0106 Death Bloopers (4)

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0106 Death Bloopers (4)

Postby Crampsy » Fri Jun 05, 2009 8:08 pm

Just before Warsog emerges from the network building for the first time, Mrs. Marsh is shown to be stood next to a couple of random townspeople. In the very next shot Mrs. Cartman, Mrs. Broflovski and a third nondescript have appeared. The birthday cake disappears in some shots after they give it to Stan's grandfather. After Warsog gives his "statement" to the townspeople, he removes his glasses when telling them to direct their complaints to a nearby wall. Then, as he walks back inside, his glasses are back on his head. Both Kyle's and Stan's mothers are identified in this episode as Carol. They later become Sheila and Sharon.

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