Wanna Play a Game?

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Wanna Play a Game?

Postby kylekennypiptweek » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:02 am

I'm alive and in a gory mood.....I will kill characters!...not for realz though ^_- :shock: Now on with ze story! :tweek:

It's dark. I can't even see anything. But there is a reason for that. I'm unconscious. I quickly open my eyes after relization. I'm in a small room, it's nothing much, but I don't recognize it. I hear something stirring. I dart my eyes in places, and corners. And I see a human figure in the shadows, it kinda looks like.....
"..Stan?...." I say, or rather whisper.
"Ugh..damn...Hello?" I here him say oblivous of me. Typical.
"Stan, I'm over here!" I yell and quickly cover my mouth with my hands, just incase.
"Ugh..C-Cartman? W-what the hell is going on?
"Well if I knew you think I'd be here." I whisper dryly, "and keep your goddamn voice down!" I whisper yelled if there was such a thing.
"Sorry, hey c'mon we need to find a way out..." I hear him move a little, but then something happens and I see some lights go on maybe two.
"Welcome, Stan and Cartman...I see we are awake." A dark and sinister voice is heard from-from all around me. The atmosphere got serously tense all of the sudden.
"I see we are all ready for my little...game I should say?" I hear a lighter, but still dark voice. I think there are two of them, definatly. I also think of something else.

This is only the beginng of something wicked and evil. Oh sh*t.....
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Re: Wanna Play a Game?

Postby kylekennypiptweek » Sun Feb 12, 2012 7:36 pm

This chapter used to be so long it didnt summit and I'm sry for spelling errors and the shortness Stan and Cartman's reasons used to be together and there was a hell of a lot more flashback. Damn computer :evil: sigh STORYTIME! :tweek:

Chapter 1
How the Hell Stan Got Here
(This Chapter has a song :D:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUN9Oye5yeY, What About Now by Daughtry )

I want to know why we are here. They said we can ask them anything so here it goes.
"Hello? I have a question" I say nervously.
"What Stan!" One says. Loudly
"How the hell did we get here? What is the reason?"
"Oh now you ask." One says annoyed.
"Well you know Wendy Testaburger right?"
"Yes. But I broke up with her."
"Yes I know. Do you remember how it went?"
"Yea it went like this.....
Flashback 8)
"Oh Stan, we haven't been out on a date in more than two months."
"Yea I know uhh we should sit." Stan said offering her a seat on the park bench.
"Thank you."
"No problem, uhh Wendy there is a reason that we haven't had a date in awhile."
"Wendy. *sigh* I br-brake up."
"I said I-"
"I know what you said!" She was crying now.
"Why, why do you want to brake up!"
"I-I don't love you anymore."
She just cried harder.
"I'm sorry..." But she ran away before he said those two simple words.
"I-I'm sorry..." He whispered as a single tear fell, but was no comparison to what he made her indure.
Flashback over :?

"That's how we broke up." I say as another useless tear falls to the ground.
"Good, do you know who she called for closure?"
"All her girl friends, but they were all busy. So she called Kyle" One says.
"What why Kyle?" I ask accusingly.
"She trusts him and loves him like a brother and he loves and trusts her like a sister."
"No....." I trail off.
"Yes she and him have been since you broke up with her two months ago."
"How....." I am totally lost for words.
"You never made eye contact or even spoke to her the entire time!" The ligter voice boomed.
"They are now best friends because you decided to never even egknowledge her existence! Haven't you noticed Kyle ignoring you! Well?!" The lighter voice screamed.
"No..I haven't"
"Well, some friend you seem to f*cking be you f*cking dick!" The lighter voice keeps yelling. I'm scared of this one.
"Calm down!" The deeper voice said.
"Sorry, sorry.." The lighter voice appologizes.
"Stan, you can ever forget what you have done to her so-" The voice stops immediatly.
It turns silent for two minutes.
I hope I won't die, and if I do I hope they wouldn't be the reason.
"Stan Marsh you will definatly Never forget what you did to her.....EVER!" Both voices yell and laugh at my misfortune.
Whatever will happen. It will be f*cked up. Seriously.
Cheerful misery with a best friend is better than eternal misery wherever else.

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Re: Wanna Play a Game?

Postby kylekennypiptweek » Sun Feb 19, 2012 9:52 pm

I'm so sorry for spelling errors. I can't spell, well I think I spell better when I actually 'write' words. Oh they are the same age as in the show, 9-10. Again I'm sorry for my stupidity. Anyway........GATHER 'ROUND IT'S STORYTIME! :tweek:

Chapter 2
What Friend?

