South Park: Modern Warfare

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South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 4:09 pm

Hey guys. I looked around the forum and have not yet seen a fic that stars the 4th grade boys in a rip off version of "Call of Duty: Modern warfare". If things go well then i'll do the whole trilogy.

Call of Duty and Call of Duty:Modern Warfare are games belonging to their developers. I OWN NOTHING!!!!!!I will sometimes put links to the backing music for some scenes to make it even better

Some boys will play more than one character but only if their original character has died ( e.g Token will play Ssgt.Griggs and Sgt. Foley.)

The prologue will be 1 short post whilst Acts 1,2 and 3 will be split into 2 long posts.

Lets begin...

Prologue: Mission 1:F.N.G

Location: SAS training base, Hereford, Wales.

Kenny: Good news first, the worlds in great shape. We got a civil war in Russia, Government loyalists against ultra-nationalist rebels with 15,000 nukes at stake.

Cpt. Marsh: Just another day at the office.

Kenny: Khaled Boyette, currently the 2nd most powerful man in the Middle East. Now word is he's got the minerals to be top dog down there. Intel's keeping an eye on him.

Cpt. Marsh: And the bad news?

Kenny: We got a new guy joining us today, fresh out of selection,his name is 'Soap'.

Inside the hangar Sgt. Kyle 'Soap' Brovlovski is standing next to Lt.Kenny 'Gaz' McCormick.

Kenny:Good to see you mate. Grab one of the rifles from the armoruy and go to station one to aim your rifle down range.

Kyle picks up a G36C assault rifle and aims it down range. Kenny makes targets pop up an Kyle hits them all.

Kenny:Proper good job mate!Now go get a sidearm from the armoury.

Kyle picks up a USP.45 pistol.

Kenny:Switch to your rifle.

Kyle switches.

Kenny:Good, now pull out your sidearm.

Kyle pulls out his USP.

Kenny:See how fast that was? Remember switching to your pistol is even faster than reloading. Knife the watermelon.

Kyle moves to the table and knifes the watermelon.

Kenny: Good,your fruit killing skills are remarkable. Cpt.Marsh wants too see you.

Kyle anxiously steps out of the hangar towards the other hangar. When he arrives the door opens and Cpt. Marsh is standing with his arms folded. Three other members of the SAS look at Kyle.

SAS man:It's the F.N.G sir. Go easy on him sir it's his first day in the regiment.

Cpt. Marsh:Right... What the hell kinda name is 'Soap' ey?How'd a Muppet like you pass selection? Soap, it's your turn for the CQC test everyone else head to obersavation. For this test you'll have to run the cargo ship solo in less that 60 seconds.

Kyle climbs up the ladder and picks up a MP5 and 4 flash-bangs.

Cpt. Marsh:Grab the rope when your ready.

Kyle jumps at the rope and slides down onto the fake ship. 3 targets pop up and Kyle shoots them. He moves into the ship and shoots a target at the bottom of the stairs. Kyle chucks a flash-bang into a room and shoots 2 more targets. Moving through the doorway he shoots two more. He tosses a final flash-Bang into a room and sprays the final two targets. He emerges from the ship and runs to the finish.

Cpt. Marsh: Alright Soap,that'll do. Now come over to the monitors for a debrief.

Kyle approaches the monitors.

Cpt. Marsh: Gentleman, the cargo ship mission is a go. Wheels up at 02:00. Dismissed.


Mission 2:Crew expendable.

Location: Blackhawk helicopter approaching a cargo ship in the Bering Strait.

Cpt. Marsh:Bravo team. The Intel on this op comes from our informant in Russia. The package is aboard a medium freighter, Estonian registration number 52775. There is a small crew and a security detail on board.

Kenny:Rules of engagement sir?

Cpt. Marsh: Crew expendable.

The Blackhawk flies towards the ship. Cpt.Marsh is smoking a cigar.

Pilot:30 seconds.

Cpt. Marsh throws his cigar out of the chopper and the team pulls on their gas masks.

Cpt.Marsh:Lock and load.

The team cock their MP5s and prepare.

Pilot:Green light.Go go go!

Cpt. Marsh,Kyle and 2 SAS troops drop in and spray the bridge with fire killing 4 soldiers.

Cpt. Marsh (via radio):Gaz,stay in the bird until we secure the deck.Over!

Kyle kicks in the door and moves down the stairs. A drunk soldier strolls out of the cabin singing.

Drunk soldier: Hey nastaro...

Cpt. Marsh shoots him.

Cpt.Marsh: Hallway clear!

The team leave the bridge and move to the deck. The Blackhawk drops in Gaz,Pvt.Kevin Stoley and Sgt.Jason McHugh.

Cpt.Marsh:Fan out. 3 meter spread.

The team make their way up the deck and spot 2 enemies.


Kenny:I see them.

Cpt.Marsh:Weapons free.

Kyle Shoots the two hostiles and the team move up. They reach the other side an enemies take positions in the windows.

Cpt. Marsh: Hammer 2-4 we have contacts on the second floor.


The Blackhawk shoots all the hostiles.

Pilot: Bravo 6 we are at bingo fuel. Big Bird will be on station for evac in ten.

Cpt.Marsh; Rodger. Thanks for the assist. Move up.

The team move up.

Cpt. Marsh: Stoley,McHugh cover our six. The rest of you, on me.

Kyle,Kenny, Cpt. Marsh and a SAS troop take position at the door. Kenny pulls out a W1200 shotgun.

Kenny:I like to keep this for close encounters.

SAS man:Too right mate.

Cpt.Marsh:On my mark...GO!

They move inside.

Cpt.Marsh:Check those corners!

The team move into the base of the ship. Cpt.Marsh throws a flash-bang and the team move into a large room below deck. Enemies are shooting at them on the catwalk. They take down the enemies and move into the next room. The next room is empty. The team stacks up at a door.

Cpt. Marsh: 3...2...1!

Cpt.Marsh throws a flash-bang into the final room and team move through the room. They reach a container and Kenny's nuclear radiation meter starts to click.

Kenny:I'm getting a strong reading sir! You might wanna take a look at this.

Kenny opens the container revealing a nuclear bomb.

Cpt. Marsh: Hmm,it's in Arabic. Baseplate we've found it ready to secure package for transport.

Baseplate (via radio);No time Bravo 6, two bogeys heading your way fast. Grab what you can and get the hell outta there.

Kenny:Fast movers,probably MIGs. We better go.

Cpt.Marsh: Soap grab the manifest on the container move!

Kyle grabs the manifest and runs.

Cpt.Marsh: Everyone topside double time!

The team run out of the room.

Cpt.Marsh (via radio): Stoley,McHugh whats your status.

Sgt.McHugh:Already in the helicopter sir. Enemy aircraft inbound.Shi...

Escaping the cargo ship music -

The team is knocked of their feet and water begins flooding in.

Kenny:sh*t! What the hell happened?

Cpt. Marsh:The ships sinking we gotta go now!

Cpt.Marsh grabs Kyle and picks him up.

Cpt.Marsh:On your feet soldier! WE ARE LEAVING!

Kenny:Get to the catwalk move.

The team moves onto the catwalk. An explosion knocks them off balance.

Cpt.Marsh:On your feet!

2 more explosions rock the ship until the team reach a corridor.

Kenny:Which way! Which way to the helicopter?!

Cpt.Marsh:To the right!To the right!!!

The team emerges and the ship is nearly on its side and the waves are lashing up. The Chinook lowers its ramp a few meters from the ship. Cpt.Marsh and Kenny jump in and Kyle jumps as well, But begins to slip. Cpt.Marsh grabs him and pulls him up.

Cpt.Marsh: Got'cha. We're all aboard, go.

Kyle watches as the ship sinks into the ocean.

In the Middle East...

President Al-Fulani is tied to a post. A fat bald man hand Khaled Boyette a 50cal. Desert Eagle pistol whilst a soldier films it with a TV camera.

Khaled Boyette (Into TV Camera): This is how it begins.

Boyette aims the pistol at Al-Fulani and pulls the trigger...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Tue Jan 31, 2012 6:59 pm

Act 1 of 3 Part 1 of 3

Kenny:Captain Marsh, Boyette just executed president Al-Fulani on national television.

Cpt.Marsh:The Americans have plans for Boyette, And it's too late to do anything for Al-Fulani, but in less than 3 hours Code name:Jimmy will be executed in Russia.


Cpt.Marsh:Jimmy is our informant in the ultra-nationalist camp. He provided the Intel on the cargo ship operation. He's in hell right now so we're gonna walk him out. We take care of our friends. Let's move.

Mission: Blackout
Unit:22nd SAS regiment
Location: East Russia.

Kyle,Kenny and Cpt.Marsh are in a river.

Cpt.Marsh:The loyalists are expecting us east of here.

Kenny:They the good Russians or the bad Russians?

Cpt.Marsh:Well they won't shoot us on sight if that's what your asking.

Kenny:That's good enough for me sir.

They move up the river to a boathouse. An enemy is smoking on a pier whilst 2 more are sleeping in the hut. Kyle shoots the enemy having a smoke and then the 2 sleeping inside.

Cpt.Marsh:There should be a few more guardhouses up ahead.

The team move up to a row of 3 houses. 2 guards are inside the first house and 3 more are in the second.

Cpt.Marsh:Drop 'em.

Kyle shoots the first 2. Cpt.Marsh takes the last 3.

Cpt.Marsh:Nice. On me.

Cpt.Marsh leads the squad to a house. He opens the back door into a field and tells the squad to wait.

Cpt.Marsh:Gaz,you smell that?

Kenny:Yeah. Tweek.

