Ike Brofloski and the Philosopher's Stone

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Ike Brofloski and the Philosopher's Stone

Postby Gavyn » Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:56 pm

Mr.Mackie and Mrs.Chokesondick are walking to Gerald and Stella Brofloski's home. They are waiting for a baby named "Ike".

Mrs.Chokesondick: I don't think this is a good idea, their son, Kyle, he has a friend named Eric that hates jews!

Mr.Mackie: Well, this seems like a suitable home for Ike, M'Kay?

Mrs.Chokesondick: Are you right to trust Chef with the baby?

Mr.Mackie: Chef is good at making food, M'kay? So uh... I can trust him with a baby, M'Kay?

They then see Chef catching up with them, carrying a baby with bruises on his knees, crying.

Mr.Mackie: Chef, I told Mrs.Chokesondick that we can trust you with the baby, M'Kay? So uh.. Don't hurt the baby, M'Kay?

Chef then proceeds to throw the baby on the doorstep of the Brofloskies.

Mr.Mackie: Chef, don't throw the baby, M'kay? Now uh... it looks like we're done here, M'kay?

A Very Long Time Later.

Kyle and Ike are on the bus, waiting to be dropped off at school.

Stan: Hey Kyle, can I sit with you and Ike? Everyone else is being a dick.

Kyle: Okay.

After a few minutes of riding on the bus, Ike, Kyle, and Stan then proceed to walk in the School's Entrance.

To be continued...

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