First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 2.

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First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 2.

Postby Nick Assburger » Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:48 pm

{Return from commercial break}

*Conner walks through the processing station led by Gunnery Sergeant Barry Halfcock the man who trained him and the only person who understands him and followed by the boys minus Cartman. They walk to the desk where a Correction's Officer is sitting.*

Corrections Officer: "As the terms of your parole everything that was confiscated will now be returned." *He pulls out a bin and begins taking out several items* " One Woodland pattern battle dress uniform size 6 1/2 Standard Young Marine Corps issue.

*He pulls out more*

Corrections Officer: "A pair of children's size 11 and a half combat boots black, One Young Marines standard issue Ka Bar combat knife, One Young Marines issue field pack, *Which He proceeds to empty it finding a mess kit, a first aid kit an I phone with a cracked screen, some rope, a can of insect repellent and several survivalists guides oh and a dirty stuffed bull dog with a Smokey Bear hat and a missing eye."

Stan: * "Dude your 10 you have one of those?"

Conner: "Gunners a better comfort on a cold night than a bottle of Jack Daniels Stan."

*Cartman crack ups behind him*

Conner: "Nice of you to join us Eric enjoy your little conjugal visit?"

*Stan Kyle and Kenny Conner Halfcock and the Corrections Officer all burst into raucous laughter, While Cartman turns red with rage.*

Cartman: "Kurtz I swear if you don't shut up right now I'm gonna hit you with a rock."

Conner: *Looks him in the eye "You do realize who your threatening right?" *He cracks his knuckles*

Cartman: *Gulps and changes his tone to faux concern.* "Whoa Conner relax bra you want to throw away your chance at freedom when your so close?"

Conner: *Smiles at him.* "I thought so." *turns to the Corrections officer* What about my guns?"

Corrections officer: "The terms of your parole prohibit the possession and use of firearms as well as any weaponry class 4 and below."

Conner: "Class 4? I didn't nuke Main street I just messed it up a little."

*Flashes back to Conner shooting out power transformers and blowing up Jimbo's Guns.*

Stan: "Dude You messed it up a lot."

Sgt Halfcock: "Your lucky that you don't have to pay for the damages."

Conner: "Was I really that bad?"

Cartman: "Dude we didn't have school for two months it was awesome!!"

Kyle: "Yeah they tore it down and put up a new school my Dad said insurance paid for the whole thing."

Halfcock: "Probably why Mayor McDaniels agreed to support your parole."

Conner: "Is it any good?"

Kyle: "Actually kind of looks the same."

Conner: "Anyway we better get going *begins packing his bag* I don't want to stay here much longer than we have to."

Kyle: "Yeah this place gives me the....

Kenny: (Trent Boyett!!!)

*Stan Kyle and Cartman freeze in Horror as Trent is led to his cell by two guards:*

Trent: "Well Well Well look what got here I've missed you guys so much!"

*Kenny screams and hides behind Conner along with Cartman*

Cartman: *Screams like a girl*

Trent: "Warden say's I'll be out with good behavior in two years."

Cartman: *panically* "Oh look at the time Love to catch up with you Trent but Kyle's Mom's got cancer in her vagina and we gotta go right now."

Conner: "I'm not done packing hey!"

*Cartman rapidly packs Conner's bag for him*

Cartman: "There all packed" *throws Conner his field pack and runs as fast he can towards the door."

Conner: "Hey guy's what gotten into Cartman? Guys? *Stan Kyle and Kenny are gone too*

*Throws his hands up*

Conner: "What's gotten into them?"

Trent: "It's a long story."

{Outside the prison}

*A Bright Yellow Helicopter with the South Park Milk company Logo on it lands and Mrs Garfunk steps out.*

Mrs Garfunk: "We were running a little late so I decided to bring the company helicopter....*The Boys rush her by*

Cartman: "Yeah that's great lady but we got to go right now!!!"

*The boys get on the helicopter. Conner and Sergeant Halfcock causally walk out.*

Halfcock: "What happened to the car?"

Mrs Garfunk: "I thought this would be faster."

Halfcock: "Fine by me."

*They get in and the helicopter takes off*

Stan: "Phew We're safe now."

Kyle: "Do you think he meant it when he said he'd be out in two years?"

Cartman: *Cool* "Whatever that's like two years from now."

Conner: "Do you guys know Trent?"

Stan: "Conner there's something you need to know about Trent?"

Cartman: "Yeah He's a lying two timing Boner isn't that right Kyle?"

Kyle: "Yeah...Right"

Conner: "Oh" *Turns to Mrs Garfunk* "So what's this about missing kids that you want my help with?"

Mrs Garfunk: *Gives him a dossier.* "The Kids missing were part of the Getting Gay With Kids National Choir Program, They were in Peru performing a concert to stop the rainforest program when they disappeared the night before the concert."