Tweek emerges from a bush holding his AK-47 in the air. He signals his team to follow.

Sgt.Tweek:Welcome to the new Russia Cpt.Marsh.

Cpt.Marsh:What's the target Tweek? We have an informant to recover.

Sgt.Tweek:BM-21s on the other side of the hill. They're rockets have killed hundreds of civilians in the valley below.

Tweek signals his team to move out but Cpt.Marsh grabs his shoulder.

Cpt.Marsh:Hold on. Remember Beirut? You're with us.

Sgt.Tweek: Hmm. Guess I owe you one.

Kenny:Bloody right you do.

The two squads move up a small hill to a cliff-face. BM-21 rockets fly across the sky from the village below.

Sgt.Tweek:Quickly,there is a good spot where your sniper can cover my men.

Tweek leads the SAS to a break in a fence. Kyle pulls out his M21 sniper rifle.

Sgt.Tweek:All units, commence the attack.

Tweek's men in the village open fire with RPGS and assault rifles. Kyle starts to pick off enemies with his M21. After a few minutes enemy helicopters carrying troops fly in.

Sgt.Tweek: Enemy helicopters.

Cpt.Marsh:You didn't say there'd be choppers Tweek.

Sgt.Tweek:I didn't say there wouldn't be any either. This way!

Tweek leads the squad into a wrecked house.

Kenny (quietly): We should just beat it out of him sir.

Cpt.Marsh (quietly):Not yet.

They exit the house and enemies rappel from the choppers.


Kyle uses his M203 grenade launcher and kills some of the enemies. Cpt.Marsh shoots the remaining enemies whilst Tweek moves to the cliff-edge.

Sgt.Tweek: Captain Marsh, my men have run into heavy resistance, help me support them from the cliffs!

Cpt.Marsh:What about my informant? He's running out of time!

Sgt.Tweek:Help us! The further my men can get into this village, the closer we will be to securing your informant Captain Marsh.

Kenny,Kyle and Cpt.Marsh move to the cliff-edge and start shooting down at the enemies. 3 hostiles move onto a rooftop and Kenny chucks a grenade onto them blowing them up.

Sgt.Tweek: Good, now we are making progress. Follow me to the power-station.

Tweek leads the team to the power-station and pulls out binoculars.

Sgt.Tweek:The final assault has already begun...

Cpt.Marsh nods at Kenny and Kenny moves forward and grabs Tweek.

Kenny:Enough sniping,wheres the informant?

Sgt.Tweek: Gaah.

Kenny:Where is he!?

Sgt.Tweek:THE HOUSE! The house at the north-east end of the village.

Kenny:That wasn't so hard was it? Now go sit in the corner.

Cpt.Marsh:Soap,Gaz we have to reach the house before anything happens to the informant.

The team rappels down the wall into the village square. They sprint through it whilst the loyalists exchange fire with the ultra-nationalists. They reach the house.

Cpt.Marsh:Gaz, go round back and cut the power. Soap,get ready.

Kenny goes round the back and cuts the power.

House sneaking music - ... re=related

Kenny:Alright,I've cut the power, go.

Cpt.Marsh and Kyle pull on night-vision goggles and sneak into the house.

Russian soldier: What happened?

Kyle puts a bullet in his head. Cpt.Marsh shoots another Russian in the face.

Cpt.Marsh: These night vision goggles make it to easy.

They move upstairs and Kyle shoots another Russian. They creep through the hallway towards a room. As they approach, an enemy carrying a flashlight and a M9 pistol jumps out. Kyle shoots him immediately and the flashlight falls to shine on Jimmy.

Kenny:That him?

Cpt.Marsh:Yeah it's him.

Kenny:Are you alright,can you walk?

Jimmy:No,but I can still f-f-fight. Thank you for getting me out of h-here.

Cpt.Marsh leads them to a field and a Blackhawk swoops down to pick them up. The team get on-board.

Jimmy: Have the A-Americans already attacked Boyette?

Cpt.Marsh:No,their invasion begins in a few hours,why?

Jimmy:The Americans are m-making mistake. They'll n-n-n-never take Boyette alive.

Act 1 Part 1 of 3

Mission:Charlie don't Surf.
Location:Middle East

Lt.Craig Tucker: Marines! Spotters have a possible fix on Boyette in a building in this town. Ura? Let's move.

Invasion song -

Sgt.Clyde Donovan is sitting inside a Blackhawk helicopter. There are dozens of other Blackhawks flying in towards the city in a huge assault trying to capture Khaled Boyette.

Cobra pilot (Via Radio): We got RPGs down there.

Pilot:Keep it tight.

The helicopters fly further into the town and Sgt. Donovan's stops above the end of a street.

Lt.Tucker: Go Go Go.

The marines slide down the rope out of the chopper.

Lt.Tucker: Second Squad on me to the target building, move!

Tucker leads the marines to a building and they take position by a door. Tucker puts a breaching charge on the door.

Lt.Tucker: Get ready to breach.

Lt.Tucker blows the charge and shoots the 2 enemies on the other side of the door.

Marine: Clear!

Lt.Tucker: Donovan,take point.

Sgt.Donovan moves cautiously down the stairs into a small hall. There are tables in there with AK-47s and RPG-7 launchers on the table. An enemy sees him and alerts the 5 other enemies in the room. Lt.Tucker and the rest of the squad rush in and kill the enemy troops.

Lt.Tucker; Clear.

Enemies take position in a room on the other side of the hall and the marines move by the door.

Lt.Tucker: Donovan, throw a flash-bang.

Donovan throws a flash-bang into the room. He runs in and shoots the enemies with his rifle. The squad follows him in.

Lt.Tucker: All callsigns check the bodies. We need a positive ID on Khaled Boyette.

Marine: Negative ID here Sir.

Marine:No sign of Boyette here sir.

Tucker receives a radio message.

Lt.Tucker: Marines. I just got word that Boyette is broadcasting half a click East of here in a TV station. We're gonna move out on foot and take down the package there.

They leave the building and head back onto the main street. Enemies take positions on the rooftops and shoot down at them.
The marines return fire and push further up the street. They push towards the TV station and soon take position at the door.

Lt.Tucker: Everyone ready?

Lt.Tucker kicks the door down and the room is empty. The marines move through the building until they reach a huge hall covered with TVs, computers and other electrical equipment. Enemies start to pour out of the door on the other side of the hall.


The marines open fire on the enemies and a long battle follows. Donovan uses his M203 grenade launcher and takes down large groups of enemies. After 5 minutes and 12 dead marines, they win.

Lt.Tucker: Move up Marines.

Tucker and the Marines reach a closed door. They open it and emerge into the lobby. 3 M1A2 Abrams tanks drive past.

Marine:There goes our boys.

Marine: Ura.

Ssgt.Black (Via Radio): Hold your fire. Friendlies coming out.

Ssgt.Token Black opens a door followed by 3 squad mates.

Lt.Tucker: Good to see you Black.

The marines move through the rest of the building and reach a closed door. They can hear Boyette's voice on the other side.

Marine: I think he's in there.

Ssgt.Black: I hear him.

A marine shoots the hinges of the door and another kicks the door down.

Marine: Breaching!

The room is empty and there are many TVs in the room.


Lt.Tucker: He isn't here.

Marine:The broadcast is a recording.

Ssgt.Black: Yeah! Score one for military intelligence.

Lt.Tucker:Black! Turn the TV off.

Ssgt.Black: Rodger.

Lt.Tucker receives another radio message.

Lt.Tucker: Marines, rally up. We just got a new assignment.

End of Act 1: Part 1.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Sat Feb 04, 2012 12:53 pm

Act 1 of 3 Part 2

News Caster: After heavy fighting today, US Marines began to push into the city where Boyette is making his last stand. Fighting has intensified in the capital city, anti-aircraft fire and burning buildings light the night.

Baseplate (via Radio): Rodger on location. Repeating map grid 52761-niner,over.

Lt.Tucker (on radio): Bravo six copies, over.

Baseplate ( Via radio): Bravo Six, we have an Abrams dead in the water, Callsign 'War Pig'. Lt.Tucker your unit is shotgun, over.

Lt.Tucker (on radio): Copy. Bravo is inbound. Tell 'War Pig' to stand by. We're on our way, out.

Mission:The Bog.
Unit: USMC
Location: Middle East.

The Marine are on a bridge.

Lt.Tucker: Alpha companies Tank is stuck half a click north of here, move.

Tucker leads the marines up the bridge to a wrecked house.

Marine: Clear, Keep moving u-

Machine gun fire pours out of the house killing some of the marines.


Lt.Tucker moves down towards the house.

Lt.Tucker: Donovan, on me.

Sgt.Donovan follows Lt.Tucker down into the house and some of the other Marines follow.

Lt.Tucker: Smoke 'em.

The marines open fire on the enemies inside the house, before they even know the marines are inside the enemy are all dead.

Lt.Tucker: Donovan, you and Pvt.Royceweiz head upstairs and secure the top floor.

Sgt.Donovan and Pvt.Royceweiz head upstairs but halfway up the stairs an enemy soldier jumps at Royceweiz.

Pvt.Royceweiz: sh*t!!!

Sgt.Donovan shoots the enemy.

Pvt.Royceweiz: Thanks man.

Donovan and Royceweiz move upstairs and see enemies running down the hall upstairs. They open fire on them and move to the end of the hall. 2 more enemies are in a room at the end of the corridor. Clyde kills them with a frag grenade. Lt.Tucker leads the remaining Marines upstairs. Lt.Tucker sees enemies on the other side of the house.

Lt.Tucker: Donovan! Get on that MG and tear them up.

