Episode Idea - "CBWT"

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Episode Idea - "CBWT"

Postby kewlfrogz » Thu Jan 02, 2014 2:59 pm

CBWT = Cartel Bank We Trust

Inside the bank are tellers, account reps and lawyers. The lawyers have a long line waiting for their services and they are the largest department. They help get people off of drug charges.

In the background is a small line of people with caskets full of money that fit perfectly in the teller windows.

Randy gets busted for marijuana possession with intent to sell or something you could get busted for in Colorado now, he goes to the judge and says "Your honor, indicting me on these charges will cause financial instability with my family and therefore you just can't, here is some pocket change, we good?" And the judge let's him go. Because of this precedence, it goes crazy with everyone doing every illegal thing they can and using this defense and getting away with it.

There is mass panic, chaos and Anarchy. Millions dying from all sorts of crap.

You know what I learned today? That we have laws and we enforce those laws for a reason...no matter who you are.

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Re: Episode Idea - "CBWT"

Postby Big-Will » Mon Jan 06, 2014 9:11 am

We want more than ideas here. We want fanfics, scripts, dialog, settings. This doesn't qualify.
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