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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 3:54 pm

So, Kenny and Butters are dead. Stan and Kyle are being hunted by Bridon and the USA. Uh Oh...

Act 3 of 3 Part 5

Kyle: Roach? Ghost? Come in,Butters, Kenny. Do you copy? Does anyone copy?

Stan: They're dead, Kyle. Bridon's cleaning house. I'm working my way back to you.

Kyle: Bridon betrayed us.

Stan: Have to trust someone to be betrayed. I never did. Jimmy, come in. Do you have our location?

The satellite tracks Jimmy's C-130 inbound to the boneyard. Kyle and Stan's video feeds show Bridon and Cartman's men fighting in the boneyard.

Jimmy (VR): Yes. Inbound, S-Stan. But I am not the only one. You've got Bridon's men on o-o-o-o-one side, Cartman's on t-t-the other.

Stan: We'll have to take them all out then.

Jimmy (VR): Or let them take e-e-e-each other out. Either w-w-way, I'll see you on the other side, m-m-my friend...

Mission: The Enemy Of My Enemy
Location:U.S. Vehicle Disposal Yard 437, 160 miles SW of Kandahar, Afghanistan
Unit: Task Force 141 (Disavowed)

Captain Kyle "Soap" Brovlovski starts at the boneyard in Afghanistan. All around him Bridon's Shadow Company soldiers are battling Cartmans Ultranationalist army.

Stan (VR): Soap! Bridon's trying to wipe out us and Makarov at the same time! Head for rally point Bravo to the west! Trust no one!

Kyle makes his way to the rally point while shootouts occur all around him. Little Birds spin their guns while BTRs fire their cannons, cars driving in and out of the area; there is chaos everywhere!

Stan (VR): Head for the rally point! Go! Go! Go! Jimmy! This is Stan! Be advised, the LZ it hot, I repeat, the LZ is hot!

Jimmy (VR): Ok, Captain M-M-Marsh, I am on t-t-the way! Try to get the situation u-u-u-under control before I g-g-get there, ok?

Stan (VR): Right, whatever you say Jimmy! Just get here sharpish! Soap, let Cartman and Bridon's men kill each other off as much as you can. We can use their comms to listen in on their radio traffic. I'm going to try to contact Cartman.

Kyle continues his way to the rally point while Stan contacts Cartman over the radio.

Stan (VR): Cartman, this is Stan. Bridon's a war hero now. He's got your operations playbook and he's got a blank check. Give me what you got on Gueermo, and I'll take care of the rest...I know you can hear me on this channel Cartman. You and I both know you won't last a week.

Cartman (VR): And neither will you.

Stan (VR): ever hear the old saying...the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Cartman (VR): Stan, one day you're going to find that cuts both ways. Gueermo is using Site Hotel Bravo. You know where it is. I'll see you in hell.

Stan (VR): Looking forward to it. Give my regards to Zakhaev if you get there first.

Kyle continues to make his way to rally point Bravo to the west. The battle continues to ensue all around them.

Stan (VR): Soap! Don't get pinned down out there! Keep heading west for the runway area! Jimmy, where the hell are you?

Jimmy: Sand storms around K-K-K-Kandahar, Captain Marsh. I have to f-f-f-fly around them. I am not getting paid enough to c-c-c-crash my p-plane.

Kyle comes out of a plane's fuselage and reaches a valley where more shootouts are occurring everywhere. Jimmy's C-130 flies over the scene popping angel flares.

Jimmy (VR): Stan, I am a-a-a-approaching the boneyard. I see you do not have s-s-s-situation under control. V-V-Very unsafe to land.

Stan (VR): Jimmy! Just shut up and land the bloody plane! We're on our way!

Soap slides down the valley and continues to make his way west to the runway.

Stan (VR): Kyle! Hurry!

Jimmy (VR): Captain Marsh, I am taking o-o-o-off in one m-minute! You b-b-b-better hurry if you want a ride out of h-h-here!

Stan (VR): Soap! We don't have much time! Jimmy's not going to wait around for us! Hurry!

Kyle finally meets up with Stan and another soldier named
'Rook 'in a jeep. He hops in and the jeep drives off.

Stan: Kyle! We are leaving!

Rook begins to drive the jeep to the runway where Jimmy's plane is waiting. Trucks from Shadow Company appear all around them.

