First Blood First Serve Chapter 3

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First Blood First Serve Chapter 3

Postby Nick Assburger » Sat Jan 18, 2014 2:52 am

{Return from Commercial break}

{{We begin with a shot of the gorge as the helicopter lands as Yates, and Murphy step out to rescue Galt who's gone into vegetative state caused by the trauma to his testicles .}

Murphy: "GALT GALT!!! SPEAK TO ME DAMMIT!!" {He shakes Galt}

Yates: {Puts his hand on Murphy's shoulder} "It's no use Mitch he's gone into a testicular vegetative state."

Murphy: "Jesus Christ!!"

{{Meanwhile behind the tree Conner and Benjamin catch a breath of relief}}

Benjamin: "Just hold still Conner I've got to take a look at that scratch." {by now the scratch from the fall earlier has stained Conner's sleeve a dark red}

{Benjamin removes Conner's jacket and his lighter field jacket revealing a dark green t shirt and a large scratch on his upper right arm}

Conner: {Winces} "Just do what you gotta do" {Benjamin opens the handle on his Ka bar knife and pulls out a thread and needle begins Stitching Conner's wound}

{Conner grits his teeth as tears sting his eyes from the pain until finally Benjamin finishes}}

Benjamin: "I know it hurts Bro but I'm almost done." {He finishes stitching } "We need to get you to a doctor on the double."

{Conner looks down at the police in the gorge below and decides it's best they give themselves up}}

{Back in the gorge Yates radio's for back up}

Yates: "This is Yates we had the suspect but it he refused to comply with orders over."

Radio: "What happened?"

Yates: "Galt got a little trigger happy!! and we lost him in the gorge?"

Radio: "Jesus Christ! is he okay?"

Yates: Negative his testicles are both shattered and he's gone into a testicular vegetative state."

Radio: "Roger that listen Yates you picked one picked one hell of a kid to fight, this came over the fax machine just a few minutes ago Connor Kurtz is a Young Marine." "The youth group reported him MIA presumed killed along with his whole family in the Peruvian Pandemic. Say's here he's qualified in survival skills, hand to hand combat, weapons training, junior leadership you name it. "

Murphy: "I knew there was something about that Kid I just knew it."

Yates: "Alright alright calm down Mitch so he's not you average kid but he's still a kid." {Turns back to the radio} "Listen I need back up at the foot of the gorge and hurry the weather looks like it might take a turn for the worse over and out."

{A flash of lightning and clap of thunder echo}

Murphy: "Sir Look!"

{Conner comes out hiding with his hands in the air}

Murphy: "I think he wants to turn himself.


{Yates grabs Galt's rifle in a fit of rage and aims at Conner}




Conner: "BUT I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING?" {someone opens fire forcing Conner to take cover and draw his own handgun." }

{ Yates and Murphy hears the shots and assuming it's Conner return fire with M16s of their own as Conner takes cover behind the rocks}

Yates: "He's behind the rocks." {ducks from one of Conner's shots}

Conner: "Damn it they got us pinned down." {Checks his gun to see he only has two bullets left} "Not good" {he draws his Ka Bar}

Yates: "He's stopped firing I think we got him." {They close in for the capture when a burst of rifle fire erupts forcing them to duck for cover} TAKE COVER!!!!

{Benjamin steps out and fires on the Police}

Benjamin: "Conner This way!!!" {He cover's his Brother while they flee into the woods.}

{Yates, Murphy, and the pilot take cover till the sounds of gunfire stop}

Yates: "They're gone."

Murphy: "Who the hell was shooting?"

{Officer Barbrady steps out holding his gun and a sandwich with a dead raccoon holding it.}

Barbrady: "Sorry this pesky raccoon was trying to steal my sandwich." {He tries to shake it off} "Let go dammit!"

{{Meanwhile in the woods Conner and Benjamin finally stop to catch their breath}}

Conner: "Thanks for saving me back there."

Benjamin: "What are brothers for? You watch my back I watch yours."

Conner: "Why did they start shooting at us?"

Benjamin: "You got me, but if they want a war we'll give it to them." {Benjamin pulls a branch down and starts sharpening it}

Conner: "Right" *grabs some mud and applies it to his face*

The Gorge.

{Jimbo and Ned along with a handful of Truant officers arrive at the Gorge.}

Jimbo: "Alright what's this I heard about" {gets a look at Galt's face} "Good God I haven't seen a man's balls shattered that badly since Nam."

Ned: "mmm This isn't good Jimbo." {taps his wooden balls}

Jimbo: "I hear you Ned That had to hurt."

Yates: "The Kid's fled North toward the mountains."

Ned:mmm "We got him now there's no way out except through us."

Jimbo: "Alright men you have your orders we'll split into two teams and search the area for him, You are not to fire on him... OH MY GOD THAT BEAVER'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!!!" {Do I really have to type what happens next?}
"Anyway back to what I was saying safety's on we want him alive."

Ned: "Hmm move out!"

{{The posse moves into the woods ahead not knowing of what danger lies ahead, Ned leads the way as their smell hound}

Ned: {sniffing on the ground} "Hmm I've got his scent."

Jimbo: "That a boy Ned go get him." {Ned follows the scent over a log and gets caught in a snare that leaves him dangling from a tree}


Jimbo: "NED!!! HOLD ON BUDDY!!!" {Jimbo runs up to cut Ned down}

Truant officer: "I SEE HIM!!! *Points to Conner standing on a ledge before he disappears behind a tree*

Yates: "Get after him." {Yates leads the Truant officers after him only to find.}

Truant officer: "IT'S SOME KIND OF SCARECROW!! {He touches it causing it to fire a sharpened wood dart into his arm}} "ARRGH HELLLLLPPPPPP MEEEEE!!!!"


Sanderson: "OH MY GOD!!!" {The other Truant officers rush to his aid}

Murphy: "Just hold on we're gonna get you out of here."

Sanderson {cry's out in pain}

Murphy: "Hanson, take care of Sanderson: the rest of you on me!"

{ Yates, Murphy and the Truant officers spread out to find Conner only to meet the same fate as the Sanderson.}

{A Truant officer walks past a tree and triggers a punji trap which pierces his legs}

Truant Officer!: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Murphy: "Oh my God!"

{Murphy rushes to help him but is stabbed in the leg from behind a tree by Conner who is illuminated by a flash of lightning}

Murphy: "ARHH! YATES!! YATES HELP ME!!!!!"

Yates: {Hears Murphy's scream and rushes to help} "JESUS CHRIST NOT YOU TOO" {He takes his tie off and wraps it around Murphy's leg like a tourniquet} Listen to me Murphy we're going to get you out of here now I need you to hold on. {He moves to help the deputy get his legs out of the punji trap}

{Meanwhile Conner watches from tree top as two more Truant officers look for him down below}

Black Truant officer: {nervous} "What the hell's going on I thought we had him."

Mustached Truant officer: "We're not hunting he's hunting us!!"

{Conner draws out his rifle and bayonet, He slashes one truant officer in the leg and stabs the other in the leg. Their Screams echo across the forest as Officer Barbrady runs off screaming like a little girl only to grabbed from behind by Conner who holds a knife to the incompetent officers throat!

Conner: {in a cold menacing voice} "We could have killed them all we could kill you," In town your the law, well sort of, not really." "Out here it's us don't push it don't push it or we'll give you a war you won't believe." "Let it go Let it go." {He releases Barbrady and disappears into the woods}

Barbrady: {Breaks down hysterically in shock and fear}

{Cut to Commercial break.}

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