First Blood First Serve Chapter 2

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First Blood First Serve Chapter 2

Postby Nick Assburger » Wed Jan 15, 2014 11:38 pm

{Return from Commercial break}

Bus Chase.

{The school bus races through downtown South Park a line of police cars in hot pursuit Sergeants Yates and Murphy are in the lead car.}

Yates: {over the loudspeaker} "Alright you little bus jacker pull it over or we'll force you off the road." {The bus comes to a dead stop causing Yates and Murphy to rear end it} "Oh really funny smart ass" {The bus starts moving again Murphy tries to shoot out the tires but misses hitting the window of a china shop} "Forget it Mitch He's too far away" {{He gets on the police radio}} "Attention all units this Sergeant Yates suspect is heading west on Main Street towards the bridge is the road block ready?"

Police radio: "We're ready sir."

Yates: "Good When he gets there we'll shoot out the tires."

Murphy: "Sir Isn't that a little extreme? He's just a kid."

Yates: "Oh right forget that last order don't shoot out the tires repeat don't shoot out the tires."

Police radio: "I see him I repeat I have visual on the suspect vehicle."

Yates: "Close the gap we're on our way." {{The get back in the battered police car and continue pursuit}}

{{Meanwhile on the bus Conner and Benjamin see the blockade in front of them several police cruisers block the way with at least a dozen police officers aiming at him.}}

Conner: "It's a roadblock there's no way around!!!"

Benjamin: "If we can't go around we'll go through them Brace yourself" {Conner braces himself behind a seat as Benjamin accelerates towards the blockade}}


Policeman 2: "He's not stopping He's not stopping"

Policeman 3: "Jesus Christ He's gonna Ram us." {{The cops scatter as the bus smashes through the parked cruisers and continues across the bridge.}}

{Back to Yates and Murphy}

Police Radio: "The suspect did not stop repeat the suspect did not stop, no injuries but we're down two cruisers Suspect is heading into the mountains."

Yates: "Damn it!" { He slams the dashboard with his fist.} "Contact the station tell them to get the chopper ready we'll need the eye in the sky to find him."

Police Radio: "Yes sir."

Yates: "And contact the school counselor we might need him."

Police: "Negative sir our unit at the school tells me he was injured in suspects escape!"

Yates: "Then find someone else anyone else! I'm gonna get this delinquent if it's the last thing I do".

{Meanwhile on the mountain road the smashed up bus's engine gives out.}

Benjamin: {Tries to get it started again} "Come on come on damn it the engines shot to sh*t."

Conner: {Is berating himself in the back of the bus} "What are you a f*cking idiot Conner what were you thinking bringing an M16 rifle into a public school? You should have remembered it was in your bag you f*ck head!"

Benjamin: "Conner! {Conner looks over to him} The engine's totaled we gotta go." {He gets off while Conner gathers his bag and rifle.}

Conner: "I'm coming!" {Conner climbs off the bus and the two brothers head off on foot into the Colorado wilderness}

{Back at the school the kids are being released to to their parents who are understandably relieved.}

Sharon: {Hugs Stan tearfully} "Oh Stan my poor baby I was so scared."

Randy: {is very emotional} "Oh Stan we thought you would be dead." {holds Stan very tight and sobs}}

Stan: {Grunts from the tight hug} "Dad I'm fine."

Sheila: "Oh My Little Bubbula" {Hugs Kyle tightly with tears in her eyes} "I was worried sick."

Gerald: "It's going to okay Kyle Mommy and Daddy are here."

Kyle: "Mom Promise me your not gonna make a big deal out of this."

Liane: {Who showed up at school with three gentlemen in her "work clothes"} "Oh Poopsie kins I hope you weren't too scared during this whole ordeal." {She smothers Cartman with kisses}

Cartman: "Mom Gross stop it!"

Liane: "I got you some spare Wellington bear undies to change into."

Cartman: "MAHM Seriously!!"

Kyle: "Hey Cartman can your mom bring some Wellington bear undies." {Both he and Stan laugh}


Carol: "My babies my babies" {she picks a shaking and sobbing Karen while Kevin and Kenny hug her legs}

Stuart: "Don't worry kids your safe now."

