Finding Soul

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Finding Soul

Postby Datdarkarisfastmkay » Wed Mar 26, 2014 7:46 am

This is a lil episode idea I had and I know the publishers won't ever see it but I thought I might just post it anyways for a few laughs from the viewers who visit the site.

Let me set the stage.

There is a new kid at school and he has red hair and is sitting at the boy's usual table in the cafeteria. Eric walks up talking with Kyle and Kenny about how ugly the lunch lady looked.

Kyle and Kenny sit down and Eric stops dead in his tracks and the camera zooms in on his stunned face. Eric starts to stutter and yells, "G-g-g-g-ggg-g-innnn-GARRR" and Kyle says, "Oh, not again."

The kid with the red hair and freckles turns around and says, " Hi my name is Dan". Eric being rude as always doubles back and says, " what did it just say"? Dan says in confusion," Wait, are you that kid who thinks gingers don't have souls"?

Eric replies quickly, "They don't it's a fact, look it up on Youtube".

Dan replies, " My dad looks just like me and he just got a soul".

Eric laughs for 10 seconds straight rolling on the floor. Afterwards he gets up slowly and says, " prove it".

The scene cuts to Dan's house and his dad opening the garage door from inside the house and you can make out the silhouette of a boxy car.

Dan's dad turns on the garage room light and says, "Yep that's our Keyah Soul I just got it from the new dealership in town. Dan seems awfully proud of it but I think it's just a car".

Eric slowly walks around to the back end of the vehicle and reads the word Soul and faints.

Cutscene to Eric's Bedroom

"Pewpikins, Pewpikins, wake up I made breakfast", Erics mom says while knocking on his bedroom door. Eric slowly comes to and asks his mom " What happened I was at the new kids house and now I'm here".

"Oh sweetie you passed out and Dan's dad drove you back home. Quite a nice gentlemen."

Eric's eyes widen slowly as he says to himself, "This can't be happening".

Cutscene to Keyah Dealership

"EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! HEY?!", Eric yells at the Dealership receptionist. "Yes little boy", the receptionist responds.

"I'd like to know where you keep the souls" Eric says.

"They're just out back on the lot, I can have a salesman take you out for a look". Says the receptionist.

"That won't be necessary, I can handle this" Eric Says

Eric runs out to the lot and starts inspecting the cars.

"Hey, get away from there. You can't be back here alone" Says a Salesperson.

"Are these real souls?" Eric asks

The Salesperson cheerily answers, "Yep all 196 of them"

"Good" Eric replies as he runs to the far end of the lot, pulls out a gas can and pours gas leading up to the first car in the row of souls. Eric then pulls out a pack of matches.

The Salesperson has caught up to Eric by now and yells in horror, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"

Before throwing the lit match onto the gas leading up to the underside of the soul he says, "What should have been done a long, long. time ago".

Eric drops the match and the fire line runs up to the bottom of the first soul in the lot and causes a chain reaction of exploding Keyah Souls.

Cutscene to bird's eye of exploding lot of souls.

Cutscene to Jail

Eric is sitting in a cell and the officer is lecturing him.

Yada yada yada feel free to add to the episode but it's supposed to end with Eric being told it's okay for gingers to have souls.

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