First Blood First Serve Chapter 12

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First Blood First Serve Chapter 12

Postby Nick Assburger » Fri Jan 31, 2014 7:55 pm

{Return from Commercial Break}

Skeeter's Bar and Cocktails.

{We can see Randy, Gerald, Jimbo, Ned and Mr Mackey sitting at the bar. Sergeant Halfcock walks to them.}

Halfcock: "Gentlemen."

Gerald: "Have a seat Sergeant."

{Halfcock sits at the bar.}

Bartender: "What can I get you Sarge?"

Halfcock: "Just a beer is fine thanks."

Jimbo: Sergeant Hoppop?

Halfcock: It's Halfcock.

Jimbo: "Sorry I just want to say I heard about what happened to Conner at school and that we're sorry I was a Young Marine myself before I got drafted in Vietnam."

Halfcock: "We're you Stationed in Da Nang?"

Ned: mmm "Yep"

Halfcock: "You guys had the log ride right?"

Jimbo: "Yeah we sure did a lot of good times on that log ride."

Halfcock: "I hear you We had ourselves a kick ass roller coaster in Hue City until the Tet offensive, Goddamn NVA got in line before us my unit spent 2 months waiting in that line to ride it. Krackhauer I think took it the hardest by the time we got there he just wasn't the same."

Jimbo: "That war was hell on all of us."

Randy: "I don't meant to interrupt but there's Something Mr Mackey wants to get off his chest."

Mackey: {sighs} "I just wanted" {deep breath} "I just wanted to say I'm sorry if I got out of line earlier M'kay."

Halfcock: "That doesn't make much difference now."

Mackey: "No I guess not I suppose I just feel like... um well"

Halfcock: "Like you were cheated out of your chance."

Mackey: "I wanted to kill that kid I wanted to kill him so bad I could taste it M'kay."

Halfcock: "Doesn't sit to well with your position as School counselor." It can get confusing sometimes, I'm sure on the road during his travels Conner got pretty confused." "Aw what the hell your a civilian you can go back to work tomorrow help kids out, tend to your little flower garden or whatever you have?"

Mackey: "And what have you figured out Sergeant? What would you have done if he turned himself in M'kay would you have given him a big sloppy kiss and took him out for ice cream? Or would you have spanked his ass to a bloody pulp? M'kay."

{Sergeant Halfcock ponders this question for a few seconds}

Mackey: "Well?"

Halfcock: "I couldn't answer that until I met him face to face."

Mackey: "M'kay well there it is, It's just as well we never got the chance to find out."

{Suddenly Skeeter butts in}

Skeeter: "Hey Sergeant we don't take kindly to your kind around here."

Bartender: "Now Skeeter he ain't hurting no one."

Skeeter: "No I want to know something from Mr Drill Instructor here If you do the same job as Army Drill Sergeants how come you got different names for the same job?"

{Halfcock looks him in the eye and says}

Halfcock: "Because Army guys Aren't Ready For Marines Yet."

Randy: "Oh I get it Army heh heh."

{Meanwhile back at the mine the boys minus Cartman are pulling something really heavy up the shaft with a rope.}

Conner: {Straining} "Come On Almost There"

Stan: {straining} "I can't hold on dude!"

Kyle: {Straining} "Oh My God It's Too Heavy!"

Butters: {Straining} "My Arms Are Gonna Fall Off Fellas!"

Kyle: {Straining} "Cartman Are You Gonna Help At All?"

Cartman: "No I'm Cool."

Conner: {Straining} "Why the hell did you have to go and break the ladder Jumbo Jowls?"

Cartman: "I'm not fat I'm big boned!"

Conner: {straining} "bullsh*t! You look like you could suck a cupcake through a keyhole!"

{The boys all laugh despite the heavy load they're lifting.}

Cartman: "Shut up It wasn't my fault the stupid ladder broke."

Conner: {Straining} "Your right Cartman It said very clearly one at a time {They hoist Cartman out of the shaft.}

Cartman: {Takes several deep breaths}

Conner: "Now If it's not too tough for your girlish figure we still got a long walk back to town." {Takes out his compass and a road map and sets it on an old box.} Alright according to the compass we're northwest of town the roads are probably packed with Guardsman! but If we follow the sound of the river and stay under the tree cover we should make it back okay."
"Any questions?"

{Butters Raises his hand}

Conner: "Butters?"

Butters: "Conner were you like planning to shoot up the school and kill everyone like my parents said?"

{Conner looks at him hurt.}

Conner: "No of course not!"

Stan: "Then why did you bring a gun into the school?"

Conner: "Because I forgot it was in my bag."

Stan: "How do you forget you have a gun in your bag?"

Conner: "Well when you walk across three state lines with a gun in your bag you kind of get used to it."

Kyle: "You should have expected something to happen."

Conner: "I know alright! It was stupid I wasn't thinking clearly I thought maybe I might actually find some friends here or at least something to eat."
That's not too much to f*cking ask for!"
"And then that assh*le counselor and those truant officers had to get involved. I would have gone quietly but they just kept pushing me {Conner's tone begins to turn colder and his eyes narrow with thoughts of vengeance."

Kyle: "Conner?"

Conner: "What?"

Kyle: "What happened to you in the Pandemic?"

{Kyle's words echo through Conner's head as we once again see the flashbacks from earlier.}





Kyle: "Conner? Conner?"

{Conner looks over them and then over to Benjamin who's now standing with them.}

Benjamin: "Let's go Conner"

Conner: "Alright Ben."

Cartman: "Oh Boy!"

Conner: "Let's go"

Kyle: "Conner You didn't answer my question."

Conner: "I said lets go!!!"

Kyle: "No Not until you answer me what happened to you?"

