60000000000 DOLLARS! PART 1

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60000000000 DOLLARS! PART 1

Postby They-Killed-Kenny!45 » Mon Apr 02, 2012 3:03 am

One morning at the Marshes Randy woke up and went into the living only seeing Stan and his friends on Randy's computer.
Randy: Stan!
Stan: Dad! You're awake?
Randy: Yes! Stan, just what in the hell is going on?
Cartman: Oooh your busted.
Randy: Your are to fatass!
Cartman: Hey!
Stan: Look dad, me and the guys made a plan to use your computer late at night and order a bunch of cool stuff...
Randy: Wha? How long were you boys up?
Randy: Somebody else I can't understand him.
Kyle: ...Yesterday as soon as our parents fell asleep...
Cartman: No. not at all.
Randy: Alright let me see the price.
Stan: Uh Oh.
Randy: Blah Blah 60000000000 DOLLARS!
I would like to solve the puzzle...n*ggers!

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