Season 22 Predictions/Ideas

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Season 22 Predictions/Ideas

Postby Cryptic_Demon » Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:05 pm

Before Season 22 airs, what do you want to happen, or what do you think will happen in each episode?
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Re: Season 22 Predictions/Ideas

Postby JamesPolo » Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:53 pm

I think season 22 will or should cover…

1. Roseanne TV show issues like other cast members getting a new show and Roseanne and her future and if she gets her own new show.

2. What Heidi is up to and if she is back to normal or will we see more Heiman.

3. The Thai boys trapped in that cave is popular now, not sure how this one will trend but seems somewhat like something I want to hear about now.

4. Starbucks is always in the news for stupid reasons from supporting the Left. Howard Schultz’s presidential run and Starbucks plan to invade rural America and suburbs and leave the Urban areas for better profits. Also how no plastic straws with Starbucks in 2020.

5. Trade Wars, losing Harley Davison, US allies becoming Axis of Evil, stock market growth, Fate of MAGA, North Korea and denuclearization, leaving NATO and forcing European countries like Germany to have a real military budget.

6. The new Supreme Court Justice and the outcomes from having a Right Wing Judicial system like with Roe V Wage appealed and other law changes that will impact America.

7. How crybaby Lebron James on the Lakers now and a conspiracy to add to this of his fame and legacy with the NBA.

8. How video games like Roblox has people gang raping children’s avatars and there are sex rooms in video games where adults have simulated sex with children. Also, how Fortnite is so popular and how gaming is now a new disease.

I’ll add in two other ideas when they come to me…
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Re: Season 22 Predictions/Ideas

Postby MichaelTanzerCanada » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:07 pm

Here's what I want in S22:

1) A proper conclusion to the Gender Wars from S20

2) Stand-alone episodes (instead of the entire serialized arc)

3) Stan and Wendy and Heidi and Cartman being a couple again (HECK YES!)

4) Mr. Garrison breaking free from the Memberberries

5) The Whites taking President Garrison's place (HECK YES!)

6) Isla and Theresa becoming the girlfriends of Kyle and Kenny (HECK YES!)
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