South Park: Modern Warfare 2

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South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:41 pm

Hi. Because some people died in the first Modern Warfare (Kenny,Clyde,Craig,Wendy and Token) I had to revive some dead people. They won't be the same character. Characters with a * in-front of their names will be characters that have the same name but are different people. I hope you understood that.

Opening flashbacks music -


SAS base, Hereford...

SAS man: It's the FNG sir.

Cpt.Marsh: What the hell kind of name is Soap ey?

Middle East...

Boyette grabs the 50. caliber Desert Eagle pistol and aims at Al-Fulani

Khaled Boyette: This is how it begins


Cpt.Marsh: Jimmy is in hell right now. We're gonna walk him out. We take care of our friends.

The torch falls and shines on Jimmy.

Middle East...

The chopper starts to spin out of control.

Lt.Tucker: Hang on!


Cpt.Marsh: Zakhaev, Eric Zakhaev...

Pripyat (15 years earlier)...

Marsh pulls the trigger and Zakhaev falls to the ground.


Zakhaev's son steps towards Kyle then puts the gun to his own head and pulls the trigger.

Zakhaev (On TV): My blood...On their hands.

Altay Mountains...

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Delta 2-4 we have a missile launch I repeat we have a missile launch!

The bridge...

Ssgt.Black is shot and falls down dead...

Zakhaev shoots Kenny in the head...

Cpt.Marsh slides Kyle his M1911 pistol...

Kyle aims at Zakhaev and pulls the trigger...

End of Flashbacks.

Five years later...

General Bridon Gueermo: The more things change, the more they stay the same. Boundaries shift, new players step in, but power always finds a place to rest it's head. We fought a bled alongside the Russians. We should have known they'd hate us for it. History is written by the victor, and here I am thinking we'd won. But you bring down one enemy and they find someone even worse to replace him. Locations change, the rationale, the objective. Yesterday's enemies are today's recruits. Train them to fight along side you and pray they don't eventually decide to hate you for it too. Same sh*t, different day. You know what I'm looking for *Sgt.Black.

*Sgt.Black: Got a new batch hitting the pits today sir. I'll send you the best I find.

Mission: S.S.D.D
Location: Fire base Phoenix, Afghanistan.
Unit: 75th Ranger Regiment

*Sgt.Black and Pvt.Bradley Biggle are at the range. A group of Afghan soldiers are watching them.

*Sgt.Black: Welcome to pull the trigger 101. Pvt.Biggle here is gonna do a quick weapons demonstration to show you locals how it's done. NO offense, but I see a lot of you guys firing from the hip and spraying bullets all over the range. You don't end up hitting a damn thing and it makes you look like an ass. Pvt.Biggle, show them what I'm talking about.

Pvt.Biggle picks up the M4A1 rifle and sprays the range with bullets and hits the targets using 30 bullets.

*Sgt.Black: See what I mean? He sprayed bullets all over the damn place. Pvt.Biggle, show our friends here how the Rangers take down a target.

Pvt. Biggle crouches down and lines up a perfect shot on the target and hits all 3 with 3 rounds.

*Sgt.Black: That's all there is too it. You want your targets to go down then you gotta aim down your sights. Last but not least, you need to know how to toss a frag grenade. Pvt.Biggle,toss a grenade down range and take out several targets at once.

Biggle chucks a grenade down the range and hits all 7 targets.

*Sgt. Black: Note that frags tend to roll on sloped surfaces, so think twice before tossing one up hill.

The Afghan soldiers nod to approve they had understood.

*Sgt.Black: Alright, thanks for the help Private. Now get over to the it. General Queermo wants to see you run the course.

Pvt.Biggle leaves the range and heads towards the course. 2 Rangers are playing basketball and Pvt.Biggle avoids getting in their way. After walking through the rest of the base, he reaches the course. *Cpl.Tucker is standing by a table holding a pistol.

*Cpl.Tucker: Hey Private. Welcome back to The Pit. General Gueermo wants to pull a shooter from our unit for some special op. Anyway he's up there in observation.

*Cpl.Tucker nods up at General Gueermo and 2 Rangers watching the course from a tower.

*Cpl.Tucker: Well smile for the cameras and don't miss, Gueermo is gonna be watching. Best shooter gets to join the prima-donna squad, If that's your thing. Timer starts when the first target pops.

Pvt.Biggle steps onto the course. 3 targets pop up.

Gen.Gueermo: Clear the first area!

Pvt.Biggle shoots them and moves to area 2. 3 enemies and a civilian target pop up.

Gen.Gueermo: Civilians! Watch your fire!

Pvt.Biggle avoids hitting the civilians and clears the area. % targets pop up in a building ahead of him. He hits them all.

Gen.Gueermo: Into the building!

Pvt.Biggle storms the building hitting all enemy targets. He heads upstairs and a target pops in-front of him. Biggle knifes it and reaches the roof. Biggle takes down the targets on the roof.

Gen.Gueermo: Area clear, jump down!

Biggle jumps off the roof whilst 4 targets and 2 civilian targets pop up. Biggle moves through the course and hits the enemy targets. A final group of targets pop up and Biggle clears them.

Gen.Gueermo: Sprint to the exit, clocks ticking!

Biggle runs out of the course and reaches *Cpl.Tucker.

*Cpl.Tucker: Amazing man, you made that course your bitch! Alright head back up and re-group with your team.

Biggle walks out of the area and reaches the main base. Trucks full of injured rangers drive into the base. The rangers run over to the trucks.

*Sgt.Black: What happened?

Ranger: An ambush. They blew the damn bridge.

Command (VR): All hunter units get to your vehicles. We are moving out!

Quite a boring one but the violent shooting will continue in every other post. Next one should be up either tomorrow or the day after.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Sun Feb 26, 2012 7:03 pm

All posts from now on will be full of war, no boring base missions :)

Act 1 of 3 Part 2

Gen.Gueermo: We are the most powerful military force in the history of man. Every fight is our fight, because what matters over here, matters over there. We don't get to sit one out. Learning to use the tools of modern warfare is the difference between the prospering of your people and utter destruction. We can't give you freedom. But we can give you the know-how to acquire it and that my friends, is worth more than a whole army base of steel. Sure it matters whos got the biggest stick but it matters a hell of a lot more who's swinging it. This is a time for heroes, a time for legends. History is written by the victors. Let's get to work.

Mission: Team Player
Location: The Red Zone, Afghanistan
Unit: 75th Ranger regiment

Biggle is dazed by an explosion. Gen.Gueermo is standing above him holding his 44.magnum. Gueermo looks down at Biggle and pulls him up.

Gen.Gueermo: Get up Private Biggle, Rangers lead the way, move!

Biggle heads down to the river bank next to the destroyed bridge. The Rangers are shooting at enemy soldiers on the other side of the river. Biggle crouches next to a soldier who's shouting in to a radio trying to get some air support. A tank carrying a bridge layer is trying to place the bridge layer so the vehicles can get across.

*Sgt.Black: Hunter 2! keep up that suppression fire on those RPG teams. If that bridge layer gets ht then we're swimming, ura?

Biggle fires over at the soldiers and notices a truck of them holding RPGs on the other side of the bridge preparing to shoot at the bridge layer.

*Sgt.Black: Targets 10 o'clock high! Take them out!

Biggle uses his M203 grenade launcher and blows up the truck and the enemies. The enemies on the other side of the river start to retreat and the bridge layer is secured.

*Sgt.Foley: They're retreating, keep hitting them!

Ranger: The convoy is ready, get your ass back in your vehicle.

The rangers reach their vehicles. An Afghan soldier opens the door for Biggle and he climbs in and get on the minigun. All the Rangers look over at a building. Some of them are videoing it with their phones.

Ranger: Hey, isn't this danger close for the task force?

Ranger: Come on, since when does Gueermo care about danger close?

Two fighters swoop down towards the town and destroy a building in the town. The Rangers cheer then get back in they're Humvees.

Ranger: We're Oscar Mike!

The convoy drives slowly over the bridge and into town. Dust and Debris from the destroyed building litter the streets. Some Rangers scan the rooftops with their weapons.

*Cpl.Tucker: Stay frosty you guys. This is the wild west.

The convoy moves further up the street. No one else in to be seen.

Ranger: You see anything.

*Cpl.Tucker: Got nothing dude, this place is dead.

They move round a corner and see 3 enemies without weapons watching them from a balcony.

Ranger: 3 foot mobiles, balcony, 12 o'clock. Possible militia.

*Sgt.Black: Are they armed?

Ranger: Negative, they're just watching us. I bet they're scouting us.

*Sgt.Foley: Yeah, but that don't mean we can shoot them.

They ignore the enemies and move down the street. A sniper bullet slams into a wall next to the convoy.

Ranger: Can you see them? Can you see them?

*Cpl.Tucker: I don't see sh*t!

The convoy speeds up and head towards a school.

*Sgt.Black: All hunter units, we're taking sniper fire from multiple directions. Prepare to engage!

Ranger: This is it! Spin them up!

A RPG rocket flies towards the lead vehicle and blows it up. Enemies start shooting at the rangers from the school.

*Sgt.Black: Get us out of here!

They're vehicle darts off at high speed down an alley. Enemies shoot down at them from the rooftops and from the windows. They skid round a corner and a RPG knocks the Humvee over. The team runs into a house for cover. They hear enemies on the upper floor.

Ranger: They're upstairs.

*Sgt.Black: Biggle, take point.

Bradley chucks a flash-bang upstairs and shoots the enemies. The squad follow him up and they reach the exit so they can look at the school.

*Sgt.Black (TR): Hunter 2, I have eyes on the school.

Hunter 2-1 (VR): Hunter 2-1 we are combat ineffective here! Need immediate fire support!

*Sgt.Black: Team, e have to clear that school!

They exit the house and head towards the school. Biggle shoots two enemies that run through the hall.

*Sgt.Black: Keep moving, we've gotta take the pressure off of Hunter 2!

They go upstairs and shoot enemies that are in the windows using RPGs. They clear the top floor and *Sgt. Black signals Hunter 2.

Hunter 2(VR): Thanks for the assist, we're moving out.

They head towards the exit and go through a classroom.

*Cpl.Tucker: Yeah I'm cutting through history class now.

They leave the school and go through the parking lot.

Overlord(VR): Good work Hunter 2-1. But be advised, EPWs (Enemies Possessing Weapons) may still be in the area, over.

Sgt.Black (TR): Thanks for the tip Overlord.

The Rangers head down an alley and see enemies run across it. Biggle uses his M203 grenade launcher and kills them all.

*Sgt.Black: Nice one Biggle.

They move down the alley, an enemy move towards them facing away from them. He falls back covered with bullet holes and the Rangers see two more Rangers down the alley. They follow them to a large group of friendlies. Gen.Gueermo is standing in the center.

Gen.Gueermo: Get the wounded to the shock trauma unit, use my helicopter.

Gueermo approaches the Rangers.

Gen.Gueermo: Gentlemen, good work on retaking the town. Pvt.Biggle, you'll be taking orders from me from now on. I'll brief you on the chopper, let's go...

Next part will have Kyle and Butters in it :)
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:05 pm

Act 1 of 3 Part 3

Gen.Gueermo and Pvt.Biggle are on a submarine. Biggle has a tattoo of the Kremlin burning across his chest.

Pvt.Biggle: So how do I look?

Gen.Gueermo: Like one of the bad guys. Perfect for your undercover assignment.

Pvt.Biggle: So Cartman is the prize?

Gen.Gueermo: Cartman's no prize he's a whore, a mad dog killer for the highest bidder.Just remember your new identity, it'll keep you alive. Welcome to the 141. Best hand-picked group of warriors on the planet.

Pvt.Biggle: It's an honor sir. When do meet the rest of the team?

Gen.Gueermo: They're on a mission recovering a downed ACS module from behind enemy lines.

Pvt.Biggle: They're feet wet?

Gen.Gueermo: Imagine they're just about freezing right now...

Location: Tian Shan mountain range, Kazakhstan
Unit: Task Force 141

Two men are crouching on an icy cliff face.A fighter jet flies over.Captain. Brovlovski looks over at Sgt. Butters 'Roach' stotch. Cpt.Brovlovski tossed his cigarette down the icy cliff and stood up.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Break's over Roach. Let's go.

They stand up and creep along a small jagged outcrop on the icy cliff. Kyle gets out two ice picks and slams them into the ice and starts climbing.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Alright the ice is good. Follow me.

Butters does the same and they climb up the cliff-face. Two more fighters fly over and nearly dislodge Kyle from the cliff. He quickly holds himself steady and ascends up the cliff. Butters is pulled up to the top.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Good luck mate, I'll see you on the far side.

Kyle runs across a small gap in the cliff and digs his ice picks into the other side for balance. Butters jumps but his ice picks start to loose grip.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Hold on, don't let go!

One of the ice picks falls away from the ice leaving Butters hanging on with one. Kyle descends and pulls Butters' other ice pick and place it back in the cliff. They ascend further and reach the top. Butters readies his ACR assault rifle. The men wait at the top of the cliff.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Roach, check your heartbeat sensor.

Butters activates the heartbeat sensor on his gun.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Any unrecognized contact will show up as white dots.

Kyle and Butters stay low, using the snowstorm for cover. They turn round a corner and see two Russian soldiers.

Cpt.Brovlovski: These muppets have no idea we're here. Take this nice and slow. I'll take the one on the left. 1...2...3.

