Bebe's Boyfriend

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Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby KingBowser901 » Fri Dec 18, 2009 7:14 am

Chapter 1

At school in Mr.Garrison's class

Wendy: Hey Bebe

Bebe: Hey Wendy what's up

Wendy: Did you hear about a new kid coming here?

Bebe: Wow really?

Wendy: Yeah he's coming right now

Meanwhile Mr.Garrison comes

Mr.Garrison: Okay children let's take our seats

Everyone was then seated

Mr.Garrison: Now before I teach you I want to inroduce you all to a new student joining us today please welcome Ryan

Ryan: Hey

Mr.Garrison: Okay Ryan why don't you take a seat next to Bebe.

Ryan: Okay

Ryan then sits next to Bebe and Bebe looks at him and he notices

Ryan: Hey, I'm Ryan

Bebe: Hi, I'm Bebe

At the hallway Bebe stares at Ryan and Wendy notices

Wendy: Do you like that kid?

Bebe: If you mean as a friend yes

Wendy: No I mean the other one

Bebe: Don't get me started Wendy I don't love him but I like him as a friend

Wendy: What about when you loved Kyle?

Bebe: That's toatally different

Kyle walks up and heard what Bebe said

Kyle: What's different?

Bebe: None of your business Kyle, get lost!

Kyle: You don't have to bite my head off you know

Kyle then walks away

Wendy: Bebe if you love that kid then I'll help you, just admit it

Bebe: Alright I love him, happy?

Wendy: Ok I'll help you get Ryan to love you just follow my lead

Bebe: Okay

Chapter 2

At Wendy's room

Wendy: Okay Bebe this is going to be much different from last time

Bebe: I thought we agreed not to go there

Wendy: Sorry, I'm just saying

Bebe: Just tell me what to do

Wendy's mom then came to her room

Mrs. Testaburger: Wendy, you have a phone call it's probably

Wendy: Thanks mom. Hello,what?You want to talk to Bebe? Okay,
it's for you Bebe it might be Ryan

Bebe: Oh my God I'm nerveous

Bebe then gets the phone

Bebe: Yes,Kyle, what do you want?

Kyle: Do you have anything special this weekend?

Bebe: Why?

Kyle: I was thinking that we might go see a movie

Bebe: Sorry Kyle I'm busy

Bebe then hangs up on Kyle

Bebe: f*cking assh*le!

Wendy: Who was it?

Bebe: It's Kyle he's asking me to go to the movies or something

Wendy: And what did you say?

Bebe: I told him I was busy and hung up on him he's trying to ruin my chances with Ryan!

Wendy: Well let's plan somthing before he keeps this up and I have a date with Stan so let's hurry and make a plan

Bebe: Okay

Chapter 3

Bebe was going to Ryan's house but was then stopped by Kyle

Kyle: Hey Bebe, what were you so busy about?

Bebe: I was doing my history homework

Kyle: Oh, well we could have done together

Bebe: Don't be ridiculus, Kyle I wanted to do my homework with Wendy

Kyle: So, what are you doing over here?

Bebe: I'm visiting the new kid Ryan

Kyle: For what?

Bebe: Why would you know?

Bebe then walks away and goes to Ryan's house and Bebe knocks on the door

Ryan:(Getting the door) Hello?

Bebe: Hi Ryan, do you remember me?

Ryan: Hey yeah you're the girl who I was sitting with at school

Bebe: Yeah, hey Ryan I want to ask you something

Ryan: What?

Bebe: Are you busy this weekend?

Ryan: No,why?

Bebe: I was wondering if we could go to a movie sometime

Ryan: Sure

Bebe: Really?

Ryan: Why not? We'll be able to know each other better

Bebe: Okay, let's go by 6:00

Ryan: Okay(Then closes the door)

Bebe: Awesome!

Meanwhile at Wendy's house Wendy was about to got to Stan's house when Bebe came

Bebe: Guess what

Wendy: What?