Donovan gets on the RPD machine gun and shoots down at the enemies. The enemies use destroyed walls for cover.

Lt.Tucker: Gun 'em down. Shoot them through the wall!

Donovan kills the remaining enemies and drops the machine gun.

Baseplate (Via Radio): Bravo Six, be advised, more enemies are converging on the tank. Get there ASAP.

Lt.Tucker: We gotta move!

The marines move back downstairs. They move into the car park behind the house while enemies take position on the overpass above them.

Marine: Enemies! On the overpass.

RPG fire comes down on the marines.

The marines run into another house and move to the top floor of the house to fire back at the enemies.

Lt.Tucker: Marines, UAV recon has spotted enemy tanks heading our way. Pvt.West , get on the roof and hit them with the javelin.

Pvt.West moves to the center of the car park but is shot by the enemies.

Marine: Pvt.West is down! I repeat, Pvt.West is down!

Lt.Tucker: Donovan! Pick up that Javelin and take care of those tanks!

Sgt.Donovan picks up the Javelin launcher and locks onto a tank. He fires the rocket and the tank explodes.

Lt.Tucker: Good work. They're retreating.

War Pig (Via Radio) : Bravo six! We're taking heavy fire north of the overpass! Where the hell are you?

Lt.Tucker: Sit tight almost there.

The marine move through a gate and through a market. 3 RPG rockets fly over their heads. They turn round a broken wall and see the tank and the 4 remaining tank crew.

Battle music -

Lt.Tucker: What's going on?

Marine: Enemies moving in, we need to protect the tank.

Lt.Tucker: Enemies moving in with det-packs. Don't let them get close to the tank!

The marines shoot back at the incoming enemies. RPG fire rains down on them.

Lt.Tucker (To Radio): Command, requesting air support for fire mission over.

Baseplate: That's a negative. You got an enemy ZPU in the area until you take it out we can not risk sending in anymore choppers.

Lt.Tucker: Donovan, destroy that ZPU. Lopez, Gaines! Cover him!

Sgt.Donovan sneaks his way to the ZPU. He chucks a grenade at it and kills the crew. He then places a C4 charge on it and blows it up. Then MG fire comes out of a building to the south.

Lt.Tucker: Donovan, I've air support on the way but they need our exact location. Plant the IR beacon and get their attention.

Sgt.Donovan plants the IR beacon. He then runs for cover until two Cobra attack helicopters fly in. The helicopters destroy the building.

Cobra Pilot (on radio): Uh... Two. You seen anyone left down there?

Cobra pilot (on radio): Nah. We got 'em all. Good luck boys.

Lt.Tucker: Squad! Re-Group at the tank.

The marines regroup at the tank and Lt.Tucker draws a small map of the area using chalk.

Lt.Tucker: Ok, we're going to take defensive positions around the bog here, here and here. This'll give the engineers some time to get the tank moving. Ura?

Act 1 of 3 Part 2

Kenny (On radio): We've got Jimmy and we're taking him to the safe-house in Hamburg. ETA 07:00 hours, out.

Mission: Hunted
Unit: 22nd SAS Regiment
Location: Somewhere over Western Russia.

Kyle, Kenny, Jimmy and Cpt.Marsh are sitting in the Blackhawk when Kyle sees a light flying towards them. A siren sounds in the helicopter.

Cpt.Marsh: What the bloody hell is that?

Kenny: Incoming missile! Hang on!

The helicopter is hit and they start to spin out of control. They hit the ground...

Cpt.Marsh shakes Kyle and wakes him up.

Cpt.Marsh: Get up, your still in one piece.

Jimmy and Kenny emerge unharmed.

Cpt.Marsh: Come on. We have to get moving before the search parties get here.

Kyle scrambles to his feet and picks up a G36C rifle from the wreckage.

Cpt.Marsh: Report?

Kenny: Paulsen and both pilots are dead sir.

Cpt.Marsh: Bugger.

Command (Via Radio): Bravo Six we are sending an AC-130 gunship to cover you to your extraction point, out.

Kenny: AC-130 'eh? Haven't worked with one of those in a while.

The team sneaks down a path to a road. Cpt.Marsh spots headlights down the road.

Cpt.Marsh: Vehicles incoming, get under that bridge.

They run for the bridge and the trucks pass over them.

Cpt.Marsh: Keep moving.

They spot a small hamlet up ahead and move into one of the houses. A farmer moves into the center of the courtyard and 3 enemies approach him. They start taunting him.

Cpt.Marsh: Smoke 'em!

The SAS fire on the 3 enemies and the farmer runs into the other house. Cpt.Marsh hops a fence into a field, the team follows him. They here a helicopter incoming and they hit the deck. The helicopter turns on a spotlight and scans the field.

Cpt.Marsh: Stay out of the spotlight.

The spotlight moves slowly across the field. It darts suddenly towards Kyle and misses him by mere centimeters. The helicopter moves away and the SAS keep moving. They head towards a house at the end of the field. Enemy trucks drive up the road and stop next to the field. Enemy soldiers start shooting at the team and the helicopter comes back to attack them.

Cpt.Marsh: We'll hold them off! Gaz, get that basement door open!

Kenny pulls at the basement door whilst everyone else shoots back at the incoming enemies. Kenny kicks the door and it swings open.

Kenny: Sir, the basement door is open.

Cpt.Marsh: Get in the house!

They run into the house and slam the door shut.

Cpt.Marsh: Soap, scout ahead for an exit.

Kyle leads the team upstairs. A flash-bang is thrown at them.


The team is dazed by the flash-bang and enemies enter the house. They quickly recover and shoot back at the enemies. They kill all the hostiles and move out of the house into an empty area.

Cpt.Marsh: It's too quiet. Where the hell did they go?

Kenny: They're probably regrouping, trying to cut us off somewhere up ahead.

Cpt.Marsh: Alright, stay sharp.

Cpt.Marsh leads them up the road but halts them. They here a dog barking nearby then 2 German Shepards run at them followed by some enemy troops. One of the dogs dives on Kyle but Kyle snaps it's neck.


The SAS fight back the enemies and push through to a small gate. Cpt.Marsh opens the gate and leads them down to a river. He spots sentries on the bridge.

Cpt.Marsh: Sentries on the bridge up-ahead.

The sentries search the riverbed with their torches but don't find the men. They move further up the road and the SAS move into a field. There are enemies in the field ahead. One by One the men take cover behind piles of hay. Kyle moves slowly to a bail of hail when a flashlight shines on him.

Cpt.Marsh: We're compromised! Return fire and head to the far side of the field.

They sprint across the field and into a greenhouse and enemies run in-front of them. Kyle shoots the enemies and keeps moving. They reach a courtyard and a wooden barn. The helicopter maneuvers back to engage them.

Cpt.Marsh: That helicopter is making another pass. Find some overhead cover!

The team dives into the barn and shoots the two remaining enemies. Kenny spots stinger missiles.

Kenny: Cpt.Marsh, we've got stinger missiles in the barn.

Cpt.Marsh: Roger, Soap grab a stinger and down that bird.

Kyle picks up a stinger missile and locks onto the helicopter. He fires but the helicopter releases flares that confuse and destroy the missile.

Kenny: Bloody hell! He's popping flares! Grab another stinger and put him to the test!

Kyle grabs another stinger and shoots down the helicopter.

Cpt.Marsh: Good work Soap. Everyone on me.

Cpt.Marsh opens the door and leads the men up a path to a road. Tanks and lorries carrying troops move towards them.

Command (Via radio): Bravo Six be advised that AC-130 is entering your airspace at this time, out.

Cpt.Marsh: Rodger, war-hammer requesting fire mission. Enemy Armour and infantry 30 meters to our front.

AC-130 FCO(Via radio): Roger, coming down.

The tanks and infantry explode and every enemy is killed.

Kenny: That's bloody outrageous mate!

AC-130 FCO (Via radio): We'll cover you all the way to the extraction point, over.

End of Act 1 Part 2
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Mon Feb 06, 2012 5:51 pm

Note: I skipped the AC-130 mission because I couldn't think of a way to make it good. The SAS escape from Russia so yeah, that's all that happens. Anyway, on with the story.

Mission: War Pig
Location: The Middle East.
Unit: U.S.M.C

News announcer: Heavy fighting continued throughout the night as US Marines push towards the capital city in pursuit of Khaled Boyette. Sporadic fighting can be heard as the bulk of Boyette's forces fall back to the presidential palace in the west.

It is daylight and the marines are holding back the incoming enemy forces. War Pig drives out of the Bog.

War Pig crew (Via Radio): Bravo Six we are clear of the bog, thanks for the assist. We'll roll up the left flank and provide supporting fire, out.

Enemy helicopters fly in and troops start to drop out.

Marine: Enemy air assault! They're moving up both our flanks!

The helicopters drop in troops but War Pig fires one shot and blows up the troops when they are all on the ground. The bog area is cleared and the Marines lead the tank to a large gate that leads into a street. Enemies take position on the roofs down the street. The Marines dive for cover behind wrecked cars and walls.

War Pig: Marines stand clear! We're gonna get some rounds in those buildings.

The marines push further up the street. A Marine is shot through the head.

Marine: Gunner! 2 storey building at 1 o'clock, second floor!

War Pig: Roger.

War Pig fires at the building and blows it up.

War Pig: They're down!

RPG fire from the roofs fires down on them.

Marine: Gunner, 3 storey building, 11 o'clock second floor!

War Pig: Firing!

The building explodes and the Marines move down the street to a corner. A bus is parked at the end of the street and enemies are firing from it.

Lt.Tucker: Hostiles, kill them all!