Stan: Take out that gunner!

Kyle takes out the SC SUV's mini-gunner. The jeep swerves round a corner.

Stan: Hang on!

More trucks appear behind them.

Stan: Behind us!

Kyle shoots at the truck. Another truck drives up to their right side.

Stan: Right side! Right side! Hold on! Hang on!

Kyle shoots over at the truck.As the jeep reaches the runway, trucks collide and flip over all around the jeep. Jimmy is about to take off.

Stan (TR): Jimmy drop the bloody ramp! We're coming in!

As they speed up to catch up to Jimmy's plane trucks appear all over the runway in front of them.

Stan: Vehicles at 12 o'clock! Hold on!

Rook is shot through the head and killed.

Stan: Kyle! Rook is down! Take the wheel!

Kyle reaches for the steering wheel with his left hand and steers the jeep.

Stan: Aim for the ramp!

Kyle drives the jeep into the back of the plane and it lifts off into the sky...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 4:46 pm

Next part will be the last.

Act 3 of 3 Part 6

Kyle: We've got one good SMG. They've got a thousand. We don't even know if Cartman's intel is any good.Stan. ...Stan?

The screen shows Stan's "inventory" as he and Kyle prepare to assault Site Hotel Bravo and kill Gueermo: a CheyTac Intervention Bolt-Action Anti-Material Rifle, a pair of Night-Vision Goggles, a suppressed Vector w/ ACOG Sight, an M1911 Colt .45 pistol, 4 Flashbangs, 4 Frag Grenades, and a Combat Knife.

Stan: The healthy human mind doesn't wake up in the morning thinking this is its last day on Earth. But I think that's a luxury. Not a curse. To know you're close to the end is a kind of freedom. Good time to take... inventory. Outgunned. Outnumbered. Out of our minds. On a suicide mission. But the sand and rocks here, stained with thousands of years of warfare... They will remember us. For this. Because out of our vast array of nightmares, this is the one we choose for ourselves. We go forward like a breath exhaled from the Earth. With vigor in our hearts and one goal in sight: We. Will. Kill him...

Mission: Just Like Old Times
Location: Site Hotel Bravo, Afghanistan
Unit: Task Force 141 (Disavowed)

Jimmy (VR): I'll wait for you at the e-e-exfil point. Three h-hours.

Stan (TR): Don't bother. This was a one-way flight, mate.

Jimmy (VR): Then g-g-good luck m-my friend.

Stan and Kyle crawl out of a sandstorm and move up a ridge overlooking Site Hotel Bravo.

Stan: Soap, I'm picking up a thermal spike up ahead. The cave must be somewhere over the edge.

They spot a Shadow Company patrol on the road below.

Stan: Hold up. Enemy patrol. Hold your fire. Looks like Cartman's intel was solid. This is it.

The patrol splits its group and begins its patrol.

Stan: Good, they're splitting up. Let them separate. This decryption code better be worth the price we paid...

Shadow Company is heard in the comms.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Go ahead, Alpha.

Shadow Company (Alpha) (VR): Riverbed all clear, over.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Bravo?

Shadow Company (Bravo) (VR): Sandstorm. Not much to see right now, over.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Zulu?

Shadow Company (Zulu) (VR): Uh, we're starting our patrol east along the canyon. North-side access road, over.

Stan: Focus on the group on the right, directly beneath us. Let's take them out first. I'll take the two on the left. On my mark. Three... Two... One...

They snipe out the four men and the dog on the right side of the road.

Stan: Just like old times.

They slide down the hill onto the road.

Stan: All right, we've got to take out the other group before they come back. Move.

They take out the two men and the other dog.

Stan: We don't have much time before they find the bodies. Let's keep moving. Here we go - hook up here.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Disciple Four, Oxide. What's your status, over?

They hook up on the railing on the edge of the cliff.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Disciple Four, Oxide. Do you copy, over?

Stan: Go.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Hey, I'm not getting anything from Disciple Four, north-ridge road. Could be a bad transmitter.

They steadily rappel down the cliff.

Stan: Got two tangos down below.

They take out knives when they are right above them.

Stan: Do it.

Both silently take out the two guards at the cave entrance.

Stan: Let's go.

They enter the cave. A soldier is seen in front of a security cam TV.