It has been a week since we were captured by these devilous beings. I need to go home, see my family, go to school. Why hasn't anyone noticed us missing yet! This town must be must be more dumb then I thought.
"Hey, Stan, ummm do you have a cell phone on you?" I ask the boy sitting next to me. He turns to me annoyed.
"Dude, if I DID have a cell phone wouldn't you think I would've called somone?" he states in an annoyed voice.
"Ok, ok sorry!" I snap back.
"Cartman, you always say you have a guy for everything right?" I nod.
"Then do you have a guy to get you out of situations like these?" He asks hopefully.
"Nah, I fired him......oh" I say in relization. Aw now he's probably angry.
"F*ck off Cartman." He tries to say calmly. I just move 10 feet away from him. This gives me time to think. I wish I was more kind, so I wouldn't be here. I wonder where Kahl and Kinney are. Huh...I'll ask Stan.
"Hey, Stan?" I whisper.
"What.......?!" He whisper yells. Seriously, what the f*ck is a whisper yell?
"Ummm dude, how come we haven't seen Kahl or Kinney in this whole ordeal?" I ask suspiciously.
"......I really don't know........do you think they are the voices?" He has a good point.
"I dunno ask them." I say as he gets up.
"Uhh H-hello?..." He asks nervously.
"Yes?" the darker voice says. This one is less scary than the lighter voiced one.
"Umm can you tell who you are or something?" he continues.
"Well uhh who do you think we are?" It calmly says.
"K-Kyle a-and Kenny..." He shyly says.
"Well I'll ask the other one." It says as Stan stands still for five minutes.
"You seem to think we are Kenny and Kyle!" The lighter voices yells. Crap. Stan gets so startled, that he jumps back.
"Jesus, will you calm the hell down!" Dark voice yells at light voice.
"Stan, we have to give you at least 10 hints throughout this thing." Dark voice stated. Good, at least we get TEN.
".......Okay..." He quietly agrees.
"But, you won't get them now." Light voice says.
"......Okay..." He agrees with a nod.
"And we will tell you some things, not all, ok?" Dark voice stated. Stan just nods in agreement. This is where I step in.
"Ok, voices, where are our friends?" I say the way I usually do.
"Friends? What friends? You were the most disliked person in the whole damn world!" Dark voice yells. What the hell?
"What, I'm awesome, people love me!" I say in disagreement. Stan starts to back away from me. Was it something I said?
"The HELL you are! You are a f*cking douche! EVERYday to EVERYone!!" Dark voice screeches. This is Bad.
"Cartman, people rip on you because they hate you. Not because they are just 'being friendy'!" It continues now with Light voice joining in.
"Fatass, you need to change up your f*cking act or you will surely regret yourself being concieved!!!!!!!" They both screech, which are heard in this small room.
"You should be lucky we didn't try to kill you yet........" Dark voice says as it trails off into silence. Stan gets up and walks towards me and stands beside me.
".................Damn dude.........." he says as he walks back to his corner to sleep. I just stand there in shock. I have a mix of emotions that formed from that. Mostly sadness and shock and anger. I get out of my trance to feel something form. A thought. A thought that just simply says.

What friend?
Cheerful misery with a best friend is better than eternal misery wherever else.

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Re: Wanna Play a Game?

Postby kylekennypiptweek » Fri Apr 13, 2012 2:28 am

Ok, people that actually read this, I'm back and it's spring break so I thought I could update! Also, I am now 13 as of April 2nd, so hopefully this will be good. Sorry for shortness, I write short chapters, and is sorry. Mkay, C'MON STORY TIME!!!! :tweek:
Chapter 3

No Reason

Ok, for no reason she brought Stan into this. I thought this was about teaching Cartman a lesson, not Stan. What does she have against him anyway, he barely did anything to her. She even did that to him once! I mean christ! Anyway, we have to give them directions to do something, so I'll stop my thought path. I turn on the voice changer, so they don't recognize me.
"Ok, are you people awake?" I call.
I hear a small 'yes', I think at least Stan is awake.
"Good, so Stan, Cartman, I have a challenge for you." I continue. I know they want to hear, in case of their escape. Fat chance.
"You must find a way to get to a room, down the hall, with a key inside." I pause. Where is she?, I thought. Continuing, " Once you find the key you can use it to unlock something."
"What do we unlock? The door out of here, or something?" Stan asks me. I can see how she finds him irritating sometimes.
"Do you think I will just give you freedom, just like that. On, what, your second, third day? Idiot." I insult him.
"Anyway, you will use this key to unlock something in the room. If you don't find the item then you will have to stay in the room. With gas leaking painfully slow until your demise." I tell them the catch. Don't worry, I wouldn't kill them, yet. I'm just having fun.
Stan speaks up, "Alright, but when do we start this challenge?"
"You will start it now!" My voice booming as I press the button to open the door to the hallway. I hear them scurry out to find the aforementioned key. Now back to those thoughts, Where the hell could she be? I think of where she could be. I think and...
"Oh sh*t...." I whisper to myself.
Stan's POV

Cartman and I get out of that god forsaken room for the first time in two days. We were given a challenge, a challenge to find a key and unlock something or we'll die slowly and painfully. F*ck. I turn to Cartman and ask,
"Dude, what if we die in here?"
"Stan, we are not going to die! Don't be such a little scaredy sh*t." He replies. I know he's going through what I am. Scared for your life, wouldn't you be? Anyway, we continue to walk down this never ending hall. We get to the only door in this hall.
"Dude, if we want to get out alive......we better hold on to our lives." I say to Cartman. Sounded better in that song.
"We aren't gonna die, dumbass." He replies to me.
"That's true......" I reply, "....for now" I whisper to myself as we enter the room.
"Let's find the key as quick as we can, so we have enough time to find what to unlock it with." I announce intelligently. We begin to look for the key and find nothing. I then look in the shelves and in corners. Still nothing.
"Stan....do you hear that?" Cartman says suddenly.
I reply, "What do you mean?" I listen closely.
"It sounds like faint mumbling. And footsteps?" He continues.
"Yeah, I hear it, too." We decide to follow the voice and footsteps. I look down, for the key.
"Hey, Stan, ya know I have the key? Right?" Cartman informs me.
"Really? Good." I reply bluntly. Continuing we come across a shadow that looks like a person.
"Hello?" ,I speak to the shadow, "Who are you?" I step closer to it and extend my hand foward to touch it and
"It-it's nothing, just our imaginations, I suppose." I say in dissapointment. "Let's head back to unlock the thing." I continue mentioning why we aren't in the room. Cartman nods. We head back. As we do I swear I heard someone say something. Like, "Don't go around this place without me, okay? Promise?" And someone else say, "Alright I promise." It's probably just my imagination. (Camera shows two figures scurry the other way of Stan and Cartman.)
Cheerful misery with a best friend is better than eternal misery wherever else.


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