Donovan uses his M203 grenade launcher and fires at the bus killing the enemies. The marines decide to cut through a building but as they approach it an enemy pulls out a machine gun and shoots down on them. Lt.Tucker kills him with a bullet to the brain.

Lt.Tucker: Clear!

He leads the men into the house.

Lt.Tucker: Griggs, stay here and hold the line. The rest of you, with me.

The marines move to an alleyway. A house at the end of the alleyway has 2 enemies with machine guns in it. They dive for cover behind some wrecked cars. A marine tries pushing a dumpster forward to get closer to the machine gunners. Lt.Tucker helps him push down the alley. The marine chucks a grenade onto the building, killing the enemies. The marines get ready to breach the house.

Marine: Breaching!

He kicks the front door down and the marines move upstairs. They see a T72 tank moving up the street.

Marine: Hold right here, enemy tank, coming up the road.

Lt.Tucker (To Radio): War Pig, Bravo six. T72 coming up the road at your 11 o'clock. Can you engage?

War Pig (Via radio): Roger Bravo six. We got him on thermal, switching to manual.

War pig drives down the road and shoots at the tank, blowing it to pieces.

Marines: Yeah whoo!

Lt.Tucker: Thanks War Pig.

War Pig: Roger Bravo six. So, he he, are we there yet?

Lt.Tucker: Roger, thanks for the assist.

The marine head down the road to a clearing. A Sea-knight helicopter flies down.

Helicopter pilot: Bravo Six this is outlaw 25. The task force is moving in to capture Boyette. It's all hands on deck for this one so get on-board, over.

Lt.Tucker: Everyone on-board. Let's go!

( I know this is really short but the following level is longer.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:56 pm

Act 1 of 3 Part 4 (Last part of Act 1)

Note: From now on the posts will contain one mission only. I will make the levels longer and put in more detail.

If you have any suggestions or feedback please tell me.

Mission: Shock and Awe
Location: The Middle East
Unit: U.S.M.C


Command ( Via Radio): Marines, we have a possible fix on Boyette in the capital city. 1st Battalion is en route. Intel gathered by SAS indicates that Boyette may have a Russian Warhead. Speed is critical. NEST teams have been deployed to the area. Force recon and Wild Weasel units have taken out Boyette's air support but his ground forces still pose a serious threat.

Lt.Tucker: Looks like we're rolling in with everything we got. We grab Boyette and we end this war right here, right now.

A huge fleet of Cobra attack helicopters and Sea-knight troop carrying helicopters are flying in a huge formation towards the city.

Pilot ( Via radio): In formation, approaching objective. 30 seconds.

Cobra Pilot (Via Radio): Outlaw this is Deadly. We'll take out the big targets. Mop up any trouble makers with the Mark 19.

Sgt.Donovan gets on the Mark 19 Grenade turret and scans the ground for hostiles. The helicopter flies over dozens of M1A2 Abrams tanks moving towards the city.

Command (Via Radio): All callsigns this is overlord. We're seeing enemy armor in the bog growth rest of the river.

The cobra attack helicopters blow up a bridge and enemies fire up at them with RPG launchers. Donovan kills them with a few shots from the Mark 19. BMP tanks roll up the road and start shooting at the incoming helicopters.

Pilot (Via Radio): Taking fire.

Donovan shoots down at the BMP tanks and destroys them. The helicopter maneuvers around a building and Donovan spots enemies preparing an AA battery (Anti-Aircraft gun). He quickly destroys them.

Pilot (Via Radio): RPGs on the rooftops.

Donovan blows up two enemies holding RPGs.

Pilot: Light armor, take it out Donovan.

The helicopter flies past the square and shoots down at two BMP tanks parked in the street. The helicopter moves even further up while a tank pulls up outside a gas station. Troops jump out of the tank but Sgt.Donovan shoots the gas station and kills them all in one shot. The helicopter turns back down the street towards the square. The helicopter lands in the street.

Command (Via Radio): Outlaw this is command. Unload half your chalk here and take the rest 2 clicks west, we need you to evac an advance team pinned down in the city.

Outlaw Pilot (On radio): Roger that command, outlaw 2-5 is en route.

An Abrams tank moves down the street as Outlaw takes off. MG fire comes down on the marines in the square from a building and Donovan shoots out the building using his turret.

Lt.Tucker: Marines Listen up! One of our forward recon teams has gotten pinned down and needs our help.

The helicopter flies off towards their target and Deadly flies away.

Deadly Helicopter pilot ( Via Radio): Outlaw this is deadly. Returning to base to re-fit and re-fuel, you're on your own for now 2-5.

The helicopter moves over a hill and sees green smoke coming from a building.

Command (via radio): Advance team is pinned down in a hot area. They're popping green smoke to indicate their position.

Outlaw Pilot: Roger we have a visual. Outlaw 2-5 out.

The helicopter lands and the marines get out of the chopper.

Lt.Tucker: Watch for friendlies near the colored smoke. Let's get those boys evac-ed then get the hell outta here!

Outlaw Pilot: This LZ is too hot, we'll circle back in 3 minutes.

The marines enter the street and spot enemies taking cover behind walls down the road. An enemy dives behind a concrete barricade and Tucker throws a grenade over it and kills him. Donovan shoots back at the enemies at the end of the street and dives for cover to reload. The street is clear and the marines reach the building. A marine chucks a flash-bang in then the squad kills the dazed enemies. They move upstairs and the squad regroups with the recon team.

Recon team Captain: So you're our ride out of here.

Lt.Tucker: We're it Captain. Let's move out before they regroup.

Two MI-17 troop carriers fly over and enemies prepare to jump out. A rocket hits one then another one hits the second.

Deadly Helicopter Pilot (Via Radio): Outlaw this is Deadly, refitted and refueled. You guys miss me?

Marine: Hell yeah!

The marines jump out of the window into a small building site. They move back towards the LZ and the helicopter flies back to pick them up.

Lt.Volker: Jackson, get back on the Mark 19.

(Before you ask, Lt. Volker is the different to Lt.Tucker)

Donovan gets on the Mark 19 turret and the helicopter lifts off.

Command (Via Radio): Outlaw this is command, we have a situation here, over.

Outlaw Pilot (On Radio): Go ahead command, over.

Command (Via Radio): Seal team six has located a possible nuclear device at Boyette's palace to the west. NEST teams are on their way. Until the device is verified safe all forces are to fall back to the East, over.

Deadly escorts the helicopter away when the marines spot a missile heading towards the attack chopper. The missile hits the tail rotor.

Deadly helicopter pilot (Via Radio): We're hit, we're hit I've lost the tail rotor!

The tail explodes and the helicopter starts to spin.

Deadly Helicopter Pilot (Via radio): Mayday, Mayday, this is deadly going in hard!

The helicopter hits the ground in a street at a junction. Enemies move towards the crash site.

Outlaw 2-5 (On radio): We have a cobra down, I repeat, we have a cobra down. Deadly this is outlaw 2-5 come in, over!

The radio is silent then SMG fire starts coming from the cockpit.

Outlaw 2-5 (On Radio): Command, I have a visual on the crash site. I see small arms fire coming from the cockpit. Requesting permission to initiate search and rescue.

Command (Via Radio): Copy 2-5, be advised you will NOT be at a safe distance in the event that nuke goes off, do you understand?

Outlaw 2-5 (On Radio): Roger that, we know what we're getting into.

Command (Via Radio): Alright 2-5, it's your call. Retrieve that pilot if you can, out.

Outlaw 2-5 (on Radio): Deadly do you copy, what is your status?

Cpl.Testaburger: I'm here. Keating is KIA. Could sure use some help down here.

Outlaw 2-5 (Via Radio): Hold on we're coming to you.

The helicopter lands and the marines run for the crash site.

Lt.Tucker: We got 90 seconds Donovan. Get the pilot, no one gets left behind!

Donovan grabs Cpl.Tasterburger and lifts her up. He runs to the chopper carrying her whilst the marines give covering fire. He puts her down on a seat in the chopper and then shoots back at the enemies. The helicopter lifts off.

Command ( Via Radio): Outlaw this is command. We have a confirmed nuclear threat in the city. Proceed to the minimum safe distance until the all clear is given by the NEST teams.

Outlaw 2-5: Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking lets get out of here.

The chopper rejoins the chopper fleet and flies away.

Command (Via radio): All US forces be advised. We have a confirmed nuclear threat in the city. NEST teams are on site and attempting to disarm, I repeat NE-

A colossal NUCLEAR explosion goes off to the west. The dust cloud moves quickly toward the choppers. The Sea-Knight is hit and starts to spin. Lt.Volker is knocked off his feet and tries to grab onto something but is sucked out and falls. The helicopter hits the ground...


Sgt.Donovan opens his eyes and looks around. Lt.Tucker is lying dead in the chopper with Cpl.Tasterburger and the other marines. Donovan pulls himself out of the chopper into the street. Buildings are falling down and debris is everywhere. Donovan scrambles to his feet and looks up at the mushroom cloud looming over the city. Soon, thanks to his severe wounds he falls lifelessly to the floor. Him, along with 30,000 other marines. Was dead...
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby mo303564 » Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:13 pm

So you have killed Craig, Wendy, and now Clyde.... :cry:
This is why I hate war :(

Where's Cartman or Butters in all this?? Why hasn't Kenny died yet?? :P :zombiekenny:

Sorry. I like it. But I just have a lot of questions.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:03 pm


Craig and Clyde will come back as different characters later on in a new story-line.

Cartman will be found later in the story. (Actually in the next post)

Kenny will die in this story towards the end.