Bebe: Ryan and I are going on a date

Wendy: Good for you

Bebe: But here's the bad news Kyle is trying to get in my way of being Ryan's girlfriend

Wendy: We'll have to do something about it but first I'm going to Stan's house

Bebe: Okay

to be countiued
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Re: Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby eve3 » Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:42 am

i loved it ! whens part two? :P
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Re: Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby Ky|e » Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:53 am

I like this story, pretty interesting.
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Re: Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby KingBowser901 » Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:03 am

We now continue with this fic

Chapter 4

Wendy and Bebe were at Stan's house

Wendy knocks on the door

Stan: (Getting the door) Hey Wendy

Wendy: Hey Stan,can I come in?

Stan: Sure yeah I was just getting ready for our date

Wendy: Well I'm here so let's go

Stan: Yeah

Wendy: (Facing Bebe) You're on your own with the you-know-who situation

Bebe: Fine, have a nice date

Wendy and Stan then started going out on their date

Bebe: Oh sh*t! It's almost 6:00 I better go to Ryan's house and fast!

As Bebe was on her way to Ryan's house Kenny stopped her

Bebe: What do you want Kenny? I'm going somewhere and I can't be late

Kenny: *I have to talk to you for a second*

Bebe: Well whatever it is can't it wait until I'm done with what I'm doing?

Kenny: *Just real quick*

Bebe: Jesus Christ, fine, what is it?

Kenny: *Well, do you like Kyle?*

Bebe: I don't care about him right now

Kenny: * Well, he's been wondering if you would hang out with him sometime*

Bebe: I'll think about it, can I go now?

Kenny: *Sure*

Bebe: Thank you, now move

Kenny steps aside and Bebe continues on to Ryan's house

Kyle: (Coming out of the bushes) Well, what did she say?

Kenny: *She said she doesn't care about you and then said she'll think about hanging out with you*

Kyle: Okay, but I think it's time we make her change her mind

Kenny: *Like what?*

Kyle: You'll see

Chapter 5

Bebe was on her way to Ryan's house but was stopped by Ryan

Bebe: Oh, Ryan what a suprise

Ryan: Yeah I'll say I was just on my way to get you

Bebe: Hey me too

Ryan: So ready to see a movie?

Bebe: Yeah let's go

Ryan and Bebe went to the theater and then noticed that Wendy and Stan are here too

Wendy: Hey Bebe, starting your date already?

Bebe: Yeah I am

Stan: Hey Ryan

Ryan: Hey Stan

Bebe: You two know each other huh?

Ryan: Yeah we met at lunch at school

Stan: Hey since were all here we should watch a movie together

Wendy: Good idea it'd be like a double date

They then see Kyle and his "girlfriend" Katlyn

Stan: Hey Kyle, who's your friend?

Kyle: My date, meet Katlyn

Katlyn: (Trying to be a girl) Uh hello everybody

Wendy: You sound weird Katlyn

Katlyn: Uh I have voice issues

Stan: Well let's all watch a movie

Ryan: Great idea

Bebe: Sure

The kids started watching a movie

Katlyn: Uh I have to go get my hair done

Stan: I'll help you go

Kyle: Uh wait for me

As they went to the main hall Stan takes off "Katlyn's" hair

Stan: Kenny, what the hell dude?

Kenny: Okay you caught me I was pretending to be Kyle's date to get Bebe jeleous

Stan: Why?

Kenny: Well...

Kyle: No Ken I'll explain look I want Bebe to be my girl

Stan: But last time you didn't want to be her boyfriend

Kyle: I know but I want to now

Stan: Well fat chance because Bebe's with Ryan

Kyle: I know but...

Stan: Enough dude just leave Bebe's relationship alone

Kyle: Okay

Stan: I'm going back in the theater

Kenny: I'm going home

Kyle: I'll stay in here

As the movie ended Ryan and Bebe went outside and started kissing and Kyle saw this but getting pissed off

Kyle: Goddamnit!

Cartman: Awww the jew got rejected

Kyle: f*ck off fatass I'm not in the mood

Cartman: Well if you're going to be Bebe's boyfriend then your hopes are meaningless

Kyle: Whatever I'm out

Bebe: I had a good time with you Ryan

Ryan: So have I

Kyle then walks up to Bebe and Ryan

Kyle: Bebe?