Stephen "Oh Butters"{sobs} "Butters you wonderful wonderful boy" {He and Linda hold him tight}}

Linda: "Mommy was scared she'd see her beautiful baby boy again."

Butters: "Aw shucks I'm I going to grounded?"

Stephen: "Only for a month son we promise."

{The parents take their kids home.}

Stan's Bedroom.

{Stan goes up to his room and calls Kyle}

{Kyle's lying down on his bed when his phone rings he sees it's Stan and picks up.}}

Kyle: "Hey dude."

Stan: "Hey are you doing alright?"

Kyle: "My Parents are a little hysterical at the moment but I'm guess I'm alright."

Stan: "Yeah my Mom hasn't gotten off the couch since we got home. It's all over the news."

{Kyle goes downstairs to see his parents watching tv Sheila is holding Ike tightly in her arms while Gerald has his arm around her shoulder.}

Sheila: "Kyle come sit with Mommy I want to be sure your safe."

Kyle: "I'll call you back Stan."

Stan: "Yeah later" {he hangs up breaths a heavy sigh and goes over to sock drawer and takes out his bottle of Jamison.}

{Meanwhile Kyle's family continues to watch the news with Kyle seated in Geralds lap.}

Tv: "It's been two hours since the terrifying incident at South Park Elementary where Police say this boy 10 year old Conner Kurtz brought a loaded weapon to school and hijacked a school bus. as of this hour the only fatality was Snowbell the Guinea pig beloved pet of School Truant Officer Rip Galt who suffered a shattered testicle when the suspect struck him in the junk with his weapon. {The scene transitions to the Marsh family living room where the family minus Stan is also transfixed to their tv.} As of this hour the fugitive 10 year old remains at large however Police Sergeant Harrison Yates assures us that he will be in custody by nightfall. "

{ The scene transitions to Cartman's living room where Cartman is watching tv surrounded by mountains of cake cookies and ice cream}

Liane: "Are you feeling better my poor little snookums?"

Cartman: {in his scared innocent voice} "Yes Mommy" {fake sniff} "I'm feeling much better." {Liane plants a kiss on his cheek}

Liane: "If you need anything else just let mommy know." {Liane goes back to the kitchen.}

Cartman: "Sweet!"

Tv: "It is still not known how the suspect acquired the dangerous weapon's with which he tried to kill innocent children with but police are investigating the matter."

Mr Kitty: "Meow?"

Cartman: "No Kitty this is my KFC sundae."

Mr kitty: "Meow!"

Cartman: "No kitty thats a bad kitty!"

{The scene transitions to the Mccormick Residence Stuart and Carol sit with their children on the couch Kevin sits next to Stuart while Kenny sits next to Carol and Karen sits on Kenny's lap shaking and holding on to him}

Tv: "We now go live to Mayor McDaniels who is giving a press conference at city hall."

McDaniels: {is clearly putting on tears hoping to attract media attention} "As you all know the safety of our darling children is priority number one for my administration." {she changes to a stern tone} "And we will not stand this senseless and evil act of violence on the children of our community." {The scene Changes to the Stotch residence} "I've called upon all available Law enforcement both local and state to hunt down this juvenile delinquent." {The scene changes to the Tweak residence} We Will not rest until this psychopath is in custody"

{{Meanwhile back in the wilderness Conner and Benjamin come across an abandoned lumber yard they look up at the sky to the sounds of helicopter blades}}

Benjamin: "Get down!" {They both go prone behind a lumber pile as the chopper passes by} "All clear."

Conner: "What now?"

Benjamin: *takes out his compass * "The tree line to the northwest has more cover we'll head that way." {{The two brother's leave the lumberyard for the the cover of the trees.}}

{{Meanwhile up in the helicopter Sergeants Yates and Murphy along with Truant Officer Galt are working with Jimbo and Ned on the ground in the search for Conner.}

Yates: "Kern's any sign of the fugitive over?"

{Jimbo and Ned are at the crash site of the bus with several background cops}

Jimbo: "Jimbo here we found the bus but it looks like he ran off on foot after the bus hit a guard rail over."

Yates: "Any signs where he might have gone?"