You'll just have to wait and see my friend
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:55 pm

Act 2 of 3 Part 1

Note: From now on I will write VR not Via Radio when someone is on the radio because it gets annoying. Anyway, let's continue:

EXTREMELY SHORT MISSION, but the end of this post has a surprise and 2 cool posts will follow this one.

Mission: Safehouse
Unit: 22nd SAS Regiment
Location: Northern Azerbaijan

Jimmy (VR): The man is a c-c-coward Captain Marsh. He would never sacrifice h-himself. There is a Safehouse i-i-i-in Azerbaijan that Boyette has used in the p-p-past. I'm sending you the co-ordinates now.

Cpt.Marsh: Roger, Gaz assemble the team. We're going to Azerbaijan.

Kenny: Roger, I hear it's lovely this time of year.

The 4 men and waiting at the riverbank. A soldier from Sgt.Tweek's squad shines a flash-light at them.

Cpt.Marsh: There's Tweek's man.

The SAS team move towards the soldier.

Sgt.D. Tereshkova: Boyette is in the village. The ultra-nationalists are protecting him.

Cpt.Marsh: Perfect, let's move.

Cpt.Marsh and the squad follow Sgt.Tereshkova up the hill. They hear gunfire and screaming.

Kenny: What the hell's going on up there?

Sgt.Tereshkova: It's the ultra-nationalists. They are killing the villagers.

Kenny: Well not for long they're not.

The team sneak quietly up the hill. A small church is visible and 4 houses along with a farm. Enemy ultra-nationalists spot them and start shooting at them. Kyle heads for the basement of the nearest house. He heads straight for the stairs out of the basement that lead onto the ground floor. He chucks a flash-bang up the stairs and signals the team to clear the bottom floor. They kill the enemies in the house and search the rooms.

Kenny: Building clear. No sign of Boyette. Move on.

They leave the house and head towards a large barn. The enemies inside shoot back at them with MGs.

Cpt.Marsh: Soap, call air support on that building!

Mosin 2-5 (VR): This is Mosin 2-5 coming in.

A havoc attack helicopter flies in and shoots the barn. When the havoc finishes it's attack the team inspects the barn.

Kenny: Building clear. Let's check the other ones.

Sgt. Tereshkova leads the squad to another house. Kyle uses his M203 launcher to clear the first room. Cpt.Marsh heads upstairs and kills an enemy sitting on the toilet.


Kenny: Clear, lets check the others.

The 5 men head towards the last house. Kyle jumps through the window and shoots 3 hostiles in the living room. He looks upstairs into the empty attic.

Cpt.Marsh: Clear. Let's head to the farm!

They leave the building and head through two large fields into a farm. They move to position at a barn door.

Cpt.Marsh: Remember, we want Boyette alive. He's no good to us dead.

Cpt.Marsh chucks a flash-bang through the door. He opens the door and pulls out his *M1911 pistol and shoots two guards. Cpt.Marsh pushes Khaled Boyette to the ground and punches him.

A few hours later.

Boyette is tied to a chair and Cpt.Marsh is punching him. The SAS are watching.

Cpt.Marsh: Why'd you do it?

Cpt.Marsh punches him.

Cpt.Marsh: Where did you get the bomb?

He punches him twice.

Cpt.Marsh: A name! I want his name!

Cpt.Marsh punches him a few more times. A cell phone rings and Cpt.Marsh stops punching Boyette.

Kenny: Sir, it's his cellphone.

Kenny chucks the cellphone to Cpt.Marsh. Marsh answers and the team vaguely hear a voice. Cpt.Marsh's face drops. Cpt.Marsh chucks the phone to the floor pulls out his *M1911 pistol and shoots Boyette in the head.

Kenny: Who was that sir?

Cpt.Marsh: Eric. Eric Zakhaev.

*= This pistol is referenced in posts later on and is featured constantly in the story from now on.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:55 pm

Cpt.Marsh: I was just a leftenant back then. Doing some wet-work. Chernobyl, Christmas for the bad guys, even a decade later lot of them still used it to get their hands on nuclear material. A lot of them. Including one Eric Zakhaev. Of course we couldn't just let that happen. Cash for spent fuel rods? That's one hell of a recipe for destruction. It was the first time our government had authorized an assassination order sine the second world war. I was under the command of Captain Macmillan...

15 years ago...

Mission: All Ghillied up.
Location: Pripyat, Ukraine.
Unit:22nd SAS regiment.

Lft.Marsh is in a field wearing a ghille suit, his commander, Captain Macmillan puts away his radiation detector.

Cpt.Macmillan: Too much radiation, we'll have to go around.

Lft.Marsh cocks his suppressed M21 sniper rifle.

Cpt.Macmillan:Follow me and stay low. Careful, there's pockets of radiation all over this area. If you absorb too much your'e a dead man.

They reach a small shed.

Cpt.Macmillan:Stand by.

Cpt.Macmillan enters the shed and signals Marsh to follow him. He halts by the exit of the shed.

Cpt.Macmillan:Contact. Enemy patrol, dead ahead. Stay low and move slowly. We'll be impossible to spot in our ghille suits.

The two men crawl half-way across the field.

Cpt.Macmillan: Take one out while the others not looking.

Marsh shoots one enemy whilst the other one is looking away. Macmillan kills the other one with a head shot.

Cpt.Macmillan: Beautiful.

The two men stand up and head towards a small house. Macmillan looks through the window, there is a German Shepard sleeping on the couch and two Russians playing chess.

Cpt.Macmillan: 3 tangos inside, don't even think about it.

They sneak round the side of the house. An enemy is walking around by a car.

Cpt.Macmillan: Wait there. Tango by the car, just let him past.

The enemy walks around the car and heads back inside. Macmillan checks that the coast is clear.

Cpt.Macmillan: Ok...go.

They dash through the backyard into another small opening. A small church is on the left of the field. Macmillan spots a sniper in the church tower and an enemy leaving the church on foot.

Cpt.Macmillan: Lookout in the church tower. Let's move up for a better view.

They crawl to a thick tree and Marsh lines up a shot on the lookout.

Cpt.Macmillan: Drop 'em.

He shoots the lookout then moves his rifle down and shoots the enemy leaving the church.

Cpt.Macmillan: Good kills leftenant. Follow me.

Macmillan leads Marsh to the church door. Macmillan slowly pushes the door open using the barrel of his gun. He looks around the old church.

Cpt.Macmillan: Clear.

They exit the church and head to the graveyard. Macmillan stops next to a small wall. A helicopter can be heard getting closer.

Cpt.Macmillan: You hear that? Enemy helicopter, get down!

They both hide behind the wall using it's shadow as cover. The helicopter passes over them without noticing.

Cpt.Macmillan: We're good.

They break from cover and cross a road into a field. They hear talking and rumbling.

Cpt.Macmillan: Down. Now!.

Convoy sneaking music - ... re=related

5 tanks and dozens of enemies move over the hill. Lft.Price and Cpt.Macmillan lie motionless in their path.

Cpt.Macmillan stay low, there's too many of them, let 'em go. If you have to maneuver do it slow and steady. No quick movements.

The first few troops walk right by the 2 men. They don't notice them and continue lazily on. The remaining foot soldiers do the same. The tanks then rumble past. One of them mere inches away from Lft.Marsh. The convoy moves away and Macmillan tells Marsh to move up. They reach the end of the field and head into a scrapyard full of destroyed tanks. There are enemies chucking dead bodies into a pond in the middle of the scrapyard.

Cpt.Macmillan: Looks like they've already eliminated the men they couldn't buy out.

They sneak further into the scrapyard. Macmillan stops at a wrecked tank.

Cpt.Macmillan: We need to get past. Taking them out without alerting the rest isn't going to be easy, but then again, neither is sneaking past them. Your call.

Marsh decides to kill them. He lines up a shot at two enemies chucking the bodies in the pond. He kills them both with one bullet. An enemy sees them but Macmillan shoots him before he alerts the other enemy. Marsh shoots the final enemy.

Cpt.Macmillan: Nice work lad.

They move into a shipping container and out the other side. There are hundreds of containers around them. An enemy is having a smoke ahead of them.

Cpt.Macmillan: Stay low, he's mine.

Macmillan approaches him.

Cpt.Macmillan: Oi! Suzy!

The enemy turns around and Macmillan stabs him in the throat.

Cpt.Macmillan: Didn't know I still had it in me.

They move forward and reach a large container. They open the door and go inside. Macmillan slowly opens the door on the other side. Dozens off enemies, dogs and trucks are outside.

Cpt.Macmillan: It's a bloody convention out there. Get ready to move on my signal. Stand by...Stand by...ok...GO!

They run out of the container and hide behind a jeep. Macmillan sees the trucks are in a line forming a path to safety.

Cpt.Macmillan: Follow me.

Macmillan and Marsh crawl under the trucks. Enemies walk right by the trucks.They reach the end of the trucks. Enemies walk by them and 2 stop by Macmillan.

Cpt.Macmillan: Sit tight. When they leave crawl out and keep low.

The enemies continue standing there.

Cpt.Macmillan: Patience...don't do anything stupid.

The enemies walk away and they crawl out from under the trucks. They run as fast as they can towards some apartments.

Cpt.Macmillan: We're ok, keep going.

An enemy sniper is on the fire escape of one apartment building.

Cpt.Macmillan: Take out that sniper. if you don't then he'll give away our position.

Marsh shoots him and the sniper falls into the streets below.

Cpt.Macmillan: He's down. Let's move up.

They go through the apartment building and out the back. They keep moving until they see a dog eating a dead soldier.

Cpt.Macmillan: Leave it alone. It's a wild dog.

They move closer and move slowly past the dog. They enter a large mall. They move upstairs and a helicopter flies by.

