Tales of Toddlerhood

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Tales of Toddlerhood

Postby Stanluv25 » Sun Jan 15, 2012 7:26 pm


A/N: Read scenes that take place when the boys are ages 4-6. Accepting any ideas you have for them this age as well. It may be best to read From This Age on my ff.net profile: Madam RedRose25 first to fully understand how the boys met.


It had only been two weeks since Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski allowed Eric Cartman to be their friend but already they were getting tired of him. Their other new friend Kenny McCormick was fine but Eric, or as they had dubbed him, 'Cartman', was something else. Even though they played together during preschool and Stan had invited him over his house last Saturday, he was still the same boy he was when preschool started. He was still a bullying, fat, mean little boy who liked to make fun of others and steal their toys. Kyle kept telling Stan they should just break off their friendship but Stan didn't have the heart to do so. So while the two played at Stan's after school Thursday, they tried to come up with something to make Cartman stay or go for good.

"I say we still give him a chance," Stan said softly as he held onto his beloved stuffed dog Ruffy.

"We keep givin' him chances Stan! He still is the same," Kyle said grumpily.

Stan put a finger in his mouth, as he usually did when nervous or in thought. "I know," he finally said. "How 'bout we give him one last shot. How 'bout we tells him he has to do something to be in our club."

Kyle looked at him wearily. "Like…?"

Stan shrugged. "I dunno, somethin' to prove he's for reals. He really wantsta be friends wif us."

"I'm listening," Kyle said, crossing his arms.

"Um…" Stan put a finger between his teeth again. "How 'bout, he hasta not say one mean thing to us all day."

Kyle didn't look too impressed. "It has to be somethin' more, Stan. That won't prove nothin'."

"How- how 'bout he hasta do what we say and play how we want. He can't take nothing away from us and we're in charge of what we do."

Kyle thought. "Okay."

Stan smiled; he knew he'd get there in the end. So the next day the two boys waited near the front of the door to their classroom after their mothers had dropped them off, waiting for Cartman to show up. He did, kissing his mother sweetly good-bye before turning to his 'friends.'

"Hey stupid-heads," he greeted.

Stan and Kyle shared a look.

"Kyle an' I think you're real mean to us Cartman, so we're gonna do somefing about it," Stan began.

Cartman sniggered. "Babies."

"We dedided that you can't push us around when we play today. If you do, you're no longer our friend," Stan said, arms crossed in a final sort of way.

Kyle however didn't like this, he had a feeling Cartman wouldn't listen. So he pulled Stan aside.

"I don't think we should do that Stan, he won't do it."

"Then what?"

Kyle watched as Stan took off his large hat to chew nervously on the brim. A smile spread on Kyle's face as he looked at the poof-ball hat then thought about his own. "I know."

He walked back to Cartman. "If you wanna be in our club, you have to get a hat, just like ours."

Cartman was taken aback. "What? That's stupid."

"No it's not. We all have hats. Kenny wears a hood all the time so it counts too," Kyle pointed out to Kenny who had just walked in.

Cartman looked at Kyle with his stupid green hat, Stan with his too-big blue and red hat, and Kenny with his orange hood pulled over his head. He suddenly felt left out and he never liked to be excluded from anything. He humfed.

"Fine, I will get a hat."

"And it hasta be by Monday," Stan informed him.

"I will. My mom gets me anything."

"Alright then. 'Member, it can't look like ours either," Kyle said.

"Do you really think he's gonna get one?" Stan asked his best friend.

"Pfff, no, you know him Stanley, he likes to lie."

So when Cartman's mother Liane picked him up from preschool that day he immediately told her everything.

"I need to get a hat Mom other-ise Stan and Kyle won't let me play with them," Cartman whined.

"But you don't need a hat poopsikins," Liane told him.

"But Mooooom, I need one," he whined some more.

Liane thought for a second. "Well, alright then."

"Yes! And it has to be before Monday," he demanded.

"Of course dear."

