First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 6

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First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 6

Postby Nick Assburger » Mon Mar 31, 2014 11:35 am

{Return from Commercial}

*Conner and Christophe survey the large round prison hut with binoculars from behind some crates*

Christophe: *whispers* "z'his is 'the place the foul bastille where z'hey keep locked up us at night.."

Conner: *whispers* "I count four tangos on the balconies armed with rifles and one more in the guard tower behind it. *unslings his M14 and looks down the scope.* Let's take this nice and slow."

*Two of the guards on the balcony head inside.*

Christophe: "Looks like two of the "Salauds" {Dirty bastards} just stepped inside for a conjugal visit."

Conner: "These are some real sick bastards." *watches the guards in the tower through his sights* Okay I'll take out the guards in the tower then you head over to free the choir I'll stay here and keep these bastards off your back." *pats him on the shoulder* When It's all clear I'll flash my knife against the searchlight okay?

Christophe: "You better have my back Marin." {Marine}

*Conner takes aim at the guards in the high tower while Christophe moves up toward another stack of crates.*

Conner: *Thinking* "Guy in the watch towers turned his back, big mistake. *takes a deep breath and fires hitting him in head.* "Goodnight" *Looks down to see Christophe moving up the prisoner hut's ladder. and another guard stepping into the view from the left. "Got two more on the platform *shoots one in the head sending him over the railing.* "His friend's coming back." *adjusts his scope to spot another guy coming from the right. Conner fires hitting him in the head and sending him crashing thru a table alerting the guards inside.*

Conner: "sh*t."

Christophe: "Merde!"

Guard: *French accent.* "What was that?" *zips his fly up and drops a pantless little boy he was holding.*

Guard: *Congo accent.* "We better take a look" *picks up an AK47*

*They head outside to take a look while Christophe takes cover behind the door, Meanwhile Conner gets them in his sights when suddenly he is grabbed from behind."

Benjamin: "Shh"

Conner: "Benjamin I was wondering when I would start seeing you again."

Benjamin: " The sh*t's about the fan the guards found the body in the watch tower."

*Meanwhile Christophe continues to hide from the guards."

Christophe: *Thoughts* "what z'he hell are you waiting for Conner?"

*The guards notice the body on the table.*

Guard: *Congo accent* " He's dead sound the alarm!"

Christophe: "Oh baiser cette!" ((Oh f*ck this.)) * With a battle cry he attacks the Congo guard from behind with his shovel bringing him down a smash to the knee followed by an upper cut to the chin and finishing him with blow to the head*

French Guard: "Sacre Bleu." An intruder! *Christophe is forced to fight him with a shovel while Conner converses with Benjamin*

Conner: "We've found the missing choir as soon as the Mole gives...Oh God THE MOLE!!! *Realizes he's forgotten all about Christophe Conner takes aim again just in time to see his comrade silence the guard with a shovel uppercut to groin causing him to fire his FAL rifle into the air.*

French Guard: *High pitched voice* Vous sale petite merde!" *Christophe stops him in the groin causing him to scream in falsetto.*

Christophe: "Mon deau *laughs* c'est hilarant!" *He proceeds to curb stomp the guards testicles flat with his boots the guard repeatedly screaming higher and higher in pitch until he passes out.*

Conner: "Never mind looks he's alright."

Benjamin: "The guards will have certainly heard the shots let's go."

*The two brothers move down the hill and up the ladder to meet up The Mole.*

Christophe: "Ou' diable 'etais-tu. Where the hell where you?"

Conner: "I....thought I heard something."

Christophe: "You said you had my back."

Conner: " We did I mean I did."

Christophe: "You better get your sh*t together Kurtz don't let it happen again."

*The enter the hut and Conner sees how the children are treated. Many are pantless cold shivering covered with bruises and cuts, mud. and bugs.*

Conner: "Oh my God just hold on *opens the cell door* we're going to get you out of here.

*One of the girls grabs onto him and breaks down sobbing*

Conner: *comforts her* It's going to okay we're gonna get you out of here."

"So your the entire rescue party?"

*A blonde haired boy with a British accent steps forward.*

Conner: "That's right. who are you?"

"My name's Gregory I'm the leader of the prisoners here,"

Conner: "Private Conner Kurtz USYMC nows not really the time to get acquainted."

