First Blood First Serve chapter 9

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First Blood First Serve chapter 9

Postby Nick Assburger » Sun Jan 26, 2014 11:37 pm

{Return from Commercial Break.}

{We see a squadron of heavily armed helicopter gunships bristling with rocket pods door mounted miniguns and free fall bombs. ATF Commander Gans is in the lead helicopter.}

Commander Gans: "Wolf Pack leader to Wolf Den come in over!"

{Cuts back to the City Hall where General Plymkin, Mayor McDaniels Sergeant Halfcock, SGTs Yates and Murphy and the town council are seated. General Plymkin is on the radio.

Plymkin: "This is Wolf Den go ahead over!"

Gunship pilot: "We're over the Old Stone Mines tunnels no sign of the suspect."

Plymkin: "Continue to sweep the area he's got to be there."

Gans: "Roger over and out."

Halcock: "General Plymkin this is insane for Christ's sake he's just a kid!"

General Plymkin: "Don't act so high and mighty with me Haircot If your boy had just turned himself in like you asked we wouldn't have to do this."

Halfcock: "Yes Sir but I think calling in the air cavalry behind my back to take down a 10 year old boy is overkill."

Plymkin: "I'm not interested in your opinion Sgt I've got a job to do and Goddammit I'm gonna do it."

Halfcock: "You bloated arrogant son of a bitch It's f*cking Canada all over again out there."

Plymkin: "You feel free to leave anytime you like Sgt."

{ Sgt Halfcock looks at him with disgust and leaves.}

Halfcock: "NO SIR! You couldn't drag me away!"

Mayor: "General are you sure this absolutely necessary I mean there's an election coming up in a few months and a dead kid won't exactly win voters over."

Halfcock: "Mayor is that all you give a goddamn about?"

Mayor: "Who do you think your talking to?"

Halfcock: "A career politician who's more concerned with her approval ratings then actually doing her job!"

Mayor: "How dare you Sergeant! I'll have you know we have the children of our town to think about!"

Halfcock: "Somehow I find that very hard to believe when you say it's okay to let loose armed gunships on a child!"

{ Ted the Mayor's Aide comes in with The Marsh's the Broflovski's, the McCormicks, the Stotch's and Liane}

Ted: "Mayor some more people want to see you."

Mayor: "Oh God what now?"

Sheila: "Mayor our boys are missing."

{Sharon wipes her eyes}

Randy: "We put them to bed last night and this morning they were gone."

Carol: "We've looked everywhere for them!"

Mayor: "Alright calm down everyone I'm sure we'll find your kids safe and sound."

Gans: "Wolfpack leader to Wolf den. Wolf pack leader to wolf den we've spotted what looks to be four little boys."

Sheila: "Oh my God!!"

{Back at the mine entrance The boys notice the helicopters overhead and head back to tell Conner}

Stan: {shakes Conner} "Conner! Conner wake up!"

Conner: {shuffles himself awake.} "Stan whats the alarm?"

Kyle: "Dude there's helicopters out there."

Butters: "Yeah a whole bunch of them!"

{Conner gets up grabs his M16 and heads outside.}

{The gunship pilot spots and points him out to Gans.}

Gunship pilot: "Sir It's Kurtz I see him!"

Gans: {looks out the window to see Conner with the boys.} "That Son of a bitch! Wolfpack leader to Wolf Den! I've spotted the suspect coming out of the mine!"

{In the city hall the parents are terriifed by the revelation.}

Sheila: "Oh My GOD! KYLE!!!!"

Gerald: "Oh my God!!"

Sharon: "STANLEY!!!"

Randy: "Oh Stan why did you try to be a hero?:

Liane: "ERIC!!!:

Linda: "Oh Butters." {She breaks down onto Stephen.}

Stephen: "Don't worry Linda We'll see him again I promise. We'll have grounded by bedtime."

Gans: "I'd estimate we take out the suspect loose two maybe three of the hostages tops! requesting permission to engage!"

Plymkin: "That's good enough for me Wolf pack leader permission granted."

Sheila: "What What WHAT!!!!"

