A cool idea (imo) for an episode...

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A cool idea (imo) for an episode...

Postby Temere » Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:19 pm

Idea for south park episode- The Earth is somehow coming to an end due to a prophecy of some kind that is read on a hockey puck that falls from the sky and into kyle or stan’s yard. The puck has a picture of what the boys realize is Lemmywinx(spelling?) and on the other side is the written prophecy. The prophecy states that the Earth will slowly become shrouded in darkness and upon becoming completely shrouded it will mark the beginning of the end. The planet will slowly freezes away due to lack of sunlight and yada yada yada. The 2nd part which is written in a different color than the 1st part of the prophecy says: Hint- thair iznt wun sayvur, lolquacks (the mighty ducks hockey mask will be right beside this) The 4 boys (is Kenny alive?) will chase after an escaped lemmiwinx into the forest late at night to find the mighty ducks camped out in their hockey gear.(this might be funnier if they run into the forest somewhere other than Colorado so Stan or Kyle could ask why are you wearing hockey outfits when it’s 80degrees out- it’s your show, do whatever.) The hockey gear turns out to be cursed equipment from the Mighty Duck Lord who presides in an invisible space ship that orbits earth. The mighty ducks will further talk about their history and about how they sold the demise of the earth to the duck lord in exchange for unbeatable skating skills. They also exchanged their souls to satan into eternal damnation in order to get their sweet hockey gear. (the scene will cut to hell and satan will be sitting down watching some random tv show and sneeze and his ass slave will respond “they say when you sneeze, someone is talking about you.” Then it just cuts back to the the mighty ducks) One of the boys will say “really?” The mighty duck captian will continue to explain his story while gradually getting more into it: “You ever wonder why other prophecies didn’t work out? They were never truly documented and notarized. You ever wonder why there aren’t any pictures of us in normal clothing ever since we began playing hockey?” Cartman(spelling?) has a brilliant idea and just dips for a second. You see him walking through the forest… possibly scaling down a mountain. Running into town to the notary offices (idk what it’s called). Realizes that it’s closed. Waits and falls asleep while waiting. Wake up to be in a long line. Waits. Gets his turn, finally, and gets a document notarized. The instant the document is notarized he dashes off into the mountains and rejoins the conversation by standing back in his spot. Everyone asks where he went. He says to the notary offices. He looks at his watch and counts down. At the end of the countdown Kyle glows bright red and levitates in the air and at the end of a bright flash he is wearing mighty ducks gear. Cartman laughs his ass off and does his typical Jew routine to Kyle. He shows him the notarized document which prophesized that 1 minute after Cartman returns to the mighty duck camp, Kyle will become a mighty duck. Now Kyle’s soul belongs to satan.

*This climax only works if Kyle is technically considered a ginger.

Kyle is technically a ginger so what happens when a ginger sells his soul? This is known in the realm of Hell as the apocalypse. Satan gathers his army and tells that they will all die unless the ginger’s soul is expelled. Lemmywinx’s brother volunteers to take on the task of getting rid of the ginger’s soul and as a result is sent to earth in the form of a spirit. As a spirit he locates lemmywinx and the fight begins. It’s lemmiwinx vs his ghost of a brother (I forget his name). The mighty ducks and Kyle are the only ones who can see the ghost of lemmiwinx’s brother due to their contract with Satan. “It’s a standard issue perk of this sweet hockey gear,” one of the members will say. They narrate the fight for the 2-3 boys (again is Kenny alive?)**Note the 2 boys only see a hamster getting wounds from out of nowhere) and then they narrate: “Lemmiwinx has won by decapitation! But something isn’t right.” Lemmiwinx’s brother’s spirit gets sucked into lemmiwinx (highlander reference!) and it’s a huge and bright ordeal to the mighty ducks and kyle. Stan and Cartman only see lemmiwinx just standing there and they observe all the previously made wounds heal. Cartman gets mad and wishes he could have sold his soul to satan. (satan sneezes again).
Lemmiwinx then lunges for Cartman’s document and after running a small distance begins to eat it. Cartman doesn’t want Kyle’s ‘soul’ to comeback so he takes the Prophey puck and throws it at lemmiwinx. Upon making contact with lemmiwinx, the puck open up and forms pieces of armor that were perfectly made to fit lemmiwinx. Lemmiwinx, in his new armor, dashes forth at supersonic speeds and disappears. Behind him there is a portal. The mighty ducks explain that the portal must lead to the invisible ship that belongs to the Mighty Duck Lord. They say as property of the mighty duck lord… they cannot enter his domain. Cartman and Stan had to enter and plea for the Duck Lord to not destroy the earth. They would not go unarmed. The 2 were given hockey sticks and then they were wished good luck.
They enter the portal and walk in on Lemmiwinx and the Mighty Duck Lord having conversation in a very intense way. The mighty Duck Lord sits upon a massive throne and in the seat of the throne was a duck pond that was big enough just for him. The Mighty Duck Lord is literally a duck with a mighty duck type hockey mask on. The boys just watch as a duck quacks and a hamster squeaks epically.