Gregory: "Well so where's our rescue?"

Benjamin: "This Limey's a real optimist."

Conner: "Tell me about it."

Gregory: "What was that?"

Conner: "Nothing." Listen we only have a few minutes until they discover us I want you to wait here until I give the signal then I want you to head for the tunnels." *Reloads his M16*

Gregory: "What Signal What tunnels?"

Conner: "Christophe will show you won't you Christophe?"

Christophe: "Oui."

Gregory: "What about you?"

Conner: "You worry about your own hide pretty boy and go for the tunnel under the guards hut when the shooting starts." *releases the bolt*

Gregory: "Your going to take them on alone? Are you mad?"

Conner: "You don't want to know." *Smiles over at Benjamin.*

{Meanwhile back at the temple.}

Stan: "Dude Craig's been gone a long time."

Kyle: "You think he was vaporized or something?"

Kenny: (("I don't know?"))

Cartman: "I don't care where the hell he is all he ever does is complain."

{Meanwhile where ever the hell Craig and Stripe are.}

Craig: "Stripe You can talk."

Stripe: {{Voice of Matt Stone.}} "Actually I'm communicating with you telepathically."

Craig: "Meh still pretty cool."

Stripe: "Time is short so I'll keep it brief As you know this valley has been the home of the guinea creatures who for centuries have been kept here by the music of the panflute bands but there is also a story you are not aware of."

Craig: "Am I gonna shoot lasers out of my eyes again?"

Stripe: "Probably."

Craig: "Nice."

Stripe: "Anyway the peruvian panflute was created hundreds of years ago by the guardian of this valley Cuymosabe. *an image of Craig wearing peruvian garb and carrying a panflute appears in front of them. *Cuymosabe was a wise and just ruler he used the panflute calm the creatures and bring peace and coexistence between them and the humans. but he also discovered his instrument held a dark secret. not only could he calm the creatures tempers with it but in time he learned he could control their will as well. Fearful of it's awful power Cuymosabe vowed never to use it. When his power hungry twin brother Zampona learned of it he stole the flute and used it to lead the creatures in a rebellion against his brother. "

*Shows scenes of battle between the humans and the guinea creatures with plenty of gore and guts.*

Craig: "Awesome!"

Stripe: "In the end Cuymosabe prevailed at the cost of the valley, He changed Zampona into the form of a guinea creature so hideous and terrifying that the other creatures feared and loathed him and banished him and the others into the valley forever."

Craig: "It's the guinea pirate isn't it?"

Stripe: "What?"

Craig: "The twin brother is the guinea pirate isn't he?"

Stripe: *coughs* "How about a little spoiler alert next time before you go spoiling things nobody likes a spoiler."

Craig: "Whatever continue."

Stripe: "As I was saying Cuymosabe turned his brother into a guinea creature and with the last of his magic he created an avatar for his soul to inhabit."

*Shows Cuymosabe sculpting a figure of Craig and breathing life into it.*

Craig: "So I'm an Avatar now?"

Stripe: "Yes."

Craig: "Can I bend Earth?

Stripe: "No"

Craig: " What about Water?."

Stripe: "No."

Craig: "Fire?"

Stripe: "No."

Craig: "Air?"

Stripe: "No Craig it's not that kind of Avatar."

Craig: "So I'm like a giant blue alien?"

Stripe: "We're going to be here a while."

{{Back in the Nerve center}}

Kelron 12000: "No response found."

President: "Mrs Garthunk it's been more than 24 hours you should get some rest."

Mrs Garthunk: "I can't sleep without thinking about those poor boys we sent out there."

President: "Your beating yourself up for no good reason."

Mrs Garthunk: "We sent 6 young boys into the Andes mountains by themselves to do the impossible."

Sgt Halfcock: "They've still got 24 hours to complete the mission and get back to the rendezvous point."

Mrs Garthunk: "Do you think they're alive Sgt."

Sgt Halfcock: "If I know Conner it'll take more than this to kill him."

Mrs Garthunk: "And the others?"

Sgt Halfcock: "The Young Marines never leave a man behind."