So all weekend Cartman was taken to the mall to find the perfect winter's hat otherwise he wouldn't have any friends. Not like he needed them, they were both so stupid. Kyle, thinking he was smarter than everyone else and liking all the fruit and veggies snacks they had, thinking he was so healthy, and Stan, with his stupid doggie, walking around with a finger in his mouth all the time, following Kyle around like a lost baby. And Kenny… he never said much and he was poor, which meant he was stupid too. But he hated them so much; he had to be in their club otherwise it wouldn't be as fun to make fun of them. So he had to find a hat. Cartman made his mother walk into all kinds of shops in the mall until finally he found one- the perfect hat in KidZone Clothes.

Monday had Cartman walking into preschool proudly showing off his new hat. Even if stupid Stan and Kyle wouldn't let him be friends he was still keeping it, he liked how he looked in it. He found the two boys and Kenny playing with some cars and trucks.

"So what do you dummies think of my cool new hat?" he bragged.

They blinked and looked at him.

"That's a stupid hat," Kyle stated.

"Yeah, it looks too much like mine," Stan said, gripping his.

"It does not!"


"Yours can't even fit your head Stan. Mine fits my head so it's not the same," Cartman crossed his arms firmly.

Stan turned to Kyle. "So what do we do?"

"He's not gonna change Stan, he's still gonna be the same."

"I know but, he might. People change…"

"They do not!" Kyle pushed him.

"They do too!" Stan pushed him back before looking at Cartman again. "All right fine, you can be our friend."

"Stan!" Kyle cried.

"But you gotta play wif us and act like us. We're not givin' you no more chances," Stan told him.

Cartman smiled smugly before taking the car that was in Stan's hands and sitting down, ignoring his crying to give it back. He was in; Stan, Kyle, and Kenny were his personal idiots to make fun of. And since they were friends, they would never do anything about it.

Boy, making friends sure is easy, all I had to do was get a hat, Cartman thought as he once again took hold of Stan's stuffed dog and began to dictate.

Remember, reviews make for quicker chapter updates! 8)
I love: Stan, Butters, Cartman, Sharon.

I ship: Stan/Cartman <3

Stan: MMOOMM!!
Sharon: What is it honey? (gasp!) My baby's killed again!
Haa, I love that line.
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Re: Tales of Toddlerhood

Postby Ex1lepr0 » Mon Jan 16, 2012 3:47 am

Glad to see you're writing again! This is very cute, keep it up. :)
Can't we all just get along?
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Re: Tales of Toddlerhood

Postby Stanluv25 » Wed Jan 25, 2012 11:02 pm


Late November had young Kyle walk happily into preschool. It had been almost three months in school and so far, he loved it. He loved answering all of Miss Claridge's questions and being the only one who knew the entire alphabet and how to count all the way to 100 was pretty cool too. But as much as he loved the learning aspects of it, none of it would be enjoyable without his best buddy Stan. He looked forward to playing with Stan every day, so as soon as he walked into the classroom he waited by the fun plastic slide for him to show up. It was where they usually met when Stan's mother dropped him off. But he didn't show. He frowned as he waited. He knew Stan was always one of the last kids to show up because his mom had to get both Stan and his older sister ready at the same time, but he was never late. Finally Miss Claridge had to call him over.

"Come on Kyle dear, we're about to start the morning circle," she told him.

Kyle looked over to see the other children sitting in a circle, ready to tell everyone their highlight of the day before.

"But Miss Claridge, Stan hasn't show up yet," Kyle told her.

"Oh, well you can't just stand around here waiting for him. Come on, sit down."

Kyle had no choice but to do so. The hours passed and Stan had not shown up at all. Kyle did not like hanging around with Cartman all day, that was for sure. And Kenny was talking about things he knew he shouldn't know about and Kyle felt guilty for hearing them. When Sheila picked him up from school he was pretty down.

"How was school bubbe?" she asked.

"Not good. Stan didn't show up today."

"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that."

"I hope he does tomorrow, he's my buddy."

"Don't worry Kyle; I'm sure that he will."

But he didn't. Another day passed and Kyle did not see any sign of the boy in the red poof ball hat. He told his mom immediately after she picked him up.

"Well I'm sure little Stanley's just sick or something Kyle, you don't need to worry."

Kyle's head suddenly shot up. "Mom, hey Mom, can we go see him?"


