First Blood First Serve Chapter 10

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First Blood First Serve Chapter 10

Postby Nick Assburger » Thu Jan 30, 2014 5:41 pm

{Return from Commercial Break.}

{Conner slowly drifts in and out of consciousness.}

Kyle: "Conner! Conner! Conner!"

Stan: "He's coming to guys."

{Stan and Kyle's faces slowly form into view.}

Conner: "W-where am I Where's Benjamin?"

Kyle: "Conner thank God your alive!"

Conner: Stan! Kyle! Butters! Cartman! Where am I?

Stan: "Dude you've been unconscious for 6 hours."

{Conner slowly sits up}

Conner: "Where's Benjamin?"

Kyle: "What are you talking about?"

Conner: "He saved us he took out that gunship!"

Kyle: "Conner that was you?"

Conner: "What?"

{Conner slowly gets to to feet.}

Kyle: "You saved us back there"

{Cartman acts out the scene}

Cartman: "Yeah It was totally awesome the helicopter was all like pew pew pew boom! And you were all like EAT THIS! BAGOOM!!! and then like the helicopter was all like BOOOM!!! ARGH!!! BOOSH!!! "And Kyle was all like {In a light girly voice}
Help Help me Conner save me!! Oh Conner just thinking about you makes my vagina tingle."

{Kyle punches Cartman.}

Cartman: Ow!

Kyle: "Oh Stop it Cartman your just adding stuff on again."

Cartman: "Aw is someone getting a little overemotional Kahl?"

Kyle: "That's not how it happened."

{Conner's mind flashes back to when Benjamin rescued them.}

Benjamin: "EAT THIS"

{He destroys the helicopter}

{The scene then shows Conner pushing himself to the ground and then destroying the helicopter.}

Conner: "EAT THIS!"

{Conner develops a migraine and holds his head as his mind represses the event as Kyle continues to argue with Cartman.}

Kyle: "How can you just sit there and act like a fat douchebag after he saved our lives!"

Cartman: "I'm fat I'm big boned."

Conner: "Make it stop!"

{Parallel events run through Conner's mind strung together by Conner's dialog with Benjamin. first the bus jacking.}

Benjamin: "Good to see you little bro, EVERYBODY OFF GO GO GO!!! CONNER WE ARE LEAVING!!!!" If we can't go around we'll go through BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!!"

{The flashback then progresses to the the cliff}


{Benjamin's voice slowly changes to Conner's HERE -> ' }


{Conner's migraine begins to get worse.}


{The pain builds as Conner braces himself against the wall.}

Butters: "Conner? Are you okay?"

{Butters voice distorts as Conner flashes back to Halfcock's message!}

Conner: "I'm not alone Sir Benjamin's been with me the whole time!"

{ A montages of scenes with Conner and Benjamin flash by in an instant.}


Halfcock: Conner? Conner? come in?

Conner: I'm glad your still with me?"

Benjamin: "So am I little Bro!"

Conner: "So am I little Bro!"

{Conner falls to his knees as the boys try to help}

Stan: "Easy there Conner just sit down and try to stay calm okay?"

Kyle: "Yeah dude we'll get you help we promise."

{Meanwhile the parents are pulling up to a roadblock where the national guard have set up a checkpoint.}

Soldier: "Hold it!" "Sorry folks this area is restricted to State Police and National Guard personnel only."

Halfcock: "I'm Gunnery Sergeant Halfcock I'm with these people!"

Soldier: "I'm sorry Sergeant but my orders are that no civilians pass."

Sharon: "You don't understand our boys up there on that mountain."

Soldier: "Have you filed a report with the police?"

Gerald: "We filed one at city hall just this morning but they said their hands were full with the manhunt."

Soldier: "Sir I'm gonna have to ask you and your party to turn around."

Gerald: No we will not turn around our son is up there on that mountain getting shot by your trigger happy friends."

Soldier: Sir I'm going to ask you one last time to turn this car around or I'll be forced to place you under arrest!

Liane: {concerned} Excuse me Private my name is Liane Cartman my only son Eric is up alone on that mountain and I'm really worried about him is their anyway we could get past?"

{We cut to Liane being Gang banged by the troops guarding the roadblock as the cars drive thru."}

Soldier: Oh Yeah push it push it baby.

Soldier 2: Your incredible Mrs Cartman.

Soldier 3: Oh Yeah almost there!!!

Liane: Ooooo Slow down boys I'll get to all of you. {farts on them}

{We hear all kinds of sick depraved sounds such as peeing pooping whipping vomit sniffing and a goat baaing but we don't see anything as the censors thought it was too graphic for deviant art and decided to instead show puppies in adorable hats.}

{As the cars drive off Sergeant Halfcock has a look of shock on his face.}

Halfcock: "Does she always do that?"

{The men inside the car afraid of upsetting their wives just act surprised."}

Randy: "No this is all new to me."

Stephen: "I don't why she'd do such a thing?"

Gerald: "She's seemed like such a loving mother I don't know why she'd prostitute herself?"

{Their wives cross their arms in disgust obviously not falling for their husbands attempt to answer for them.}

Halfcock: "I'll have to get her number next time I see her."