Gans: {talks to the pilot} "We have permission to engage open fire!"

{The gunships miniguns spin up}


{The boys beat a hasty retreat as the gunship opens fire, Conner knowing they're after him flees into the forest to draw their fire away.}

Kyle: "JESUS CHRIST!!!! ARE THEY f*cking CRAZY!!!"


Cartman: {struggles to keep up} Pant pant pant you guys wait for meeeeeee!!!!!!

{The gunship sprays the Conner with gunfire as he runs into the tree line.}

Gunship: "Sir! He's running into the tree line."

Ganz: "Use the 38mm rockets blast him."

{Back at city hall Halfcock decides he's had enough.}

Halfcock: "Call him off Plymkin!"

Plymkin: "Listen to me Howlclock and listen good I'm in charge of this operation and I'll decide whether or not to call him...

{Halfcock punches him square in his fat face before he can finish sending the beefy general crashing to the floor}

{Halfcock gets on the radio and tries to contact the helicopter but Sergeants Yates and Murphy draw their guns on him}

Halfcock: If you have to shoot me then shoot me but I have to call those helicopters off!

Yates: "Goddamn it lower it Murphy theirs no use trying to stop a man on a mission."

{Yates and Murphy lower their weapons as Halfcock contacts Gans.}

Halfcock:"Gans This is Halfcock Abort Mission I repeat Abort Mission!"

Gans: "Sergeant You are not authorized to be on this line."

Halfcock: "f*ck Authorization Gans Abort the mission now."

{Gans Simply smiles and turns off the radio}

Gans: "I hate that station Hey about some tunes boys?"

{Gans sets his Ipod Station to Barbra Streisand!}

Gans: "There's no way anybody can stand this much Streisand and Firepower."

{Halfcock tries to contact Gans but to no Avail!"}

Halfcock:"Gans! Gans! Come In Abort Mission I repeat!"

{The gunships continue their assault on Conner.}

Gans: "He's over there!"

{The door gunner opens fire forcing Conner to run for his life!}

Conner: YAAARRRRGGGHHHH!!! {He jumps avoiding a rocket strike that decimates a tree landing on his feet}
ARGH!!!! Damn You Barbra Streisand!!" {His Voice echoes through the forest.}

Kyle: "Did You hear someone say Barbra Streisand?"

Butters: {Screams} "Where is She?" {He hides behind some barrels}

{ Meanwhile Conner runs deeper into the thicket of trees desperate to escape the Barbra Streisand music oh and the gunships too.}

Gunship pilot: "I can't see him sir He's vanished into the tree line!"

Ganz: "Drop the bomb!"

Gunship pilot: "What!"

Gans: "I said Drop the bomb!"

Gunship pilot: "Yes sir!"

{The pilot drops an incendiary bomb into the trees, Conner sees it and runs like a boy possessed as the bomb falls reaching a drop in the ground just in time as the bomb explodes igniting the entire forest in a slow motion shot with Barbra Streisand playing in the background.}

{The boys feel the force of the blast shake the mine tunnel from the mine entrance.}

Kyle: Conner!!!

{The parents can see the massive fireball all the way in city hall.}

Halfcock: "f*cking Barbra Streisand."

{The parents look at Halfcock like WTF?}

Halfcock: "Sorry I really hate her."

{Sheila Looks at him with disgust while Carol Linda and Liane break down in tears as the rest of them watch in awe.}

Halfcock: "We gotta get out there now!"

{We see the action from Conner's first person view. His ears are ringing with Barbra Stresand's voice and his vision is blurry with blood we can hear his heart beating as he rolls over and looks at his bloody burned hands. All around him trees are burning and splintered one falls over and smashes into the ground. just missing Conner slowly pulls himself to his feet and draws his M1911 pistol somehow resisting the urge to blow his own brains out with it.}

{Up in the gunship Commander Gans surveys the scene.}

Gunship pilot: "Sir! No sign of the suspect!"

Gans: "Turn it up and take it around again!"

