First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 4

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First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 4

Postby Nick Assburger » Sun Mar 30, 2014 7:41 pm

{Return from Commercial break.}

{Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, and Craig are walking through the rainforest after parachuting to safety.}

Craig: *Dull* "When you guys got on that plane with Conner and said you would do this did it ever cross your mind that we might crash into the mountains with no means of escape? Of course not that's why everyone at school thinks your assh*les and doesn't talk to you."

Cartman: *Groans* "Oh my f*cking God Craig are you gonna whine the entire way.?"

Craig: *Dull* "I was promised my birthday money, I was promised I could get out of school, I was promised nothing would go wrong this time."

Stan: "Craig none of us wanted to get shot down in the middle of the rainforest okay You act like we wanted to jump out of a burning plane into the forest."

Craig: *Just flips him off.*

Kyle: "Look guys right now we need to work together and find Conner."

Craig: "He's probably dead you know."

Stan: "He's not dead Craig."

Craig: "How do you know?"

Stan: "Because he survived being hunted by the police and national guard for two days, And led us out of the mine when it collapsed."


Stan: "So the way I see it we owe him the same."

Craig: "You guys can go search for him If you want but Stripe and I are getting out of here . *He turns and walks off in the other direction."

Kyle: "Craig we need to stick together."

Craig: *Flips him off and walks offscreen.*

Cartman: "Fine! Take your stupid butt plug of rat and get lost assh*le!"

*Blue lasers shoots at Cartman hitting him in the butt.*

Cartman: "Ay what the hell?"

Craig: "It wasn't me this time?"

Cartman: "Yeah Huh!"

Craig: "Nuh Uh"

Cartman: "Yeah Huh."

Craig: "It wasn't me this time I swear it."

Cartman: "Well then who was it?"

*Craig holds up Stripe Who's eye's are glowing blue like Craig's did.*

Stan: "Whoa Dude!"

Kenny: ("That's awesome!")

Kyle: "Craig how are you doing that?"

Craig: "I don't know."

*Stripe fires a laser from his eyes chopping down a tree that almost crushes Kenny.*

Stan: "Jesus Christ Dude!."

*The boys look at Stripe in shock.*

Stripe: "Squeak!"

Kyle: *Surprised* "I wonder what Conner's up to?"

{{Elsewhere in the jungle Conner and Benjamin are running through the jungle together.}}

Conner: *Pant* "So *Pant* Benjamin tell me something, Is it really you or did I just hit my head on the way down?"

Benjamin: *Laughs* Maybe I am maybe I'm not."

Conner: "I haven't seen you in months, Juvey shrink say's I'm making progress."

Benjamin: "You told her all about me huh? Your dead brother who lives in your head?"

Conner: "Yeah he thinks your a manifestation brought on by my post traumatic stress disorder, that I created you in my mind to cope with the loss."

Benjamin: "Do you think it's the real me this time?"

Conner: "Hard to tell, your just as much of a joker as ever."

Benjamin: "And your still tagging along with me wherever I go."

*They reach a clearing in the jungle and stop at the base of a small waterfall. Benjamin kneels down and takes out a pair of binoculars.*

Benjamin: "Conner take a look over there." *hand him the binoculars.*

Conner: *Looks through the binoculars*

Benjamin: "Over there to the SE" *Conner spots a clearing in the trees*

Conner: "Could be a village."

Benjamin: "In this place?"

Conner: "Good point let's go check it out." *Get's up and follows Benjamin through the woods* "How are we getting down?"

Benjamin: "Shhh do you hear that?"

*Sound of a Helicopter's rotors.*

Benjamin: "Get Down!" *Grabs Conner and pulls him to the ground*

*A UH1 Huey flies over them shining a spotlight through the jungle canopy.*

Conner: "Most tribal villages don't one of those in the garage."

Benjamin: "I think we found our camp the question is will we find our choir tour as well?"

Conner: "How do you know about the choir tour?"

Benjamin: "You forget Bro I'm inside your head most of what I'm saying your thinking."

Conner:"Is that because your not really here?"

Benjamin: "Or I'm still in heaven with Mom and Dad and I'm just putting thoughts in your head take your pick?"

Conner: "Whatever so *holsters his M16* You feel like heading down river?"

Benjamin: "Lead the way Gunny Din."

{Back in Colorado.}

Kelrom 10000: "Scan negative no sign or response from Conner Kurtz or team?"

Sgt Halfcock: "Well Keep Scanning."

Kelrom 10000: "Affirmative."