The men shoot in unison and take down the enemies. They move past and see two more up ahead.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Same plan. 1...2...3.

The enemies fall together and the 2 men move towards a huge base. The snowstorm begins to worsen. They wait at a small ridge.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Alright, lets split up. I'll use the thermal scope and provide over-watch from this ridge. Use the cover of the storm to enter the base. You'll be a ghost in this blizzard so the guards won't see you until you're very close.

Butters sneaks towards the base keeping an eye on his heartbeat sensor. He enters a building. An enemy is sleeping on a chair and Butters stabs him in the throat.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): There's a truck coming. Stay out of sight.

Butters exits the building and hides behind a crate. The ruck passes and Butters heads towards the fueling station for planes next to the runway.

Cpt.Brovlovski(VR): Alright that's the fueling station, plant the C4.

Butters places the C4 on the fueling station.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): I'm picking up more radio traffic about the satellite. Got it. The satellite's in the far eastern hangar, race you there.

butters slowly moves across the runway. Using the MiGs for cover and to hide from enemies. Eventually he makes it to the back door. Kyle is waiting for him.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Took the scenic route 'eh? Let's go.

Kyle opens the door and sees an enemy at the end of the corridor. Kyle runs at him and stabs him in the throat. They enter the main hangar and see a destroyed satellite on the ground.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Roach, go upstairs and look for the ACS module.

Butters goes upstairs and searches for the ACS. It is lying on a table and Butters grabs it. Then he hears the hangar door opening. He looks downstairs and sees 10 enemy troops pointing guns at Kyle.

Major Petrov (On Microphone): This is Major Petrov. Come out with your hands up!

Cpt.Brovlovski (Quietly VR): I've been compromised, go to plan B.

Major Petrov (On Microphone): You have 5 seconds to comply.

Butters reaches for the C4 detonator.

Major Petrov (On Microphone): Five, Four, Three! Two! One...

Butters detonates the C4. The enemies are shocked and look over as the runway explodes. Meanwhile, Butters and Kyle open fire on the guards.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Stay close and hug the wall! We'll use the MiGs for cover and cross the tarmac towards the South East!

They run out of the hangar whilst bullets whistle all around them. 2 snowmobiles carrying enemies drive at them.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Take them out!

Butters shoots the tracks and the Snowmobile explodes.

They run down an icy slope towards two houses. Enemies shoot down at them from the top of the slope. 3 more snowmobiles drive down. Kyle shoots one then stabs the driver of another one as it drives past. The last one stops next to Butters but he shoots them quickly.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Butters, get on that snowmobile. Let's get out of here!

Snowmobile escape music -

They drive down the cliff at high speed. Lots of enemies on snowmobiles follow them.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Kilo 6-1 the primary exfil point has been compromised. Heading to secondary LZ using enemy transport. Meet us there, over!

Kilo 1-6 (VR): Roger, see you there.

Butters reaches for his G18 machine pistol and tarts shooting at enemies that are following him.

Cpt.Brovlovski: More tangos to the rear! Just outrun them go go!

Butters speeds away dodging trees and oncoming soldiers.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Don't slow down, keep moving or you're dead.

Butters shoots at a snowmobile that drives up next to him. The snowmobile slams into a tree and explodes. They go off a small ledge onto a frozen lake. Enemies are running for snowmobiles and Kyle sprays them with his G18.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Come on!

A hind flies over them and launches rockets. They swerve to avoid the rockets and continue shooting at the enemies. They head through a small canyon and the enemies stop following them. The two men start heading down a huge hill. The extraction point is on the other side of the cliff. But between the hill and the extractions point is a 1000 ft drop.

Kilo 6-1 (VR): Bravo Six we're at bingo fuel. What's your status over?

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): We're taking fire but we're almost there standby.

They gain speed and head towards the bottom of the hill.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Pin the throttle keep going!

They speed off the edge of the hill over the drop and land on the other side of the cliff. They see the helicopter and drive towards it.

Cpt.Brovlovski: There's the bird.

Kilo 6-1 (VR): Alright they got the ACS, we're out of here...

Next post is where the story really begins.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Wed Feb 29, 2012 7:26 pm



Gen.Gueermo: The rest of Task Force 141 brought in the ACS Biggle. Two men took down an entire base I ask much more from you now.Yesterday you were a soldier on the frontlines but today, frontlines are history. Uniforms are relics. The war rages
everywhere and there will be casualties. This man Cartman is fighting his own war and he has no rules. No bounderies. He doesn't flinch at torture human trafficking or genocide. He's not loyal to flag or any set of ideals. He trades blood for money, he's your new best friend. You don't want to know what it's cot already to put you next to him, it will cost you a piece of yourself. It'll cost nothing compared to everything you'll save.

Mission: No Russian
Location: Zakhaev international Airport, Moscow, Russia.
Unit: CIA (Deep Cover Operation)

Pvt.Bradley Biggle A.K.A Alexei Borodin.

Cartman, Biggle and 4 other men (Levi,Krill,Viktor and Lev) from Cartman's inner circle are in an elevator carrying duffel bags. Cartman opens his revealing a M240 machine gun. The rest of the group pull out machine guns and assault rifles. The group loads and cocks the rifles.

Cartman: Remember, No Russian.

The 6 men step out of the elevator. A crowd of civilians look at them along with a security officer. The group opens fire, killing the civilians. They hear screaming and see people running. The team walks further into the airport shooting at anyone they see. They reach a stairs.

Cartman: Up the stairs. Go.

They head upstairs and down a corridor. Bookstores and restaurants are on the sides. The men continue shooting at the civilians and the helpless security. They reach a pint overlooking a waiting area. they shoot down at them, killing all 60 civilians down stairs. Cartman sees 3 security officers get into a glass elevator onto their floor. He chucks a grenade and it explodes and destroys the lift. They see FSB (Russian SWAT) helicopters and trucks head towards the airport.They team steps over the bodies and reach the exit.

Cartman: They're right on time. Check your weapons and ammo.

Viktor: I've waited a long time for this.

Lev: Haven't we all?

Cartman and the group go down a corridor to a loading bay. They look out at the runways, now covered with troops.

Cartman: For Zakhaev.

FSB with riot shields come out of a smokescreen ahead of them.

Cartman: FSB, take them out!

Biggle uses his grenade launcher and shoots it over the riot troops and it explodes sending them flying. The team head further out to the plane area. They use the landing gear for cover and shoot at the FSB. They push further forward whilst slaughtering the FSB. They reach a door and open it. They look down the corridor and see an ambulance by a loading bay.

Cartman: Hold your fire.

The 6 men approach the ambulance and one of Cartman's men opens the door to the ambulance. The team get in.

Anatoly (The guy in ambulance): We sent a strong message in this attack Cartman.

Cartman climbs in and turns to help Biggle into the ambulance.

Cartman: That was no message.

Cartman grabs Biggle's hand to pull him in but then Cartman reaches for a pistol and shoots Biggle in the chest, letting him fall to the ground.

Cartman: This, is a message. The american thought he could deceive us. When they find that body, all of Russia will cry for war.

The ambulance drives off an FSB approach Biggle. They see that he is holding a machine gun. Biggle lets out a final breath a lies lifelessly on the floor...

Short, yes. Next chapter will have Kenny in it :D
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Sat Mar 03, 2012 10:32 am

Kenny will return in this one.

*Lt.Kenny 'Ghost' McCormick: The Russians ain't gonna let this massacre go unanswered. It's gonna get bloody.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Too right mate, now in the eyes of the world they're the victims. No one's gonna say a word when the Russians club every American they can reach.

Gen.Gueermo: Cartman was one move ahead, now he's left thousands of bodies at the feet of an American.

Cpt.Brovlovski: We're the only ones who know it was Cartman's op. Our credibility died with Biggle. We need proof.

Gen.Gueermo: Follow the shell.



Gen.Gueermo: Alejandro Rojas.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Never heard of him sir.

Gen.Gueermo: You know him as Alex the Red, he supplied the assault.

Cpt.Brovlovski: One bullet can unleash the fury of a whole nation. Which means...

Gen.Gueermo: He's our ticket to Cartman.

Mission: Takedown
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Unit: Task Force 141

Kyle, Butters and a driver are in a car following a van.

*Kenny (VR): Any sign of Rojas' right hand man?

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): No, they've stopped twice already...Hang on, they've stopped again.

The van pulls up at a hotel. Two men step out and Rojas' assistant approaches them. The men point a gun at Rojas' assistant.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Got a positive ID. Whoever these guys are they're not happy to see him.

Rojas' assistant pushes away the men's guns and shoots them. He notices the car that Kyle and Butters are in and hoots at it, killing the driver. Rojas' assistant runs way and Kyle and Butters leave the car.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Kenny, our driver is dead and we're on foot. Meet us at the Hotel Rio and cut him off if you can!

*Kenny (VR): Roger, on my way.

Kyle and Butters run through the street through the crowds of civilians towards the hotel. * Kenny with two men (Meat and Royce) join up with them. They follow Rojas' assistant into an alley. They come up behind him.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Take the shot!

Butters shoots him in the leg and he falls to the ground.

*Kenny: He's down.

A few minutes later...

Kyle, *Kenny and Rojas' assistant are in a garage. *Kenny has a pair of leads hooked up to a car battery. Kyle faces Meat, Royce and Butters.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Butters, this is gonna take some time. Go with Meat and Royce to check out the Favela for any sign of Rojas. That's where this guy is headed.

Kyle shuts the door and the 3 men run towards the Favela.

The Favela Music -

Meat: Remember, there are civilians in the Favela. Watch your fire out there.

They enter the Favela and see a group of civilians playing football.

Royce: Meat, get these civvies out of here.

Meat: Roger.

Meat fires his gun in the air and the civilians scatter. Enemy militia gang members approach the men.

Royce (TR): Bravo Six be advised, we have engaged enemy militia in the lower village.

Meat: Butters I'm with you. Watch the rooftops.

The team moves into the village and shoots up at the enemies on the rooftops. The team reaches an open area and a bullet flies through Meat's head.

Royce: Meat is down!

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Royce, give me a sit-rep, over.

Royce (TR): Man down. Lots of militia but no sign of Rojas over here, over.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Copy that, keep searching. Let me know if you see him, out.

Royce and Butters split up and take different parts of the Favela. Butters pushes through and waits for Royce.

Royce (VR): Gaah, I'm hit! *Static*

Butters heads further into the Favela.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Butters, we've got Rojas' location. He's headed west along the upper levels of the Favela. We'll keep him from doubling back on our side, keep going and cut him off at the top. No time for back-up. You're gonna have to do this on your own. Good luck, out.

Butters runs further into the Favela. A dog runs at him but Butters shoots it in the face.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Butters, this is they're territory and they know it well. Keep an eye out for ambush positions and check your corners.

Butters enters a tight street. An enemy jumps at him with a Model 1887 shotgun and Butters stabs him in the throat.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Butters! Watch the rooftops. We've had a few close calls with RPGs and machine guns positioned up high!

A plant pot falls in-front of Butters and he looks up to see an enemy holding an RPG. Butters shoots him and continues into the Favela.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Kenny, I'm taking heavy fire from the militia but I'm still tracking Rojas. You see him?

*Kenny (VR): Roger that, he's on the rooftops carrying a black duffel bag!

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Well that'll slow him down! Butters we'll keep him from going back. Keep pushing forward, go!

Butters moves up and continues shooting the Militia, he spots Rojas running across the rooftops above him.

*Kenny (VR): Don't let the militia pin you down for too long, use your flash-bangs on them!

Butters takes Kenny's advice and chucks a flash-bang up the street. It explodes and he runs past the dazed enemies.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): I've lost sight of him again! Kenny, talk to me.

*Kenny (VR): I'm onto him. He's trying to double back through the alleys below!

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Roger that, stay on him.

Butters cuts through a house and ducks past the window as bullets fly through it. He runs outside and shoots back as bullets whistle all around.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Butters, we're pushing him further towards the summit. Keep an eye open for Rojas!

Butters heads round a corner and shoots back at the enemies behind him.

*Kenny (VR): I've got a clean leg shot! We can end it here!

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Negative! We can't risk it! DO NOT ENGAGE!!

*Kenny: Bollocks! Roger that!

Butters kills the group of enemies behind him and continues towards the top of the Favela.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Keep moving Butters! I've cut him off. He's got nowhere to go except the rooftops in you area! We can trap him there, go go!

Butters runs through the streets, shooting enemies on his flanks. He heads up a ladder onto a rooftop. Rojas runs across a rooftop above him.

*Kenny (VR): Butters if you see him do not shoot him. We need him alive and unharmed!

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Keep pushing him towards the summit! GO!

Butters chucks a grenade at a rooftop sending two enemies down to the ground in a shower of blood and shrapnel.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Kenny, he's going for that motorcycle!

*Kenny: No he's not!

Butters sprays a group of enemies with his gun and continues further towards the summit.

Cpt. Brovlovski (VR): Butters I've spotted Rojas, wait... sh*t, he's headed back towards you!

Butters flash-bangs another group of militia troops and shoots them. A group of petrol barrels explode knocking him off his feet. He quickly gets back up to resume the chase.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): I'm going far right!

Butters and Kenny meet up below a house. Rojas is on the rooftops above them.

*Kenny: He's gonna get away!!!!

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): No he's not.