Stan: Tango up ahead. Do not engage. Patrol coming our way - go left, quickly! Let them pass.

They hide behind a covering while a group of Shadow Company soldiers walk towards the entrance.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Butcher Seven, Oxide. We've lost contact with Disciple Five.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Probably just the sandstorm that's rollin' in or a bad transmitter. Send a team to check it out, over.

Shadow Company (Butcher Seven) (VR): Roger that, Oxide. I'll send Vinson and Lambert. Butcher Seven out.

The guard moves along and they move up. There is a large group of SC soldiers.

Stan: Easy now...

The sneak past the enemies.

Stan: Two tangos in this corridor. Hold your fire and stay to the left.

They go around the left into a corridor.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Disciple Five, Oxide. Give me a sitrep, over.

Stan: Kyle, we've got two tangos with taclights coming down the stairs under that red light, dead ahead.

Kyle shoots both the enemies with his silenced Vector.

Stan: Impressive. Clear. Go.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Disciple Six, we've lost all contact with Disciple Five. Check it out, over.

They go up the stairs and see an enemy.

Stan: Top of the staircase - he's mine.

Stan knifes the soldier up top.

Disciple Six (VR): Roger that Oxide, we're on the catwalk, heading to the steam room. Standby.

They reach a steam room. It goes dark, they prepare to engage.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Disciple Six, go dark, breach and clear.

Stan: Here we go - get ready.

Disciple Six (VR): Door charge planted. Ready to breach.

Shadow Company (VR): Hit it.

Disciple Six (VR): Breaching, breaching!

Shadow Company Disciple Six blows a hole into the steam room.

Shadow Company (VR): Foxtrot Element, sweep left. Charlie Element, scan around the area.

Stan: Go loud; Open fire!

They fire on them, a dark shootout ensues.

Shadow Company (VR): They're here! Open fire! Stay frosty, hunt them down!

The team uses night-vision goggles to flank the enemies and kill them all.

Stan: Move.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Disciple Nine, your rear guard just flatlined!

Disciple Six (VR): Not possible. We just cleared that area. Nobody's -

Gen.Gueermo (VR): It's Marsh. Backup priority items and burn the rest. Fireteams just delay 'em until we're ready to pull out.

They come out of the steam room and move along the catwalk.

Shadow Company (Avatar One) (VR): Oxide, Avatar One. We have unauthorized personnel on the catwalk. I repeat, we have unauthorized personnel on the catwalk- you gettin' this?

Kyle moves along the catwalk while Stan is drawing fire from Shadow Company soldiers from across the catwalk. Stan takes them out as Kyle moves forward.

Shadow Company (Disciple Nine) (VR): Oxide, Disciple Nine, we've got hostile contact approximately 50 meters from the nest, over.

Shadow Company HQ (VR_ : Terminate with extreme prejudice. All personnel - be advised, we have two enemy foot-mobiles on the catwalk heading to the crow's nest.

They reach the "nest".

Stan: We're clear. Move in.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Butcher One-Five, rendezvous at the nest and prepare to escort Gold Eagle to the LZ.

Stan: Gold Eagle must be Bridon! We're running out of time, let's go!

They enter the nest. Choppers drop off troops with riot shields.

Stan: They're using shields! Use frags! Flank them!

They fight their way further into the cave, fighting more Shadow Company soldiers using shields and popping smoke.

Shadow Company (Butcher Two) (VR): Butcher Two roping into sector Papa Quebec!

Stan: They're using thermal through the smoke!

They return fire at the Americans and push further into the cave.

Stan: They're digging in, Bridon must be close! We have to break through! I'll draw their fire through the smoke! Watch for flanking routes!

Stan draws hostile fire while Kyle goes around the cave and flanks them in a thermal shootout.

Shadow Company (Butcher Five-Actual) (VR): Oxide, Butcher Five-Actual. I've got a severed det cord - we're gonna need ten mikes to get the trunk rigged and the EBC primed, over.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Negative, Gold Eagle wants those charges hot in less than three mikes. Get it done, out.

They reach a locked door to the control room.

Stan: They've sealed the control room. Get a frame charge on the door!

Kyle breaches the control room which is wired and rigged with tons of explosives. He shoots enemies inside the control room and goes inside. There is C4 everywhere.