Cpt.Macmillan: Look at this place. 50,000 people used to live in this city. Now it's a ghost town. I've never seen anything like it.

They move through the mall and reach the exit. A huge hotel is at the end of the road.

Cpt.Macmillan: There's the hotel. We'll be able to view the exchange from the top floor...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Sat Feb 11, 2012 8:04 pm

15 years ago...

Mission: One shot, one kill.
Location: Pripyat,Ukraine.
Unit: 22nd SAS regiment.

Macmillan and Marsh are on the top floor of the hotel. Macmillan is watching the road with binoculars and Lft.Marsh is watching him next to the M82.50 caliber sniper rifle.

Cpt.Macmillan:Leftenant Price the meeting is underway. Enemy transports sighted entering the target area.

Marsh gets on the sniper rifle and aims at a cluster of jeeps and tables.

Target: Eric Zakhaev
Distance to Target: 896.7 meters
Bullet travel time: 1.05s

Cpt.Macmillan: Wind's getting a bit choppy, could compensate for it, or you can wait it out. But he might leave before it dies down, that's your call.

3 jeeps approach the area and the enemies that are already there move to greet them.

Cpt.Macmillan:Remember what I've taught you. Keep in mind variably humidity and wind speed along the bullets flight path. At this distance, you'll have to take the Coriolis effect into account.

A man emerges carrying a briefcase. The man places the briefcase on the table with a flag that flutters in the wind.

Cpt.Macmillan: Ok, I think I see him. Wait for my mark.

He opens the case revealing gold that he will use to buy the nuclear material.

Cpt.Macmillan: Target acquired. I have a positive I.D on Eric Zakhaev.

The enemies inspect the gold whilst Eric watches.

Cpt.Macmillan: Steady. Keep an eye on that flag. Watch for and change in wind speed and direction.

An attack helicopter flies into Marsh's line of sight, blocking his view.

Cpt.Macmillan: Ach, where did he come from? Patience laddie, wait for a clear shot.

Down in the meeting the enemies are refusing to accept Eric's gold. Then the flag stops moving, the wind has stopped.

Cpt.Macmillan: It's now or never. Take the shot!

Marsh pulls the trigger and Zakhaev's arm flies off. The enemies scatter and run away.

Cpt.Macmillan: Target down, I think you blew off his arm. Shock and blood loss should take care of the rest.

The helicopter flies towards the hotel and has noticed the men.

Cpt.Macmillan: sh*t, they're on to us. Take out that helicopter, it should buy us time.

Marsh shoots the pilot through the cockpit using the high power round. The pilot slumps forward and knocks the controls sending the helicopter into an uncontrollable spin.

Cpt.Macmillan:Great shot Leftenant now let's go. They'll be searching for us.

Marsh leaves the sniper rifle and follows Macmillan to the window. They hook up to a rope and rappel out.

Cpt.Macmillan: Leftenant Price, follow me.

They run from the hotel.

Cpt.Macmillan (VR):Delta 2-4 this is Alpha six. We have been compromised. Now heading to extraction point four!

Enemies rappel out of choppers near them. They run towards an apartment building.

Cpt.Macmillan: We'll lose them in that apartment, come on.

They enter the apartment and turn left. They hop out the window and climb into another one. Enemies run past the window.

Cpt.Macmillan: Kill them.

Marsh shoots them and 3 more enemies come at them. The 2 men exit the building and kill the enemies. They hear a helicopter coming. It appears at the end of the street.

Cpt.Macmillan:Marsh! Shoot the helicopter, we'll take it down together.

Marsh and Macmillan shoot the rotor blades and the helicopter spins.

Cpt.Macmillan: Good night ya bastard...

The helicopter tail clips a building and triggers a small explosion. The helicopter then lurches towards the men. It crashes to the ground and slides up the street.

Cpt.Macmillan: Crap! Run!!!

Marsh runs but Macmillan falls. The helicopter stop inches before hitting him, but debris hit Macmillan's legs.

Cpt.Macmillan: Ahh Crap... I can't move. Sorry mate, your'e gonna have to carry me.

Marsh lifts up Macmillan and carries him down the street. They reach an apartment building. They enter and go upstairs.

Cpt.Macmillan: Clear these rooms.

Marsh puts Macmillan down and scouts ahead. An enemy is in the next room but Marsh stabs him.

Cpt.Macmillan: Alright, move.

Marsh grabs Macmillan and carries him out. They head towards a large building.

Cpt.Macmillan: The extraction point is on the other side of that building.

They go into the building. 4 dogs are devouring a soldier's corpse. The dogs run away when they see Marsh and Macmillan. They reach a large Ferris wheel.

Cpt.Macmillan: Ok, this is the LZ. Put me down behind the Ferris wheel and I'll signal the chopper.

Marsh puts Macmillan down behind the Ferris wheel.

Cpt.Macmillan: The enemy is bound to enter this area. Dig in and snipe them.

Marsh goes prone beneath the Ferris.

Cpt.Macmillan: Alright mate, I've activated the beacon. Good luck.

Enemies move towards the position unaware of the men.

Cpt.Macmillan: Targets, wait for my mark.

They move forward and more follow.

Cpt.Macmillan: Engage!

Lft.Marsh unleashes a full clip of sniper fire on the incoming hostiles. They hit the floor and Marsh tracks them with his scope.

Cpt.Macmillan: Keep up the fire!

4 helicopters fly in carrying more enemies. The enemies jump out and head towards the men.

Cpt.Macmillan: Contacts, take them out!

Marsh shoots down at them. Another wave of troops moves in towards them.

Cpt.Macmillan(VR): Delta 2-4 we are heavily outnumbered. Where the hell are you?!!!

Delta 2-4(VR): Sit tight, almost there.

Cpt.Macmillan(VR):Hurry the f*ck up!

Marsh tries to thin out the enemies but can't kill enough. Their helicopter then flies in and lands. Some friendly troops shoot back at the enemies. Marsh picks up Macmillan and carries him to the chopper and puts him on the seat. The re-enforcements jump in and the helicopter flies back home.

Don't forget about Macmillan. He will return! It'll be a while, perhaps months, but he will return.

P.S It is back to present day in the next post when the Team escape from Azerbaijan.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:13 pm

Act 2 of 3 Part 4

Present day, eight hours after Khaled Boyette's death...

Mission: Heat
Location:Northern Azerbaijan
Unit:22nd SAS regiment

Kenny: E.T.A on the chopper is at least half an hour Captain Marsh.

Cpt.Marsh: No good, we'll be corpses for 10 minutes by then. Every ultra-nationalist psycho in Zakhaev's pocket is about to show up on our doorstep, coming to claim Boyette.

Kenny: Or whats left of him.

Cpt.Marsh:Right. We'll set charges along phase line Alpha on the southern hill and more along phase line Bravo. We'll delay them all the way back to the top and hold our ground at the farm. Any questions?

Kenny: Let's do this.

On the ground Cpt.Marsh and the team are heading to the bottom of the hill.

Cpt.Marsh: Their counter attack is imminent. Spread out and cover the southern approach.

The men take position outside the church and go prone. Kyle enters the church and climbs to the top of the church tower. There is a RPG launcher with rockets in the tower. Kyle picks it up. Kenny grabs the detonator for the C$ on the hill. Enemies arrive in trucks and begin moving up the hill.

Cpt.Marsh: Do it.

Kenny: Ka boom.

Kenny detonates the C4 killing the first wave of troops. Kyle shoots at the trucks using the RPG. Another convoy of trucks arrives.

Cpt.Marsh: Squad, hold your ground. They think we're a larger force than we really are.

Kyle grabs his M249 saw machine gun and shoots down at the incoming hostiles. The enemy chuck smoke grenades up the hill and block the SAS men's view.

Cpt.Marsh: They're putting up smoke screens!

Mortar fire rains down on the squad. Kyle runs down the stairs from the tower.

Kenny: They're targeting our position with mortars, it's time to fall back.

Cpt.Marsh: Alright, Soap get to the mini-gun in the village center and cover the western flank.

Kyle runs to the village square and gets on the mini-gun. The team follow him. The enemies emerge from the smoke shooting at the SAS. Kyle fires the mini-gun and cuts them down.

Kenny: Nice kills mate.

5 helicopters approach them and troops drop out. Kyle shoots down two of them.

Kenny: Bloody hell, that's a lot of helis in it?

Cpt.Marsh: Soap, fall back to the tavern and line the detonators. The rest of us'll keep them busy from the next defensive line.Everyone move!

Kyle runs to the tavern and picks up the detonators and blows them one by one.

SAS man: We've got enemy tanks coming up the road, Gah! I'm hit!

Cpt.Marsh: We're in trouble. Fall back to the barn and destroy those tanks using the javelin.

Kyle runs back to the farm and enters the barn. He picks up the javelin and goes outside. He destroys both the tanks. 3 harrier planes fly over.

Harrier pilot (VR):Bravo six this is Falcon one standing by to provide close air support, over.

The harriers carpet bomb the fields full of enemies.

Helicopter pilot (VR): Bravo Six this is Gryphon 2-7. We've just crossed in to Azerbaijani air space. Be ready for immediate pickup.

Enemies continue to push through the field and RPG flies towards the farm.

Gryphon 2-7(VR): Bravo six, the LZ is too hot. We cannot land at the farm. We're picking up SAM (Surface to Air missile) sites all over these mountains.

Kenny: Great! Where they going to land now!

Gryphon 2-7 (VR): Bravo six we're getting alot of enemy radar signatures, we'll try to land at the bottom of the hill to avoide a lock-on, over.