Kyle comes out of nowhere on the rooftop dives at Rojas on the rooftop and they fall onto a car. Kyle has a gun to Rojas' head. Rojas stares at them, terrified.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Front-runner, this is Bravo Six. We've got the package, I repeat we've got the package.

*Kenny: Command, ready for extraction. Coordinates fol...Bollocks! The skies are clear, send the chopper now!

Kyle and Butters look over at Kenny.

*Kenny: Command's got their head up their ass, we're on our own.

Next part will be a Craig and Token one.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 6:57 pm

I will no longer put a * in-front of old revived characters. I will only put a * in-front in the first post they are in.

Act 1 of 3 Part 6 (Last of Act 1)

An officer is looking at a surveillance screen. Dots appear over the USA.

Satellite officer (TR): Oscar Charlie, 70 bogeys in your area, please advise.

Oscar Charlie (VR): Very funny station. The skies are clear.

More dots appear over USA.

Satellite officer (TR): Zulu X-ray 6, signs in your sector of some 100 bogeys, please advise.

Zulu X-ray 6 (VR): Negative station. I don't know what to tell you. Solar interference? Heavy sun spot activity today.

Satellite officer (TR): All stations be advised we may have a minor ACS fault here.

More dots appear.

Satellite officer (TR): Sierra Delta, you got anything on your scope?


Satellite Officer (TR): Sierra Delta repeat!

Sierra Delta (VR): I'm looking at fighter jets over I-95. How the hell did they get through?!

Satellite Officer (TR): Hold on, attempting to contact the nearest unit in that sector.

Sgt.Black (VR): This is Sgt.Black, acting commander of Hunter 2-1, 75th Ranger regiment.

The satellite screen goes black.

Satellite Officer(TR): All stations, satellite surveillance is offline. SOSUS and Pave Paw arrays are inoperative...

Mission: Wolverines
Location: North Eastern Virginia
Unit: 75th Ranger Regiment

Invasion -

Sgt.Black, Cpl.Tucker and Pvt. Donovan are following a Humvee in another Humvee. Russian paratroops are dropping in the distance and AA fire is flying through the sky. A BTR-90 comes out of a junction in-front of them.

Sgt.Black: BTR!!! GET OUT!

The BTR destroys the first Humvee.
The team runs out of the jeep, using the smoke from the destroyed Humvee as cover. They go into a backyard.

Sgt.Black (TR): Overlord, this is Hunter 2-1. Requesting air support, over.

Overlord (VR): Hunter 2-1 all air support is already engaged. Additional ground support is en route but has encountered heavy resistance,over.

Sgt.Black (TR): Roger, we've encountered enemy armor and are proceeding on foot, over.

Overlord (VR): Overlord copies all. Good Luck. Out.

Cpl.Tucker: Sarge, did HQ just tell us to go 'f' ourselves?

Sgt. Black: Pretty much corporal.

They take cover behind a house and see the BTR move up the street, shooting at cars and other houses.

Sgt.Black: Don't engage that BTR. They haven't acquired us yet.

They follow the BTR up the street.Token sees smoke cominf from a crashed helicopter.

Sgt. Black: I got a visual on the crash site, that's where Raptor went down.

They see a fast food district ahead. The BTR crew spot the Rangers and troops come out of the BTR.

Sgt.Black: We're spotted, Donovan chuck smoke on that BTR.

Clyde chucks a smoke grenade at the BTR and the team sneak past it. They head down an alley but see enemies down it. Clyde shoots at them and they go up the alley into the fast food district.The team runs across the area towards a few Rangers taking cover behind a car near the crash site.

Sgt.Black: Private, gimme a sit-rep. Where's raptor?

Pvt.Wells: We've moved him to the meat locker. It's practically bulletproof.

Sgt.Black: What's his status?

Pvt.Wells: He's still unconscious, you got a medic?

Sgt.Black: Tucker, check it out. Anything else?

Pvt.Wells: We got a supply drop on the roof with a M5 sentry gun.

Sgt.Black: Let's check out that supply drop.

Token, Clyde and some other men go onto the roof to the supply drop. They see rifles, launchers ad a sentry gun. Enemy trucks pull up on the other side of the area.

Sgt. Black: Heads up ladies, we got trucks to the south.

Clyde activates the sentry gun and it shoots at the Russians and destroys the south. A smoke screen appears to the north.

Sgt.Black: Team, shirt fire north. Use thermal if you got it.

Clyde places the sentry gun facing north and grabs an Intervention Sniper Rifle with a thermal scope. He shoots the enemies as they move through the smoke. They kill all the enemies.

Sgt.Black: Look's like Ivan's had enough. They'll be back later though.

A UAV missile slams into the parking lot.

Cpl.Tucker: Get off the roof!

The rangers get off the roof.

Sgt. Black: I have a visual on an enemy UAV operator remote piloting those missiles. He's in the diner to the south. Donovan, get over there and kill that S.O.B!

Clyde and some other marines head over to he diner. They go in and the enemy doesn't notice. Clyde shoots him and destroys the UAV control.

Overlord (VR): Hunter 2-1, enemy armor has been spotted heading your way. You now have OP-CON on a fully armed predator.

Sgt.Black (TR): Roger.

The BTR s enter the area and start attacking the Rangers. Clyde opens his UAV rig and launches a missile directly on the BTR s.

Sgt. Black: Nice shot Donovan. Re-group on me.

The team heads back towards the other restaurant.

Sgt.Black (VR): Enemy fast movers!!!!

A bomb hits the restaurant and part of it collapses.

Cpl.Tucker (TR): Sarge! You still there?

Sgt. Black (VR): *Cough* Yeah, new plan. Meet up at Burger Town and cover me as I move raptor across.

The team heads towards Burger town ad Clyde gets on his UAV.

Sgt.Black (VR): On 3...1...2..3!

Sgt. Black, 'Raptor' and some Rangers dart across the parking lot. Clyde sends two missiles down on groups of enemies shooting at them. They reach burger town and put Raptor in the Meat locker.

Sgt.Black: Alright, the door is closed. You guys keep them out.

AA fires hits the UAV and it explodes.

Ranger: The predator drone is down, I repeat, The predator drone is down!!!

Overlord (VR): Hunter 2-1, relay from Goliath one you got an enemy helicopter loaded for bear approaching your area, over.

Cpl.Tucker: Donovan, I saw stinger missiles back in the diner. Use them to kill that bitch.

Donovan heads over to the diner whilst using cars as cover. He picks up the missile and sees the chopper, he fires at destroys it.

Cpl. Tucker (VR): Nice shot Donovan. That f*cker is KIA.

A convoy of Humvees and Bradley s (Small tank/APC) drive towards the area.

Sgt. Black (VR): The convoy's here. Donovan, get your ass over there.

Clyde runs over and reaches the convoy with Craig and Token. He gets in one of the vehicles.

Overlord (VR): Hunter 2-1, give me a sit-rep, over.

Sgt.Black: Overlord, precious cargo is secure, I repeat special cargo is secure.

The convoy drives away from the area.

Overlord (VR): Great work boys.

Sgt.Black: Squad, we still got 2,000 civvies in Arcadia. If you got family there it's your lucky day. We're gonna go save their lives...

Act 2 begins in next post.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Mon Mar 05, 2012 5:31 pm

Act 2 of 3 Part 1

An old friend from the first Modern Warfare returns in this post. Read on...

Phone: We're sorry all lines are busy at the moment...

Kenny: Can't get anyone on the horn.

Cpt.Brovlovski: The Russians must have copied the ACS module. They've got the keys to every lock in America.

Kenny: And there killing a thousand Americans for every dead civilian in Moscow. Look's like we're all out of friend.

Cpt.Brovlovski: I know a guy. Find a payphone, if they still exist.

Jimmy (VR): Inbound my f-f-friend.

Kenny: All we got out of Rojas is that the only guy Cartman hates more than Americans is locked up in the gulag.

Cpt.Brovlovski: It's all we got. If this con is the bait to catch this psychopath then lets hang him from a tree...

Mission: The Hornet's Nest
Location: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Unit: Task Force 141

The team is in the same place that they caught Rojas. Rojas is tied to a wall next to the Task Force.

Kenny: Sir, the militia are closing in. Over 200 of them front and back.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Then we'll have to fight our way to the LZ.

Kenny: What about Rojas?

Cpt.Brovlovski: The police will take care of him.

Kenny: Good enough for me.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Jimmy, we're at the top of the Favela surrounded by militia. Bring the chopper to the market. Do you copy, over?

Jimmy (VR): Ok my f-friend. I am on t-t-t-the way.

The team emerge from a street into a large open area. Militia are on the rooftops and in the house.

Kenny: Tangos, dead ahead!

Cpt.Brovlovski: Just run past! Go!

The team runs from cover to cover avoiding the bullets and RPG fire. A Technical (A truck with a MG on it) drives through a gate into the square.

Kenny: Technical! Get down!

The team dives for cover. Butters chucks a grenade at the technical and destroys it.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Through that gate! Keep pushing to the evac point!

They all run through the gate and take a left through the street. An enemy with a RPD machine gun shoots at them from a balcony. Kenny kills him and the team reach another street.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Keep pushing through the street towards the market, GO!

Butters goes into one of the houses to flank the militia. When on the roof he shoots down the street and kills the militia. They reach another junction and see a technical at the end of the street. Butters shoots the gunner and the team enter the market.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Squad, spread out and cut through the market, go!

The team enters the market and caged animals flutter around everywhere. Butters chucks a grenade at a stall and kills a group of the militia. They push through the market and a helicopter flies over.

Cpt.Brovlovski: There's Jimmy's pave low.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Jimmy, ETA 20 seconds. Be ready for immediate dust-off.

Jimmy (VR): That may not be fast enough. I see more militia closing in on the market.

MG fire and rockets fly around the sky. As the team reach the LZ Jimmy starts to pull away from it.

Jimmy (VR): This site is too h-h-hot. We w-w-w-won't survive this l-landing!

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Wave off! We'll meet you at the secondary LZ instead!

Jimmy (VR): Very w-well. I will meet you t-t-t-there, good l-l-l-luck.

The team darts across the clearing and climbs up a ladder to the rooftops. They start running across the closely packed rooftops.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Go Go Go!

Jimmy (VR): My f-f-friend. From up here it l-l-l-looks like the whole c-c-city is trying to kill you.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Tell me something I don't know. Just get ready to pick us up!

Jimmy's helicopter lands on a rooftop. There is a gap in the roofs in between.

Kenny: WE're running out f rooftop!

Cpt.Brovlovski: Keep going!

The team jumps across. Kenny, Kyle and another man land on the rooftop. Butters grabs on to the side with his hands. He slips just before Kyle grabs him to pull him up.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Butters!

Butters hits the floor and is knocked unconscious...

A few minutes later...

Cpt. Brovlovski (VR): Butters! Butters wake up!

Kenny (VR): Butters, we can see them from the chopper! They'e coming for you, dozens of them!

Butters looks down the street ans sees a group of enemies. They spot him and run in his direction. Butters gets up and runs.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): Get the hell out of there and find your way to the rooftops!

Butters runs inside a house as bullets slam into the walls. He runs out the back and cuts down an alley. He goes inside another house. A RPG rocket hits the ground where he was standing. He runs upstairs and jumps over the railings of a balcony onto the rooftops. The chopper flies over.

Cpt.Brovlovski (VR): I see you! Keep running across the rooftops and meet us to the south!

Jimmy (VR): Gas is v-very low. I-I-I-I must lave in 30 s-s-seconds!

Cpt. Brovlovski (VR): RUN!

Butters jumps down an old house onto another flat roof. He is keeps running and jumps down a sloped roof and though a window. He runs onto the balcony of the house just as the chopper gets into position. The ladder is down on the chopper and Butters jumps off the balcony. He grabs the ladder and pulls himself.

Cpt.Brovlovski: We got him. Get us out of here!

Jimmy: W-w-where to my f-friend?

Cpt. Brovlovski: Just get us to the sub...

I know it's a bit short, sorry for that. Anther Token/Craig/Clyde level next!
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:15 pm

Pretty short chapter. Nothing important happens. I don't actually know why I bothered putting the mission in because it's pretty boring.

Act 2 of 3 Part 2

Gen.Gueermo: My Task Force is out of the country, I'm commandeering your unit Sgt. Black.

Sgt.Black: Yes sir, all yours.

Gen.Gueermo: I've requisitioned a Stryker from the 8th Armored. Code-name Honey Badger.

Sgt.Black: Honey Badger's a mean bitch, sir.

Gen.Gueermo: She'll walk you in. The Russians are burning through our defenses and our Intel, can't let them take this corner.

Sgt. Black: Just point it out on the map sir. They won't take it...

Mission: Exodus
Location:Northeastern Virginia, USA
Unit: 75th Ranger Regiment

The team is moving through a suburb under heavy fire. The Stryker is moving up the street.

Sgt. Black: Our evac choppers are getting hit hard. We gotta destroy those AA positions so they can get the rest of the civvies out of here.

RPG fire starts coming at the Stryker. It's anti-missile system intercepts and destroys all the missiles.

Sgt.Black: Squad protect the Stryker. Watch for foot mobiles with RPGs!

The team moves up the street. Clyde uses a laser designatior to signal targets for the Stryker. Clyde signals a house in the street.

Honey Badger (VR): Engaging house.

Enemies outside the house are cut down by Honey Badger's Machine guns. Another wave of enemies comes down the street.