"See Stan?"


"Yeah. Now."

Sheila looked shocked. "You don't need to see him now bubbe, it's lunch time."

"Please? If Stan is sick, I'm sure he'd like the company."

Kyle and his big words. His green eyes sparkled; the look on his face made her sigh. She started the car. "All right, we'll go see him. But if he's not up to visitors then we have to go home, understood?"

Kyle nodded, smiling. "Wait! 'Fore we go; I wanna get something from home."


"It'll make him feel better if he's sick. Please Mom?"

"Okay, okay, but be quick."

Kyle ran into his bedroom as soon as they went home. He came out and back in the car two minutes later holding something. With that, Sheila made the five minute drive to the Marsh house. Sheila knocked on the front door while Kyle waited in the car. If Stan was home and wanted to see him Sheila would come get him.

"Oh, hello Sheila," Sharon answered, a look of surprise on her face.

"Hello Sharon. This might sound a little sudden but Kyle wanted to know how Stanley was doing since he hasn't been to school in two days."

Sharon still looked shocked. "Oh, he's been sick."

"The poor dear, I thought so. It being November, guess it's that time of year."

"I know. He's been coughing non-stop," Sharon sighed.

Sheila turned around to see Kyle's hopeful face in the car window. "Kyle- was wondering if he could see your son, if he's up to it."

"Oh, I'm sure that would make Stan very happy," Sharon smiled.

Kyle happily walked into the house when his mother let him in.

"I must say I'm surprised. The boys are only four and Kyle already cares that much about him?" Sharon asked Sheila, closing the front door.

"I was thinking the same thing. I didn't think kids this age had much compassion for others."

Sharon opened her son's bedroom door. "Stanley sweetie? Kyle wanted to see how you were doing."

Kyle peaked into Stan's bedroom. "Stan? Stanley?" he called, stepping in.

Stan blinked heavy eyes at Kyle. He rubbed them then looked again. "Kyle?"

"Hi Stan!" Kyle cried happily.

"Kyle, what are you doin' here?"

"I wanted to see you. You haven't been in school for two days. I was worried," Kyle told him.

Stan frowned. "What's 'worried'?"

"It means you're scared of somethin'," Kyle laughed.

"You were scared of me?"

"Well yeah. You've only missed one day of school so far. But- but you missed two days, um, today and- and the day before," Kyle thought hard.

Stan coughed and sniffed. Kyle stood by his bed.

"How you feeling?"


"That sucks dude."

"Yeah. I can't stop cough- coughing," he broke into a coughing fit.

"You gotta get better soon Stan, it's no fun with Cartman around."


"He was real mean today. He broke my new crayons on purpose," Kyle crossed his arms angrily.

Stan sniffed and leaned tiredly into the pillows on his racecar bed.

"Hey Stan, you'll never guess what Kenny said today."


Kyle looked to make sure their mothers weren't around before saying softly, "He said Cartman was a stupid fatass again, and he thinks Susie has a nice vagina."

Stan looked confused. He coughed a bit before saying, "What's a vanja?"

"I don't know. Not even Susie knew so it had to be something bad. The teacher gave him a look, but didn't say nothing. I think she didn't know if he said it or not."

"Well, if a (cough) vanja is nice then it can't be that bad," Stan said simply.

"I was thinking the same thing. All I know is he was lookin' down below," Kyle patted below his stomach.

Stan looked down his chest too. "Do you think I have a nice vanja?"

"I think so. Like you said, if it's 'nice' then you must have a nice one, 'cause you're my best friend!" Kyle claimed happily.

"I think so too!"

Minutes later their mothers came up.

"I just put lunch on Stanley, you have to eat something today," Sharon told her son.

"Yes, come along Kyle. I don't want you to get sick either," Sheila said.

Kyle frowned but did a double-take and held out something to Stan. "Here Stan, this is Blue," he said as he showed him a blue stuffed bear. "Once, when I was sick, my mom gave me Blue to make me feel better. I always sleep with him now whenever I feel sick. So now, you can sleep with him 'till you feel better too."

Stan looked at the teddy bear and held it close. "Thanks (cough) Kyle."