Bebe: Yeah?

Kyle: I just hope that you and Ryan are happy together

Bebe: We will. Later

Kyle: (To himself) One day Bebe's going to be my girl I just know it

The End
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Re: Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby kieranic » Mon Jan 04, 2010 11:06 pm

Awesome! Haha, if I was Kyle at the end, I swear to god I would've kicked the sh*t out of Cartman :chaos:
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Re: Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby KyleGrlFan1221 » Sun Jan 17, 2010 2:06 am

This wuz soo cute! i love kyle nd bebe 2gether :) good job interesting story awsome if it were a real ep.
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Re: Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby KingBowser901 » Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:37 pm

kieranic wrote:Awesome! Haha, if I was Kyle at the end, I swear to god I would've kicked the sh*t out of Cartman :chaos:

I know that would have been much better and funnier..
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Re: Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby RichardV1149 » Thu Sep 02, 2010 4:12 am

:D Awesome fanfic, it has a great storyline, I have something to bring to your attention though. In the last weeks I've been sifting through fanfic and finding scenes that are perfect for the fanfic South Park Movie Scipt I've been making. Your scene can play a major role in my movies script, I have no actual plans of getting it published, but dream of getting it animated. Please consider allowing me to use some of your ideas to use in my script, a fanfic movie would have you in the credits.
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Re: Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby Ah-Tah Mas-Tah » Sat Sep 04, 2010 4:21 am

I've actually been interested in seeing an episode like 'Bebe's Boyfriend' for a long time. I whipped up a rough draft of my idea for this kind of episode which was inspired by some of the ideas from the author of 'Bebe's Boyfriend'. I don't mean to steal an idea, I'm just suggesting my own revisions... I hope that's okay. Sorry for writing so much, but I think the details will be enjoyable!

I want to call my draft of this episode:
"Sweat, Bebe, Sweat!"

(the title will makes sense when you read the storyline)...

• A new boy, Ryan, moves to South Park. His parents have decided to move to South Park in order to open up the town’s first large-scale 'state-of-the -art' public fitness center! Ryan’s dad is a personal trainer and a shrewd businessman. Ryan’s mother is a group fitness instructor and a well-trained accountant.

• The laid-back people of South Park are curiously excited about the new establishment surfacing in their town and are very impressed with the avid examples of personal fitness that Ryan’s parents are setting in the community. Everyone is inspired and takes very well to the fitness driven family.

• Eventually, during the later development of the episode, the town’s people, in their typical and yet classically South Park-ish stupidity, demonstrate yet another sociological issue in America. First, the townspeople respond to the gym’s opening with the ever-typical comment that real people always say (I’m a trainer myself so I would know): “Yeah! I’d love to get started on a program!” And then, of course, after they finish having that conversation with a fitness professional (where they ‘act’ like they care about fitness), they simply fall back into their same-old sedentary lifestyles and never actually work out. Maybe the SP team can make fun of how people love to ‘act’ like they workout a lot but never actually do.

• On Ryan’s first day of school, he immediately makes an impression on everyone. Ryan is distinctly ripped, similar to how Trent Boyette was really ripped in the ‘Preschool’ episode. However, Ryan has a lot more class and respectability than Trent ever did and is unmistakably more defined and far better looking than Trent.

• Upon Ryan being introduced to the class, all of the girls instantly go crazy for him in the same way that the boys went crazy for Ms. Ellen in season 1 when she walked into the classroom.

• Ryan is a more reserved, semi-introverted, hard working, and super-nice type of guy who doesn’t fool around too much. Bebe is instantly gah-gah for him, but tries not to show it since she’s afraid that she might seem like an anxious slut. This episode will spend a lot of time reflecting on how Bebe will try to keep her cool and prevent her wild interest in Ryan from spilling over into behavior that might ruin her chances with him.

• It’s not long before Wendy catches the drift of Bebe’s interest in Ryan and tries to help her get to know him better.