Sgt.Black: Get inside!

The Rangers run inside the houses and shoot at the oncoming enemies. Clyde picks up an enemies RPD machine gun and starts cutting them down as they move down the road. When the enemies are all killed the Rangers reach a checkpoint. Enemies have set up a sentry gun and it starts firing on them.

Cpl.Tucker: Take out that sentry gun!

It continues to shoot at the rangers. Token chucks a flash-bang at it to disable it. The rangers then shoot it and move past.

Overlord (VR): Hunter 2-1, give me a sit-rep, over.

Sgt. Black (TR): WE just past the enemy blockade at checkpoint Lima. Now proceeding to Arcadia, over.

Overlord (VR): Roger I have new orders for you. This comes down from the top.

Sgt.Black (TR): Send it.

Overlord (VR): Your team is to divert to 4677 Brookmere road after you have eliminated the AAs.

Sgt.Black (TR): Roger.

The team approaches the housing estate, Arcadia. Enemies start shooting at them from the houses. The Rangers push up the street. They reach a house and go through it. They see 3 AA guns on a golf course in the distance.

Sgt.Black: Use your laser designatior to call in artillery on those AA guns.

Clyde lazes the AA guns.

Artillery operator (VR): Target received, artillery inbound.

Artillery obliterates the golf course and destroys the AA positions.

Sgt.Black (TR): Overlord, AA guns have been neutralized. We're headed to 4677 Brookmere road. Interrogative, what exactly are we looking for?

Gen.Gueermo (VR): Sgt. Black, this is Gen.Gueermo. Your objective is to extract a High Value Individual (HVI) from a 'Panic Room' on the second floor of that house. He'll be expecting you. Challenge is 'Ice-pick' counter sigh is 'Phoenix'. Get him out of there.

As the team approaches the house they see a crashed C-130 troop carrier crashed in the street. 4677 Brookmere road is damaged. They enter the house.

Sgt. Black: Icepick? Tucker, take point.

Cpl. Tucker leads the way upstairs. A Russian is lying dead in the hall. The panic room door is open. Token and Clyde go inside and see the HVI lying on the floor.

Sgt. Black (TR): Overlord, the HVI is dead.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:05 pm

Act 2 of 3 Part 3

Cpt.Brovlovski: Seems we're headed in the wrong direction sir. Shouldn't we be heading back to the fight?

Gen.Gueermo: Plenty of fight to go around Brovlovski. Glad you made it out of South America. You're meeting up with the 6th fleet, leading the counter strike. Prisoner 6-2-7. We believe that's who Cartman's got the mad on for. But we can't get to him. Oil rigs, Russians are using them as SAM sites. Oil workers as human shields so we can't just blow up the rigs wholesale. This one's the least defended. I know I'm sending you into the meat grinder on this one boys.

Cpt. Brovlovski: They're defending so it means we want it. Especially if it gets us to 6-2-7...

Mission: The only easy day...was yesterday
Location: Vikhorevka 36 oil platform, Russia.
Unit: Task Force 141

The team are in the torpedo tube of a submarine. They are launched towards the oil rig wearing full scuba-gear. They swim up to the bottom of the rig and towards two guards by the bottom facing away from the water. Butters grabs one and Kyle takes the other. They drag them underwater and drown them. The task force hauls themselves out of the water and onto the oil rig. They ditch their tanks, masks and flippers.

Oil Rig -

Captain Brovlovski: Two hostiles down in section One-Alpha. Moving up to section Two.

Sub Commander (VR): Roger that, Hotel Six.

The team moves up to Deck One.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Keep it tight people

They spot an enemy leaning on the rail while taking a smoke, he doesn't see them.

Kenny: Got a visual by the railing.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Free to engage. Suppressed weapons only.

The enemy is shot and falls into the sea. The team moves up and reaches 2 sealed doors.

Kenny: We're clear.

Sub Commander (VR): Civilian hostages at your position, watch your fire.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Roger that. Team One moving to breach.

They plant breaching charges on the doors of the first room. The charges explode and the team moves into the room.Butters kills 4 guards and the room is clear.

Kenny: Clear.

Cpt.Brovlovski: We're clear. Hostages secured in section Two-Echo.

Sub Commander (VR): Roger that Hotel Six, Team 2 will secure and evac, continue your search topside.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Ok, moving upstairs. Control - We're advancing to Deck Two.

They move upstairs to Deck Two, they look out for enemies.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Eyes open. Watch your sectors.

Sub Commander (VR): Enemy helo patrolling the perimeter. Keep a low profile, Hotel Six.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Roger that.

An enemy Little Bird flies around. The team stays down to avoid detection.

Kenny: Enemy helo. Get down.

They hide as it flies past.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Ok, move.

They reach another group of sealed doors.

Sub Commander (VR): Hotel Six, more hostages are at your position.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Copy that.

The team moves up to the next room. They breach and clear the room and secure the hostages.

Kenny: Clear.

Cpt. Brovlovski(TR): Clear. Control, all Deck Two hostages secured.

Russian is heard on the radio.

Kenny: Enemy radio....I think we're going to have company sir.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Set up for Plan B. Get some C4 on those bodies, go.

Butters plants C4 on the dead bodies.

Kenny: C4 placed, sir.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Get to an elevated position. We'll ambush them when they discover the bodies.

They position themselves on top of a stair case as the patrol arrives.

Cpt.Brovlovski: There's the patrol. Hold your fire until they're closer. Standby.... Standby....

The patrol enters the room and discovers the bodies. Loud chatter is heard on their radio.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Plan B. Do it.

Butters detonates the C4. An alarm sounds. The team engages the enemy.

Cpt. Brovlovski (TR): Control, this is Hotel Six. Our cover is blown!

Sub Commander (VR):Copy that, intel still indicates hostages and possible explosives on the top deck. Your team needs to secure that location before we can send in reinforcements to handle the SAM sites, over.

Cpt. Brovlovski (TR): Roger that. Will call for exfil in LZ Bravo.

They continue to fight the enemies.

Cpt.Brovlovski: CentCom needs us to take the top deck ASAP so they can send in the Marines. Move.

They continue to engage the enemy. After a long battle they clear the deck of hostiles and move up a flight of stairs.

Sub Commander (VR): Hotel Six, hostages from the lower decks are being extracted by Team 2. Proceed to the top deck ASAP to secure the rest, over.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Copy that, we're working on it. Out.

They encounter enemy reinforcements. The enemy Little Bird shows up.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Enemy helicopter!, Get down, get down!

The Little Bird's guns start to spin. Butters shoots it down using his M203 launcher. It spins and crashes into the sea.

Kenny: Nice shot Butters. Enemy helo neutralized.

Cpt.Brovlovski: The clock's ticking. We need to get topside and secure any remaining hostages before we call in the Marines.

They push through the rig. The team reaches a staircase.Kyle goes up the stairs while Kenny moves on below. They eliminate foot-mobiles on the way to the top deck.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Move up. Let's go! Those hostages aren't going to rescue themselves.

They re-group and continue up the stairs. When on the top deck a smokescreen appears in-front of them.

Kenny: Smokescreen, Enemy's popping smoke.

Captain MacTavish: These guys have thermal optics. Stay clear of the smoke.

They engage the enemy in a thermal scope shootout within the smoke. Butters and the team move through the smoke using shipping containers as cover.

Sub Commander (VR): Hotel Six, be advised, hostages have been confirmed at your location along with possible explosives, over.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Copy that. All teams check your fire - we don't know what's behind these doors.

They eliminate enemy foot-mobiles and push through the smoke. They reach the room and take positions by the doors.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Get a frame charge on the door.

They blow the door and shoot the enemies. Inside the hostages are tied to barrels covered in C4.

Kenny: Clear.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Room clear. Control, all hostages have been secured. I repeat - all hostages secured. proceeding to LZ Bravo...Over.

Sub Commander (VR): Good job, Hotel Six. Marine reinforcements are inserting now to dismantle the SAM sites. Get your team ready for phase two of the operation. Out.

As the hostages are secured, they come out of the room and rally at LZ Bravo where two F-15s fly overhead en route for a fire mission. The TF141 team begins to boards Little Bird helicopters that land on the platform. Butters boards and pulls out his M14 EBR. As they take off, Punisher begins to speak via the radio.

Punisher (VR): Punisher to all flights in the vicinity of grid 2-5-5-2-0-2, local airspace is secure. I repeat, local airspace is secure. Proceed on course to target area on route November-Two.

Marines begin to rope down from UH-60 Blackhawks all over the oil rig.

Marine (VR): I want these SAMs secure in five! Let's go! Move, move!

Hunter Actual (VR): Punisher this is Hunter Actual, Hunter Two-Two is moving to secure the SAM site at the south-west corner of main deck. Hunter Two-Three is proceeding toward the nearest building to disarm the explosives.

As the 141 fly from the oil rig, additional Little Birds carrying more men fly along with them.

Punisher (VR): Punisher Actual to all strike teams. All SAM sites neutralized. Repeat, all SAM sites have been neutralized. Blue Sky in effect...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:52 pm

An unexpected twist in this chapter. A very familiar friend returns.

Act 2 of 3 Part 4

Cpt.Brovlovski Sixth Fleet's mopping up. Time to move in. Long history of this building. Not much of it pretty. Started out as a castle. With an actual dungeon. Built to withstand any siege. Building survived every brutal winter. The occupants... they weren't so lucky. The Monastery. Didn't survive the purges. Over the last century it's played host to anyone the government didn't want, but couldn't kill. Place is filled with living casualties of the last war... which I swear I thought we'd won. But I suppose it's all a day at the races: you back the losing horse, and this is where you end up. 6-2-7 is the piece of meat Cartman wants, so let's cut him loose.

Mission: The Gulag
Location: The Gulag, 40 miles east of Petropavlovsk, Russia.
Unit: Task Force 141

Four Little Birds fly Kyle, Butters, Kenny and the rest of the team towards the gulag.

Cpt. Brovlovski: Thirty seconds.

Two F-15s fly in.

Jester One-One (VR): Hornet Two-One, this is Jester One-One, flight of two F-15s, four HARMs for the section. Standby for SEAD, over.

Hornet Two-One (VR): Solid copy, Jester. Go get 'em.

Jester One-One (VR) : Good tone. Good tone. Fox-Three. Fox-Three.

The F-15s fire and destroy a radio station on the side of a cliff and fly off.

Jester One-One (VR): Good kill. Good kill. Hornet Two-One, you're clear all the way. Good luck. Out.

Hornet Two-One (VR) : Hornet Two-One copies.

Hornet Two-Two (VR): Two-Two copies all.

Hornet Two-Three (VR): Two-Three, solid copy.

They approach the gulag.

Hornet Two-Two (VR): Two going in hot.

Hornet Two-One (VR) : Roger.

Hornet Two-Two: Guns guns guns. Guns guns guns.

Hornet Two-Two fires its guns and takes out a watch tower. The entire gulag is alerted of their presence as Russians are seen moving all around the gulag.

Hornet Two-One (VR) : Two-Two, Two-One. Good effect on target.

Captain Brovlovski: All snipers, this is Brovlovski, standby to engage. Stabilize.

Hornet Two-One: Roger.

Cpt.Brovlovski: All snipers - clear to engage.

Hornet Two-One hovers across the first guard tower. Butters takes out his M14 EBR and eliminates foot-mobiles on the tower.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Shift right.

Hornet Two-One: Shifting.

Hornet Two-One hovers to the right to the next tower.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Stabilize.

Hornet Two-One: Ready.

They take out more hostiles on the second tower. Butters shoots some fuel tanks and destroys the tower.

TF141 man (VR) : On target.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Shift right.

Hornet Two-One: Shifting.

Kyle sees 4 enemies in the next tower

Cpt. Brovlovski (VR): I see four hostiles on the next tower!

Hornet Two-One hovers to the right to the next tower. Before the snipers can engage, an F-15 fires on the tower and quickly flies past Hornet Two-One. The resulting air draft causes Two-One to wobble.

Hornet Two-One: Hang on!

Cpt. Brovlovski(TR):Gueermo! Get those fighters to cease fire immediately! That was too close!

Gen.Gueermo (VR): I'll try to buy you some time. One man in a gulag doesn't mean much to the Navy at this point.

Kenny (VR): Bloody Yanks! I thought they were the good guys!

Cpt.Brovlovski: Kenny cut the chatter. Stay frosty.

The Little Birds begin to land on the gulag, dropping off Brovlovski and his TF141 team.

Hornet Two-One: Second wave going in, standby. Two-One touching down on target. Team One is deployed.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Go! Go! Go!

They land on the ground and get off the helicopter.The team engages enemy foot-mobiles positioned on the second levels on the way to the entrance of the gulag.

Hornet Two-One (VR): Two-One is in position for gun run.

Cpt. Brovlovski (TR): Copy Two-One, lasing target on the second floor!

Hornet Two-One (VR): Two-One copies, got a tally on six tangos, inbound hot.

Hornet Two-One fires its guns on the second floor. The team reaches the entrance.

Cpt.Brovlovski: The entrance is up ahead, keep moving!

Kyle sees hostiles on the third floor.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Hostiles on the third floor! Butters, use your M203!

Butters uses his M203 and blows up a group hostiles on the roof.They eliminate hostiles defending the entrance and enter the gulag.

Cpt.Brovlovski: This is it! We go in, grab Prisoner 6-2-7, and get out! Check your corners! Let's go!

