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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby SouthAl93 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:34 pm

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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:41 pm

Intangible Faggotry
This is when people give you a hard time with non-physical things. Like spam and online bullying. I think it would be a funny plot like there was on biker dudes being fags.

Hawaii KKK
This is a play off the TV show Hawaii 50. This idea focuses on the KKK. The thing is most of the KKK is in the south. But there are some KKK not in the south and this is the unheard story of these brave souls. So this is about the Hawaii KKK members and their own division. The thing is that Hawaii is the most leftist place of the USA. So this group of Klans members have it hard and it is especially hard for them to convinces other klansmen that they are cool, I mean hell most of them have never heard of them before. The group can have only like a few of them. Also they have to difficulty of recruiting new members. Plus there is all that assimilation going on that is making even them not KK-cool anymore for not being traditional. This idea is really a whole new show. To make it work in South Park there would have to be a character like Butters or Jimmy to travel to Hawaii. I think it would be fun to see Butters back in Hawaii and that he would fight the takeover of this KKK group. I guess the idea that Trump and his rise can feed the growth of the KKK like people have said. So this would add to why the KKK are rising in Hawaii and also it can be that all the natives Hawaiian’s who are all the white people want to make Hawaii more white which can use a joke. So Butters who will need a reason to not want to join the KKK can fight them. I guess he could travel to Hawaii and rate away meet an attractive real colored native Hawaiian girl who he is now in love with and she likes him too. So Butters wants to make this girl happy and date her but the KKK is in the way. They can hand out flyers and cause fights to show people they are tough. There can be a big rally coming up to add to the plot and that there is to be a big vote that will have maybe a KKK member become mayor of the island which would spell big trouble. There can be evil KKK plans to turn the island into a Klansman’s paradise. The big rally will be a Klan Luau with a giant pig which not only do Hawaiian’s love but KKK members do too. Butters can hate the klan as he really loves this girl. He has to deal with corrupt police too. He can meet the rebels of the takeover that are to fight for their freedom from the klan. I think a couple of scenes where there is some fighting would be cool. Butters can conveniently turn Hawaiian items into weapons to beat up the KKK members. I guess the episode could end at the rally where Butters is able to reveal to all the wicked plans of the klan which leads to them getting arrested as they had committed many crimes that now after being exposed as them put in jail.

Taming Allah
This was a funny scene I thought of. It has Allah as a bull. He is going wild and bucking all around as a parody of radical Islam. A cowboy with USA on him is riding him and is in desperate need for help as Allah is out of control. It seems that Allah will not stop as the crowd gasps in horror and will kill the USA cowboy. The cowboy is thrown from the bull and just before Allah the bull kills him. A clown named Jesus enters the arena. He coaxes Allah and stops him from stampeding around and killing the cowboy. Jesus has tamed Allah.

Muslim Math Class Joke
This has the scene take place in a Middle Eastern Muslim classroom. It is a math class. The teacher is teaching about accounting. The teacher askes what the profit would be as there is a math equation on the board. The class says $632. Than they all repeat “pray to the profit”.
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Re: Post All New Episode Ideas Here For Season 21

Postby JamesPolo » Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:18 pm

World Peace
So it goes that there is only one god! … but then humanity learned there really is more than one god. The man who did this for humanity was … Kenny. This story can go that before monotheism the world knew of many religions and that there were many different gods. The story behind monotheism is that the gods themselves tricked humanity into having people lie about that all the different regions and peoples had only one god and that there was really only one god so the others were lying. This was to get all of humanity to fight to the death. Why? Because the gods were bored. They wanted to laugh and cry and watch all the crazy as fun sh*t humans can do when they are at odd terms with each other. It can be that world peace was here before monotheism appeared. This made all the gods happy as all debt and issues the gods had with each other and with the different humans was paid. But the gods found themselves bored and so created monotheism to see humans fight again. So this story has Kenny die again and go to heaven. It can be that he was having to tough week and died many times. So one time David was not on shift because there was a meeting of the gods. So this has Kenny sneak into the meeting where he can’t believe that there are all the gods he had heard about but was told were not real. He can learn that all the sh*t that has been happening with fighting and hate and war has been the sow discord of the gods. That the gods had people have visions and hear things and that many of the thoughts people have of hate is implanted by the gods. There he learns that monotheism is fake and the whole thing was a plan to get humans to fight for entertainment. So when Kenny at that moment starts to tell all the gods his feelings as he steps out from the darkness and disappears as he is recreated on earth. Now Kenny goes and warns all of humanity of what is happening. It is that the gods realize they must do something to kill Kenny. So now people are seeing old what they thought fictitious gods on earth again trying to kill Kenny. It can be that human technology is just as good as the weapons and abilities of the gods. They had forgotten and gotten lazy that humans were now on par with them in fighting. So now humanity all believes Kenny and what is happening. So now it becomes Humanity Vs the Gods. It can be a turning point when the humans are giving the gods a run for their money. But then the gods enlist the help and aid of all the devils and death people that are not of heaven. Now humanity is fighting a side pronged war. So this can have the humans win and claim both heaven and hell for themselves. So now that all the fighting had cleared people see that they can finally have peace, a atheist World Peace.

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