• Meanwhile, the boys in the class extinguish their initial jealousy towards Ryan by learning that he’s actually a really cool guy after they hang out with him at the lunch table. As a token of friendship, Ryan offers free-trial memberships for the families of all of his buddies at the lunch table. Ryan’s dad already told Ryan that if any of his friends want to work-out with him after school, then they just need a waiver from their parents and to ONLY work-out under a trainer's supervision.

• The boys immediately take a liking to Ryan, his kind friendship, and his promises for improved fitness… you can imagine how funny it would be to see Cartman’s reaction to a kid like Ryan while making up lame excuses for not stepping up and caring about his own health while he pathetically tries to assert that ‘eating junk food is cool’.

• Kyle, on the other hand, is especially motivated to start working out. Kyle reasons to himself that perhaps having the proper instruction from a sincerely passionate fitness professional could be the key to finally getting Cartman to stop giving him so much crap all of the time. Kyle reasons, ‘If I can get buff and athletic like Ryan, then maybe Cartman will be so intimidated that he’ll finally back down and stop being such as assh*le to me!’ Kyle is very excited about the prospect of proving once and for all that Cartman is dead wrong about his take on Jews – that Jews can in fact get buff and tough if they set their hearts and minds to the task of properly training for it!

• Kyle sees how good of an idea this really is when, for the first time in his life, Cartman is both scared of insulting the new kid in class AND can’t come up with anything bad to say about him! Ryan is a straight-up cool and friendly guy and everyone, except Cartman, likes him.

• However, after a while, Stan and Kenny get a little sick of how the changes that Ryan’s parents have inspired in the community cause their parents to become fitness-freaks. This causes them to stop buying anymore junk food for their kids and replaces their regular meals with more of a health-oriented diet.

• Initially, Stan and Kenny reason that they need to tell Ryan that he and his family can’t go around convincing everyone to stop buying junk food. But, after taking in their criticisms, Ryan ends up saying just the right things to get Stan and even Kenny motivated to a more fit and active lifestyle. Ryan asks the boys: “Guys, what’s the one thing that you really wish your body was better at doing?” Stan pauses, and then replies “Well, I’ve always wanted to be better at basketball. I love playing with the guys, especially since Kyle really loves basketball. But, I just run out of breath so fast and I can’t keep up. Plus, I’ve got no vertical!” Ryan goes on to explain to Stan that he can become amazingly better at basketball if, instead of just playing the game over and over again, he actually gets started on a serious athletic training program like the pro athletes do!

* Stan is immediately impressed by Ryan’s deeply knowledgeable explanation of just the kind of fitness concerns that he's always been interested but never knew how to improve upon. Plus, Stan was excited to realize that ‘fitness’ was NOT just about looking sexy or doing weird exercises all day – it was in fact utilized by all professional athletes and is part of how they acquired their immense talent and success!

* After realizing this, Stan encourages Kenny to think of what goals he has for his body. Kenny pauses, and admits that he’d be willing to try anything that he can afford if it will help him get laid. So, the childish grudges that Stan and Kenny previously held towards Ryan were gone in a flash! They then went about learning how to improve their physical fitness based on the type of goals they wanted for themselves. The boys now formed a close friendship.

• Before Stan and Kenny started working with Ryan however, Kyle was already forming a close friendship with Ryan as Ryan started him on an intensely focused mass-building program.

• In the midst of Kyle’s revelation about becoming big and strong like Ryan and after asking for Ryan’s help, Ryan introduced him to his dad. After understanding Kyle’s situation, Ryan's dad was more than happy to get kick-off the beginning of Kyle's mass-building program after Kyle got his parents to sign a waiver.

• Most of the other kids didn’t actually go so far as to try and learn how to weight-lift like Kyle did. They simply ended up following in the likeness of their parents by constantly saying that they want to learn how to work-out, and then just ended up watching t.v. and eating fast food all day.

• Kyle, Ryan, and Ryan’s dad then began a parody of the Rocky Balboa training scenes where Ryan and his dad are training Kyle to the max (…you can just imagine how hilarious it would be if the SP guys made fun of the old ‘Eye of the Tiger’ training routine, haha!).

