First Blood First Serve Chapter 8

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First Blood First Serve Chapter 8

Postby Nick Assburger » Fri Jan 24, 2014 6:42 am

{Return from Commercial break.}

{Conner and Mysterion morph back into their normal selves as they make contact. Conner fighting with the fighting skills honed through years of Karate and MCMAP Classes and Mysterion fighting with the skills learned defending himself from his drunk ass family. Conner takes the upper hand early on blocking and countering every one of Mysterion's strikes. but the hero soon takes the upper hand catching Conner's Roundhouse kick in his cape and tripping him. Conner strikes back with a sweep kick that takes Kenny off his feet followed up by an axe kick that misses when the hooded hero rolls out of the way. Kenny draws a throwing star and throws towards Conner draws his KaBar and slices it out of the air}

Stan: "Holy sh*t did you see that?"

{Conner bares his knife towards Kenny.}

Conner: "Your gonna have to do better than that."

? : "I intend to."

{Mysterion draws out a rope and loops it around Conner's wrist pulling the knife from his hands.}


{Mysterion pulls him in close and clotheslines him. Conner responds by grabbing the hero's leg and throwing him of balance, but his plan to mount him goes bad when Mysterion grabs him behind the neck, head butts him and throws him off. Conner jumps to his feet and takes on a fighting stance.}

Conner: "Not bad."

{Conner goes on the offensive throwing two roundhouse kicks in a row, Kenny having felt one of these earlier dodges them easily, but Conner surprises him with a reverse crescent kick that nails him right in the face sending him to the ground}

Conner: "But I expected better."

{He wearily picks up his knife and walks over to the fallen hero who slowly picks himself off the ground stumbling to stand.}

Kyle: "I can't watch this anymore someone's gonna get seriously hurt."

{Conner walks over to Mysterion}

Conner: "So you haven't had enough?"

? :"You Can't Kill Me."

{Suddenly Kyle steps in between them}

Kyle: "That's enough!"

?: "Get out of the way Kyle!"

Kyle: "No Kenny it's cool dude."

?: "He tried to kill us."

Conner: I thought you were the police or the national guard or something.

?: "So you weren't trying to kill us?"

Conner: "Well Maybe Cartman."

Cartman: "Well Screw you Major Pain in the Ass!" {Conner throws his knife at him hitting the the tree behind him.}

Conner: "Cartman shut up!"

{Later back at Conner's cave he fills the boys in on what happened!}

Conner: "And that's how I ended up here."

Kyle: "Dude you brought a gun into the school!"

{He steps away from Conner}

Conner: "It's not like that I swear, when I got on the bus I felt like for the first time I might actually have a chance at a normal life again."

Stan: "What's that got to do with bringing a loaded gun to our school?"

Conner: "I forgot I had on me okay? when you trek across hundreds of miles of wilderness with an M16 you kind of get used to it?"

Kyle: "That's another thing how did you survive all time on your own?"

{Conner pulls out a photo of his family}

Conner: "Well to be honest Kyle I haven't been alone all this time."

Kyle: Well then who have you been with?

Conner: "Benjamin of course?"

Stan: "But Sgt Halfcock said your brother died during the pandemic."

Conner: "He's not dead He's been with me every step of the way."

Stan: "Well then where is he?"

Conner: "Probably out scouting somewhere he'll be back soon He always comes back when I need him".

Kyle: "Conner does Benjamin come and go often?"

Conner: {stands up very offended} What the hell does that mean?

Kyle: "Whoa dude calm down!"

Conner: "Benjamin's been with me the whole time, He's the one who got me out on that bus when the sh*t hit the fan, He saved me from that macho truant officer! He treated my wounds after I fell from that tree!"

Stan: "Relax dude it's cool we believe you right guys?"

Kyle: "Yeah."

Cartman: "It's cool bro."

Butters: "Yeah we believe you Conner old buddy o'l pal."

{Conner calms down}

Conner: "Sorry It's just It's been a long road since I lost my parents, Benjamin's all I got left."

{Conner wipes a tear from his eye.}

Conner: "They can teach you how to survive just about anything in the Young Marines except with how to cope with losing someone you love."

{The boys are moved by Conner's admission and decide to comfort him}

Stan: "Dude I feel for you."

Kyle: "Yeah I can't imagine what it feels like."

? : "I'll be the first to admit my family is far from perfect but they mean the world to me."

Butters: "Yeah I mean sure my parents ground me a lot and Grandma bullies me and my uncle Bud touched me down here once and."

Cartman: "Okay Butters thats enough."

Butters: "And he called me Butterscotch when he did it and.."

Everyone: "Enough Butters!"

Butters: "Oh Sorry."

Kyle: " Conner I guess what we want to say is when we get out of this and after my Mom finishes freaking out we want to give a second chance to be our friend."

{Kyle puts his hand on Conner's shoulder while he looks up at him and smiles.}

Conner: "Thanks guys you sure know to cheer a devil pup up."

Stan: "No problem dude."

{The 6 boys sit idly by the roaring fire as Cartman sings It's A Long Road. in a flashback montage of Conner and Benjamin doing various things. First Conner and Benjamin eating ice cream then Benjamin showing Conner self defense then how to shoot a rifle then Conner riding on Benjamin's shoulders then Conner and Benjamin feeding a fawn and finally Conner and Benjamin jacking it on a street.}

{As the flashback fades we see the boys minus Conner watching the sunrise.}

Kyle: "Stan?"

Stan: "Yeah?"

Kyle: "Do you really think Benjamin is still alive?"

Stan: "I don't understand?"

Kyle: "I mean do you think he's really been with Conner the whole time or is it just somehow in Conner's imagination?"

Stan: "You think he's just making it up"?

Kyle: "No I don't Stan I think the shock of losing his brother was just too much for him to take so his mind repressed it to the point that he thinks he's still alive".

Cartman: "So what your saying is he's completely mental?"

Kyle: "No Cartman I'm saying he needs help".

Stan: "Well what can do it's not like we can go find proof that Benjamin's dead."

{This gives Kenny an idea. He goes over to Conner's sleeping bag picks up his Colt 45 handgun and loads it.}

Butters: "Uh Kenny what are you going with that gun?"

?: "I'm just gonna borrow it for a bit."

Stan: "Dude I don't think it's a good idea to play with that."

Kyle: "Yeah."

?: "Trust me guys I'll be right back".

{He puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger spraying the outside of the cave with his brains}

Stan : "Oh my God Kenny!"

Kyle: "You Bastard!"

{the area goes silent several moments until we hear the faint sounds of rotors.}

Stan: "Dude do you hear that?"

Kyle:"Hear what?"

{We zoom out to reveal the boys have a much bigger threat to worry about as a squadron of helicopter gunships close in.}

{Cut to Commercial.}

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