First Blood First Serve Chapter 5

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First Blood First Serve Chapter 5

Postby Nick Assburger » Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:51 am

{Return from Commercial Break}

{Sgt Halfcock tells the boys about Conner's past.}

Halfcock: "Conner was 8 years old when he joined us." { The scene transitions to Conner who's hiding in a mine shaft, He has two M16s several magazines, a police radio and a lit fire. He looks at a picture of his family while Benjamn tends to his wounded arm. We zoom in on the picture while Sgt Halfcock narrates.}

Halfcock: "His Parents and Older brother were all in the Marine Corps, His Father Dwight was a 1st SGT and a veteran of The American-Canadian War, Afghanistan and Iraq." "His Mother Sarah was a Senior Drill Instructor MST Gunnery SGT before she married Dwight "She wore the pants in the house. and then there was Benjamin his Older Brother." {Conner looks up at Benjamin and smiles*} "Conner looked up to him as a role model, always talked about how he wanted to be like Benjamin when he grew up."

Stan: "What happened to them?"

Halfcock: "The Pandemic happened Son." {Conner's mind flashes back through a fast incoherent sequence of memories. First he is in a car with his family a Guinea Steer rams into it. Next a wounded Sarah pulls Conner out of the wrecked vehicle but not before one of the guinea pigs scratches him across the face. the third memory shows Sarah Carrying him to safety as Dwight and Benjamin in full combat gear hold off four giant guinea pigs.



{{The next memory shows a gravely injured Sarah holding Conner in her bloody lap. The final memory shows Conner walking back to the wreckage of the car Benjamin who is now fully healed is waiting for him.}}


Conner: {Through teary eyes} "Benjamin!!" {He runs up and hugs him}

Benjamin: "Where's Mom?"

Conner: "S-S-She She she's... {Conner breaks down crying.}

Benjamin: "I'm sorry we tried to buy you two some time."

Conner: "Where's Dad?"

Benjamin: "He's...Gone Bro."

{Conner starts crying into Benjamin's shoulder.}

Benjamin: "Listen to me Conner It isn't safe here we have to go."

Conner: "Go where?"

Benjamin: "I don't know."

{They gather up the weapons and supplies from the car and pack them up as the flashback ends.}

Conner: "Hey Ben?"

Benjamin: "Yes Bro?"

Conner: "I miss Mom and Dad."

Benjamin: "I miss them too."

{The radio crackles to life. Conner and Benjamin both turn to look at it.}

Radio: "Attention Conner Kurtz Attention Conner Kurtz If you can hear this you little shoot e'm up Sally then here's the situation." { The scene transitions to the Council meeting Hall where The Mayor and the Council are sitting watching as Mr Mackey now sporting a bandaged head and bruised ribs tries to contact Conner.}

"You are outnumbered 200 to one M'kay every exit out of the mountains is sealed every road every highway and every firebreak M'kay. "There is no escape you little bastard! So you might as well make it easy on yourself and turn yourself in M'kay".

{Gerald concerned about Mr Mackey's tone pushes him aside to talk to Conner.}

Gerald: "Conner I want you to know that we just don't want anyone else to get hurt We promise your service in the Young Marines will be taken into consideration if you turn yourself in."

{From the back we can see Token and Craig eavesdropping on the meeting. They rush back to tell the guys.}

Token: "Guys They're trying to contact Conner on the radio."

Kyle: "What did they say?"

Craig: "We didn't anything but it didn't look like he was going to pick up."

Stan: Come on guys lets go. {The boys plus Sgt Halfcock head for the council room}

Kyle: "Mayor!"

Mayor: "What now?"

Gerald: "Kyle what are you doing here?"

Kyle: "Dad can we try talking to Conner?"

Gerald: "No Kyle this is serious besides he's not responding?"

Halfcock: "No surprise there He's not gonna break radio silence for the authorities."

Mr Mackey: "Well then Sgt why don't your little psycho and see If you can persuade him to spare our lives."

Sgt Halfcock: "You want me to flush him out for you? That's like bringing the mice to the snake."

Dr Adams: "Or the Young Boys to the Penn State Locker room Heh heh {Nobody laughs} Thats okay I got a million of them like try this one a Penn State Administrator walks into a bar."

{Cartman and Kenny both facepalm}

Cartman: "Oh My God would you just shut the f*ck up!"

Stan: "Yeah Dude your not funny"

Dr Adams: "Aw C'mon are you kidding there kidding right?"

{The council just stares at him}

Dr Adams: "What about?... Oh I got one... I'll shut up now"

Cartman: "Jesus Christ"

Kyle: "Can we try it Dad?"

Gerald: I suppose so. {He gets up and lets Halfcock sit down.}

Halfcock: "Company leader calling Cobra come in. Cobra Company leader calling Cobra Company leader to Cobra talk to me Conner." {Conner and Benjamin are resting when they hear Halfcock over the radio. Conner picks it up.}
"Company Leader to identified Baker Team, Kurtz, Mezner, Ortega, Parker, Stone, Delmore, Danforth Confirm. This is Gunnery Sergeant Halfcock talk to me Conner."

{The council listens to with anticipation to see If Conner will pick up. finally when it seems they were unsuccessful the silence breaks.}
Conner: "They're all gone sir."

