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He could sense it... another world of chaos not far from his world. He could make a good home there - after escaping from his stone prison, of course.
Which could be a simple matter, too. He could probably do both at the same time. Focusing all he could muster, he used whatever magic he had after that incident and searched for the barrier between worlds to cross. His feet were dissolving. Oh, what fun it would have been to see their reaction. Oh well, this world would be much more fun, especially without any visible threat.
Discord was his name, and the name fit him perfectly. Being trapped in stone by the Elements of Harmony had left him fairly weak, but - in what will be his new home - he would recover quickly, the disharmony here would be the perfect bath to heal in.
Wait, was that it? Yes, it is! The entrance! He laughed his trademark laugh and slide through it as though it wasn't even there. Then everything blacked out.
When his crusty eyes opened, everything looked like... well, it didn't look normal. He didn't feel that way either. The cave he was in was cold and damp, drips heard every few seconds. Looking down, the Lord of Chaos found hands instead of his lion paw an eagle foot. Normal feet rather than the dragon foot and horse hoof. He no longer had his snake tail, bat wing, or Pegasus wing. There was a reflective pool of water nearby. When he looked into it - oh, wow, was that really him? He no longer had his antler or his goat horn. His mane was replaced with black hair - the color of the night sky - and his horse-dragon head was a normal human's head. He looked fairly young - around 10 or 11 years old.
"And I liked my old look," he sighed, getting up. "It was so... unnatural. Well, this is the price to pay for power." With that, he officially stood up and walked out the nearby entrance. What a nice view! You could see a little town nearby - South Park, if he was reading it correctly - and mountains all around it. He could already tell the chaos centered mainly around four boys. He would have to become very close with them once he starts his reign of - well - discord.
He began down the mountain the cave was located, only to find a police officer at the bottom.
"Sir, you do know people aren't allowed on this mountain, right?" the blue-uniformed man asked Discord, pointing his flashlight at him.
Well, now was the time to see if his powers worked in this dimension. He willed up his powers of hypnosis and walked up to the Officer.
"You seem like a loyal man to society," he told him.
"Why else would I be a police officer? Now, sir, please get into the car."
So that's what they're called. This one will be just like Rainbow Dash. "Loyalties break easily, though. Temptations are overwhelming." He felt his powers begin to work.
"Like?" The officer had to use the hood of his car to support himself, his legs were suddenly weak.
"Haven't you ever wondered what was up that mountain? Or why people do crime?"
"I... I guess I have, now that I think about it."
"Why don't you try some, then?" He intensified his stare, looking the man directly in the eyes.
"I... I guess I will!" There was a visible change in his coloration, everything turning grey on him, even his clothes.
"Oh, and I need a place to stay. Can I live at your place?"
"Sure! I won't need it with my new life!" He gave him all his keys and ran off into the forest - probably to poach an animal or something.
Discord shrugged, not caring. Everything was already starting, and it felt nice to be starting up shop again.
As he drove off - no questioning how, this is Discord we're taking about - he couldn't help but notice a dark figure in the shadows, bearing a green question mark. He simply shrugged it off.

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