"Are you sure you want to let Stanley have your bear for now?" Sheila asked the red-head.

Kyle nodded. "Yeah, I'm not sick. Bye Stan!"

Stan waved good-bye to his best friend before his mother took him downstairs to try and eat some soup. Unfortunately for Kyle he did not see Stan in school for the next two days again. He begged his mother to call Stan's so he knew what was wrong. After Sheila had called Sharon she told Kyle that Stan was still sick.

"Can we go see him again?" Kyle asked.

"I'm sorry bubbe but Stan's mother said he's too sick for visitors."

Kyle frowned. "Poor Stan. I wish I could help."

"You did help bubbeleh; you gave him your bear for now. I'm sure he's very happy that you did."

Kyle sighed. "I hope so. Blue always makes me feel better."

Blue was indeed making Stan slightly happy even though his body felt worse and worse each day. The night of the fourth day had him coughing his lungs out and squeezing the teddy bear to him as he lay in bed. Sharon walked into his bedroom as he went into yet another coughing fit.

"Mommy…" Stan whined, tears coming down his face.

"Still not getting better?" Randy asked, stepping in.

"He's only getting worse Randy. I'm really concerned, he sounds terrible," Sharon told her husband as she held onto Stan.

"He'll be better soon Sharon. He's always fine after he gets sick."

"That's the problem, he gets sick so often, especially at the end of the year."

"Lots of kids get sick at this time," Randy said fairly.

Sharon glared at him. "I still say it's more than that. This has been going on for two years now. It's time we get real answers."

Randy looked at his son who was gripping onto Sharon's shirt and the stuffed blue bear. He didn't know what to say or do so he bade him good-night, telling Sharon he'd wait for her in bed. Sharon never did go to bed; she uncomfortably laid her body on the four-year-old's racecar bed and slept with him, when he could sleep. But she awoke around midnight when Stan complained that he couldn't breathe. She watched as his stomach pulled in painfully and he wheezed. She had had it; she woke Randy up and told him.

"We are taking him to the ER right now and I swear, this time we will have answers. I don't care how long it takes," Sharon said fiercely as she put on her shoes and a coat before picking up Stan and wrapping him in a blanket.

All of November 29th had the Marshes waiting for hours at Hell's Pass Hospital, waiting for news on Stan. Only after hours of testing did Dr. Doctor finally come up with a proper diagnoses- Stan had moderate asthma.

"I really don't know how I missed that all these years," he had told a bewildered Sharon and Randy. "Does anyone in your family have asthma?"

"No," they said together. Sharon really wanted to hurt the man right there. It was something that could have been diagnosed two years ago. But all was fine in the end. Stan was hospitalized for a few days before being sent home with too many instructions and medicine than he cared to remember. But at least he was feeling better. And he could go back to preschool! Although he only cared about playing with his friends.

Back at the Broflovski household Kyle was growing more and more worried for his best friend. It had now been days since he heard from Stan, or to say, his mom heard from Stan's mom. He hoped he was okay and he didn't die or something. He bugged his mother one last time to call Mrs. Marsh. He waited in the living room until his mother came in with news (hopefully).

"Good news Kyle, you can go visit Stan," Sheila smiled at the four-year-old.

"I can?"

"Yes. He has been very sick all last week; they had to take him to the hospital."

Kyle frowned. "Oh no. That's not good."

"I know. Apparently, Stan's been diagnosed with a very serious condition called 'asthma."

Kyle had no idea what that was, he just knew the word 'diagnose' wasn't a very pleasant one. "Is he gonna die?"

"No, he'll be able to live a normal life, just like you. Look, I'm sure his mother will tell you more about it when we come over."

"Mom, can we stop at the store and get him something?"


"Get him something? Please? If- if he's just been to the hospital, and just been dia-dia-nosed with something, I'm sure he wants a new toy or candy or somethin'," Kyle said matter-of-factly.

"But you already gave him your bear bubbeleh."

"That was just to make him feel better. Please? Just somethin' small?"