*Gunnery Sergeant Halfcock, The Company President and Mrs Garthunk are in the situation room watching the monitor for signs of Conner and the Boys."

President: " It's been 6 hours he would have contacted us by now."

Sgt Halfcock: "It's possible he's still alive."

President: "Well then what about his tracking beacon?"

Sgt Halfcock: "It could have been lost in the crash, they did have to bail out prematurely."

President: "We should pull the plug, get them out of there, It's too dangerous to continue the operation."

Sgt Halfcock: "Now hold on He's got 42 hours left let's give him some time."

Mrs Garthunk: "I feel partially responsible, We sent six young boys into the middle of nowhere, *begins losing her cool* They're probably dead."

Sgt Halfcock: "I wouldn't bet on that, If I know Conner It's gonna take a hell of a lot of more than this to kill him."

President: "You sound pretty confident Sergeant."

Sgt Halfcock: *drinks a glass of milk* "Conner's the finest Young Marine I've ever had the honor of training, He sticks to the mission all the way through, He never gives up or gives in, He gets the job done and never leaves a kid behind." *puts the glass down* "I'm confident Mr President because I've seen him in action and I know he'll bring those kids, home all of them."

President: "Well, I hope your right Sergeant."

{{Back to the boys.}}

{The Boys have been walking for hours now.}}

Craig: "We're lost."

Cartman: "We're not lost Craig we just don't know where we are."

Craig: "That's what lost means assh*les."

Cartman: "Well then Mr chosen one why don't you use your supernatural laser eyes to show us the way?

Craig: "It doesn't work like it?"

Cartman: "Why not?"

Craig: "I don't know it just doesn't."

*Suddenly Stripe starts acting strange, He begins squeaking wildly and runs off in a certain direction.*

Kenny: ("What's up with him?")

Craig: "I don't know he's never done this before."

Kyle: "He's going into the bushes."

*The boys follow Stripe into through the jungle*

Craig: "Stripe come back!!!"

*Stripe stops just as suddenly as he started, He just stands there and lets out a threatening whine.*

Stan: "What's wrong with him Craig?"

Craig: "What is it Boy what's wrong." *Stripe holds firm and whines as something massive moves through the trees.*

Kyle: "Uh Guy's?"

Cartman: "What?"

*Guinea roar.*

The Boys: "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GUINEA CREATURE!!"

*A gigantic live action guinea pig crashes through the forest knocking down several trees.*

Cartman: "Fill it full of lead!"

*The boys open fire with everything they got but their bullets don't even slow the guinea pig down."

Stan: "It's no use our firepower has no effect!"

*The boys all curl up the fetal position as the guinea creature closes in when suddenly a tune stops the creature in it's path, As suddenly as it attacked the Guinea creature goes back into the jungle thicket.*

Stan: "It, it just walked away."

Craig: *Holding a panflute* Your welcome." *smiles smugly*

Cartman: " We didn't need your help Craig we almost had him until you scared him away."

Craig: "Sure you did Rambo."

Cartman: " I'm serious aren't I guys."

Kyle: "Let's just find shelter it's getting dark."

Cartman: "Fine I'm gonna go bag a Guinea creature by myself."

Stan: "Okay Cartman Have fun."

Kyle: "Yeah See Ya."

Craig : *flips him off.*

*The boys leave Cartman.*

Cartman: "I'll show ya, I'm gonna bag a Guinea Creature all by myself and it'll be easy."

*Thunder clap*

Cartman: "Uh guys?"

*Rain begins falling."

*Guinea Creature Roar.*

Cartman: "Hey Guy's wait for me."

Craig: "Hey Cartman back from the hunt?"

Cartman: "I figured you guys might need some protection because it's dangerous at night."

Craig: "Sure you did."

Cartman: "Can't just leave you guys to fend for yourselves."

*A guinea pig roar startles Cartman to grab onto Kenny peeing himself.*

Kenny: ("Get off me dude!")

Cartman: "I'm just watching out for you Kenny."

Kenny: ("Is that pee?")

Cartman: *lies* Uh no that's just sweat it's pretty hot."

*Kenny rants at Cartman for peeing on his leg while Craig cradles Stripe.*

Craig: "Heh Heh Good one Stripe."

*Stripe lets out a loud Guinea roar startling Cartman again."

Kenny: *Rants*

Cartman: "I'm not scared Kenny I was just startled."

Craig: "I don't care if we're lost in the jungle, as long as we're together Stripe I'm so happy." Besides we can always eat the others."

{Cut to Commercial.}

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