First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 5

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First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 5

Postby Nick Assburger » Sun Mar 30, 2014 7:43 pm

{{Return from Commercial break.}}

{Open with a shot of the prison camp.}

*Conner and Benjamin lie prone on a hill over looking the camp through binoculars.*

Conner: I count about 23 in the camp, eight in the central guard tower four watching the front gate, patrols of about two to four here and there and *looks over at some guard dogs as lightening flashes* "Whoa some real nasty looking dogs, What I don't get is why a camp so large has so few guards?"

Benjamin: "Maybe they're on patrol or something?"

Conner: "In this jungle?"

Benjamin: "Yeah that is a good point. *Spies something in his binoculars* Looks like theirs something going on in that large hut over there!"

Conner: *looks over at the hut to see flashing lights and weird Euro music.* "Are they taking in a show?"

Benjamin: "Could be the chance we need let's go." *get's up and heads for the camp.*

Conner: "I'm getting a real sense of Deja vu from this." *Follows him down the hill towards the camp*

*suspenseful jungle music plays*

*They duck down in behind the rocks and take cover from a searchlight in the guard tower, Benjamin gestures I see lookout in the tower take him out, Conner nods and attaches a suppressor to his rifle,*

*Phew phew thud crash*

Benjamin: *whispers* "Tango down nice work."

*They spot two more at the base of the tower having a smoke. Conner shoots one down but before the other can spot them he is dragged into a hole and killed.*

*Puzzled Conner and Benjamin head up to the hole and notice someone has beaten the soldier to death.*

Conner: "Gophers?"

Benjamin: "Conner go on through and scout around the camp I'll try to find another way in."

Conner: "Right you do that." *Climbs into the hole and looks up at Benjamin*

Benjamin: "Don't worry they won't see me."

Conner: "Can't see what's not really there." *Salutes Benjamin, Benjamin returns it*

*Conner *turns on his flashlight and follows the tunnel under the camp*

Conner: "Now I know what a Mole feels like, two and half years at the USYMC Academy for this sh*t."

*Suddenly he hears something moving in the area.*

Conner: *Thoughts* "What was that?" *Draws his M1911 and surveys the tunnel, his eyes darting around until he sees a Mole squeak and scurry away.* "Just a mole. *He lowers his gun* It's just a...*He is suddenly smacked in the back of a head with a shovel and goes down, fighting the throbbing pain in his head he draws his gun and fires twice*

"Ne Terez Pas!" ((Don't shoot.))

*Conner looks up as his vision clears to see a Young Boy about his age with messy dark hair a dirt covered Getting Gay with Kids shirt and bandolier, brown pants and combat boots*

"Your not one of z'em?"

*Conner pistol whips him*

"Ce qui la baise!" (What the f*ck!)

Conner: "That's for hitting me with a shovel assh*le."

*Conner helps him up and gets punched in the jaw for his efforts*

"And z'at's for shooting at me and pe'stol whipping me in the z'e face Az'hole!"

Conner: "Okay I kinda deserved that so we're even."

"That depends Mon amie.",

Conner: "On what?"

*holds out a cigarette.* "Got a light?"

Conner: " I got Gum."

"Keep it."

Conner: "Well as long we're down here would you mind telling me your name Mon Amie?"

"Z'hey call me Ze Mole."

Conner: "Name's Conner Sergeant Conner Kurtz United States Young Marine Corps."

Christophe: "Another Military P'eeg."

Conner: "Fine way to treat your rescue party fleabag."

Christophe: "You a've a way out of z'his valley?"

Conner: "Depends,is their a radio here?"

Christophe: "Z'he guards a've one in z'he Hut on z'he NW side of Z'he camp."

Conner: "Great then we can find the Choir tour and get out of here"

Christophe: "Who z'ent you?"

Conner: "Some milk company in the ass end of the Colorado."

Christophe: "Would z'is place 'appen to be South Park?"

Conner: "Yeah why?"

Christophe: "De lon bonne chance a' tous, ((Of all the good luck.)) We have a lot to discuss."