*Conner looks over the images of several of the children when one of them falls out of the folder and lands on the floor at Kenny's Feet*

Kenny: "(Huh?)" *Picks it up.* "(Kelly?)"

Kyle: "Hey Isn't that your old girlfriend Kenny?"

Cartman: "The one you held in all your farts for?" *suppreses a laugh*

Kenny: "(Don't remind me)"

Mrs Garfunk: " Let me see that." *Takes the photo from Kenny.*" Kelly Walters Do you know her?"

Kenny: "(We dated a while back.)"

Mrs Garfunk: "Oh."

Conner notices a picture of 5 identical young girls along with them dressed in costumes and makeup.

Conner: *holds up the picture to Mrs Garthunk. "What about them?"

Mrs Garthunk: *Takes the picture.* "Hm They're the famous Contorting Quintuplets from Romania I believe they were taking their act on tour with the choir group."

Stan: "Hold on did you say Quintuplets as in 5?"

Mrs Garthunk:" Yes why?"

Kyle: "Oh boy."

Mrs Garthunk: "You know these girls?"

Stan: "Long story short they've got a bit of a chip on their shoulders for us."

Conner: "sh*t keeps getting better and better."

*The Helicopter arrives at the headquarters of the South Park Milk Company, everyone gets off the helicopter and walks into the building.*

Sgt Halfcock: "Kind of an unusual place to be running a search and rescue operation for missing children."

Mrs Garthunk: "Oh I know it doesn't look like much from here but just wait until we get down below."

*Mrs Garthunk leads them to the elevator where she opens a compartment and turns a key, the elevator descends down as an elevator music version of we fight for love by the Power Station plays. Finally the elevator doors open revealing a hi tech ops center with big screens, maps, servers and people working sitting at various stations*

Stan: "Whoa dude."

Kyle: "This is awesome."

Mrs Garthunk: "Welcome to the Nerve center from here we can track cases of missing children across the world I know it must be hard to believe but all this is for you Conner."

Cartman: *Using Shitter* "Wow this is totally big wait till my followers get a load of this,"

Kyle: "Oh God Dammit Not this f*cking crap again."

Alec Baldwin: "I'm at a Art galley in Soho looking at this sculpture of a woman with four tits they're f*cking awesome think I'll pick up a girl at the bar and f*ck her brains out all night lo..." *Conner rips out Cartman's antenna and stomps them to pieces*

Kyle: "Thank you."

Mrs Garthunk: "Anyway If you'll follow me this way The President of South Park Milk company wants to speak to to you." *She leads them to a set of double doors* "2% *The guards open the door letting her in.* "This inner sanctum is only used for cases of children abducted overseas we rarely use it."

Sgt Halfcock: "Thank you Mrs Garthunk." *shakes hands with her*

* A shadowy figure stands in the corner.*

Figure: "Mrs Garthunk Sergeant Glad you can make it."

* The figure turns around revealing a grey haired man wearing a black and white spotted cow jacket.*

President: "Private Kurtz it's nice to meet you at last I'm the President of the South Park Milk Company."

Conner: *still a little confused.* "Uh thank you Mr President."

President: "Now then let's get down to business *takes out a dossier* Kurtz Conner Born November 8th 2003 San Diego California attended Willow Ridge Elementary school joined the Young Marine Corps in 2nd Grade Graduated Honorary Private, Your Drill Instructor was Gunnery Sergeant Barry Halfcock *Looks over at Halfcock* "That's you right?"

Halfcock: "That's right."

President: "And you'd describe Kurtz as a Model Recruit."

Halfcock: "Yes I do takes right after his older Brother if you can believe it."

President: "Your Record speaks quite for itself Conner. Attended Vincent D O'nofrio Young Marines Academy 3rd grade. Awarded Merit badges for everything from basic marksmanship, survival, hand to hand combat, swimming, climbing, scuba diving, medical techniques, combat knives, along with outstanding physical fitness, and discipline along with First Place Young Marines martial arts tournament and marksmanship tournament, One hell of a reputation Reported Missing in Action presumed KIA during the Peruvian Pandemic along with your family sorry to hear that."

Conner: *looks down at his dog tags and smiles* "I've made peace with it."

President: "Well I'm glad to hear that. Now that we've gotten formalities out of the way let's get down to business. *picks up a remote and turns on a monitor behind him* Three weeks ago Getting Gay With Kid's was set to preform in Lima Peru at a concert to raise awareness about the dangers of the rainforest unfortunately their bus never arrived and was found abandoned on the road to the capital. * The monitor shows pictures of the bus abandoned on the side of the road.* Using the Kelrom 12000 our satellite's intercepted communications in the area involving the missing children that were not from national school board or the local police." *He takes out a tape recorder and plays it*

Recording: *Rough American Accent* "The continuing deforestation of the local rainforest has lead to a major blow for our operations in this region, our clients overseas have reported disappointment with the last few shipments however the acquisition of the choir tour is quite a find that more than makes up for it."

