Based on "UCLA has more Championships than Black Freshman"

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Based on "UCLA has more Championships than Black Freshman"

Postby clangman » Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:48 pm

I'm sick of the reverse racism that goes on in this country, and the only people I know that are willing to touch on such hot topic issues are the kids in South Park.

Huffington post just did an article questioning whether proposition 209 (passed in 1996), which banned state schools from considering race, gender, ethnicity, or national origin in their admission process, should be overturned in favor of affirmative action.

I would love to see Token feel isolated, not getting along with his fellow white classmates and start demanding that more black students be enrolled in the school. One by one we see our beloved South Park characters get kicked out of school to make room for more and more black students. There would be dozens of hysterical stereotypical things that could happen around South Park as a result of the growing black community. But I think the main focus should stay with it's not ok to be racist unless your being racist in the right way. Affirmative action is of course just "postive discrimination" if that makes sense, and South Park needs to showcase how some people can get ahead just because they are not white.

They took our jobs!!!

Thanks for reading

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