• All the while, Ryan’s introverted nature makes it extremely difficult for Bebe to get intimate with him. Since Ryan is so shy around girls and is very selective about who he’d allow himself to be interested in, he doesn’t respond very easily to the ‘signals’ that Bebe tries to send out to him. Bebe meets a new challenge when trying to win Ryan’s affections, since, unlike most of the other boys she’s ever met, Ryan is too timid, shy, and sincere about the idea of a relationship to think that a girl would actually be trying to lead him on unless they already knew each other for a long time. This will make for some good humor as Bebe tries her best to send signals to Ryan only to end up being frustrated, but also tantalizingly more and more intrigued at the same time. She’ll continuously find that Ryan is too shy to assume that she’s actually interested in him and that she’s trying to get him to ask her out.

• Ryan had his heart broken in his old town, and has since become very precautious about girls. Ryan finds relief in keeping his mind focused on his training, learning about health and fitness from his parents, and hanging out with his friends.

* Underneath it all, Ryan does find himself increasingly worried about reliving the circumstances of his past heart-break after his slowly growing interest in Bebe wells up as she tries to spend more and more time with him in casual conversation in order to get him to ask her out. Ryan ends up not being able to deny that Bebe’s apparent sincerity and more extraverted nature are very enriching and enlivening, in addition to the fact the he likes her personality and finds her to be very pretty.

• Meanwhile, the whole town of South Park finally starts to get out of the mere ‘acting like a health nut' phase and makes the leap of actually getting themselves to go to the gym. Randy goes a bit overboard and really ends up acting like a ‘fitness guru know-it-all’, since he successfully lost 10 pounds.

• Bebe is continuously finding herself more and more impressed by Ryan as his gentle sincerity, and of course, his strikingly hot body, continue to inspire and improve the lives of everyone around him.

• Eventually, she caves in. She can’t hold herself back anymore. She can’t bear waiting any longer to see how Ryan feels about her, especially since every day she stalls she’s only giving other girls the chance to take him away from her.

• Bebe has tried everything within reason – that is – everything that won’t make her look slutty. She even gets passionately involved in fitness and eating healthy, but none of Ryan’s action ever seem to affirm or deny any romantic interest in her.

• At the risk of going against the common social standard of waiting for the GUY to ask the GIRL out on the first date, Bebe decides to take the plunge and ask Ryan out on the first date! She tells all of this to Wendy. Wendy frankly and shockingly responds; “A GIRL - asking a GUY out on the first date - WHAT?!!!”

* Wendy goes on to explain how that would go against the acceptable girl etiquette for behavior towards guys. Wendy warns Bebe that all the other girls in the class, who would be jealous of her dating Ryan, will undoubtedly use the fact that SHE had to ask HIM out on the first date against her and use it as an excuse to go around calling Bebe a slut. Wendy analyzes what this might do to Bebe’s popularity and how it could undermine Bebe’s chances with Ryan, since if all of the girls go around saying that Bebe’s a slut and convince Ryan that she is, then he might end up dumping her even if he does have interest in her.

• Bebe convinces herself, and Wendy, that she just needs a few more casual hang-outs with Ryan, such as studying after school and chit-chat on the playground or in the hallway, in order to be totally sure that she’d be willing to make the final move that may jeopardize everything. But, even after Wendy enlists Stan to talk to Ryan and see how he feels about Bebe, which Stan doesn’t follow through on, no one is ever able to tell if Ryan actually has any interest in Bebe or not.

* If Bebe ends up gambling everything only to find out that she has no chance with Ryan, as Wendy fears, then Bebe would be left with nothing but a huge heart-breaking disappointment and an entire onslaught on mockery from the other girls once they find out that Bebe went against the social norm by asking Ryan out on a first date - only to find out that he didn’t even like her anyways.

• Out of desperation, Wendy tried one last time to get Stan to pry some information out of Ryan about how he felt towards Bebe. Stan had only recently even cared to be a real friend of Ryan’s and now he was so excited about his emerging athletic improvements that he didn’t want to bother Ryan with girl chit-chat. Nonetheless, it was too late anyways... Bebe was already set on asking Ryan out – whether Wendy approved of it or not!