Cartman, thinking the same thing may work twice, throws his hockey stick at lemmywinx. What he wanted to happen was for Lemmiwinx to gain new armor or a weapon of some kind. What actually happened was that Lemmiwinx was knocked out from the blow. Stan gets pissed off and starts chasing after Cartman swinging his hockey stick. Cartman doesn’t realize it but he runs toward the Mighty Duck Lord and barely dodges the blow from Stan that would have knocked him out. The receiver of that blow was the Mighty Duck Lord.

Upon the Duck Lord’s death the invisible ship begins its self-destruct sequence. The boys have 5 minutes to escape but Lemmiwinx is still unconscious. The scene switches to lemmiwinx subconscious. In it there is 1 hamster wheel in the background and two hamsters standing on their hind legs ; lemmiwinx and his brother. The two converse; it’s literally just some squeaks and English subtitles. The conversation is as follows:

Lemmiwinx- Where are we?
His brother- We are in the subconscious. That fat kid knocked us out, remember?
Lemmiwinx- oh yeah, right. I remember. Any ideas on how we get out?
His brother- beats me. We usually just fight and then the story progresses
Lemmiwinx- oh yeah, right. Make sense. Shall we?

They fight. Stan and Cartman see a hamster getting flung everywhere while scratches and dents in his armor appear from nowhere.

When lemmiwinx comes too, he dashes forth again, creating another portal. The 2 boys follow and are lead back to the encampment of the Mighty Ducks. They are are just normal Hockey players now but they still have their uniforms. The sky worldwide clears up and all that is in view is a huge explosion that the rest of the world cannot explain. Kyle’s uniform disappears. Cartman get pissed as he forgot to grab the grab the half eaten document from the ship before it exploded and he then curses Satan. Satan sneezes again and lemmiwinx’s brother appears before him. Hell begins to stabilize and Lemmiwinx’s brother is granted 1 wish. He wished for Life again. His wish was granted but the form of life he was given was questionable... to say the least.

*Note- no one on earth but these 3 boys and the mighty ducks know of this prophecy… Stan or Kyle will ask them why they went into hiding if no one knew it was their fault. Dumbfounded the captain of the mighty ducks continues on with his story.

*Note- It’s just broadcasted on the news about strange weather phenomena but no one is alarmed

*Note- there could be several Satan references that cause him to sneeze a bunch that day and it could piss him off.

*Note- when the mighty ducks mention their skating skills... all of them show how they could skate on any terrain. Possibly see some people skating along the mountain face. idk.... just something absurdly funny

***NOTE- I am not a writer for you guys… so anything you see as could use more work… PLEASE DO IT… I’m all about money which is essentially linked with money***

***this is all I can think of, I’m sure you guys can do a lot better job with episode making then I can***

For sh*ts and giggles here is an interesting plot twist for South Park. The return of Kenny… if Lemmiwinx’s brother’s reincarnation didn’t go the way he planned then why not let him come back as Kenny. It would be interesting to see what you guys could do with that.

Sincerely, (this isn’t even a letter)
Temere Rountree

P.S. If this was actually made into an episode of some kind… could ya at least call me or something? I like comedy and money and you guys have plenty of that. I just ask for 2grand minimum, 5 grand max for the rights to this, depending on how decent it could end up being. Lol @ myself for demanding money but yeah… I’m a broke college kid who just had the most amazing dream that I felt needed to be written down and sent to you guys.
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Re: A cool idea (imo) for an episode...

Postby Im_Seriously » Tue Nov 20, 2012 8:24 pm

Yeah...Matt & Trey don't accept ideas for episodes. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Also, consider using paragraphs next time you write fanfic.
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