{The helicopter circles around back scanning for Conner.}

{Back at the mine Stan decides it's now or never and Grabs Conner's second M16 with the M203 Grenade Launcher and runs out into the forest.}

Kyle: Stan! Where are going?

Stan: "I can't just sit here and let them kill Conner."

Kyle: "You want to get yourself killed?"

Stan: "Conner risked his life to save us I've got to go back for him."

Kyle: {Hesitates then says} "Stan wait for me!"

Butters: "Hold it fellas I'm coming too!"

Cartman: "Aw man this is gonna so cool!"

{The boys rush out into the burning forest to find Conner.}

Stan: "Conner!"

Kyle: "Conner!"

Cartman: "Conner!"

Butters: "Conner!"

Kyle: "It's no use there's no way he could have survived that!"

Butters: "Hey fellas look!"

{Conner Stumbles up dazed and injured with other wise still alive.}

Kyle: "Conner!!"

{The boys run up to meet Conner is stumbles right into their arms.}

Stan: "We need to get back to the mine tunnel now!"

{The boys load Conner onto Cartman's shoulders and run back for the mine tunnel.}

{The gunship circles around back spotting the boys}

Gunship gunner: Sir I've spotted what looks like the boys.

Gans: "Any sign of Kurtz?"

Gunship gunner: "Negative sir I think we {he spots Conner} Oh my god he's still alive."

{Butters suddenly hears something horrible in the distance.

Butters: "Do you guys hear Barbra Streisand?"

Cartman: " It can't be her we'd see her nose from LA."

{The boys laugh until they do hear Babs and the sounds of rotors.}

Stan: ""Oh f*ck it is her oh and the Helicopters are back!""

Gans: "We got them now open fire!"

Gunship Gunner: "Negative I can't risk hitting one of the boys!"

Gans: "Get out of my way you spineless piece of sh*t." {Gans pulls the gunner out of his seat and takes aim with the minigun.}

Gans: "Got you now you son of a bitch!"


{Conner's first person view.}
{The boys take cover as Gans opens fire splitting a tree trunk in half which crashes toward the boys and causes Conner to black out momentarily. He comes to moments later as we see Kyle drags him to safety behind the downed tree with the other boys, Stan is crouched down while Butters is Curled up in a fetal position and Cartman is hiding under the log. The gunship closes in for the big nosed kill when suddenly out of nowhere Benjamin pushes them down to the ground and opens fire the gunship with an M203.}

Benjamin: "EAT THIS YOU BIG NOSED C&%$!!!"

{The grenade shell hits the roof of the cabin Killing Gans and the pilots in a fiery explosion the helicopter loses control and spirals toward the ground in a torrent of flames and demonic music.}


Stan: "RUN FOR IT!!!!"

{The boys run for cover as the gunship crashes into the trees and explodes into a huge fireball finally restoring peace to the forest.}

{Sgt Halfcock and the parents are driving over the bridge and see the helicopter explode.}

Randy: "Looks like we're gonna need some more ATF guys."

{The explosion knocks out Conner a second time as the scene goes quiet with the exception of the ringing in Conner's ears. Conner slowly opens his eyes and sees a silhouette of a young man holding an M16 with a smoking M203 and reaching out to him.

Benjamin: "I got you Conner."

Conner: "B-Benjamin?"

Benjamin: "Your safe now!"

Conner: "It was you, You saved us. You saved me!"

{Conner loses consciousness again only to come to seeing Kyle's face.}

Kyle: "Conner Conner! Wake up!"

{Cut to Commercial.}
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Re: First Blood First Serve chapter 9

Postby JamesPup » Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:29 pm

I read all of First Blood First Serve so far and it was good. I liked reading it. Nick, I hope you keep going on with this story but how many chapters do you have planned for this one story?
What seems to be the officer problem?
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Re: First Blood First Serve chapter 9

Postby Nick Assburger » Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:26 pm

JamesPup wrote:I read all of First Blood First Serve so far and it was good. I liked reading it. Nick, I hope you keep going on with this story but how many chapters do you have planned for this one story?

About 15 chapters. I'm glad you enjoying my work.

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