*Another voice a child with a French accent speaks up*

Voice: "Nye Touchez pas de perverd batard." *Smack*

Recording: "That one is proving to be a real handful *chuckles* We caught him filing the bars to his cell last night put two guards in the medical station before he was caught. anyway the shipment will be ready to move in 48 hours."

*A girls voice comes through over the recording.*

Girl: *Terrified & teary* LET US GO!!! SOMEBODY ANYBODY PLEASE HELP US!!!! *crying*

Recording: *The Man hits her* Shut up!!!! *The child whimpers* "The shipment will be in your port by Friday." Yes Sir." *In the background the girls voice mutters a single word* "Lenny help me I'm so scared." *sobbing*

*The recording stops*

President: "That transmission came from an area deep in the Andes Mountains previously thought to be uncharted." *places several photos on the desk showing the Incan Ruins and hieroglyphics."

Kyle: "Hey those are the Incan ruins we found when we got sent to Peru."

Cartman: "Yeah and then that assh*le turned out to be a Guinea pirate and tried to kill us."

Conner: *Looks at the pictures then turns to Stan and Kyle.* "You guys were there? how the hell did that happen."

Craig: *monotone* "It's all their fault" *Everyone turns to see Craig in the Briefing room* "They swindled me out of my birthday money, They promised to pay me back with interest, They got me arrested with them and all the other Peruvian Flute Bands, They got me stranded in the Valley of the Guinea Pigs with no way of getting back home, and then they..."

Cartman: "Stop being an assh*le Craig we didn't do nothing."

Craig: *montone* "Anyway long story short i fulfilled an ancient Incan prophesy stopped the guinea pirate and saved the world, and I never got my money back."

Cartman: "What are you doing here anyway assh*le?"

Craig: "These guys showed up at school and said they could get me out If I did something for them."

Stan: "Look what exactly do you want us to do?"

President: "We've gathered you here because you six are the only one's capable of pulling this off." You boys Survived the Guinea Valley so you know the terrain better than anyone, Conner You survived the pandemic and on your own for almost a full year in the wilderness." Your skills and ability to adapt and over come odds makes you a natural leader and Craig you have the most important part of all as...*Craig interrupts him*

Craig: "I won't do it."

President: "What?"

Craig: "I said I won't do it."

Stan: "Craig this is serious those kids lives are in danger."

Craig: "So then go save them just leave me out of this."

Kyle: "Craig don't you care that those kids might never come home If we don't help them?"

Craig: "Of course I care look, look at how much I care. *He stares at them and flips them off.*

Halfcock: *Takes several steps toward him* "Why you chullo wearing little pinko..."

President: "Hold it Sergeant This isn't going to do us any good. *Turns to Craig.* "Craig is they're anything we at South Park Milk can do for you to change your mind."

Craig: "Can you get me my birthday money back?"

President: "Of Course with interest."

Craig:"And can you make it so they *points to the boys* Have to give it back to me in a parade in my honor."

Stan and Kyle: "What!!!"

Craig: "Along with a radio controlled Red Racer Car, those are my terms."

President: "Alright alright it's a deal"

Cartman: "Goddamn Craig always whining about his stupid birthday money." *Craig flips him off.*

President: "And what about you Conner?"

Conner: *Looks at the cliche photo of the Coir kids smiling together as Freedom isn't free by DVDA plays.*

"What would you do If you were asked to give up your dreams for freedom?"
*Conner remember's his day's at Boot Camp."

"What would you do if you were asked to make the ultimate sacrifice?"

*He remember's putting on his uniform for the first time.*

"Would you think about all them heroes who gave up everything they had?"

*He thinks back to his Parents and brother smiling.*

"Would you think all about them war vets and would you start to feel bad?"
*He imagines Standing at his Brother's grave.*

"Freedom isn't free it costs folks like you and me."

*He imagines looking up and seeing a bald eagle fly over him and poop on his head*

"And if we don't all chip in we'll never pay that bill."

*Shows Alan Jackson swimming in a pool filled with money*

"Freedom isn't free."

*Flashes back to him walking down a lonely highway past the South Park sign.*

"No there's a hefty f*cking fee."

"And if you don't throw in your buck o five who will?"

*He remember's getting his tattoo in Juvey.*

Cartman: "Dude can you shut off your IPod?"

President: "Oh whoops sorry." *turns off the music* "So Conner Will you do it."

Conner: *looks up at him.* "When do we leave?

{{Cut to Commercial.}}

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