Conner: "SHUT UP!!!"

{Conner fires a burst from his M16 into the air and looks at them with a thousand yard stare. The boys look back in horror.}

Cartman: "Okay dude your cool you don't feel like talking about it thats cool dawg."

Butters: "Y-yeah Your cool d-dawg."

Conner: "Let's go."

{The boys look silently at Conner.}

Conner: "MOVE!"

{The boys hesitantly Follow Conner.}


{We see a Convoy of Army trucks passing by. Conner leads the boys down a hill to the ridge over the convoy.}

Conner: "Everybody stop and drop."

Stan: "What?"

Conner: "Get down."

{The boys get down as the convoy passes}

Conner: "On my mark, wait for it.

Stan: "Wait for what dude?"

{The last truck passes by.}

Conner: "This!"

{Conner jumps on top of the truck ,swings into the cab and knocks the driver out.}

Kyle: "Holy sh*t Dude!

Cartman: "Aw Sweet!"

Conner: "Get in!"

Stan: "Conner are you sure we should be doing this "

Conner: "Get in or I'm leaving you behind!"

{The boys shrug and and climb into the truck.}

Conner: "Everyone aboard?"

Kyle: "I think so"

Conner: "Good Stan you work the pedals" , "Kyle your riding shotgun", "Cartman Butters you two get in the back see what we got back there!" Let's move.}

{The boys sit down as Conner starts up the truck.}

Conner: {Shifts into drive} alright Stan give me some gas!

{Stan Presses the gas pedal down and the truck drives off with the rest of the convoy.}

Conner: "Butters! what have we got back there?"

Butters: "Um t-t-there's a l-l-l-lot of b-b-big scary g-g-g-guns and s-stuff!"

Conner: "Butters Stop Grab Assing! what do got back there!"

Butters: "Um uh uh"

Conner: "Kyle take the wheel I'll be right back."

{Conner steps out of the cab and climbs along the side into the back leaving the truck to swerve.}

Kyle: "What! Conner? AHHH!!"

{Kyle quickly takes the wheel and and swerves back on to the road}

Stan: "Jesus Christ!"

{Kyle looks back at Conner}

Kyle: "Conner What the hell are you thinking?"

Conner: "Don't look at me look at the road that's how accidents happen"

{Conner roots through the boxes in the back finding an SAW M249 LMG a AT4 Rocket Launcher and rockets an ammo belt bandolier several hand grenades and several mortar shells}

Cartman: Whoa Awesome!

{The driver of the truck runs up to a passing police car}

Driver: "Hey Stop."

{We then cut to the Park county police station where Murphy is pouring a cup of coffee when the report comes over the radio.}

Radio: Attention All Cars Attention All Cars

Murphy: "Turn that up."

Radio: Looks like someone pulled the plug too soon That Kurtz kid, He's on the loose again!

Murphy: "Jesus Christ."

{He runs into Yates's office.}

Radio: "We're setting up roadblocks on Highway 26"

Murphy: "Sir It's Kurtz!"

{Murphy stands up as we cut back to the boys who notice they have a patrol car on their tail}

Cartman: "It's the cops."

Conner: "sh*t! Kyle Floor it."

Kyle: "What?"

Conner: " Floor it! "

{The patrol car pulls alongside the truck and aims his gun out the window.}

Conner: "Ram them!"

Kyle: "Are you out of your mind?"

Conner: "Ram them now!"

{Kyle Reluctantly turns the wheel slamming into the side of the cruiser sending it fishtailing}

Conner: "Again!"

Kyle: "Conner please stop your acting crazy."


{Kyle turns the wheel again sending the police car crashing into another police car up ahead in a fiery explosion.}

{ The truck drives on toward the bridge into town}

Cartman: "Aw man that was f*cking kickass!!"

Conner: "OORAH!!"

Kyle: "What the hell was that for?"

Conner: "Just focus on the road."

Kyle: "No I won't focus on the road until you tell me why the hell you had me ram a police car?"

Butters: "Uh Fellas?"

Conner: "They drew first blood not us."

Kyle: "Is that what this is about?"

Butters: "Fellas?"

Conner: It's about more than that!"

Kyle: "Like what"


All of them: WHAT!!

Butters: Roadblock!

{Up ahead the police have blocked off the bridge}

Conner: "Stan Floor it!"

Stan: "NO!"

{Conner losing patience draws his pistol and points it at Kyle's head."

Conner: "I said floor it!

Kyle: "AHH!! Do it Stan!"

{Stan reluctantly floors it sending the truck barreling into the roadblock.}

Officer: Oh God he's not stopping!

Female Officer: RUN!!!

{The officers scatter as the truck drives over one of the cars and into town as the sunsets}

South Park nightfall

{The truck pulls up to a parking lot outside the mall and stops}

Conner: "Alright this is where you guys get off."

{Conner puts on the bandolier and picks up the M249 and AT4}

Kyle: "What the hell are you doing?"

Conner: "Benjamin and I have to go it alone from here."

Stan: "Conner Benjamin is dead do you hear me he's dead whether you like it or not!"

{Conner looks at Stan with a thousand yard stare then suddenly cold cocks him with the stock of his M249}


{Conner knocks out Kyle then Butters and Cartman.}

Conner: "Sorry guys but this is something we have to do without you, For what it's worth I wish things had turned out differently You guys were the first friends I had in a long time."

{The sound of Sirens pierces the night air as Benjamin steps out from the back of the truck ready for battle.}

Benjamin: "You Ready to finish this?"

Conner: "Ready when you are"

{Conner loads the M249 and walks up to Benjamin}

Conner: "We didn't start this war."

Benjamin: "But we're definitely gonna end it."

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