Jimbo: "Don't you worry Sergeant my o'l buddy Ned will sniff him out." {Ned is sniffing around the crash site on all fours like a dog}

Ned: "Mmm Jimbo I got a trail." {Jimbo rushes over}

Jimbo: "What is it Ned?"

Ned: "Mmm Look" { He points to a single trail of boot prints leading into the woods}

Jimbo: "Hmm children's size 11 and a half junior jungle boots. I wore a pair of those when I was a boy, Our little fugitive is a military brat. C'mon Ned lets go."

Ned: "Mmm bark bark" {{He begins sniffing out Conner's trail as Jimbo and the cops follow.}}

{Back to the helicopter}

Yates: "By God we got him."

Galt: "I can't wait to get my hands on that little bastard!"

Yates: "Kerns I want up to the minute reports contact me as soon you spot him over and out."

{{Meanwhile Conner and Benjamin have reached a rocky stream at the the river northwest of town.}}

Conner: {stops to catch his breath} "Any sign of them?"

Benjamin: {Looks through his rifle scope} "All clear we can rest for a bit." {takes his canteen and fills it at the stream then walks over to Conner.} "Here." {hands it to him}

Conner: {Smiles at his brother and takes a drink} "Thanks." { He offers it to Benjamin.}

Benjamin: {waves his hand} "I'm alright for now, besides we need to conserve water." {They look up the sky to see thunderclouds forming} "We have to get inside fast there should be caves up at a higher elevation" {They cross the stream and head deeper into the hills.}

{Back in the helicopter}

Pilot: "Sir the weather looks like it might take a turn for the worse, we should probably head back."

Yates: "We turn back when I say it's time to turn back." "Murphy Get Kerns back on the horn see If he's found anything." {Murphy picks up the radio}

Murphy: "This is Sgt Murphy calling Jimbo Kerns do you read me over?"

Jimbo: {over the radio} "I read you loud and clear over."

Murphy: "Have you found any trace of the suspect over?

{Scene transition to the stream where Ned is sniffing around like a dog.}

Jimbo: "We had the trail for a moment but lost him around the stream, hold on a moment." {Ned begins following the scent again} "Ha that kid's sharp alright he crossed the stream so we couldn't follow his trail."

Ned: "Hmm I'd wager he's headed for higher elevation."

Jimbo: "Ned say's he's probably BIRD!!!" {Jimbo draws his gun and blows away a blue bird} ""Ned thinks he's probably headed for a higher elevation. you'll probably see him before we do over."

Murphy: "Well keep us updated over and out."

Jimbo: "Copy that Jimbo over and out. Alright Ned do your thing." {Ned starts sniffing around}}

{Meanwhile Conner and Benjamin are running through the tree line when they run into a cliff face.}

Conner: "Great a dead end should we go back?"

Benjamin: "They're probably already at the stream by now they'll be coming this way."

{Conner looks down the cliff there's a steep drop with a raging river below and a few tall trees.}

Conner: "It's a dead end." {He suddenly hears the helicopter coming back} "The helicopter's back we're exposed!" { In the Helicopter Yates Murphy and Garrison spot him}

Pilot: "Hold on I see him {gets on the radio} This is helicopter Abel we sighted the suspect he's on the cliffside of Beard's Gorge requesting backup for capture.?

Yates: "We got him now Murphy."

{The news room}

Tom Pusslicker: "We have breaking news the fugitive 4th grader who earlier tried to shoot up South Park Elementary has been found and cornered we now take you live to our reporter in our channel four copter piloted by a man with really really bad case of Agromegaly."

Agromegaly man: "Thanks Tom as you can see police have cornered 10 year old fugitive Conner Kurtz."

{Stan's living room}

Stan: "Holy sh*t!"

Sharon: "Stan Language!"

{Kyle's Living room}

Kyle: "Oh my god!"

{Cartman's living room now full of empty ice cream bowls and cake stands.}

Cartman: "Whoa Awesome!!"

{Kenny's living room}

{Karen is crying onto Kenny's shoulder while Stuart and Carol Huddle}

{back on the cliff}

Conner: "Damn it what do we do?"

