600000000000 DOLLARS! PART 2

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600000000000 DOLLARS! PART 2

Postby They-Killed-Kenny!45 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:26 pm

Randy: Stanley! How did you even pull off buying things that sum up a total of 60000000000$?
Stan: Look, that doesn't matter dad! Just like always something's randomly gonna happen causing everything to be okay.
Randy: Fine, I'll leave to the people that used my credit card on 60000000000$...
Cartman: Yeah, he's gonna earn a greatest father award.
Stan: Shut up, my dad's better than how you killed your father.
Cartman: I'm f*ckin outta here!
Kyle: Whatever he did help use your dad's money.
Stan: Look we'll think of something.
Kenny: Yeah!
Stan: Now, LET'S f*cking THINK OF SOMETHING!
Kyle: This matters to us how?
Stan: Because my dad will tell your mom who will tell Kenny's mom who won't do anything.
Kenny: Oh you're right...I'm out.
Kyle: f*ck! Who else could f*cking do anything to help us now?
Stan: I DON'T f*cking KNOW!
Stan: YOUR f*cking RIGHT! LET'S SHUT THE f*ck UP!
Kyle: I KNOW!
Stan: OKAY! Alright, we need to make the money.
Randy: Look, I'm sorry for being an assh*le! Alright? we have over 6infinites, okay?
Stan: That's great.
So where's the money...
Randy: Oh it's gonna be sent down from grandpa.
Over 1201921291208 dollars falls through the wall breaking it sliding across the floor going into Kenny's house killing him.
Stan: Godamnit.
Kyle: Well he's dead.
Stan: Dad, the money killed my friend.
Kyle: Yeah your money Mr. Marsh just got Kenny killed.
Stan: let's just...let's just go play Xbox Kyle...
Kyle: Yeah that sounds cool.
Randy: But...but..but.BUT! All extra money left over...what? Oh...
Guess after the internet pay I'll use the money...HA! In your face little sh*ts!
Stan: We could here you dad and...well I disagreee you know how fast we used your old pay.
Randy: Oh alright then. assh*le.
I would like to solve the puzzle...n*ggers!

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