As they enter into the control room, they engage the few hostiles positioned there.

Kenny: That's the control room up ahead! I can use it to find the prisoner! I'll tap into their system and look for the prisoner! It's gonna take some time!

Cpt.Brovlovski: Copy that! Butters, we're on cell duty! Follow me!

Kenny hacks into the gulag's control systems. The rest of the team goes down the first level and engages foot-mobiles while looking for 6-2-7.

Kenny (VR)t: All right, I'm patched in. I'm tracking your progress on the security cameras.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR) : Copy that! Do you have the location of Prisoner 6-2-7?

Kenny (VR): Negative, but I've got a searchlight tracking hostiles on your floor. That should make your job easier.

Kenny turns on the searchlight to track hostiles for the team to eliminate.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Roger that! Stay sharp! The prisoner may be in one of these cells!

The team reaches a locked door.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR):Kenny, we've hit a security door, get it open!

Kenny (VR): Workin' on it...this hardware is ancient!

The door on the other side of the next room opens.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Kenny, you opened the wrong door!

Kenny (VR): Roger, standby... Got it!

The door in front of the team opens.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): That's better, let's go!

They go through the door and engage more enemies.As they continue to engage the enemy, team members search the cells, but they are empty.

TF-141 Soldier: Cell 4-D is clear.

TF-141 Soldier: Cell clear. Move.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Talk to me Kenny, these cells are deserted!

Kenny (VR): Got it! Prisoner 6-2-7's been transferred to the east wing! Head through the armory in the center, that's the fastest way there.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Roger that! Squad, head for that armory down there! Move!

The team heads downstairs to the armory. They see lots of shotguns and rifles.

Cpt.Brovlovski: See anything you like?

Kenny (VR): Bad news mate. I'm tracking three, no, four hostile squads converging on your position!

Cpt.Brovlovski: I can hear them coming let's go! We're too exposed!

Russian is heard from a distance as hostiles are moving in. From the control room, Kenny tries to open the door in the armory, but it locks and gets stuck.

Cpt.Brovlovski(TR): Kenny! Open the door!

Kenny (VR): Bloody hell, they've locked it from the hardline. I'll have to run a bypass.

Gunfire slams into the armory from all directions.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Too late! They're already here!

Hostiles surround the armory, firing at the team from all directions. They shoot back.

Kenny (VR): You've got more tangos headed your way.

Cpt.Brovlovski: We're gonna need more cover, grab a riot shield!

They grab riot shields in the armory and defend themselves from large numbers of hostiles.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Open the door!

Kenny (VR): Almost there! Routing through the auxiliary circuit...

The armory door opens.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Go go go!

The team exits the armory.

Cpt.Brovlovski: I'll draw their fire with the riot shield! You take them out!

They advance across the floor engaging enemy targets. They reach the window at the end of the floor.

Kenny (VR): Kenny here. Recommend you bypass the lower floors by rappelling out that window.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Copy that! Butters, follow me!

TF-141 Soldier (VR): Cpt.Brovlovski, last floor clear. We'll link up with you at the bottom.

They rappel out the window down to the bottom floor,

Kenny (VR): The camera feed in solitary confinement is dead. The power must be down in that section.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Roger that. Squad, switch to night vision.

They switch on night vision goggles as they enter the bottom floor. They engage hostiles in a dark hallway.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Check these cells for stragglers.

They check and clear the cells, killing an enemy in the process.

TF-141 Soldier: This one's empty.

TF-141 Soldier: This one's empty, too.

TF-141 Soldier: Clear.

TF-141 Soldier: Clear.

At the end of the tunnel an explosion blows a hole on the ceiling, lighting up the floor, briefly shell-shocking Butters.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Gueermo, what the hell was that? Get the navy to cease fire!

Gen.Gueermo (VR): The Navy isn't in a talking mood right now. Standby. Bravo Six - they've agreed to stop firing for now. Keep going, I'll keep you posted. Out.

They continue through the floor. They reach the end of the hallway.

Kenny (VR): The old shower room's about thirty feet ahead on your left. You'll have to breach the wall to get in.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Butters, plant the breaching charge on the wall, we're taking a shortcut.

Butters plants a breaching charge on the wall. The charge explodes, throwing an enemy across the room as the team breaches the shower room.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Spread out!

Enemies appear above them from the upper floor

Cpt.Brovlovski: Hostiles on the second floor! Take them out!

As the team reaches the middle of the showers, hostiles with riot shields arrive.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Heavy assault troops up ahead! Don't attack them head on! Move quickly and hit them from the side! Cook your grenades to detonate behind them!

Butters uses his M203 and Frags to make easy work on the riot shield enemies. The team pushes through, they move across the shower room.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Use the lockers for cover!

The enemies are eliminated and they reach the end of the showers.

Cpt.Brovlovski: I'm heading for that hole in the far end of the showers! Follow me! Let's go! Go go go!

They jump down the hole into a tunnel.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Kenny, we're in the old tunnel system heading south-southwest.

Kenny (VR): Ok. Keep going along that tunnel.

Cpt.Brovlovski (TR): Talk to me Kenny, I don't want to be down here when those ships start firing again.

Kenny (VR): Keep going, you're almost there.

They slide down a slope and move to the end of the tunnel.

Kenny (VR): I'm detecting two heat signatures - one of them should be Prisoner 627.

Butters plants a breaching charge on the wall. The charge explodes.Prisoner 627 is seen gets off a chair, strangles the guard with his handcuffs, and then moves towards Butters. THe prisoner punches Butters to the ground and points an AK-47 at him. Kyle runs over and points his M1911 pistol at the prisoner.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Drop it!

Prisoner 6-2-7: Soap?

Cpt.Brovlovski: Stan?

Kyle and Stan both lower their guns and look at each other. Kyle then hands the M1911 pistol to Stan.

Cpt.Brovlovski: This belongs to you sir.

Stan takes his pistol. (It's the one from the first Modern Warfare. Stan kills Boyette with it and Kyle kills Zakhaev using it on the bridge.)

Task Force 141 soldier: Who's Soap?

An explosion shakes the room.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Come on, we gotta get outta here! Move! Move!

Gen.Gueermo (VR): Bravo Six - be advised, they've started the bombardment early! Get the hell outta there now!

Kyle (Soap), Stan, Butters and the other man move through the tunnel system. At the end of the tunnel a Little Bird hovers across from them.

Cpt. Brovlovski: There's the chopper! Get ready to jump!

Before they reach the chopper, the tunnel collapses.

Cpt. Brovlovski: Go back go back! We'll find another way out! This way this way!

They run back the other way through the halls and reach a cafeteria. An undetonated bomb lies on the floor where it has made a hole on the ceilings above.

TF141 soldier: It's a dead end!

Cpt.Brovlovski: Six-Four, where the hell are you, over?

Pave Low Pilot (VR) : Bravo Six, there's too much smoke, I can't see you I can't see you -

Pieces of rubble knock down Butters.

Cpt.Brovlovski: Butters is down! BUTTERS!

Stan helps Butters out of the rubble.

Cpt.Marsh: Whatever you're gonna do Soap, do it fast!

Kyle fires a flare from his M203.

Pave Low Pilot (VR): Bravo Six, I see your flare. SPIE rig on the way.

A rope is lowered down. Stan helps up Butters.

Cpt.Marsh: Let's go! Let's go!

Cpt.Brovlovski: Hook up! Go go!

The team hooks up to the rope.

Cpt.Marsh: Hang on!

They are yanked out of the Gulag into a chopper just as the navy decimate it with artillery and explosives...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

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Act 2 of 3 Part 5 (Last of Act 2)

A TV screen displays an Emergency Broadcast System announcement.


Mission: Of their own Accord
Location: Washington D.C
Unit: 75th Ranger Regiment

Of Their Own Accord -

Private Clyde Donovan is in a bunker and pulls out his M4A1. As he walks through the bunker explosions shake the room and soldiers are seen overlooking electronics and wounded soldiers. A medic is carrying a wounded soldier on his back, there is chatter all around the bunker.

Ranger: We've got wounded!

Ranger: Wounded man coming through!

Ranger: Is he alright?

Ranger: Yeah, he got hit by a mortar and shot in the foot, but its not too bad.

Ranger: He'll be alright, but he needs treatment now.

Ranger: I need to rest, man. It's too much up there.

Ranger: We all feel the same way man.

Donovan meets up with Sgt.Black. Cpl.Tucker is sitting on the ground near the bunker exit. A Ranger tosses Craig his SCAR-H.

Ranger: On your feet - we're Oscar Mike.

Sgt.Black: Roger, Two-One out. Listen up! This evac site is getting hit hard and we need to buy 'em some time! Hooah?

Rangers: Hooah!

The team moves out of the bunker through a trench.

Overlord (VR): All callsigns, the LZ is under heavy fire. Uncover enemy positions and engage any potential targets.

As Clyde comes out of the bunker he sees the damaged Washington Monument, American evac choppers are evacuating wounded while supported by American Apaches. Russian forces occupying various buildings including the Department of Commerce rain gunfire, RPGs, and mortar fire down on U.S. ground forces in Washington D.C. The team heads towards the Department of Commerce. A Javelin missile is seen fired from the top corner of the building and flying down towards an Abrams tank on the street.

Abrams Tank (VR): We got eyes on us. Snipers, RPG teams, and heavy arms fire, top floor, 12 o'clock due west of our position.

Ranger: Move your men up! Go!

Ranger: Hooah!

Ranger: We're taking too much Fire!

Ranger: Incoming! Take cover!

Sgt.Black (TR): Overlord, this is Hunter Two-One. Requesting airstrike, over!

Overlord (VR): Uh, negative Two-One, all available air units are currently tasked with multiple casevacs along the Potomac. Proceed west to the target building and provide support, out.

Sgt.Black: Everyone move up, get out of the killzone! We gotta buy some time for those casevac birds!

An American helicopter crashes in the distance.

Sgt.Black (TR):Overlord, Two-One! We're screening west with no adjacent support, and friendly victors from BCT One are hauling ass past us, over!

Overlord (VR): Roger. Brigade Combat Team One has already peeled off an LAV to provide suppression, over.

As they move up to the front of the building an M2 Bradley IFV is seen firing at the upper floors, suppressing the enemy.

Sgt.Black: All right! BCT One's LAV has them suppressed! Get ready to move on my mark! Ready! Go go go! Move up! Move up!

Under cover fire, they enter the Department of Commerce.

Sgt.Black: Move up! Go! Go!

They engage foot-mobiles in the building. Enemies are on the balconies above them.

Sgt.Black: Use your grenade launchers!

They pass the lobby into the hallway. They see an elevator trying to close but a dead Ranger lies in the doorway.

Sgt.Black (TR): Overlord, this is Two-One Actual, be advised, we're inside and proceeding to the upper floors.

Overlord(VR): Roger, Overlord copies all.

They engage hostiles in the hallway. They kill them and continue.

Sgt.Black (TR): Fire team has been suppressed in Section One-Alpha.

Overlord (VR): Solid copy, Two-One.

Sgt.Black (TR): Overlord, this is Hunter Two-One Actual. Proceeding to the mezzanine. Tell the LAV from BCT One to hold their fire, over.

Overlord (VR): Copy that, Two-One, good hunting.

They go up the stairs to the second floor. They engage more hostiles.They kill the enemy squad and continue.They move up a pile of rubble up to the fourth floor. The damaged Capitol Building is seen out in the distance.

Cpl.Tucker: That's the freakin' Capitol Building, man.

Overlord (VR): Hunter Two-One be advised, hostiles on the southwest corner of the fifth floor are hammering the evac site, over.

Sgt.Black (TR): Solid copy, Overlord. We are Oscar Mike to the fifth floor. Out.

They engage more hostiles on the fourth floor and on a balcony across them. Clyde plants C4 on a SAM site sitting outside and destroys it. The hostiles are eliminated.They head up the stairs to the fifth floor.

Sgt.Black (TR): Overlord, We're on the fifth floor, proceeding to the southwest corner.

Overlord (TR): Copy that, Hunter Two-One.

Shadows are seen across the hall.

Cpl.Tucker: I got movement.

Sgt.Black: Watch your sectors. Check those corners.

Enemies approach them head-on. They engage hostiles on the fifth floor. The enemy's crow's nest on the southwest corner is in sight.

Sgt.Black: All Hunter units, I have a visual on the enemy's crow's nest on the southwest corner. Move forward and clear it out.

They enter the crow's nest and kill all the enemies.

Sgt.Black (TR): Overlord this is Hunter Two-One Actual. We have secured the enemy's crow's nest on the southwest corner.

Overlord: Overlord copies all. The evac site at the Washington Monument reports several transports away, but they are still vulnerable. Can you provide support from your position, over?

Sgt.Black(TR): Roger that! We're sittin' on a stockpile of enemy munitions! We'll dig in and burn through their ammo! Out!

They see helicopters in the distance and enemy BTRs advancing on the evac site.

Sgt.Black:Donovan, get on that sniper rifle! Scan for targets to the south of the Washington Monument!

Evac Site (VR): All callsigns on this net, this is the Washington Monument Evac Site! We're holding our own but have glassed enemies to the west and are taking fire from that direction!

Clyde mans an "M82 50. Caliber Sniper Rifle" and begins to target any hostiles armed with Javelin missile launchers.

Overlord(VR): Hunter Two-One be advised, you have enemy foot mobiles converging on your position...stay frosty.