• Finally, the big day arrived when Bebe would contrive to ask Ryan out at his locker after school, bearing in mind all the while that no girl in the history of South Park elementary had EVER before gone against the social female norm by asking a guy out on the first date! The pressure was on and almost too much to bear. But, if there was even the slightest legitimate chance that it could all be worth it for her, then Bebe was ready to do what her heart compelled her to.

• Bebe had been very actively committing herself to working out, running, and eating healthy in order to try and impress Ryan. She even convinced her mom to get a gym membership so that she could accompany her to group fitness classes and have a chance to impress Ryan and watch him work out, even though Ryan ended up spending a lot of his gym-time training Kyle.

• In a flash of insecurity before the big day, Bebe asked her mom how to show her boobs off to a boy without looking slutty. This question alone would be totally funny if the SP staff nails the awkwardness of it just right! Haha!

• Together, Bebe and her mom agreed that Bebe could wear an normal coat during the day. And then, right before she cornered Ryan to ask him out, she could take off her coat to reveal a hot flower design tank-top, accompanied by nice complimentary earrings, tight blue jeans, and a nice refined hair-style to top it all off. As she tries to keep her cool through out her big day, Bebe often finds herself getting so nervous that she occasionally leaks a few drops of sweat off of her brow right in the middle of class! This causes her to randomly ask to go to the bathroom all day in order to dry herself off - almost like she’s mentally ‘working-out’ due to all of the thoughts, excitement, hopes, and nervousness racing through her mind.

• Wendy decided to try and help Bebe as best she could after Bebe told her that she planed on asking Ryan out tomorrow (Thursday) after they talked things over one last time on Wednesday night. Wendy decides to drag Stan into helping her secure a good 15 minute period with no girls around in the hallway after school, at least not anywhere in sight of Ryan’s locker, so that Bebe could ask Ryan out in private without any distractions.

* Stan wasn't told any details of the situation and had no clue why Wendy was suddenly all anxious and making him do weird unexplained things like preventing all of the girls from staying in the hallway after school for at least 15 minutes. The more Stan questioned and complained to Wendy about what she was making him do, the more Wendy freaked out at him. Stan obeyed her nonetheless.

* At the last second, when she could see that Stan wasn’t doing a good job of keeping Ryan’s locker area clear, Wendy even goes so far as to steal the Hallway monitor’s uniform and forces everyone out of the hallway IMMEDIATELY over the Hallway monitor’s mini-megaphone! Needless to say, Wendy later gets in trouble for this and has to go to the principle’s office.

• But, Wendy’s last-ditch efforts did prove fruitful! Her last minute act of stealing the hallway monitor’s uniform and getting everyone out of the halls, except for Bebe and Ryan, worked perfectly! Now, Bebe had the perfect time-frame that she needed to be that one girl who risked everything by going against the grain in order to ask her special guy out on a first date. And… it went perfectly!

• Ryan finally opened himself up and, with a beaming smile on his face after Bebe finally asked him out, he became very excited and flattered to see that Bebe was so interested in him. As it turns out, Ryan was more attracted to Bebe’s sweet nervousness and her long thought-out sincerity, whereas he would have been repulsed if she tried to act all arrogantly overconfident in an attempt seduce him as if he was ‘just some other cute guy to fool around with’. Bebe initially suggested going to a movie, but Ryan added the suggestion of dinner followed by a movie after that. Bebe could barely contain herself after hearing this since it meant that Ryan was truly interested in dating her.

• After their conversation ended and they parted ways with their first date in place, Ryan mentioned that he can meet her tomorrow night (Friday). After they said farewell for the day, Bebe stands helpless entranced in the hallway while Ryan heads off to the gym to train Kyle, who nearly interrupted Bebe’s perfect moment with Ryan. Kyle meets up with Ryan as he’s walking away from Bebe towards the school entrance/exit doors and tells Ryan how he tried to meet him by his locker right after class, but for some reason Wendy was being a total psychopath for no apparent reason and randomly decided to go steal the hall monitor’s uniform and make everyone leave the hallway!

