*713* Butt Out

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Postby AlexTheAnthroWolf » Fri Jun 13, 2014 2:35 am

that makes me moist
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Re: *713* Butt Out

Postby Det. Sandy Vagina » Fri Apr 28, 2017 7:34 pm

codeguruj wrote:When I see someone smoking, I see a drug addict with a syringe sticking into their veins. People should be allowed to smoke in special smoke boxes where nobody can see, hear or smell them. My manager is a smoker and when he comes to my desk to talk me, his breath smells so bad that I get heartburn and literally want to vomit. Smokers are drug addicts.
Came here to say that but you beat me by 9 years :lol: as much as I like this episode, because it's really good and very fun, I hate the message. I think people should have the right to do anything they want, but not when I get affected by their choice. The guy I work with at my internship smokes and... Yeah, it gets pretty bad, especially when we're driving in his car (he doesn't do it in the car, but he smells. Almost everyone at my school smokes, even though it's outside, they do it RIGHT by the door so basically the whole school reeks of the sh*t. People smoke at bus stops where I wait for the bus every morning and afternoon...

So for once you're wrong, South Park. I don't want to shorten my lifespan and have a chance of getting cancer just because "That's what being an American is all about" (even though I'm not American). Use chewing tobacco, inject meth, or snort cocaine, I couldn't care less unless you were one of my family members or a friend I cared about, obviously. But if your dumbass decision is gonna affect ME, get the f*ck out of here.

K that was a pointless rant. I like this episode though, but the whole calling out their formula ruined it a little.

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