{{Meanwhile The boys have found shelter in a very familiar place."}}

Craig: "Out of all the places in this assh*le valley we had to seek shelter in this one."

*Craig looks up at the prophecy wall with him on it.*

Craig: *Looks at his picture on the wall.* "Shut up."

Stan: *Warms his hands in front of a fire with the other guys* "Well At least we've got shelter for tonight Craig."

Craig: "But what about Tomorrow? We only have enough supplies to last us one more day we haven't seen any sign of Conner and no way to call for help."

Kyle: "I'm sure Conner's still alive out there somewhere Craig, He can handle himself."

Craig: "I'm not concerned about him He's the only one who has a radio."

Stan: "He's our friend Craig, He saved our lives from that collapsed mine."

Craig: " And then he proceeded to destroy half the town."

Stan: "That's not his fault Craig He's some problems."

Craig: "He threatened to gut Stripe into a dishrag."

Kyle: "I'm sure he didn't mean it Craig, Sgt Halfcock said he's got some bad memories of the Pandemic."

Craig: "He's got bad memories of the pandemic? Did he get swindled out of his birthday money too."

*Stripe crawls away and looks up at the Hieroglyphics of Craig on the wall.*

Craig: *Distant.* "Did he get arrested by the authorities and sent to a detainment center?"

*Stripe stares at the hieroglyphics as Peruvian flute music plays, suddenly his eye's start glowing.*

Craig: *Distant* "Did he get sent to the Andes mountains and left with no means of escape, and wind up fulfilling an ancient prophecy that he wanted no part of?

*Suddenly lasers fire from Stripe's eyes into the hieroglyphics, flowing into them a source of mysterious blue power, The glyphs begin to glow bright blue as the power flows through the room*

Kyle: "Uh Craig."

Craig: "Don't interrupt me Kyle."

Stan: "Dude look."

Craig: "I'm not looking."

*The energy flows from the walls to the floor, in a strange outline.*

Kenny: ("Craig I'm serious everything's turning blue?")

Craig: "I don't care."

*The floor begins rumbling and pulsing with light as if something has been activated.*

Craig: "Oh My God What the hell did you guys do?"

Kyle: "We didn't do nothing dude I swear."

Cartman: "What are you trying to blame this on us for?"

Kenny: ("Look!") *Points to Stripe.*

*Dust begins to fall from the ceiling as the floor hieroglyphics begin to glow with a blinding light.*

Craig: 'Stripe?...What are you doing?"

*The beams of light from the floor glow brighter and brighter levitating Craig and Stripe off the floor.*

Craig: *nervous* "Stripe this isn't funny anymore I mean it's kinda cool but it's getting sorta creepy."

*Suddenly beams of light shoot from the eyes of Craig's Glyph and into his, The light glows so bright it blinds the Boys."


Kyle: "WHAT!!!"

*Craig flips them off.*

Cartman: *cups his hands* " f*ck YOU CRAIG!!!"

*The bright shoots out of the temple roof and into the sky, When the smoke clears Craig and Stripe are gone."

Cartman: "WELL SERVES YOU RIGHT assh*le."

*In a another time or place maybe another dimension maybe another world Craig awakens*

Craig: "Where..Where am I?"

*He sees Stripe in front of him.*

Stripe: *Communicates Telepathically through his glowing eyes in a deep voice.*

Stripe: "Welcome Chosen one we have much to discuss."

Craig: *Jaw Drops in awe!* "Holy f*cking sh*t on a Flaming Shingle."

*Meanwhile Conner and Christophe get some bonding time in while tunneling.*

Christophe: *grunts and sweats from digging* "And z'hen *grunt* I was pulled back down to Earth and back into my own body." *grunts* I still have z'he scar on my stomach from where z'hose filthy dogs tore out my kidneys, *grunts* and z'hen top it all off z'e next day my stupid mother went out and bought me a puppy, A f*cking PUPPY!" z'ey are truly filthiest of all of God's homosexual creatures, What about you what's your story?"

Conner: "It's a long Story but to make it short I lost my parents and older brother in the Pandemic."

Christophe: *softens for a moment.* "Je suis." ((I'm Sorry)) "I'm sorry to hear that."