Benjamin: "This way" {he climbs over the side of the cliff and starts climbing down with Conner closely behind him.}



{Galt pulls out a rifle and loads it.}

Murphy: "What are you doing We're just supposed to spot him."

Galt: "I'll spot him alright." {He leans out of the helicopter takes aim and fires at Conner}


Benjamin: {Looks down down at the tall tree below} "Keep climbing I have a plan!!"

{Stan's living room}

Stan: {Seeing the gunfire on tv} Jesus Christ why are they shooting at him?

Sharon: "Stan go to your room."

{Stan runs upstairs and dials Kyle}

{Kyle's Living room}

Sheila: "Oh Sweet Jehovah!" "Kyle go to your room right now Mommy doesn't want you watching this." {Kyle's phone rings}

Kyle: "That's okay Mom Stan's calling me anyway."

Gerald: "Take your little brother with you."

Kyle: "C'mon Ike."

Ike: "Red Firetruck!" {They both go upstairs}

Murphy: "Galt are you crazy we want him alive."

Galt: "Out of my way Murphy that bastard killed Snowbell and shattered my right testicle!"

Pilot: "We're just supposed to spot him not shoot him!"

Galt:{Turns to the pilot} "If you don't fly this thing right, I swear to God I'm gonna kill you." {he takes aim and fires at Conner again causing him to lose his grip on the cliff. Conner looks down and sees the trees below}

Benjamin: "CONNER! HOLD ON I'M COMING!!!" {He begins to descend the cliff to reach Conner}

{Kyle's stairway}

Kyle: {Picks up the phone} "Stan!"

Stan: {from his stairway} "Dude are you seeing this?"

Kyle: "Yeah."

Stan: "Why are they shooting at him?"

Kyle: I don't know."

Tv: "Tom I think I've just heard what sounds like gunfire coming from the cliff we can't get in for a closer look due to the thermal draft but we'll try to cover what we can from here."

{Back at the cliff}

Jimbo on the radio: "Yates Talk to me dammit what's going on?" {Galt fires again!}

Galt: "I got you now you little sh*t." {He takes aim at Conner again who realizes it's now or never and jumps from the face of the cliff}

Benjamin: "CONNNNNNEEEEERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!"

Yates: "OH MY GAWD!!!!!!"

Murphy: "I CAN'T LOOK!!!!"


Kyle: CONNER!!!!

Cartman: WHOA WAY COOL!!

Kenny: ("OH MY GOD!") {holds Karen close to his chest}

Butters: "HOLY HAMBURGERS!!!!"



McDaniels: "This is not gonna look good for my approval ratings!"

Aide: "Mayor the mic's still on" {Her eyes widen.}


Trey and Matt: {Hold each other tight}



{Conner Plummets into a thicket of trees the branches breaking his fall. He tumbles down until he gets his sleeve caught and ripped on a sharp limb which cuts deep into his right arm}}

Conner: "ARRAHH!!!!" {He manages to pull he sleeve free land falls to the ground below as the chopper moves in closer.}

Pilot: "I see him he's alright. {Galt fires another shot forcing Conner to dive for cover.}

Galt: Get in closer I almost got him."

Pilot: "No."

Galt: What did you say? {he points the gun at the pilot}

Yates: "Alright Galt this has gone on long enough."

Galt: {leans out of the chopper} "Keep it steady." {He fires again.}

{Conner ducks behind the tree as Galt fires on him}

Galt: {shows a view of Conner in Galt's Scope sights} "I got you now soldier boy."

{Suddenly Conner looks up to see his brother crash through the branches and land in front of him.}

Benjamin: "CONNER GET DOWN!!!!!" {He shoves Conner to the ground just as Galt fires again} "SHOOT AT MY LITTLE BROTHER YOU f*ckin SON OF A BITCH!!" {He picks up a rock} "CHOKE ON THIS !!!!!!" {He throws the rock at the helicopter hitting Galt in his not shattered testicle and causing him to fall out of the helicopter and into the gorge below.}


{He lands on his testicles shattering both of them}

Yates: "Galt!!!!"


{His scream echoes through the gorge and over the Rockies.}

Murphy: "Oooh thats gotta hurt!"

{Cut to Commercial Break.}

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