Halcock: "Conner are you alright over?"

Conner: "Baker team their all dead sir."

Halfcock: "Their not Dead Conner they made it out alive."

Conner: "It's good to hear that sir."

Halfcock: "It's good to hear your voice again Conner, listen you've done some damage down here."

{Meanwhile in the next room Sgt's Yates and Murphy listen in on the radio chatter and triangulate Conner's position.}

Murphy: "He's Northwest."

Halfcock: "That's why I've come I'm gonna come in and fly the hell out of there just like old times."

Conner: "Where did you come from sir?"

Halfcock: "San Diego."

Conner: "How are things in San Diego?"

Halfcock: "Same as always still sitting little devil dogs like you through obedience school."

Conner: "I wish I was back at San Diego now."

Halfcock: "We'll talk about it when you come in."

Conner: "I'm afraid we can't do that sir?"

Halfcock: "Look Conner we can't have you running around friendly schools with guns now can we?"

Conner: "They're are no more friendly schools."

Halfcock: "I'm your friend Conner, I stuck it out with you through and through all the way through Boot Camp when you were knee deep in all those scrapes and bruises. I wiped your nose more than once. Seems like bailing you out of trouble is beginning to become a lifetime job for me."

Conner: "They're wouldn't be any trouble except for that King sh*t Counselor, {everyone in the room looks at Mackey} All I wanted was a chance to explain but the man kept pushing us."

Halfcock: "I understand you did some pushing of your own Conner."

Conner: "They drew First Blood not me."

Halfcock: "Listen to me Conner let me come in and get out of there, I don't want you up on that mountain alone."

Conner: "I'm not alone Sir Benjamin's with me."

Halfcock: "Benjamin? That's impossible Conner you and I {sigh} You and I both know Benjamin is gone."


Halfcock: "Conner I know it hurts what happened to your folks but they're gone now."

Conner: "No Benjamin is still with me He's here right now."

Halfcock: "Then I can I talk to him?"

Benjamin: "Conner we have to cut the chatter they're tracking us."

Conner: "I have to go now sir over and out." {He turns off the radio.}

Halfcock: :Conner? Conner? Conner do you read me? Conner come in? Company leader to Cobra? Come in" {sighs}

{Yates and Murphy come into the room}

Yates: "That's it Sgt Haircough we got him, As soon as the weather clears up we're putting every man we've got on that ridge."

Halfcock: {rises out of the chair and talks to him} "After what's happened you still think you have a chance Sgt Yates?"

Yates: "We've got the State Police we've got the National Guard and we've got ATF Agents are you saying that's not enough to catch your little bastard out there?"

Halfcock: "I'm saying your dealing with someone who's been trained never to retreat never to surrender, someone who's been trained to eliminate anything that stands in his way."

Yates: "And that we can't police our own community?"

Halfcock: "Don't be an assh*le Yates If a Blizzard or an avalanche ripped through your community you tell your police force to stay inside and wait it out. Now this kid is an avalanche everything that tries to block him gets knocked away. Now that's the truth either live with it or die with it but If you send men on that ridge people are going to get killed."

Yates: "Alright Listen Head Lock you had your chance to talk him down and you blew it." Now we're gonna do things my way."

Kyle: "Dad you've got to do something."

Gerald: "I'm sorry Kyle It's out of my hands now."

Stan: "Dad can't we do anything?"

Randy: "Stan I promise you nothing bad is going to happen to your little friend."

Stan: "Like when you promised me you'd buy me a bike If shoveled the driveway last week?"

Randy: "I'll get you ice cream on the way home."

Stan: "Damn it!" {The boys leave the room leaving Halfcock and Mr Mackey behind."

Halfcock: "Mr Lackey?"

Mackey:"It's Mackey M'kay."

Halfcock: "We have to talk."

Mackey: "Mkay Sergeant what's on your mind?"

Halfcock: "I was talking to the boys out there and they said your truant officers were pretty hard on him."

Mackey: "Our Truant officers were doing their job which is to keep our students and faculty safe M'kay."

Halfcock: "And how does beating a 4th grader with nightsticks help keep things safe?"

Mackey: "Now give me any of that bullsh*t M'kay If-If one of my truant officers get's out of line then the student comes to me to complain M'kay and I find out it's like he says then I kick the Truant officers ass Me! the Guidance Counselor! that's how the rules work. People start f*cking around with the rules and all hell breaks loose."

Halfcock: "It was reckless and stupid to confront him with force, the only reason he retaliated was because you struck first."


{Sergeant Halfcock chuckles.}


{Mackey's hair starts to get messed up like it does when he's angry as his voice lowers to a chilling low.}

Mackey: "Now you had your chance to get him your way and you blew it You blew it straight to hell M'kay. Now we get them my way and I hope that meets with your approval Sergeant."

{Sergeant Halfcock looks at him with pity and heads for the door.}

Halfcock: "Well I wish you the best of luck with your impending massacre Counselor."

{He leaves the room as Mr Mackey picks up a cup of coffee and fixes his hair as he looks out the window toward the mountains.}

Mackey: "I swear to God I'm gonna get you Kurtz and when I do I'm gonna pin that junior leadership medal to your cold dead chest M'kay."

{Cut to Commercial.}

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