• After Ryan and Kyle exited the doors of the school, Bebe explodes in a loud scream of excitement, which then makes Wendy run out of the principle’s office to see how things went. Wendy and Bebe were overjoyed! Suddenly, the camera pans over to Stan who is standing there in total confusion saying to himself ‘What the f*ck just happened?’ (...or something like that).

• Meanwhile, Kyle’s training has been proving very effective and successful. Ryan’s dad then has Kyle perform his new test-out in order to measure his strength gains. In addition to this, Kyle’s comparison photo from the start of the program was analyzed compared to his new progress photo. The results were undeniable!

• Kyle feels 1,000 times tougher and is ready to allow his strong and able body to empower his mental esteem. Now at last, he could feel totally confident about allowing himself to ‘talk tough’ against Cartman since he now had the body-power to back himself up. Finally, Kyle could intimidate Cartman so intensely that, hopefully, Cartman would no longer make fun of him all the time! Furthermore, Kyle could prove with the full force of his well-earned and obvious results that Jews can in fact do something that Cartman had previously claimed they couldn’t do – get tough and totally buff!!!

• This episode could be a mixed parody of Rocky, Lagoona Beach (with the romantic drama), along with some puns about people who like to pretend that they work out a lot but are actually just health and fitness posers.

• Bebe’s date with Ryan goes fantastic and they are both feeling on top of the world, especially Bebe! She can now at last take in a great sigh of grateful relief as she looks forward to a romantic future with Ryan while soaking up the envy of all the other girls at school. Meanwhile, Ryan continues to impress everyone with how much he knows about health and fitness since he often does homework reports and class presentations on these topics.

• Cartman finally ends up finding a reason to be able to get mad at Ryan and give him crap. One day, after Cartman came home from school while the new fitness craze was sweeping South Park, he was surprised to find that his mom suddenly became obsessed with the Yoga fitness classes offered at the new gym and started practicing Yoga routines at home. In utter shock, Cartman yells at his mom for ‘becoming a goddamn hippie by doing gay-ass yoga crap!’ He then vents all of this by blaming Ryan and yelling at him, which Ryan insists isn’t his fault since he doesn’t have anything to do with Yoga. This ridiculous grudge towards Ryan only causes Kyle to become increasingly mad at Cartman for refusing to accept that the very people who he’s now mocking (fitness advocates) are doing nothing less than making their lives and everyone else’s lives better – all while Cartman simply sits around and gets fatter.

• After this, Kyle finds himself in a situation with Cartman where, just as he expected, he would try to use his strength gains to become so intimidating towards Cartman that Cartman would finally start to back down and not be such an assh*le. Even though Cartman is now truly afraid of Kyle, Cartman wants to make sure that no one suspects him of being intimidated by Kyle. So, in order to convince everyone of this, Cartman goes to even greater lengths than usual in order to prove he’s not afraid of Kyle by picking on him even more!

• Cartman goes on to try and convince everyone else that Kyle can never overpower him and that “Jew-muscle is at least 80% weaker than normal people muscle – it’s a scientific fact!’

• This results in Cartman making a total ass of himself one day in front of the entire lunchroom. Interestingly enough, in the very act of going above and beyond his normal routine of ripping on Kyle in the lunchroom, Cartman inadvertently sets the stage for the whole lunchroom to see Kyle get pushed over the edge and go totally ape-shit on Cartman after Cartman already got everyone's attention! As Cartman continued to rip on him, it wasn’t long before Kyle couldn’t take it anymore. In a flash of rage, Kyle suddenly walks up to Cartman as he’s preaching in the center of the lunchroom and grabs Cartman by the throat and lifts him up in a choke-hold – right in front of everyone!!!

• This amazing display of strength impresses everyone in the room. Then, even in this sorry position after Kyle yells at him and warns him of how angry he is, Cartman still refuses to apologize and instead spits in Kyle’s face. This truly pushes Kyle over the edge and leads him to completely kick the crap out of Cartman!!! Maybe SP can play on the saying ‘kick the crap out of you’ and have some crap actually leak out of Cartman while Kyle’s throwing him around and ‘kicking the sh*t out of him’ – just a thought.