Clyde shoots the enemies as they approach the evac sight. Enemies come up behind the Rangers.

Cpl. Tucker: Hostiles in the perimeter! Open fire! Open fire!

Clyde abandons the rifle and starts shooting the incoming enemies.

Cpl.Tucker: Taking fire! Taking fire! Foot mobiles in the perimeter!

They manage to kill the first squad.

Overlord (VR): Hunter Two-One, recommend you clear outta there...I see a mass of foot-mobiles converging on your position...

Sgt.Black (TR): Negative negative! I have eyes on enemy armor and helicopters advancing on the evac site from the south and southwest!!

Clyde grabs a Javelin launcher and fire on enemy helicopters and BTRs, providing support for the evac site.

Overlord (VR): Hunter Two-One, you've bought the evac site valuable time! Well done! Now get your ass to the roof are in danger of being overrun!

Sgt.Black: Roger that, we're headed to the rooftop! Everyone, move out! Get to the roof and RV with the SEAL Team! Move! Move!

They begin to evacuate from the crow's nest. A Ranger blows down a door with a shotgun. They head up the stairs. At the second set of stairs, a Russian crashes in from the door and attacks them. Clyde kills him. The team moves around the balcony and climb up the rubble to the roof.

Sgt.Black: We're out of time! Go!

Cpl.Tucker: Hostiles closing in!

They reach the rooftop where a Black Hawk is waiting. Russians are seen coming up from below.

Dagger Two-One (VR): Hunter, this is Dagger Two-One. We are in position at the LZ on the rooftop, what's your status?

Sgt.Black: We're on our way. Hostiles following close behind.

They board the helicopter and Clyde mans the minigun. As they take off, across from them, a Russian helicopter fires its missiles but misses. A Ranger fires a Stinger and shoots it down. Dagger Two-One takes off and flies towards the Washington Monument.

Sgt.Black (TR): Overlord, we've linked up with the SEALs on the rooftop and are heading out. Interrogative - has the Washington Monument site been evacuated, over?

Overlord (VR): Negative Two-One, they're still pinned down by infantry and light armor from the World War 2 Memorial. Doesn't look good from here, over!

Sgt.Black: Copy Overlord, we'll do what we can from the air, out!

Overlord(VR): First wave of civilian transports are delayed. Reaper Two, proceed with second-stage evacuation. Authorized personnel only.

Dagger Two-One carrying Hunter Two-One flies towards the WWII Memorial.

Dagger Two-One: Dagger Two, SAM launch! Break left break left!

SAM missiles are launched from the WWII Memorial. Little Bird Dagger Two-Two is shot down.

Sgt.Black: Overlord, Dagger Two-Two is hit and going down!

Dagger Two-One flies over and around the WWII Memorial.

Dagger Two-One: RPG teams at the World War 2 memorial...pull that trigger till they don't get up.

Clyde fires the minigun and obliterates everything at the Memorial, spraying at RPG teams and light armor vehicles.

Overlord (VR): Hammers Two-Three, Two-Four, and Two-Five are on the way. Ground units at LZ four, fall back now.

An enemy Havoc takes off from the Memorial.

Dagger Two-One: Enemy gunship lifting off twelve o'clock, War Memorial.

Clyde shoots down the Havoc and continues to wipe out remaining enemies at the Memorial.

Whiskey Two-Five: This is Whiskey Two-Five at LZ one! I can't *Static* we can't carry any more people! We're gonna have to leave some of them behind!

Evac Site (VR): Dagger Two, the Washington Monument is taking fire from the main road!

The helicopter turns towards the road and Clyde sprays the minigun at enemies behind cars all over the main road.

Overlord (VR): Overlord to all units, Evacuation Order April, I repeat, Evacuation Order April! Everyone get the hell outta there!

SAM missiles are launched from the John F. Kennedy Department of Justice, shooting down Little Bird Dagger Two-Three and damaging Dagger Two-One.

Dagger Two-One: Incoming! Incoming!

Sgt.Black (TR): Overlord, we're hit, but still in the air. We've got a massive SAM battery at the Department of Justice...we're going in!

Dagger Two-One hovers along the fourth floor of the Dept. of Justice.Clyde sprays the minigun at RPG teams all along the floor. The helicopter begins to shake violently.

Dagger Two-One: We're losing attitude control!

Sgt. Black: Take us up! If we're going down, we're takin' those SAM sites with us!

Dagger Two-One flies over the roof of the building. Clyde fires at the SAM battery, but the Russians have launched their missiles.

Dagger Two-One: SAM launch! Hang on!

Dagger Two-One is hit and starts to spin towards the ground.

Dagger Two-One (TR): We're hit! Mayday mayday, this is Dagger Two-One. We are going down at grid square Papa Bravo 2...

The helicopter spins and then slams into the street.

Overlord(VR): Dagger Two-One, this is Overlord, do you copy? Over. Dagger Two-One, this is Overlord. Dagger Two-One do you copy? Over...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

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Act 3 of 3 Part 1

Stan will use Butters', Kenny's and Kyle's code-names in this post but everyone else will call them by their names. Here's a code-name reminder if you've forgotten:

Butters = Roach
Kenny = Ghost
Kyle = Soap

Gueermo will use Kenny and Butters' code names but not Kyle's.

(This happens at the same time as the last mission: Their own accord)

Cpt.Brovlovski: Uplink nearly complete. General Gueermo, you're online with Captain Marsh.

Gen.Gueermo (VR): Back from the brink, Captain.

Cpt.Marsh: "Out of the frying pan" is more like it. This world looks more like hell than the one I just left.

Gen.Gueermo (VR): We thought we'd recover the ACS before the Russians could crack it. We were wrong. Then Cartman turned the U.S. into his scapegoat. Next thing you know there's flames everywhere.

A Russian nuclear submarine image shows on the screen showing its internal mechanical layout and 16 megaton nuclear payload.

Gen.Gueermo(VR):What's this image you're sending me?

Cpt.Marsh: You wanna put out an oil fire, Sir, you set off a bigger explosion right next to it. Sucks away the oxygen. Snuffs the flame.

Gen.Gueermo (VR): Marsh, you been locked away too long. Better get your mind right, son.

Cpt.Marsh: Bridon, are you willing to do what is necessary to win?

Gen.Gueermo (VR): Always.

Cpt.Marsh: We got ourselves a pretty big fire. Gonna need a huge bang.

Gen.Gueermo (VR): You've been in the gulag too long, Price. Focus on taking out Cartman.

Cpt.Marsh: No time, sir. We need to end this war today.

Gen.Gueermo (VR): I'm not asking you, Marsh. This is an order! You're to-


Cpt.Marsh: Hmm, Looks like we lost our connection.

Mission: Contingency
Location: Petropavlovsk, Russia
Unit: Task Force 141

Butters and Stan have parachuted and landed in Petropavlosk, Russia.

Kyle (VR): Stan, I can barely see Butters' chute on my satellite feed. Too much interference. Do you see him, over?

Cpt.Marsh(TR): Roger that, Soap. I've found Roach. He appears to be intact. We're gonna head northwest to the sub base, over.

Kyle (VR): Copy that. The rest of the team landed near Kenny, pretty far to the east.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Tell them to proceed with the mission, we'll regroup if possible.

Two helicopters transporting SAM batteries fly past.

Cpt.Marsh: Roach, follow me and stay out of sight.

Butters follows Stan and begin their trek to the sub base. Ahead, a group of men are seen in the distance

Cpt.Marsh: Contact. Enemy patrol 30 meters to our front. Five men, automatic rifles, frag grenades. One German Shepherd.

Kyle (VR): Dogs. I hate dogs.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): These Russian dogs are like pussycats compared to the ones in Pripyat.

(This is a reference to Modern Warfare 1. Stan tells the squad about when him and his old squad leader, Cpt.Macmillan are in Pripyat, Russia 15 years earlier. Dogs are in there. Recommend you read the first modern warfare if you don't have the game)

Kyle (VR) It's good to have you back man.

Cpt.Marsh: Roger that. Let's follow them quietly, and pick off any stragglers.

They quietly follow the patrol.

Cpt.Marsh: Patience...don't do anything stupid. We'll have to take 'em out at the same time.

A small group of vehicles comes along the road.

Cpt.Marsh: Convoy incoming, get out of sight.

They run behind a bush.

Cpt.Marsh: Let them pass.

They hide in the bush as the jeeps pass. When they have gone, they aim at two men having a smoke.

Cpt.Marsh: Two of them stopped for a smoke. Take one and I'll take out the other.

Butters shoots one then Stan shoots the other.

Cpt.Marsh: Good.

They move up and prepare to take out the rest of the group. A dog handler and the dog are on the left and 2 more are on the right.

Cpt.Marsh: I'm ready. Let's take them all out at once. You take the handler and his dog on the left.

Butters takes out the handler and his dog on the left while Stan takes out the two men on the right.

Cpt.Marsh: Beautiful.

They cross the border bridge and move up the road. Russian choppers are seen carrying mobile SAM sites.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Soap, our intel was off. The Russians have mobile SAMs.

Kyle (VR): Roger that.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Have you found us some transport?

Kyle (VR): I'm working on it. Out.

As they near the woods, Stan stops as he hears vehicles ahead. Suddenly, two BTRs drive up from the road ahead of them.

Cpt.Marsh: Incoming! Look out! Follow me! Into the woods! Let's go, let's go!

They run into the woods. The BTRs blast the trees around them in an attempt to kill them, but they outrun the BTRs. They slow down.

Cpt.Marsh: Slow down. Their vehicles can't follow us this far.

They hide in the brush as a patrol with taclights walk by.

Cpt.Marsh: Let them pass. Looks like they're searching for us.

The patrol passes by. Stan and Butters move further into the woods towards the sub base. On the way, they come up to several patrols. Stan spots a dog.

Cpt.Marsh: Dog patrol.

They move up and spot a three-man group.

Cpt.Marsh: Three man patrol dead ahead. Take them out or leave them be. Your call.

Butters aims at 2 guards and lines them up. He kills them both with one bullet then Stan takes out the other.

Cpt.Marsh: Nicely done.

They move up, a large patrol is ahead.

Cpt.Marsh: Large patrol at 12 o'clock. Use a suppressed weapon. We'll have to take them out at the same time. Take the two on the right.

Butters takes out the two men on the right while Stan takes out the handler and his dog on the left. They move up to a ridge above a path.

Cpt.Marsh: We got another dog patrol. Take them out or they'll give away our position.

They wait for the patrol to turn away. 2 enemies and a dog are walking slower than the other men. Stan shoots them all then Butters takes out the remaining enemies.They move up to a ridge on top of a hill. A Predator can be seen flying over the village.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Soap, what's the status of our air support, over?

Kyle (VR): A UAV loaded with AGMs is en route to your position.

Cpt.Marsh: Roger that. This ridge is perfect. Roach, take control of the Predator drone.

Butters gets out his control rig ans controls the Predator, he then fires a missile. A mobile SAM launches one of its missiles and shoots down the Predator.

Cpt.Marsh: Bollocks!

Kyle (VR): What just happened?

Cpt.Marsh (TR): There is a mobile SAM site in the village. It just shot down our Predator. Soap, we need another Predator. Roach let's go.

They slide down the hill and engage enemy foot-mobiles.

Cpt.Marsh: Roach, they know we're here. You might wanna grab a different weapon.

Butters grabs an AK-47 and moves into the village.

Kenny (VR): Check your fire! Check your fire! Friendlies coming up at your 12!

Kenny and some 141 men launch RPGs at the SAM site and destroy it. They approach Stan and Butters.

Cpt.Marsh: Nice work on that SAM.

Kenny: Thanks, but we better hurry. Those explosions are gonna attract a lot of attention.

They fight their way through the village into the base of the sub docks.

Cpt.Marsh (TR): Soap, we've linked up with Ghost and the rest of the team.

Kyle (VR): Roger that. The second Predator is almost in position. Make it count, these things don't grow on trees.

They push further into the village and reach a ridge over-looking the base. The sub is still in the docks.

Cpt.Marsh: There's the submarine! Right below that crane! Roach, soften up their defenses with the Predator! Watch for the flashing strobes. That's us.

Butters activates the predator and launches a missile at a helicopter.It explodes and sirens sound.

Kyle (VR): That got their attention! The whole base is on alert! You better hurry. You've only got a couple minutes before that submarine dives.

Cpt.Marsh: We're moving!

They head into the base and shoot at enemy troops as they move in.They reach two fuel trucks.

Kyle (VR): You're halfway there!

The team encounters a BTR.

Cpt.Marsh: Destroy that enemy armor!

Butters uses the Predator on a BTR and destroys it.

Kyle (VR): Good effect on target. BTR destroyed.

They push further in and reach the docks. A guardhouse overlooks the sub.

Cpt.Marsh: I'm going for the sub! Cover me from that guardhouse by the west gate!

Kenny: Roger that! Butters, we have to get to that guardhouse by the west gate to cover Stan! Follow me!

They head up to the roof of the guardhouse and take defensive positions. Stan goes down a ladder into the sub.

Cpt.Marsh (VR): All right, I'm inside the sub! Cover me, I need a few minutes!

Kenny: Incoming! Two trucks to the east!

Butters launches a missile between the two trucks and destroys them both.

Kyle (VR): Good effect on target. Multiple enemy vehicles KIA.

Kenny: More vehicles to the east! Use the UAV!