Sheila looked surprised, as Sharon mentioned, she had no idea the boys cared that much for each other so soon. They only met a few months ago, they were only four. And they were boys; girls were dubbed the 'compassionate' ones. But the thought of the boys already being so close made her take Kyle to the store and buy Stan something small. Kyle couldn't wait to see Stan's face when he gave him his gift.

"Hello Sheila, Kyle," Sharon smiled when they came by.

"Hello Sharon."

"Stan will be so happy to see you Kyle. Stanley? Kyle and his mother are here!" Sharon called over her shoulder.

Kyle walked into the house and saw Stan sitting on the sofa watching cartoons. He looked a lot better than he did last week.


"Kyle!" Stan hopped off the couch and did something he hadn't before and hugged him.

"Oh, would you look at that," Sharon crooned to Sheila.

"They really are 'best buddies' aren't they?" Sheila smiled.

"Here, I got you a present," Kyle handed it over.

"Wow, thanks!" Stan took hold of the new pack of crayons and coloring book.

"It's Garfield," Kyle pointed out. "I know that you have a Garfield doll so I thought you would want this."

Kyle suddenly looked hesitant. He looked up at Sharon. "I'm not gonna get sick from him am I?"

Sharon chuckled. "No, asthma isn't contagious Kyle. It's not like the cold."

"Oh, okay," he said brightly. "So what exac-tally is asthma?" he asked Stan.

Stan frowned. "I'm not really sure. All I knows is I can't breaf good so I gotta take medicine wif a special machine."

"A machine?" Kyle's eyes lit up. The word machine was one of many favorites for a boy.

"Yeah, come 'ere!" Stan led him to his bedroom and showed him what looked like a gray box with tubing and a funny-looking mask.

"When you said 'machine', I thought it was gonna be biggerer," Kyle noted.

"Well, it still is one. Look- the mask is a dinosaur"- Stan showed him what looked to be a purple dinosaur shaped mask.

"That's the funniest looking thing I ever saw," Kyle pointed out.

"It's not the only thing that's funny. The medicine is the funniest thing I ever tooken," Stan said. "It's not like yucky goopy cough medicine. This stuff comes out like a spray or somethin'."

"A spray?"

"Yeah. Watch"- Stan flipped a switch on the side and mist began to pour out the mask.

"It's loud like a machine," Kyle said over the noise.

Sharon came into the room a minute later and gasped. "Stanley, no, you can't waste any of the medicine okay?"

"I was just showin' Kyle."

"Still, I don't want you to waste any of this alright? I'll keep it in my room until you need it."

"Awww," the boys whined.

"I wanna play with it," Kyle exclaimed.

"This is not a toy, boys. It's a special device that turns medicine into mist." Sharon took the nebulizer away.

"Don't worry Kyle, I'll try to get it next time you're over," Stan said.

"Good, it looks real fun."

Stan suddenly looked shyly at Kyle. "Thanks again for the coloring book."

"You're my best friend Stan. Hey, did Blue cheer you up?"

Stan grabbed hold of the blue teddy bear from his bed. "Yeah, I held him to me the whole time I was at the hospidal." He reluctantly handed it back to its original owner.

Kyle could see that Stan was sad to let it go. He thought of something. "I have an idea dude. How 'bout whenever one of us is sick, we get to keep Blue."


Kyle nodded. "If he both makes us better, it's only fair."

"Thanks Kyle! But what if we're both sick at the same time?"

Kyle thought. "Well, we're just gonna have to have a contest to see who gets him whenever that happens."

Stan nodded.

"You're going to school tomorrow right?"

Stan nodded again. "I think so."

"Good, I can only take so much of Cartman b'fore my brain explodes," Kyle rolled his eyes causing Stan to giggle.

All too soon the visit had to end. Stan was sad to see Kyle go but he knew he'd see him again tomorrow at preschool. In the mean time, he spent the rest of the day coloring in his new Garfield coloring book, enjoying what was the first of what would soon be many strong bonding moments between his very best friend.

chap 3 soon! :)
I love: Stan, Butters, Cartman, Sharon.

I ship: Stan/Cartman <3

Stan: MMOOMM!!
Sharon: What is it honey? (gasp!) My baby's killed again!
Haa, I love that line.

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