South Park: Modern Warfare

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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Tue Feb 14, 2012 3:16 pm

Act 3 of 3 Part 4: Last of Act and story :(

Ssgt.Black: It's just too hot man. But room temperature? Please, a beer should be ice cold.

Cpt.Marsh: A lager maybe, or a glass of water like you drink. But a pint of stout?

Ssgt.Black: I'm gonna have to school all 3 of ya when we get back state-side.

Kenny: Either way we're stopping in London first, and I'm buying.

Ssgt.Black: Well at least the world didn't end. Step on it...

Mission: Game over.
location: Altay mountains, Russia
Unit: 22nd SAS regiment/USMC (Joint Operation)

Their open-top jeep skids onto the road and Kyle stands up in the back to shoot at the enemies. Kenny drives while Marsh and Black shoot from their seats. A truck carrying enemies pulls up alongside them.

Kenny: Shoot the bloody truck!

Kyle and Marsh shoot at the truck. Marsh shoots the driver and the truck veers off into oncoming traffic.

Ssgt.Black: Truck at six o'clock!

The truck pulls up next to them and rams their jeep. Another truck pulls up to the rear. Kyle shoots them as quickly as possible.

Kenny: Cover the rear! We're getting boxed in!

The truck next to them hits a car. The driver looses control and it skids off the cliff.

Ssgt.Black: He's down.

An enemy with a RPG launcher stands up on the truck behind them and fires. The rocket misses and slams into the road. Kyle shoots him and he falls off the truck.

Kenny: Good shot!

A fuel truck skids into the enemy truck and blows up. A hind attacks the SAS jeep. Kyle reaches into a crate and pulls out a RPG.

Cpt.Marsh: Shoot down that helicopter!

Kyle fires at the hind but misses.

Ssgt.Black: Fire again!

Kyle misses again and loads the last rocket. He fires and misses.


They drive into a tunnel and the hind shoots through the roof of the tunnel. the hind hits another SAS jeep.

Cpt.Marsh: Jeep down!

They emerge from the tunnel and drive towards a bridge. The hind stops chasing them.

Cpt.Marsh: The hind's buggered off!

Kenny; Must have run out of ammo. That's good enough for me.

The hind moves in to position to blow up the bridge.

Ssgt.Black: Oh sh*t! He's about to take out the bridge!

The hind fires.



A dazed Kyle stumbles after Cpt.Marsh.

Cpt.Marsh: The bridge isn't gonna hold!

The end of the bridge starts to collapse and Kyle runs for the safe area of the bridge.

Ssgt.Black: Get your ass outta there!

They both escape and see lots of enemy troops attacking. Kenny, Ssgt.Black, Cpt.Marsh,Kyle and a few SAS survivors shoot back. They hold position in-front of an over-turned tanker

Kenny (TR): Command, this is Bravo Six. We're under attack at the highway bridge at map grid 244352. Requesting helicopter gunship support, over!

Command (VR): Working on it Bravo Six. Loyalist forces in the area may be able to assist but we cannot confirm at this time, out.

Kenny: Useless wanker!

Cpt.Marsh: Gaz! Give me a sit-rep on those helicopters!

Kenny: Captain Marsh! We're on our own sir!

Kyle shoots at the incoming enemies. More trucks arrive on the bridge and the team desperately try to hold them back.

Sgt.Tweek (VR): Bravo Team, this is Sgt.Tweek. I understand you and your men could use some help.

Kenny: Bloody good to hear from you mate!

Sgt.Tweek (VR):Stand by, we're almost there. E.T.A 3 minutes. Tweek out.

The hind maneuvers toward the bridge and aims its weapons at the fuel tanker behind the squad.

Ssgt.Black; The tanker's gonna blow, move!

The hind fires a rocket and it flies directly at the tanker. The tanker explodes...

Kyle is dazed and lying in the open. Ssgt.Black grabs Kyle and pulls him behind a car for cover. Black pulls out his M249 SAW machine gun and shoots at the enemies. Black shoots 4 enemies and notices another one to his left. Black swings round but is shot twice and falls dead to the ground. Kyle looks to his front and Kenny is lying in the bridge clutching a wounded arm. Kyle looks over at Marsh. Marsh is lying on the floor holding onto his injured legs. Kyle hears a jeep stop. He looks over to see Eric Zakhaev and his 2 bodyguards. One of his bodyguards shoots a SAS soldier as does the second. Zakhaev reaches Kenny and pulls out his Desert Eagle pistol. Zakhaev shoots Kenny in the head and Kyle watches as Kenny's brains splatter on to the floor. Then loyalist helicopters fly over. Zakhaev and his men shoot at the helicopter with their machine guns. Kyle turns to Cpt.Marsh. Marsh gets out his M1911 pistol and slides it towards Kyle. Kyle grabs it and shoots one of Zakhaev's guards, then the other. Zakhaev turns and sees Kyle. He pulls his pistol up but Kyle pulls his trigger. Zakhaev falls to the ground, dead.

Rescue - ... re=related

Kyle puts the pistol in his holster. Loyalist helicopters fly over and loyalists drop out. Sgt.Tweek runs over to Kyle.

Sgt.Tweek: You are going to be alright my friend. Get a stretcher!

Loyalists lift Kyle up and put him on a stretcher. A helicopter drops a rope down and the loyalists attach the stretcher. Kyle looks to his left and sees Marsh lying motionless. A loyalists runs over and starts performing CPR on him. Kyle is then raised into the chopper an to safety...

News announcer: The Russian government released a statement today confirming a series of nuclear missile tests in central Russia. Although world leaders were quick to denounce the action, Russian officials maintained that the tests fell well within established UN protocols. No comment was received from the ultra-nationalist party, where rumors of a possible leadership struggle have just began to surface.
In other news, the search for a ship lost in the Bering Strait due to a mayor storm has been called off...

So that's it. The end.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby hewitt120 » Fri Feb 17, 2012 9:35 am

South Park Modern Warfare 2: Preview.

Note: In Modern Warfare 2 some people (Like Token and Kenny) will play a new character because their last one died. If there is a * in-front of a character's name then they are one of these People who are now playing a new guy. In know it's confusing but so many people died that I would run out of people.

South Park: Modern Warfare 2 Preview:

Captain. Brovlovski looked over at Sgt. Butters 'Roach' stotch. Cpt.Brovlovski tossed his cigarette down the icy cliff and stood up.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Break's over Roach. Let's go...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare

Postby CollinDUE16&25 » Mon Apr 30, 2012 9:19 pm

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--MODERN WARFARE southpark is, also a filter & cultural cop--



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