Butters does the same again as the team continues to hold off hostiles.

Kenny: Contact to the north, on the dock next to the sub!

They shift fire to the north, killing off enemies on the dock. They continue gunning down the enemies until the sub's missile silo doors begin to open.

Kenny (TR): Stan, are you there? The silo doors are opening on the sub, I repeat, the silo doors are opening on the sub!

There's no response. The silo doors continue to open.

Kenny (TR): Stan, come in! They're opening the silo doors on the sub! Hurry!

Still no response.Kenny begins shouting as loud as he can into the comm.

Kenny (TR): Stan, do you copy?! The silo doors are open! I repeat, the silo doors are open!

Cpt.Marsh (VR): Good.

The ground rumbles as a nuclear missile launches from the sub. The team watch in horror.

Kenny (TR): Wait - wait, Stan, no!

The missile continues to climb.

Kenny (TR): We have a nuclear missile launch. Missile in the air! Missile in the air! Code Black, Code Black...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:02 am

Act 2 of 3 Part 2

The satellite tracks the nuclear missile launched from Russia by Stan in Russia. The satellite then analyzes a nuclear shelter in the Cheyenne Mountains in Colorado Springs where General Bridon Gueermo and the Secretary of Defense discuss the matter.

SecDef: Gentlemen, the missile's vector puts it en route to the East Coast. We will lose the White House.

Gen.Gueermo: We've rebuilt it before, we'll rebuild it again.

SecDef: Casualties?

Gen.Gueermo: Possibly 30,000 to 50,000. Depends on the exact location of the detonation. All systems will go down.

SecDef: General Gueermo, you warned us. We should've listened.

Gen.Gueermo: When they speak of this moment, we will not be the ones who stood guard while America died. One man is responsible for all this. Cartman must be brought to light.

SecDef: Whatever you need General. You've got a blank check...

Mission: Second Sun
Location: Washington D.C
Unit: 75th Ranger Regiment

Clyde wakes up shell-shocked in the wreckage. Outside, Sgt.Black, Cpl.Tucker, Pvt. McCord, Pvt. Sandler, and Pvt. Wade fend off hostiles from the crash site. Clyde looks at his hands, which have sustained major injuries. His gloves are torn and his hands are scarred.

Cpl.Tucker: Sandler, target 2 o'clock!

Pvt.McCord: Two mags left!

Sgt.Black: Tucker, talk to me!

Cpl.Tucker: I'm okay!

Pvt.Sandler: Watch your flank!

Pvt.Wade: Target 9 o'clock, range, 50 meters!

Wade turns around and hands Clyde an M4A1.

Pvt. Wade: Take this and stay down!

Wade is shot in the back of the head and killed.

Sgt.Black: Wade's down!

Clyde cocks and locks his M4A1 and begins taking out targets from inside the wreckage.

Pvt. Sandler: Last mag!

Sgt.Black throws a mag at Clyde.

Sgt.Black: Donovan! Last mag! Make it count! Ammo check!

Pvt. Sandler: I'm good!

Enemy helicopters drop off more troops.

Cpl.Tucker: There's too many of them!

Pvt.McCord: sh*t! Last mag!

Sgt.Black: Sandler, sound off!

Pvt.Sandler: New target, range, 80 meters!

Pvt.McCord: Got it, got it!

Cpl.Tucker: Tracer! Three rounds left!

All bullet hits Craig in the arm. He falls, clutching his injured arm.

Sgt.Black: Corporal! Hang on!

Cpl Dunn: Aah sh*t...

Sgt.Black Defend this position!

Clyde runs out of ammo. A Havoc with a searchlight blinds him...


A U.S. astronaut is on a space walk, looking down on the half-lit earth. The bright East Coast is visible on the dark side of the earth.

ISS Control (VR): Come in, Sat1. This is ISS Control. Houston's requesting a feed from your helmet cam, over. Uh... they want you to look over towards the dark side of the earth. It should be cresting the horizon about 15 degrees east of the starboard PV arrays.

Sat1 looks to his right. The missile is flying along the East Coast.

ISS Control (VR): There it is, we're getting your feed Sat1. Come in, Houston, (uh) are you getting this?

Houston Command (VR): Copy that, ISS, video feed from Sat1 is clear. Sat1, keep tracking the bogey. We're looking into it, standby.

ISS Control (VR): Houston, we're not scheduled for any satellite launches today are we?

Houston Command (VR): ISS, Houston. Standby. We may have a problem here.

Sat1 continues to track the missile

ISS Control (VR): Houston, this is ISS Control, uh...any word on...

Suddenly the missile explodes in space over the East Coast, a dark radius blacks out over the earth. The shockwave from the explosion destroys the International Space Station and knocks away Sat1. A solar panel hits Sat1, killing him.

[Washington D.C., U.S.A.]

(Note: If a nuke goes off high in the air it's explosion will cause an EMP effect. This knocks out all electronics from Helicopters to I-pods)

An explosion is seen in the sky. A rush of wind comes down on the city. The shockwave from the ICBM blacks out the streets and electronically knocks out all aircraft from the sky. The choppers go down and MiG is seen crashing into a building.

Cpl.Tucker What the hell's goin' on?

Sgt.Black: Get off the street now! Go!

EMP music -

The Rangers run for shelter, dodging falling helicopters that rain hell on the streets.

Cpl.Tucker: This isn't good, man! Whoa!

Sgt.Black: Don't stop! Keep moving!

Cpl.Tucker: Holy sh*t!

Sgt.Black: Go go go!

A helicopter crashes into a building sending rubble flying in the air.

Ranger: What the hell's goin' on?!

Cpl.Tucker: EMP!

Sgt.Black: Just keep moving!

Cpl.Tucker: Look out!

Sgt.Black: Go! Go!

They reach a bookstore just as a Little Bird crashes near the opening and blocks the opening with flames. Clyde finds some spare ammo, reloads his M4, and grabs an M9 pistol.

Cpl.Tucker: What the hell are we gonna do now, man? Russians got us out numbered, sh*t's falling from the sky, we're screwed, man! We're totally -

Sgt.Black: Shut up! Get a grip, Corporal! Our weapons still work, which means we can still kick some ass.

A passenger plane crashes on the street. One of its engines slides into a wreckage, blocking the street between the bookstore and Dagger Two-One's crash site. All becomes quiet.

Ranger: What the hell was that?!

Sgt.Black: Stay here.

Cpl.Tucker: You're goin' out there? Are you nuts?

Sgt.Black goes out of the building.

Sgt.Black: It's over. Come on, we still have a war to fight.

Ranger: What the hell happened here?

Cpl. Dunn: Oh, man it's quiet.

They move up the street. There is no light or sound anywhere.

Cpl. Dunn:Hey is your red dot working? Mine's out.

Ranger: Mine's down too. This is weird, bro.

Sgt.Black: Looks like optics are down... comms too. There's not even a street light for blocks.

Cpl. Dunn: Wow...check it out, man.

They see the crashed plane and a dead ranger near it. Token checks for a pulse.

Sgt.Black: Dammit. All right. We gotta regroup with whoever's left out there. Corporal Tucker, take point.

Cpl.Tucker: Hooah.

Cpl.Tucker moves up to a large building ahead on the left. A person is seen coming out of it.

Cpl. Dunn: Star! Star, or we will fire on you!

Pvt.Vaughan: I don't remember the damn countersign, alright? I'm just a runner! Don't shoot!

Sgt.Black: The proper response is 'Texas', soldier. What'dya got?

Pvt.Vaughan: Colonel Marshall's assembling a task force at Whiskey Hotel. You guys need to keep heading north.

The ranger starts running away.

Cpl.Tucker: So where are you goin' then?

Pvt.Vaughan: To tell everyone else! Get to Whiskey Hotel! Go!

Sgt.Black: You heard the man. Let's go.

As Pvt. Vaughan moves on, the team makes their way to Whiskey Hotel. They move into the building. Due to the EMP, comms are down, so they whisper.

Sgt.Black: Dunn, you're up.

Cpl.Tucker: Hooah. Clear.

Ranger: I got our six.

Sgt.Black: Copy that.

They move up the stairs. Clatter is heard from behind the door. A Ranger opens the door.

Ranger: Star?

The ranger is overwhelmed by gunfire and falls backwards.

Cpl.Tucker: Son of a...

Sgt.Black: Contact!

Craig kicks open the door and the rangers go inside. They dive behind desks and shoot at the Russians. After a few minutes, the gunfire stops.

Cpl.Tucker: They're dead, right?!

Ranger : Clear!

Sgt.Black: Room clear! Let's go!

They move out of the building, a monsoon has started outside and it is raining hard. They spot the Eisenhower building.

Sgt.Black: There's the Eisenhower Building. Whiskey Hotel's on the other side.

Cpl.Tucker: Aw man, we gotta go out there...

They see a body of a Ranger.

Sgt.Foley: Craig. Check for vitals. We'll cover you.

Craig checks the ranger's pulse. checks him.

Cpl.Tucker: He's a goner.

Sgt.Black: Keep quiet.

They see three Russians on top of a BTR. They're trying to free the Russians trapped inside who are banging on the hatch and shouting.

Ranger: Got a visual on three tangos.

Sgt.Black: Stay low, move into position.

They move up and take aim.

Ranger: Clear shot.

Sgt.Black Smoke 'em.

They take out the three Russians.

Sgt.Black: Move up.

Cpl.Tucker: What about the guys inside?

Sgt.Black: What about 'em?

They continue their way to the Eisenhower Building. As they pass the BTR more muffled Russian is heard from inside.

Ranger: I got our six.

Cpl.Tucker: It's clear. I don't know what's worse, man- dodging falling helicopters or freezing my ass off in this monsoon.

Ranger: Hooah.

A group of people are seen on the street in front of the Eisenhower Building.

Sgt.Black: Quiet - I think I see something. Hold your fire.

Cpl.Tucker: Are they friendly?

Sgt.Black: I don't know...Star! Cover me. Star!

Token throws a flare towards them.

Cpl.Tucker: Say Texas, dammit...just say it.

The Russians fire at them.

Cpl.Tucker: Contact!

The rangers shoot back at the Russians in the street. Clyde runs behind a car and guns down the remaining enemies.

Ranger: Street clear!

Sgt.Black: We're Oscar Mike, let's go! Watch for movement. Move up.

They move up and into the Eisenhower Building.

Ranger: Feet dry.

Cpl.Black: Hooah.

Sgt.Black: Cut the chatter. Clyde take point.

Clyde leads the team downstairs. They approach a slightly open metal door with the President's seal on it.

Cpl.Tucker: Whoa, Check out the seal on this door...I thought the President's bunker was under the West Wing.

Sgt.Black: No, that's just for tourists. This must be the real thing. Open it up.

Cpl.Tucker opens the door and looks inside, he opens the door so the others can see.

Cpl.Tucker: Real or not man, this place is history. Hope they got out in time.

The bunker is damaged and there is blood on the walls.They move down into the President's bunker....

Next part will be the last Ranger one.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

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Pretty short mission. Next mission will have a HUGE twist.

Note: Whiskey Hotel is the military code for WH. Guess what building in Washington of some significance has the initials, WH.

Act 3 of 3 Part 3 (Last Ranger one)

Private Clyde Donovan starts inside the President's bunker under the East Wing. Sgt.Black and Cpl.Tucker lead their team up to the South Lawn and make their way to Whiskey Hotel.

Ranger: Hustle up! Get to Whiskey Hotel! Move!

The team reaches the South Lawn where Colonel Marshall is leading a group of Rangers to retake the White House, which is under Russian control. The white house is damaged and Russians are inside.

White House Battle -

Colonel Marshall: Keep hitting 'em with the Two-Forty Bravos! Get more men moving on the left flank!

Sgt.Black meets up with Marshall, who is overlooking the White House through his binocculars.

Sgt.Black: Sir, what's the situation here?

Colonel Marshall: You're lookin' at the 'high ground' Sergeant! There's still power in the White House! That means we still have a way to talk to Central Command if we can retake it! Now get your squad movin' up the left flank! Go!

Sgt.Black leads his team down the left flank. Machine gun fire and RPGs rain down all over the South Lawn. Clyde takes out a searchlight positioned on the White House along the way.

Sgt.Black: Work your way to the left! Clyde, let's go!

They move further towards the West Wing.Clyde takes out another searchlight positioned on the roof.

Sgt.Black: We need to punch through right here! Take out those machine guns!

Clyde takes out machine gun positions on the roof as the team moves forward to the West Wing. They make it into the Oval Office. Cpl.Tucker moves a painting to listen to a speaker behind it, which is transmitting a message.

Tojo Five-One (VR): This is Tojo 5-1 to any friendly units in D.C., Hammerdown is in effect. I repeat, Hammerdown is in effect. If you are receiving this transmission, you are in a hardened high-value structure. Deploy green flares on the roof of this structure to indicate that you are still combat effective. We will abort our mission on direct visual contact with this counter-sign.

Sgt.Black: Craig, get the door! Craig!

Cpl.Tucker: Sarge, are you reading this?!

Sgt.Black That's why we gotta go! Now get the door!

Craig shoots the door open and moves out of the Oval Office. The team begins to engage Russian forces inside the White House. They push through into the hallway leading to the Press Briefing Room and through to the Press Corps Offices.

Tojo Five-One (VR): Two minutes to weapons release.