Gen.Gueermo (VR): All units be advised this is Gold Eagle. The site has been compromised. I am executing directive one-one-six bravo. If you're still inside, your service will be honored. General Gueermo out.

Stan: Override the door controls! Hurry!

They unlock the doors and escape the cave, just as the explosives go off. Kyle is knocked down...

Kyle lies at the exit shell-shocked. Stan is seen shooting at Shadow Company soldiers outside.

Gen. Gueermo (VR): Excalibur, this is Gold Eagle. Fire mission - target package Romeo - danger close.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): That's within a hundred meters of your position sir!

Gen.Gueermo (VR): That's not a suggestion! Send it!

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Roger, fire mission danger close!

Stan: Kyle! Incoming! Get down! Get down!

Artillery fire lands all over Site Hotel Bravo, killing, wounding, and dazing many of Shadow Company's soldiers.

Stan: Since when does Shepherd care about danger close?

They move down into the devastated area.

Stan: Let's go! Stay close and follow me!

They move out of the caves, outside they engage more SC soldiers dropping in from helicopters.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Sir, sandstorm activity is picking up here. It's too risky for flight ops.

Gen.Gueermo (VR): Understood. Head for the tunnel. We'll take the Zodiacs.

Shadow Company HQ (VR): Yes sir!

They push through Site Hotel Bravo, eliminating SC soldiers along the way to the tunnel where General Gueermo is escaping.

Stan: Head for the tunnel! He's getting away! Gueermo mentioned Zodiacs...there must be river access nearby - let's go!

They chase Bridon in the tunnel.
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:11 pm

Act 3 of 3 Part 7 (Last of Act 3 and MW2)

Stan: This is for the record. History is written by the victor. History is filled with liars. If he lives and we die, his truth becomes written - and ours is lost. Bridon will be a hero. 'Cause all you need to change the world is one good lie and a river of blood. He's about to complete the greatest trick a liar ever played on history. His truth will be the truth. But only if he lives, and we die.

Mission: Endgame
Location: Site Hotel Bravo, Afghanistan
Unit: Task Force 141 (Disavowed)

Endgame -

Stan and Kyle chase Bridon into the tunnel.

Stan: They're just around the corner, come on! Kyle, get on the boat!

They get on a Zodiac and begin to chase Bridon along the river. They encounter enemy soldiers at the banks of the river. Kyle pulls out his Mini-Uzi and shoots at them while Stan suppresses them with his M4A1. Bodies drop and barrels explode while they dodge enemy fire and RPGs as they race down the river. Enemies are on the river banks with MGs and sentry guns. Stan sprays them and they speed further towards Bridon. Bridon's boat steers into a cave.

Stan: Through that cave!

They chase Bridon into the cave. When they come out, Shadow Company soldiers are seen riding additional boats. Little Bird helicopters are flying overhead.

Stan: Stay clear of open areas!

The helicopter starts shooting at them.

Stan:Dodge that helicopter! Left! Left!

The helicopter flies over them and chases from behind.

Stan:We got a chopper on our six! Take evasive maneuvers!

Kyle drives the boat left and right and between rock walls to prevent the choppers from firing on them. They encounter enemy soldiers who fire RPGs from the bridges.

Stan: RPG's, on the bridge!

Kyle maneuvers the boat to dodge RPG fire.

Stan: Get past that Little Bird before its guns spin up! Those miniguns aren't going to stop, shake 'em!

Stan drives the boat to avoid the Little Birds flying about them.

Stan: We can't let Bridon escape!

A Little Bird fires on them.

Stan: Right, go right!

They head down a series of rapids.

Stan: Rapids up ahead! It's going to get rough, hang on!

While they go down the rapids Shadow Company soldiers on more boats appear around them. Stan shoots at them. Once the rapids settle the chase continues. Stan takes out any remaining Shadow Company soldiers and any Enemy soldiers at the river banks. A Pave Low is seen flying above the river.

Gen.Gueermo (VR): Avatar One, gimme a sitrep, over!

UAV Operator (VR): I have Warhorse 5-1 standing by. Pave Low's downriver, sir.

Gen.Gueermo (VR): Copy that! Warhorse 5-1, be advised, we're coming in hot!

Pave Low Pilot (VR): Roger - dropping the hatch - keep it above 30 knots and watch the vertical clearance.

Bridon's boat drives into the back of the Pave Low. The Pave Low takes off.

