Cartoon advertised here on SPS... Need help identifying...

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Cartoon advertised here on SPS... Need help identifying...

Postby Mario Cartman » Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:16 am

I remember watching South Park on South Park, and during some of their adds, there was a cartoon show they were advertising. This was about a year ago plus or minus 6 months. Not a video game, but a TV show. The two main characters on there were a shorter dark haired man and a taller blond haired man, both who's accents I think were Australian? To avoid confusion, this was NOT Terrance and Philip, this was a cartoon series advertised on South Park, and probably not a kids show, I'm assuming it was geared more toward the South Park age group.

I remember on one of their adds one of the characters commented on seeing a picture of a woman's baby and said it "looks more like a frog". I think it was called "The (Some Name) Show" or "The (Some Name) and (Some Other Name) Show". It probably was one of those short living show that lasts a season or two without getting much attention. Nevertheless, it looked like it might be funny, and I wanted to give it a watch. But I can't until I find out the name of it. Thank in advance.
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Re: Cartoon advertised here on SPS... Need help identifying.

Postby Big-Will » Sun Nov 11, 2012 7:55 am

Our guess is no better. Maybe you can do an image search and get an answer from there.
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