy ever had it colored.

I want the 5 main characters. Stan Kyle Cartman Kenny and Butters. yes i consider Butters a main character and you should too :lol:

I also want the iconic bus stop sign. and Cartman as The Coon, Butters as Chaos and Kenny as Mysterion. I feel Santa, Jesus and Mr Hankey would be not a wise choice. Id like Garrison and Randy also. I wasnt that big of a Chef fan when i was younger as i didnt understand his songs so they bored me. I also want the mountains like in the pic.

Any suggestions on characters and if it should just be black like the pic or add color at a later time. Because i have a colored tattoo on my leg which itches. because red ink itches the most out of all color inks. :lol:

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