Pave Low Pilot (VR): Crew, Gold Eagle's onboard. We're outta here.

Stan: Kyle! Hold it steady!

The Pave Low flies away but it is blocked by a sandstorm. It hovers above the waterfall in an attempt to turn around.

Pave Low Pilot (VR): Uh, crew, we got a sandstorm at 12 o'clock. We're taking the long way around. Hang on.

Stan: Steady! Steady!

As Kyle holds the boat still near the waterfall, Stan fires his M4A1 three times. The third shot damages the Pave Low's rotors and the chopper goes down. Stan then realizes the waterfall ahead of them.

Stan: Back up back up!

The boat falls over the waterfall and into the river...

. . .

Kyle wakes up on the bank of the river, coughing up water from his lungs. He stands up, wounded, knife in his hand, and begins to walk staggeringly towards the crashed Pave Low. He sees a wounded Shadow Company soldier crawling and bleeding. He slashes and kills him. Right next to the wreck he sees another one lying on his back and holstering out a G18. The soldier pulls the trigger but the weapon clicks empty. Kyle slashes and kills him. Clatter is heard from behind the wreck. It is Bridon. Bridon frantically runs from the wreck into a sandstorm and rests on a car. Kyle slowly chases him and sees him resting on the car. Bridon tries to catch his breath while Kyle stares at him.

Gen.Gueermo: You know what they say about better be ready to dig two graves...

Kyle lunges at Bridon, but Bridon blocks the knife and knocks down Kyle to the ground. He takes out his own knife and stabs Kyle in the Stomach. Kyle temporarily blacks out...

Gen.Gueermo: Five years ago, I lost 30,000 men in the blink of an eye. And the world just f*ckin' watched.

(Bridon is referring to the nuke in the first Modern Warfare)

As Kyle wakes up, Bridon takes out his empty 44. Magnum and loads bullets into it

Gen.Gueermo: Tomorrow there will be no shortage of volunteers, no shortage of patriots.

He points the gun at Kyle and locks the hammer.

Gen.Gueermo: I know you understand.

As Bridon pulls the trigger,Stan runs in and knocks away Bridon, causing the bullet to miss, saving Kyle. Stan kicks away the gun and he begins to fight hand-to-hand with Bridon. Kyle slowly crawls towards the gun. Stan is knocked down. Before Kyle can reach the gun, Bridon kicks it away and kicks Kyle in the face. Kyle's vision fades in and out as he sees Stan and Bridon continue to fight. Bridon kicks down Stan and begins to punch him repeatedly in the face. Kyle, seeing the knife STILL in his Stomach, grips it firmly and begins to pull it out . The knife slowly comes out of him as he angrily groans in pain. He pulls harder, straining his last bit of strength with both hands until it finally comes out. He twists the knife in his hand, looks at Bridon who is punching Stan.

Kyle: Bridon...

Bridon looks up at Kyle. Kyle hurls the knife at him. The knife lands in Bridon's left eye, killing him. Kyle looks at Stan, lying there motionless. Kyle almost blacks out but regains his vision when Stan wakes up and coughs from the beating. He moves Bridon's body away as he gets up, he sees Kyle.

Stan: Kyle! Kyle!

Stan stumbles over to Kyle and grabs a bandage from his backpack. They hear a small helicopter landing next to them.

Price: It'll hold for now. Come on, get up!

Stan helps Kyle up and carries him. They see Jimmy approaching them.

Stan: I thought I told you this was a one-way trip!

Jimmy: Looks like it s-s-s-still is...they'll be l-l-looking for us you k-know...

Jimmy helps Stan carry Kyle towards the chopper.

Stan: Jimmy, we gotta get Kyle outta here.

Jimmy: Da - I k-k-know a place...

That's it for MW2. MW3 should be up in a few weeks. I may work on another Fan Fic first. Reviews are more than welcome for any fics I post. Hope you enjoyed reading...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.
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Re: South Park: Modern Warfare 2

Postby hewitt120 » Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:57 pm

South Park: Modern Warfare 3 Preview.

The doctor approaches Kyle as Stan and Jimmy watch in fear.

Doctor: We're loosing him.

The doctor grabs some defibrillators.

Doctor: Charging in 3...2...1...Clear...
Germans seem to really like starting sh*t but it's cool 'cause its not like they ever win.

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