Tenorman's Revenge: Step 2

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Tenorman's Revenge: Step 2

Postby They-Killed-Kenny!45 » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:44 pm

Stan: I just don't believe it. I just can't believe we killed Cartman's half brother, in THE FUTURE! Just for our hardrive.
Cartman: Whatever I'm glad he's gone.
Then a giant smash came out the wall
Cartman: No that voice...it can't be.
???:That's right little brother it is I SCOTT TENORMAN!
Kyle: Yeah, that makes sense. We blew you up 3 times.
Scott: HA! Just simple tests for step 1.
Cartman: f*cking STEP 1! f*cking STEP OOONE! Dude it took us 34 seconds! Longer than that because those time particles making time get slower! You assh*le!
Scott: HA! Still just step 1!
Stan: Yeah, okay assh*le were not in the future.
Scott: What?
Kyle: Dude, you can't kill kids in the present.
Scott: Oh. Then we'll go to the future! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHhahaha!
A portal comes and sucks em into it sending them into the future
Cartman: Goddamnit! Again?
Scott: Yes, little f*ck. I am prepared to destroy you!
Kyle: You can't you don't have a robot!
Scott: Yes I...f*ck I DON'T HAVE A ROBOT!
Stan: Ha ha!
Scott: Then let me send you to a little friend of yours.
Cartman: sh*t.
another portal sucking that sends them into the present in Butters' backyard,
Cartman: sh*t it's Professor Chaos!
Chaos: Let's battle! Meet my giant robot!
Kyle punches the robot
it fell apart
Chaos: How did you do it?
Kyle: Dude, it was cardboard.
Chaos: sh*t, well I guess I'll give you this now.
Stan: Holy sh*t 4 gold Xbox controllers!
And the boys had fun with the new controllers
Oh yeah Tenorman's Revenge step 1 was the Xbox game got it? download on the 360 now! It's f*cking great!
I would like to solve the puzzle...n*ggers!

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