Kenny: He's gotta be taking the piss! We just busted our asses to get to this LZ and now they want us to go all the way back down!

Cpt.Marsh: Forget it Gaz. We have to get to the new LZ at the bottom of the hill, move.

They run down out of the field back into the village. They reach the village square and another wave of enemy troops attack.

Cpt.Marsh: Take the left flank.

The team move down the left flank and reach the river. The helicopter is waiting along with 3 marines and Ssgt.Black.

Ssgt.Black: Get on board sir!

They get on the helicopter and the Marines follow. They lift off and leave the village far behind...

I know it is short but sometimes these are a pain in the ass to write. Not all of them though...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:47 pm

Act 2 of 3 Part 5 (Last of Act 2)

Ssgt.Black: Well we got that bastard.

Cpt.Marsh: Still, he's not the one responsible for killing your Marines. Sorry mate.

Kenny: Eric Zakhaev huh? Man's a ghost. Intel says he's gone underground.

Cpt.Marsh:Well I got a plan to find him.

Ssgt.Black: I'm listening.

Cpt.Marsh: Zakhaev's son. Commander of the ultra-nationalist forces in the field. Rotten apple never falls far from the tree. The loyalist Sgt.Tweek has a location on the kid.

Ssgt.Black: And the little punk knows how to find Zakhaev.

Kenny: The sins of our fathers.

Ssgt.Black: Yeah, ain't it a bitch?

Mission: The sins of the father.
Location: Southern Russia
Unit: 22nd SAS regiment/ USMC (Joint operation)

Sgt.Tweek and his loyalists are leading the team through a small scrapyard. It is night...

Sgt.Tweek: This is the best way in.The vehicle checkpoint is dead ahead.

Cpt.Marsh: Not bad Tweek. This'll do nicely.

Helicopter pilot(VR): Bravo Six this is Vulture one six. Radio jammers are active, you're cleared to engage the guard station, over.

Cpt.Marsh points at dumpster next to a low wall. Kyle climbs on it holding his R700 sniper rifle. Kyle has a clear view of a tower overlooking the checkpoint.

Cpt.Marsh: Prepare to take out the guards in the tower on my mark. The rest of you, with me.

Cpt.Marsh and the others move up and hide behind cars next to the checkpoint.

Cpt.Marsh: Take them out, now.

Kyle shoots the first guard.

Cpt.Marsh: Move, Move, Move!

The other guard stands up and goes to pick up his rifle. Kyle shoots him. Kyle hops of the dumpster and heads for Marsh and the team. A squad of enemies comes out of a building. The SAS and Marines shoot them as they come out.

Ssgt.Black: Area secure.

The team re-group in the middle of the checkpoint.

Cpt.Marsh: Alright let's get this place sorted out. Change into the enemy uniforms and douse the fires. Tweek, I need your men on the ground if the drivers start asking any questions. Just keep them busy until we locate Zakhaev's son. We don't have much time, so get to it.

In the morning...

Most of the men are wearing enemy uniforms. Kyle and Black are wearing them in the tower. Kenny and the loyalists are wearing them on the ground. Cpt.Marsh, the rest of the SAS and the marines and behind cover.

Ssgt.Black: Man you look like a clown in that outfit. Good thing your up here, you look nothing like a Russian.

Vulture one six (VR): Bravo six, we're tracking a convoy headed to your location. I count six vehicles in the convoy, over.

Cpt.Marsh: Roger that. No one fires a shot until I give the order.

The convoy stops at the checkpoint. A lorry leads the convoy followed by a jeep, a BMP 2 more lorries and another jeep. Kenny walks by a jeep with Zakhaev's son in.

Kenny (Quietly to radio): I have a visual on the target in the third vehicle and I'm walking by it right now.

Cpt.Marsh (VR): Roger, all teams sand-by. Target is in the jeep in-front of the BMP. We need to take him alive so watch your fire.

Kenny nods in Cpt.Marsh's direction.

Cpt.Marsh (VR): Stand by...Stand by...Smoke 'em!

The team opens fire on the convoy. Loyalists with RPGs blow up the BMP. Troops try to get out of the lorries but are shot by the SAS/Marines. Another convoy drives down the road.

Kenny: We've got company sir. Enemy reinforcements to the south!

Zakhaev's son reverses his jeep and darts his jeep away from the convoy straight towards the tower that Black and Kyle are in.

Ssgt.Black: He's gonna hit the tower! Hang on!

The jeep slams into the tower and the tower falls and hits the ground. Kyle is dazed by the impact. He helplessly watches as Zakhaev's son runs away. Kyle pushes himself to his feet and gives chase.

Cpt.Marsh (VR): The target is making a run for it! Soap, take Black and chase after him. We'll handle the enemy reinforcements, go go!

Vulture 1-6 (VR): Bravo six I'm tracking the target. Damn this guy moves fast.

Zakhaev's son runs out of the scrapyard. A dog turns the corner and jumps at Kyle. Kyle shoots it in the face and continues to chase.

Vulture 1-6 (VR): Ok he's in the street. Get his ass, move. Okay the target is moving north, he's heading towards the outskirts of the city.

Kyle and Black chase him further down the street. Enemies have set up barricades in the street and are shooting at them.

Vulture 1-6 (VR): Be advised this area is crawling with hostile forces.

Kyle and Ssgt.Black take cover behind a house and return fire. Cpt.Marsh, Kenny and the rest of the troops run up the street behind Kyle and Token.

Ssgt.Black: Friendlies, six o'clock.

The enemy forces are overwhelmed by the incoming soldiers and fall back.

Vulture 1-6 (VR): Target is making a run for it. There's a side alley to the left that might let you cut him off.

Cpt.Marsh: Soap, take Gaz and Griggs and hunt him down. Go!

The 3 men dart down the alley and see him run through a parking lot. An enemy shoots at them with a RPD machine gun but is killed quickly by Kenny. They run through the parking lot in to another alley they turn left and reach a huge apartment building. A enemy machine gunner shoots down at then while Zakhaev's son runs inside.

Kenny (to Radio): Vulture 1-6, we're taking heavy fire from a MG position on the 5th floor.

Vulture 1-6 (VR): Roger, this one's free boys.

The helicopter blows up the room and the men move into the apartment building.

Kenny (TR): We have target, spotted entering 5 storey building.

The team head up to the first floor and move through and empty apartment.

Vulture 1-6 (VR): Target is on the move, North East corner of the building on the second floor.

They reach the stairs and skip the second floor to attempt to cut off the target on the third. The third floor is mainly rubble. Tables and some sandbags are on top of the rubble leading to the 4th floor. An enemy jumps up from behind the tables and shoots at the men.

Vulture 1-6 (VR): Hold on, I got this guy.

Vultures blows up the position and the team move up to the final floor. The other men are moving up the stairs.

Vulture 1-6 (VR): I have movement on the roof, stand by. Yeah, positive I.D on the target, he's on the roof. All yours.

The 3 men meet with Cpt.Marsh and the others. Zakhaev's son is at the edge of the roof holding a pistol. The SAS, MArines and the loyalists are pointing their guns at him.

Kenny: Drop the bloody gun. I said drop it!

Ssgt.Black: I can put one in his leg sir.

Cpt.Marsh: No we can't risk it. Soap, grab his weapon and restrain him.

Kyle moves towards Zakhaev's son. Zakhaev's son steps towards Kyle. Zakhaev's son stops and puts the gun to his own head.

Kenny: NO!

Zakhaev's son shoots himself and falls to the ground.

Ssgt.Black: sh*t...Kid's got some issues.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Baseplate, this is Bravo six.Zakhaev's son is dead, we're coming home.

Kenny: f*cking hell, his son was our only lead sir.

Cpt.Marsh: Forget it. I know the man, he won't let this go unanswered. Let's go...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:29 pm

Act 3 of 3 Part 1

Zakhaev (On TV): Our so-called leaders prostituted us to the west. Destroyed our culture, our economies, our honor. Our blood has been spilled on our soil. My blood... on their hands. They are the invaders. All US and British forces will leave Russia immediately. Or suffer Nuclear consequences.

Cpt.Marsh: It's simple, either we take the launch facility or we won't recognize the world tomorrow. Green light on Halo. Charlie team go. Second drop approaching Bravo team stay tight...

Mission: Ultimatum
Location: Altay Mountains, Russia
Unit: 22nd SAS Regiment

Just before sunrise...

Kyle unhooks his parachute and dumps it on the ground. He spots Cpt.Marsh and Kenny heading to a clearing near-by.

Cpt.Marsh: Regroup on me.

The 3 men meet in the clearing.

Cpt.Marsh: Where's Black?

Kenny: Don't know sir.

Command (VR): Bravo six, Black just activated his emergency transponder, he's half a klick to your East, over.

Cpt.Marsh: Roger.

They head up a path towards some houses. A jeep carrying two enemies drives towards them. Cpt.Marsh destroys it with his grenade launcher. They move up further and a small patrol carrying flashlights comes out of a house.

Cpt. Marsh: Patrol up-ahead. Engage.

They shoot the patrol and head towards the house.

Cpt.Marsh: Black should be in one of these houses. There's an entry point through that door.

Cpt.Marsh kicks open the door and they go upstairs. An enemy is looking out the window and Cpt.Marsh stabs him in the back.

Cpt.Marsh: Good night.

They move up to the next floor. Two enemies are sitting down. Kenny shoots them both.

Kenny: Clear, Black isn't here.

Cpt.Marsh: Regroup downstairs.

Cpt.Marsh opens the door out of the house into a small area with 2 more houses in it.

Cpt.Marsh: Soap, go take a look.