• After initially trying to step-in and stop the fight, Stan convinces Ryan that he needs to just let the fight run its course and that Cartman deserves it. Soon enough, even though the adults were amazed by what they saw and stood in a trance watching the fight unfold (also feeling that Cartman deserves it), they eventually snapped out of it and stopped Kyle. Nonetheless, they were too late to prevent Cartman from getting a serious concussion and a ton of other injuries.

• Kyle was in big trouble. But, he had a good explanation for his actions and was only forced to have some behavioral consoling sessions with Mr. Mackey in detention after school for a few days.

• At home, Kyle’s parents were surprisingly sympathetic of Kyle’s position. His dad had an honest talk with him about Jewish values in the face of adversity, trials, and offenses from others along with an emphasis on staying true to a deeply rooted belief in divine morality.

• Kyle was unconvinced by his father’s speech, especially since he was a lawyer who seemed to have little quarrel with taking financial advantage of people for the sake of a client’s legal case. So, Kyle realized that even despite his impressive gains, Cartman still didn’t get it.

• Kyle then decided to visit Cartman towards the end of his time in the hospital when he was just about ready to be released back home, only a day or two after the fight occurred. In a completely unapologetic way, Kyle sternly made it as clear as he could to Cartman that the whole reason why he became so committed to building muscle-mass and the rest of his training was so that he could get Cartman to stand down and stop making fun of him so much. Kyle then went on to urge Cartman that he will only be getting stronger and more intimidating in the future, and that all Cartman has to do in order to NOT get the sh*t kicked out of him in front of everyone again is to not rip on him so much.

• Surprisingly, this does compel Cartman to not rip on Kyle ‘as badly’ as he did in the past. From here, the scene jumps to when Cartman is completely recovered and Kyle is done with his after-school detention consoling. This scene begins with a normal hallway encounter where Cartman cuts himself off from slandering Kyle where he normally would have. Everyone stops and turns to Cartman in surprise. Cartman then insists to everyone that ‘I’m not done ripping on Kyle you guys, I’m just not doing it ‘as much’ anymore. Jesus Christ, get a f*cking clue!”

• From here, Stan comments: “Goddamn it Cartman! If you’re really going to be that f*cking retarded then I’ll be waiting to see Kyle kick your ass again! If you’d just shut the hell up for once and stop all of this before it starts then you wouldn’t have to worry about getting your ass handed to you!” Then Kenny comments: “Yeah dude, what the f*ck are you thinking?” Then, Kyle, Stan, and Kenny all walk away from Cartman, leaving Cartman standing alone in front of the camera. Cartman pauses in an angry but silent mode, since he knows that if he says anything terribly rude he might get hurt again. Cartman waits until the guys walk far enough away to yell at Kyle in an extremely rude way.

* Then, in a quick bolt of speed, Kyle drops everything and runs back towards Cartman. Cartman tries to turn around an run away. But before he gets anywhere, Kyle comes charging up with a huge full-speed running punch right into Cartman's face!

• The end!
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Re: Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby KingBowser901 » Tue Dec 21, 2010 8:49 pm

Thanks to all those who made great comments for my fic. I really appreciate it
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Re: Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby KingBowser901 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 4:07 pm

RichardV1149 wrote::D Awesome fanfic, it has a great storyline, I have something to bring to your attention though. In the last weeks I've been sifting through fanfic and finding scenes that are perfect for the fanfic South Park Movie Scipt I've been making. Your scene can play a major role in my movies script, I have no actual plans of getting it published, but dream of getting it animated. Please consider allowing me to use some of your ideas to use in my script, a fanfic movie would have you in the credits.

Please forgive me for the totally late reply I like your script and it might be already too late to consider, but I thought it would be worth replying and the reason why it's late is because I got busy with school work and deciding on whatever collage I'm going to and that was for last and this year. Anyway I like you're idea and again it might be late to consider, but I thought it's worth doing it. :)
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Re: Bebe's Boyfriend

Postby SouthCatch » Sun Dec 16, 2012 2:11 am

Whoa, I love it!

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