Conner: "I survived on own for almost a year until I came to South Park, in two day's I managed to attract the attention of the local and state police, the FBI The National Guard and the ATF."

Christophe: "What did you do?"

Conner: "I kinda brought a gun onto school grounds, caused about 11 million dollars in damage. destroyed a helicopter full of ATF assh*les and put a truant officer in a testicular vegetative state."

Christophe: " Mon' Ane I thought I was bad."

((The normal phrase in French is Mon Dieu but given The Mole's apathy toward God I figured this phrase My Jackass suited him better.))

Conner: "Milk Company came to me with an offer, Said If I could bring these kids back in one piece they might be able to get a pardon from the Governor."

Christophe: "And you believe them."

Conner: "Haven't got much of a choice, If you don't mind me asking how did you get into this mess anyway?"

Christophe: "My Beetch Mother signed me up for it said it would do me some good, next z'hing I know I'm singing and dancing like a little homosexual about destroying z'he rainforest and right before opening night z'hey snatch us up and throw us in here."

Conner:"Who are these people."

Christophe: "Retouchers enfants bout a bout." ((People who touch children in the butt.))

Conner: "What?"

Christophe: "Child sex traffickers"

Conner: "Good God."

Christophe: "Don't even get started on z'hat pussy, anyway I've spent z'he last two weeks tunneling under z'he camp and soon we'll all be able to escape z'his hell, Now If my map is correct we should be right under z'he Guards hut."

Conner: "How accurate is your map?"

Christophe: "Made it myself. *checks his map.* "Ce qu'il est." ((This is it.))

*Christophe tunnels a way out for them.*

Christophe: *Climbs out and helps Conner up.* "Shhh" *whispers* "z'his is it, batards (Guess it.) always leave a couple on duty, We must be quick about it." *Crawls under the hut*

* They can hear the guards talking in the hut.* one steps out for a smoke.*

Guard: *British accent.* I'm going out for a smoke lads anyone want to join me?"

Guard: *Australian accent* " Nah we're good just don't be gone too long mate."

*The guard steps out of the hut.*

Conner: *Whispers* "I got this one." *Raises his M16 and shoots him in the neck*

Christophe: *whispers* "Joli Coup ((Nice Shot.)) You are quite z'he marksman." *drags his body under the hut.*

Conner: "I've had practice."

Christophe: "Merde!" ((sh*t)) "He does not have z'he keys, One of the others has z'hem."

Conner: "No problem." * Rolls on his back and listens to the floor boards*

Guard: *Russian accent.* "So when will he be back?"

Guard: *Australian accent.* "You know Nigel he pisses like a race horse with that prostate of his."

Guard: *Vietnamese accent.* "Ha ha ha He'll be out all night."

Christophe: "Watch are you doing?"

Conner: "Just watch." *Taps the floor of the hut with the barrel of his rifle.*

*Inside the hut*

Guard: *Russian accent* "What was Noise? *Is suddenly shot several times through the floor.*

Guard: *Australian accent* "Bloody Hell...YARGH *Is shot in the chest three times*

Guard: *Grabs a gun off the shelf* YOU DIE JOE...YAAAAAAAARRRRGH!!!! *Is riddled with bullets and falls over.*

*Below the Guards hut Conner lowers his rifle from the floor.*

Christophe: "Impressionnant"

Conner: "Merci."

*The two battle hardened boys crawl out from under the tent and enter the guard house, Christophe begins rifling through the dead guards pockets while Conner Keeps a look out.*

Christophe: "Magnifique."

Conner: "Find the keys?"

Christophe: "And a bonus." *holds up a lighter and lights up his cigarette.* "And one for you too Mon amie." *He unlocks the cabinet on the wall revealing a small arsenal of guns and ammo

Conner: "Everything I asked Santa for."

*They help themselves to rack of weapons, Conner taking an M14 rifle with a night scope and suppressor.while Christophe picks up an Ithaca 37 shotgun and shells and an Uzi."

Christophe: "Conner Mon Amie *locks the shotgun I think this is z'he start of a wonderful partnership."

{Cut to commercial.}

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