Kyle enters the area and hears shouting. Enemies charge out of one of the buildings and the SAS open fire. A dog runs at Kyle and Kyle stabs it. Cpt.Marsh leads Kenny and Kyle to the other house. The sun slowly creep over the horizon.

Cpt.Marsh: The sun's coming up. We're running out of time.

Marsh opens the door. They move upstairs and reach a locked door. They hear voices on the other side.

Russian: Who is your commanding officer?

Ssgt.Black: If I were you I would get my ass outta here.

Kenny puts a breach charge on the door and blows it. They shoot the Russian. Black is tied to a chair.

Cpt. Marsh; Cut Black loose.

Kyle cuts Black loose and Black grabs his machine gun.

Ssgt.Black: Bout damn time you showed up. I was beginning to think you'd leave me behind.

Cpt.Marsh: That was my first thought but your ass had all the C4.

Ssgt.Black: Yeah, whatever you say.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Charlie Team. We have Black and we're coming out of building 2.

They head towards an electricity pylon/tower.

Cpt.Marsh: We need to knockout that tower so the advance team can breach the electrified perimeter. Soap, plant C4 of the tower.

Kyle places C4 on the tower.

Ssgt.Black: Charges set, get back.

Kyle moves away from the tower and blows the C4.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Charlie Team, tower's down and the power's out. 3 seconds.

Charlie Team (VR): Roger, breaching.

Ssgt.Black (TR): Backup power in 20 seconds.

Charlie Team (VR): Ok, we're through. Thanks Bravo.

Cpt.Marsh: Roger.

They move down to a fence blocking them from entering the outer base.

Cpt.Marsh: Get that fence open.

Kenny uses hedge cutters to breach the fence. The team go through and helicopters pass over their heads.

Ssgt.Black: Gonna get real busy round here soon.

Another SAS team join them.

Cpt.Marsh: Gaz, take Soap and these and scout through the base. Black and I will find an alternate route through the base.

Kenny: Roger. Let's move.

Kenny leads them through a destroyed wall. They enter a courtyard and enemies ambush them.

SAS man: Enemies on the rooftops!

The men dive for cover and shoot up at the enemies. They chuck grenades on the rooftops and try to kill them.

Kenny: Keep firing.

Another enemy squad comes into the courtyard. Kyle shoots a petrol barrel behind them a blows them up. The last enemy is killed and falls of the rooftop.

Kenny: Move up.

They move through the courtyard and towards a watch tower. They shoot an enemy in the watch tower and move through a garage. They reach a tank yard and regroup with Black and Marsh. 3 dogs run at the team but are killed by Black.

Ssgt.Black: Down boys.

Cpt.Marsh: Move up.

They reach a road and a truck full of enemies pulls up. The team dives for cover and return fire. Kyle uses his grenade launcher to destroy the lorry and kill the squad. The team advances and shoots a surviving soldier. They reach the entrance to the base.

US sniper team (VR): Bravo six, we're coming out of the tree line to the south.

Cpt.Marsh: Hold your fire, it's one of the American Sniper teams.

Sniper: Good to see that you made it. We'll-

They hear a huge rumble and a nuclear missile launches from the base.

Cpt.Marsh (VR): Baseplate! We have a missile launch! I repeat we have a missile launch!

Kenny: Code Black! Missile in the air.

Command (VR): Roger, we'll try to get the abort codes from the Russians. Cpt.Marsh get your team inside that base. Command out.

Ssgt.Black: It's on now Captain!

I know it is short (again).
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 1:06 pm

Act 3 of 3 Part 2

Mission: All in.
Location: Altay mountains, Russia
Unit: 22nd SAS Regiment/ USMC (Joint Operation)

Hey! This post is short and just explains how the team get into the nuclear facility. Nothing significant will happen.

Cpt.Marsh and the team head towards the outer part of the base. A small network of shipping containers blocks their path.

Command (VR): Bravo Six we're still trying to get those abort codes, we should have them shortly.

A Hind attack helicopter flies over and a SAS troop hoots it down with a stinger. It crashes into the base.

Sniper Team two (VR): Bravo Six, this is sniper team two. We'll give supporting fire and recon from where we are, over.

Cpt.Marsh (VR): Copy!

They push towards a road and a BMP drives towards them.

Ssgt.Black: Throw smoke! Plant the C4 using smoke cover!

The team chucks smoke grenades and Kyle places the C4 on the tank. He pulls back and blows it.

Kenny: Tank down!

They move further up the road and encounter enemies by the gate to the missile silos. The enemies shoot at them and they dive for cover. Kyle uses a building for cover and leans out every few seconds to shoot back at them. The enemies are soon overpowered and killed. The gate to the area is locked.

SAS Man: Get back! I'm gonna blow the gate!

The man places C4 on the gate and moves back.

SAS man: Fire in the hole!

The gate blows open and the team enter the silo area. Enemies are retreating but shooting back at them. They move across the area using the blast shields next to the missile silos for cover. The SAS corner the enemies and kill them.

Cpt.Marsh: Clear! Give us cover while we cut open the vents!

Cpt.Marsh and Ssgt.Black pull out angle grinders and cut into the massive air vents into the base underground. The vent shield falls down.

Cpt.Marsh: This is it! Hook up.

Kenny, Kyle, Ssgt.Black and Cpt.Marsh rappel down into the vents.

Cpt.Marsh: Okay, we're in.

The next level will be normal and not nearly as short...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 2:02 pm

This is normal length mission and the next one will be the last mission.

Command (VR): Bravo Six we have good news and bad news. The good news is that launch control is located south west of your position, less that half a klick away. There you'll need to upload the abort codes to destroy the missiles in-flight.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): The bad news?

Command (VR): The bad news is we're still trying to get the abort codes from the Russians.

Cpt.Marsh: To hell with it, we'll give it our best shot. Gaz, go with the yanks to base security. Black, Soap and I will upload the abort codes.

Mission: No fighting in the war room
Location: Altay Mountains,Russia.
Unit: 22nd SAS Regiment/USMC (Joint Operation)

Ssgt.Black, Cpt.Marsh and Kyle are moving through the ventilation system in the base.

American squad (VR): Captain Marsh this is 5-Delta-6. We're clearing the East wing and heading for base security, over.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Roger Delta 6. We're right above you in the vents, watch your fire.

Delta 6 (VR): Copy that sir.

Two-Yankee-6 (VR): Captain Marsh, Two Yankee six reporting in. Meeting with heavy resistance in the South wing. They've locked down our access point over here, over.

The team jump out of the vents into the toilet area.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Roger Yankee six. Re-group with Team Two and help them take control of base security, over.

Two-Yankee-Six(VR): Roger that sir. Pulling back to regroup with team to, out.

Command (VR): Captain Marsh, we're sending your team the abort codes you'll need to auto-destruct the missiles in flight. You have nine minutes until those missiles reach their target, over.

Cpt.Marsh: Copy that.

They move through a corridor with barracks in them and shoot the enemies in the barracks. They move down the hallway and reach some stairs.

Ssgt.Black: 8 Minutes!

They move through a munitions storage area and troops attack from the front. The team uses the wooden crates for cover and shoots back.

Cpt.Marsh: Push through!

The 3 men relentlessly fight to the end of the section and reach the missile maintenance. They hear Zakhaev's voice on an intercom.

Zakhaev (On Intercom):шестьдесят,пятьдесят девять...

Ssgt.Black: Whats going on. Whats he saying?

Cpt.Marsh: He's started a bloody countdown, Zakhaev's gonna launch the remaining missiles! Move!

The team fight the Russians trying to stop them and reach the blast door.

Zakhaev (On Intercom):шесть,пять...

Cpt.Marsh pushes the blast door closed.

Zakhaev (On Intercom):один,запуск.

The missiles launch and the team turn around.

Kenny (VR): Cpt.Marsh this is Gaz, we've taken control of base security, over.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Gaz, we've reached the outer door to launch control.

Kenny (VR): Roger, doors coming online now.

The doors start to open extremely slowly.

Ssgt.Black: Oh, you gotta be shittin me.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Gaz, can you make them open faster.

Kenny (VR): Negative sir, but you can try pulling it if it makes you feel better.

Cpt.Marsh: Cheeky bastard.

They squeeze through the door and kill the guards. They reach a brick wall and hear gunfire from the other side.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Yankee, we're in position.

Two-Yankee-Six (VR): Roger, blow it.

Kyle places C4 on the wall and blows it open. THey rush into launch control and kill the enemies inside.

Cpt.Marsh: Soap, enter the codes.

Kyle enters the codes into the computer.

Command (VR): Stand by for conformation. Stand by...Stand by.

Cpt.Marsh: Come on.

Command (VR): Bravo Six all missiles have been confirmed destroyed in flight. Got a ton of debris but most of its landing in the ocean.

Kenny (VR): Cpt.Marsh, this is Gaz down in the vehicle depot. They came in by trucks, I'm thinking we could use these to get the hell out of here.

Cpt.Marsh: Roger. Wee'll meet you at the vehicle depot, out.

Command (VR): All teams this is command, recommend you exfil from the area immediately. Large number of hostile forces are converging on your position. Get outta there now!

The team run through the base to an elevator to the vehicle depot.

Ssgt.Black: You know sir. I wouldn't mind getting a shot at Zakhaev.

Cpt.Marsh: Yeah, well get inline mate. If he doesn't find us first.

They run through the corridors and reach the vehicle depot. Enemies are shooting at the team.

Kenny: Took your bloody time.

Kyle uses his grenade launcher to blow up the trucks and kill the enemies.

Cpt.Marsh: Alright, everyone in the trucks.

Ssgt.Black: You heard the man, move!
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.

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