Sgt.Black: We got less than two minutes before they flatten the city! We gotta get to the roof and stop 'em! We got less than two mintues, let's go!

They move into the kitchen. More enemies attack them. They return fire and push through.

Tojo Five-One (VR): Ninety seconds to weapons release.

Sgt.Black: 90 seconds! We gotta push through!

They move up a slope of rubble to the State Floor. They engage more hostiles. Clyde chucks a grenade up and kills them all.

Tojo Five-One: One minute to weapons release.

Sgt.Black: One minute! Go go go!

They kill the last enemies and run for the roof.

Tojo Five-One (VR): Thirty seconds to weapons release.

Ranger: Clear up! Let's go!

Sgt.Black: 30 seconds! We gotta get to the roof now! Go! Go! Get to the roof! Move!

They frantically run up the stairs to the Second Floor (residence).
Clyde and a Ranger who has popped his green flares run up a slope of rubble and reach the roof.

Sgt.Black: Use your flares!

Clyde pops his flares. He and the Ranger wave them and signal the two Air Force jets coming in from the horizon.

Pilot (VR): Countersign detected at Whiskey Hotel! Abort, abort!

The jets fly past and the Rangers lower the're weapons.They look out into the distance at the city in flames.

Ranger: So, when we going to Moscow?

Cpl.Tucker: Not soon enough man. But I know we'll burn it down when we get there.

Sgt.Black: When the time is right Corporal. When the time is right...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

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HUGE twist at end of mission.

Act 3 of 3 Part 4

Gen.Gueermo: It's been a tough week, gentlemen. We've lost more than we ever dreamed. But we will recover. I've got a blank check. And we're gonna use every cent of it killin' Cartman. Despite what the world may say, we are not savages, we don't kill civilians. We use precision. There's an evil man hiding in these shadows and we're gonna bring him into the light. Once his face is revealed, we will write history, gentlemen.

The satellite analyzes two possible locations of Cartman: an estate at the Georgian-Russian Border in the Caucasus Mountains ("Suspected Cartman Safehouse") and a U.S. Vehicle Disposal Yard, or the "boneyard", in Afghanistan ("Suspected Cartman Arms Deal").

Gen.Gueermo: These are the last safe havens left on Earth for Cartman and his men.

Cpt.Marsh: Sounds like we gotta be in two places at once.

Gen.Gueermo: Impossible?

Cpt.Marsh: Not for the One-Four-One.

Kenny: Fifty-fifty chance to take out Makarov, eh? Captain Marsh, request permission to take the safehouse with Butters.

Cpt.Marsh: Granted. Soap and I will take the boneyard in Afghanistan.

Gen.Gueermo: Very well. We will cut off all avenues of escape. This ends now.

Cpt.Marsh: Strange. I could have sworn we ended this war yesterday...

Mission: Loose Ends
Location: Georgian-Russian border
Unit: Task Force 141

Kenny,Butters and a group of Task Force 141 soldiers are in the Georgian-Russian Border in the Caucasus Mountains to capture Vladimir Makarov at his safehouse. Snipers Archer and Toad are crouched by the edge of the cliff.

Archer: Snipers in position.

Kenny: Strike team go. Engage Cartman on sight.

Scarecrow: Roger that.

Ozone: Solid copy.

Kenny: Let's go. Let's go.

The team moves into the woods, making their way to Cartman's safehouse. When they step over a grassy area, Bouncing Betty's jump out of the ground!

Kenny: Ambush!

Butters dives down just in time as the mine in front of him explode, saving himself, but the rest of the mines kill many of the other members. RPGs and gunfire rain down on the team.

Kenny: Targets! Left side! Left side!

Shell-shocked, Butters fires to his left. Ghillied soldiers appear within the woods. The team engages.

Scarecrow: Ambush!

Ozone: Ambush!

Explosions land around the team. The enemies chuck smoke grenades.

Scarecrow: They've got this area presighted for mortar fire!

Kenny: Counterattack into the smoke! Push push push!

They plow through the smoke, engaging foot-mobiles along the way. They reach the perimeter of the safehouse. Two trucks are seen driving down the driveway.

Archer (VR): We got two trucks leaving the target building.

Kenny: Don't let those trucks get away!

They shoot at the trucks but they do not damage them.

Kenny: Bloody hell, these trucks are bulletproofed!

Archer (VR): Roger! Firing Javelin, danger close!

Kenny: Javelin, danger close! Get back from the road!

Toad (VR): Two away!

Two Javelin missiles destroy the trucks.

Archer (VR): Moving vehicles have been neutralized. Be advised, we have not, I repeat, we have not spotted Cartman, and no one else has left the house. Those trucks may have been decoys Over.

They continue to the safehouse. Two more trucks park on the driveway and foot-mobiles come out. The team engages.

Kenny (TR): Roger that, we're advancing on the house now! Clear the perimeter! Breach and clear the safehouse! Go! Go!

They position in front of the Safehouse. Butters plants a breaching charge on the front door. They breach and clear the first floor.

Kenny: Office clear! Ozone, make sure no one leaves through the kitchen.

Ozone: Roger that.

Ghost: Scarecrow, gimme a sitrep.

Scarecrow: No one's leaving through the front of the basement.

Kenny: Let's go let's go! Dining room clear! Butters, go upstairs and check any locked rooms on the top floor. Breach and clear.

Butters goes up the stairs and clears the first two rooms. He then proceeds to a door right next to the stairs. He plants a breaching charge, breaches and clears the room.

Scarecrow: Top floor clear!

Kenny: Roger that, top floor clear! Butters, go with Scarecrow and check the basement for enemy activity. Breach and clear. Go.

Butters and Scarecrow move down to the basement.

Scarecrow: Frag out.

Scarecrow tosses a frag grenade down the stairs. Butters moves in and takes out enemies in the basement. He breaches and clears the basement exit.

Scarecrow: I got your back Butters.

Butters breaches and clears the weapons cache room.

Scarecrow: Basement clear!

Ghost: Copy, basement clear! All clear. Squad, regroup on me. Scarecrow, photographs.

Scarecrow: Roger that.

Ghost (VR): General, this is Ghost. No sign of Cartman, I repeat, no sign of Cartman Captain Marsh, any luck in Afghanistan?

Cpt.Marsh: least fifty hired guns here, but no sign of Cartman. Perhaps our intel was off.

Kenny (TR): Well, the quality of the intel's about to change. This safehouse is a bloody goldmine.

Gen.Gueermo (VR) Copy that. Ghost, have your team collect everything you can for an operations playbook. Names, contacts, places, everything.

Kenny (TR): We're already on it sir. Cartman will have nowhere to run.

Gen.Gueermo (VR) That's the idea. I'm bringing up the extraction force, E.T.A. five minutes. Get that Intel. Bridon out.

Kenny: Butters, get on Cartman's computer and start the transfer. Ozone, you're on rear security. I've got the front. Go.

Ozone: On my way.

The team begins to gather intel, taking photographs of the safehouse and detailed plans of Cartman's airport attack on Moscow.

Cpt.Marsh (VR): Task Force, this is Stan. More of Cartman's men just showed up at the boneyard... Soap, cover me. I'm gonna slot that guy over there and use his radio to listen to their comms. Ghost, we're going silent for a few minutes. Good luck up there in Russia. Marsh out.

Kenny: Butters, connect the DSM to Cartman's computer.

Butters connects the DSM hard drive to the computer which begins to download Cartman's intel.

[DSM v6.04 ...working...]

[ found...]

[...ironbox detected...]


[Files copied #/2067]

[Time left #min. at #Mbps]

Ozone: Butters, there's an armory in the basement. Better stock up while you can.

Kenny: Cartman's men are going to do whatever it takes to keep us from leaving with this intel. We need to protect the DSM until the transer's done. Use the weapons caches and set up your claymores if you've got any left. Defensive positions, let's go!

Ozone: Ready to engage.

The remaining four members, Kenny, Butters, Ozone, and Scarecrow get into position to defend the Safehouse.Explosions are heard from a distance.

Scarecrow: What the hell was that?

Archer (VR): Be advised, you have a large concentration of hostiles moving in from the southeast, they've just breached the perimeter! I'll try to thin 'em out before they get too close. Recommend you switch to scoped weapons, over.

Kenny: Roger that! Everyone cover the field to the southeast! Move!

Ozone: I got eyes on! Here they come! They're in the field to the southeast!

Archer (VR): RPG team moving in from the southwest!

Scarecrow: I'm in position!

Ozone: Got it! RPG team moving in from the southwest!

They begin to hold off hostiles from approaching the Safehouse. Butters picks up a L86 LSW machine gun and begins gnning down enemies from the house.

Files copied: 664/2067

Archer (VR): I have eyes on additional hostile forces moving in on your position. They're approaching from the solar panels east of the house.

Kenny: They're moving in from the solar panels east of the house!

Scarecrow: Roger, I'll try to cut 'em off as they come through the trees.

Kenny: Use your claymores if you have 'em. Plant 'em around the trail east of the house.

Butters runs outside and places claymores near the house, he falls back and they continue to defend the safehouse.

Files copied: 1000/2067.

Archer (VR): I'm displacing. You're gonna be without sniper support for thirty seconds, standby.

Enemies start pushing towards the house. A burst of Mg fire flies through the window and hits Ozone.

Ozone: I'm hit!

Archer (VR): Ozone is down!

Files copied: 1200/2067

Archer (VR): RPG team moving in from the east! Enemy fast-attack choppers coming in from the northwest.

Ghost: Roger that. Enemy helos approaching from the northwest.

Scarecrow: We gotta cover the front lawn!

They continue to hold off hostile forces coming in from all directions. Hostiles begin to move in with flash-bangs but are held off by Butters and Ghost.

Archer (VR): Topped him.

Butters runs to the top floor and mounts his LSW on the window. He starts to shoot at enemies.

Files copied: 2067/2067

Kenny: Butters, the transfer's complete! I'll cover the main approach while you get the DSM! Move!

Kenny holds off hostiles from the front door while Butters retrieves the DSM.

Gen.Gueermo (VR): This is Bridon. We're almost at the LZ. What's your status, over?

Kenny (TR): We're on our way to the LZ! Team, let's go!

Kenny, Scarecrow and Butters run from the house. Enemies are following them.

Kenny: Enemies to the rear.

Scarecrow stops and shoots at them.

Kenny: Keep moving!

Scarecrow: I'll be fine, just go!

Kenny and Butters run towards the LZ. They look back as scarecrow falls to the ground.

Archer (VR): Scarecrow is down, I repeat, Scarecrow is down.

Mortar fire strts erupting around Kenny and BUtters.

Kenny:They're bracketing our position with mortars, keep moving but watch your back!

They push through enemy forces and to the LZ. As Roach comes out of the trees,

Kenny: Butters I'll cover you!

A mortar explodes and wounds Roach, shell-shocking him and blacking out his vision, as he wakes up Kenny drags him toward the LZ.

Estate betrayal (Pretty epic, recommend you listen to this when reading the rest of the mission) -

Kenny (TR): I've got you, Butters, hang on! Thunder Two-One, I've popped red smoke in the treeline! Standby to engage on my mark!

Thunder Two-One (VR): Roger that. I have a visual on the red smoke. Standing by.

Kenny (TR): Thunder Two-One, cleared hot!

Thunder Two-One (VR): Roger that, cleared hot. Guns guns guns.

Butters is handed an AK-47 Grenadier and he starts shooting at hostiles. Thunder Two-One, a Little Bird helicopter, flies over Kenny and Butters, firing its guns at the treeline and killing the oncoming hostiles. Butters' vision fades in and out of focus as he's about to pass out from his injuries.

Kenny: Butters, hang in there!

Kenny helps up Butters and carries him to the Pave Low where General Gueermo awaits.

Kenny: Come on, get up! Get up! Get up! We're almost there!

As they walk towards Bridon, radio chatter can be heard from Shadow Company.

SC Soldier: Move! Move! Spread out!

SC Soldier: Go go go!

Gen.Gueermo: Do you have the DSM?

Kenny: We got it, sir!

Gen.Gueermo runs over to Butters to help him into the helicopter.

Gen.Gueermo: Good. That's one less loose end.

Bridon retrieves his magnum and shoots in the chest. Butters falls and Kenny tries to grab his gun.

Kenny NO!

Before Kenny can respond, Bridon shoots him in the head, killing him. Kenny falls to the ground and Bridon crouches down to Butters, who is bleeding out. Bridon takes out the DSM from Butters' pocket and calls over two Shadow Company soldiers.

Shadow Company Soldier (VR): Area sanitized. All targets destroyed.

Shadow Company Soldier(VR): Solid copy. No movement detected. 2-6 going into holding pattern.

The two take Butters' body and dump him in a ditch. Butters rolls over then looks over as they chuck Kenny's body into the ditch.

Cpt.Marsh (VR): Kenny, Butters! Come in, this is Stan! *Static* We're under attack by Bridon's men at the boneyard! *Static*Soap, hold the left flank! Do not trust Bridon! I say again, DO NOT TRUST BRIDON! Soap, get down! *Static*.

A Shadow Company soldier pours gasoline over Kenny and Butters. Bridon stands over them smoking a cigar. As the last of the gasoline is poured, Bridon takes a last puff from his cigar. He then tosses the cigar onto Butters and Kenny and sets the gasoline on fire. Bridon turns as American helicopters fly everywhere. Butters watches as Bridon walks away then his vision fades as he slowly dies...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.

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