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Postby BabyGreenPoop » Tue Aug 23, 2011 7:08 pm

hi everybody :) i dont wanna be that person, but on the episode jewbliee, when the elders meeting and and one of them says something in hebrew, the subtitles says: "now gather us, the elders, on this holly night". but in hebrew he says: "on this night, holy than anyone else, we gathered" and the rest is just gibberish.. and one more very important thing, jewish people pray to god.. moses was just a prophet in the bible, and haman was just a really bad man that tried to kill the jews in the bible (hitler style) ^^ sorry im being so annoying ><" (im not religious, im atheist, but im from israel so i know this stuff ^^)
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Re: Jewbilee

Postby VACOOLA » Tue Aug 23, 2011 11:30 pm

Moses? That master control thingy from Tron? I don't know if he's changed his evil electronic ways, but he's definitely teamed up with the Super Best Friends, and now works as their supercomputer, which is kinda logical. Maybe he still feels the need to dominate someone, be worshipped by someone and all the usual stuff that applies to supervillains, even "reformed" ones.

As to why the Jews in South Park pray to Moses… only god knows that, and god prefers hanging out with Mormons, not giving a shit about any other religious sect/denomination, except, maybe, for Buddhism.

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