{Back at the mine entrance the boys are attempting to get Conner to say something anything.}

Butters: " Hey Conner are you feeling any better?"

{Conner just looks at him with a thousand yard stare.}

Kyle: "Dude I'm starting to get worried about him."

Stan: "Yeah he hasn't said a word in two hours."

Butters: "You want to sing a song with me?"

Butters: "Loo loo loo I've got some apples loo loo you got some too"

{Conner just turns and glares at him}

Butters: Loo loo.....loo {stops singing} I-I guess y-you don't l-like singing huh?"

Cartman: Hey Stan your view of the world looks like sh*t why don't you go talk to him?

{Stan is very offended}

Stan: "Shut up Cartman!" {takes a swig from a flask."}

Kyle: What are you drinking?

Stan: "It's Apple Juice I swear."

{Stan takes another swig from his flask and smiles.}

{Scene transition to a weaving still of a switzy Stan that says a few sips of "Apple Juice" later....}

{A Drunken Stan waddles up to Conner.}

Stan: "Awight you I've had just abowt enuff of yur sulking awound ."

{Conner looks at Stan like what the f*ck?}

Kyle: "Stan you've been drinking Jamison again haven't you?"

Stan: "No I haven't *hic* I just want to see Mr Growchy boots here quack a smile." "Besides It's S'mores Schnapps."

{Conner just looks at Stan}

Stan: "Come on buddy have a drink on me {He spills Schnapps on Conner} "Whoops sowry about that o'l buddy o'l pal {He wraps Conner in a hug and pats his back} You know I didn't mean to do that. you know I love you Conner *hic* " { he smiles a drunken smile before being pulled off by Cartman and Kyle.}

Cartman: Don't mind him he has Assburgers!

Kyle: "He's gets like this when he drinks."

Stan: "Thanks for saving us back there in Da Nang Sarge! Your still a piece of sh*t though!"

Butters: "Uh Fellers?" {points out to the entrance "I think they found us."

{The boys head out to find themselves surrounded by National Guard. The Commander calls out to them on a bullhorn}


{Kyle looks back toward Conner}

Kyle: "Dude it's over you should just come quietly."

Commander: "I'm gonna give you to the count of Ten to come out}


{Conner takes a deep breath and sighs.}

{Day by Day By Jerry Goldsmith plays}

Conner: "I just want it to end."
{Conner shivers noticing for the first time in hours that he's cold}

Kyle: "I promise when we get back to town I'll tell my Dad what happened He's a lawyer I'm sure He'd be willing to defend you in court"
{Conner Looks up at Kyle as if to say can I trust you?}

Kyle: Conner I'm giving you my word.

{Conner's eyes try to hold back tears at this sign of loyalty.}
Conner: "Alright I'll go."
{Kyle helps Conner to his feet and they head outside to face the surrounding troops}

Commander: "Hold it Danforth calling Halfcock Danforth calling Halfcock I see Kurtz coming out with the other boys now."

{Halfcock is riding with the parents to the site.}

Halfcock: "Roger Wilco don't do anything to alarm him just keep everything calm until I get there"

{ The Boys come out with their hands up}

Soldier: "Looks like we finally got him."

Butters: "W-wait a minute fellas where's Stan?"

{Back inside the cave Stan is drunkenly fiddling with Conner M16.}

Stan: {Loads an 40mm grenade shell} "Ha ha that's cool" {He looks down the barrel of the launcher then picks it up imitating Tony Montana} Say hewlo to my wittle fwiend {laughs} It's funny because he's not wittle at all. Huh? I wonder what this thing does? Conner! Conner?"

{Stan walks out carrying the M16 and looking down the barrel as he does so.}

Stan: Conner? "What happens when I pull this?"

Conner: "STAN NO!!"

{Stan accidentally fires the grenade launcher, causing the soldiers to drop to the ground and return fire. The boys desperately flee back into the entrance with Conner returning fire with his Colt M1911}

Conner: {deep breathing} What the f*ck is your major malfunction? Are you trying to get us killed?

Stan: "Aw come on dude I was just having a wittle fun!"

Conner: "Your idea of fun is gonna get us killed."

{The National guard fires again spraying the mine entrance with gunfire and forcing the boys to take cover.}

Conner: "GET DOWN!"

{Outside the soldiers stop firing.}

Soldier: "Did we hit him?"

Black Soldier: "I don't know"

Commander: Commander: Alright Parker you take point at the entrance."

Private Parker: "No Way Sir I only do this part time I didn't sign up to get killed."

Commander: "Alright Stone you go in with him."

Private Stone: "Not me sir I gotta be back at the drug store tomorrow."

Commander: God damn it you two are going in there {A shot cuts him off} Cease firing." Alright fire a warning shot with the rocket launcher."

{A Soldier preps and loads an AT4 to fire.}

Soldier: "Sir our orders are to take them alive."

Commander: "Dammit Gary this kid's a killer, he shot down a helicopter for christ's sake." "I'm in charge here and I say we fire!"

{Inside the cave Conner and the boys say the guardsmen preparing to fire a rocket.}

Kyle: RUN!!!!!

{The boys run deeper into the mine as the guardsmen fire a rocket collapsing the entrance and trapping them inside the entrance.}

{Cut to commercial break.}

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