First Blood First Serve Chapter 4

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First Blood First Serve Chapter 4

Postby Nick Assburger » Sun Jan 19, 2014 1:40 am

{Return From Commercial Break}

{Base camp at the bridge.}

{The mood of the base camp is frantic with the injured truant officers being brought in by helicopter to waiting ambulances and State Police and National guard and ATF mobilizing behind them. Tom Reports live on the scene }

Tom: "Somewhere in this rugged mountain countryside possibly above the snow line Ten year old fugitive Conner Kurtz is hiding, Units of the Colorado State Police and local members of the National Guard and ATF are being mobilized to assist. What still remains unexplained by local authorities is just how and where the former Young Marine came into possession of the weapons with which he tried to shoot up a local elementary school and then tried to kill four school truant officers two police detectives and three local volunteers and with which he shattered the testicles of one Truant officer leaving him in a testicular vegetative state. only their skilled training saved their lives and the Chief of Police says he is sure the suspect will be in custody in a matter of hours back to you in the studio Kevin." {The tv is turned off. as the scene switches to the Town Hall which is as usual for these situations is all full of Raddle.}

Concerned Adults: "Raddle Raddle Raddle Raddle."

Mayor: "Alright People settle down I know were are all a little unsettled by what's happening but If we slow down and speak one."

Sheila: "Mayor how could we let a child bring a loaded weapon into our school and endanger our children's lives like this?"

Sharon: "What's being done to keep our children safe?"

Mrs Tweak: "Who's to blame for all of this?"

Adults: "Raddle Raddle Raddle Raddle."

{In the back of the hall The kids are sitting down discussing the latest Hullabaloo.}

Stan: "Dude I know I say this a lot but this is pretty f*cked up right here."

Kyle:"Yeah I got a feeling it's going to be one of those days."

Cartman: "What are you two assh*les complaining about we got out of school early."

Stan: "Cartman there's more going on than just being let out early so you go home and eat cheesy poofs all day."

Butters: "I-I'm scared fellers I mean what if he comes back?"

Tweek: "Oh Sweet Jesus what if he's outside on a roof with a rifle waiting to pick us off?" {He pulls on his hair in his typical fashion.}

Cartman: "Well in that case Tweek I'd get my affairs in order I saw him looking at you on the bus He was definitely thinking about killing you!"

Tweek: "GAH!!! OH MY GOD I DON'T TO DIE!!!!"

{Clyde breaks down crying as Craig walks up to Cartman and punches him in the head}

Cartman: "Ay Craig you assh*le I'll tell on you" {Craig just flips him off}

Craig: "Shut up and sit down."

Kyle: "What do you think Kenny?"

Kenny: (("I got a feeling I'm gonna die again?"))

Kyle: "Again? Kenny what are you talking about?"

Kenny: (("I keep telling you I die all the time" {sighs} "Just forget it."))

{Meanwhile The adults continues to ramble on in typical fashion}

Adults: "Raddle Raddle Raddle Raddle."

Mayor: "People people please I assure that every possible measure is being taken to deal with this crisis," {The crowd continues to ramble} "People If we can just {The crowd continues rambling} "If we can just speak one at a time" {The crowd continues rambling} {sighs} "What on earth possessed God in Heaven to make a kid like Kurtz."

{The doors to the city hall fly open and the crowd goes silent, A Middle aged but physically fit man dressed as a Drill Instructor walks into the room}

DI: "God Didn't make Conner, I made him."

Mayor: "And who are you?"

DI: "Barry Halfcock Master Gunnery Sergeant Barry Halfcock."

Mayor: "And what can we do for you Sergeant Hat Cough?"

Halfcock: "It's Halfcock and I've come to get my boy back."

Shelia: {stands up} "Excuse me your boy?"

Halfcock: "Yes Ma'm I Recruited him, I trained him I commanded him since he was eight years old, I'd say that makes him mine."

Gerald: "But why did they send you down here? If the boy's a runaway then we should let the police handle him."

Halfcock: "I think you misunderstood me, I didn't come to rescue Conner from you, I came to save you from him."

Randy: "Hold on a second Sergeant Hoodhawk I think your giving him a little too much credit huh huh Hoodhawk."

Sharon: "Yeah I mean even if you trained him like you said you did he's still just a kid."

Halfcock: "What's your name Ma'm?"

Sharon: "Sharon Marsh sir."

Halfcock: "Mrs Marsh you don't seem to understand that we're dealing with an expert in Survival and Guerrilla warfare, with a kid who's the best, With guns with knives with his bare hands, A Kid who's been trained to ignore pain to ignore weather, to survive in the wilderness, to live off the land, to eat things that would make the lunch lady puke. In The Young Marines his job was to improvise, adapt and overcome. There was nobody better in his platoon."

Mayor: "Alright Sergeant! alright you've got us all pretty scared what do you and the Young Marines propose we do about your psycho out there?"

Halfcock: "Let him go, for now defuse the whole situation defuse him, provide him a little gap and let him slip through it. Then put out a Statewide APB in a couple of weeks you'll pick him up in Denver or someplace, shoveling driveways, there won't be a fight and nobody else will get hurt."

Mrs Testaburger: "That's outrageous! He's a threat to our children's safety we can't just let him go."

Halfcock: "Well if you send anymore people out there they'll just get killed, Your Posse was very lucky to get out alive."

Yates: "You know we're just a small hick town police department but we expect our police officers to do their duty just like our little heroes in the Young Marines".

Halfcock: "In the Young Marines We teach kids to stay alive in the line of duty."

Yates: "Well no sh*t Sergeant I never thought of that?"

Halfcock: "I don't like your tone Sergeant, You want a war you can't win?"

Yates: "Are you telling me 200 men against one kid is a no win situation?"

Halfcock: {Turns to leave} "If you send that many don't forget one thing."

Mayor: "What?"

Halfcock: "A good supply of ice bags for your balls."{ Overdramatic thunder clap}

{Halfcock leaves the room with the boys following close behind.}

Kyle: "Sergeant Hat Cough."

Halfcock: What is it?

Kyle: "My name's Kyle and I was wondering is it really true what you said about Conner? That's he's trained to kill and stuff?"

Halfcock: "Every word of it Son."

Kyle: "But doesn't he have any family? On the bus he told us he was from San Diego and he had a patch on his Jacket that said US Young Marine Corps San Diego."

Halfcock: "You actually talked to him?"

Stan: "Yeah he just walked up to us at the bus stop this morning."

Halfcock: "Just like that, nothing happened on the bus?"

Stan: No Everything was normal until after we got to class, then everything just went nuts?

Clyde: "Sgt Hopcod?"

Halfcock: It's Hapcod I mean Halfcock !"

{The boys all break into laughter for several seconds until only Cartman is left laughing.}

Clyde: What did I say?

Cartman: {breaks down laughing into tears} AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

{Continues laughing until Halfcock shouts at him}


{Cartman gulps and sits down stifling a giggle.}

Halfcock: "What did you want to say son?"

Clyde: "It's just I was talking with some of the other guys and they said Mr Mackey and the truant officers were kind of hard on Conner".

Halfcock: "Hard how?"

Clyde: "Well they said they heard that one of the Truant officers beat him."

Halfcock: "Jesus Fubar Christ!"

Stan: "Sergeant Hairblock?"

Halfcock: "Halfcock!"

Stan: "Sorry Sir you didn't tell us what happened to Conner's family."

Halfcock: "Alright sit down and I'll tell you."

{Cut to Commercial Break.}

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