President: "Here have a glass of milk Mrs Garthunk." *pours her a glass of milk.*

Mrs Garthunk: "Leave the jug." *He leaves on her desk.*

Sgt Halfcock: "Look Mrs Garthunk I trained Conner I know how he thinks, I know what he's capable of, and I know He'll stop at nothing to complete his mission." *He sits down and looks up at the GPS screen.

{Back to the action.}

{Two Guards are watching the ammo hut when suddenly a knife flies out and hits one in the neck, before the other guards can comprehend Conner drops down and shoots him in the head.}

Benjamin: "Not bad you can definitely do better thou."

Conner: "I know I'm out of practice."

*Conner opens the the door and drags the bodies inside*

Conner: "It's Christmas in July."

*The hut is filled with shelves of firearms and boxes of ammunition and explosives.*

Benjamin: "See anything you like?"

Conner: "I don't know where to start."

*The two brothers begin helping themselves to whatever they can carry. A machete, some magazines, claymores, some bear traps, Mortar shells, An Uzi, some ballistic knives, a Crossbow and an Ithaca 37 shotgun.*

Conner: * puts down his M14 and Picks up a box of shells.* "Dragons Breath? "I got a feeling this is going to get hot."

Benjamin: "grab what you want and let's get out of here."

Conner: "Almost done." *Conner opens several boxes of ammo and dumps them on the floor, He then places some claymore mines next to them and ties them to a mortar shell using tripwires, finally he places the bear trap next to the door opens it and jams the mortar shell into the Bear trap."

Benjamin: "Let's go we're gonna fall behind."

*The two brothers steal some bricks of C4 and leave the ammo shed for the large stage hut where the Euro music is playing.*

Benjamin: *Looks through the binoculars.* "What the hell are these sick bastards doing?"

*Through his scope Conner can see five girls preforming synchronized gymnastics in matching slave Leia outfits.*

Conner: " It's the Quintuplets come on let's get up there."

*The two brothers head up the hill path to the stage and proceed to crawl under the stilts. Above them they can hear the guards getting rowdy and wolf whistling*

Benjamin: "These sick motherf*ckers Conner plant the C4 if these bastards feel like blowing a load we'll give them one to blow."

*Conner plants a brick of C4 under the the guards and primes a detonator. meanwhile on stage the guards begin to grow more rowdy one of them a brawny Pat Roach looking German named Heinrich gets up.*

Heinrich: "Nehman Si es aus Klein Susse" {{Take it off little cutie}}

Girl: *Romanian accent, Tears up and breaks down sobbing. Her sister runs up to comfort her.*

Natalia: *tearing up* "It's okay Nadia we're here for you.*

*Heinrich deciding he's had enough pushes his way to the front and grabs her by the wrist her sister tries to stop him but he back hands her to the ground. her three sisters help her up."

Heinrich: "Iche sagte Nehman Si es aus." {{I said take it off.}}

*Conner deciding he's seen enough makes his move before Heinrich can harm a hair on Nadia's head a blade flies through the air piercing Heinrich's neck killing him instantly."


Guard: "What the F#ck! *A Crossbow bolt pierces his chest* ARRRRGH!!!! *Followed by several bursts of gunfire that cut down several guards, The Quintuplets not thinking twice quickly exit the stage."

Benjamin: "They're clear blow it!" *Conner pushes the detonator blowing the stage hut and the rest of the guards to smithereens!*

Benjamin: *Laughs hysterically.* OORAH!! SUCK ON THAT YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!!!!


*Conner jumps out of the tree and rushes over to the Quintuplets who escaped the blast .*

Conner: "You okay?"

*Nadia runs up and hugs him tightly choking out sobs, Conner comforts her.*

Nadia: "Mult'umesc. mult'umesc mult'umesc." {{Thank you thank you.}}

Conner: "It's okay he can't hurt you anymore Can you understand me? The Marines are here and we've come to get you out."

*Natalia comforts her shaken sister.*

Natalia: "Thank God you came when you did."

Conner: *looks over his shoulder* "Thank me later right now we need to get out of here."

*The Score from the Rambo movies plays as the searchlights begin surveying the area, The guards are now on full alert. A group heads for the armory to get weapons and stumbles into the trap Conner set earlier."

Guard: *Steps on the Bear trap.* *Wilhelm Scream* *The mortar shell explodes sending the armory up in,killing several guards. and distracting the searchlights attention,*

Conner: *Takes out another bolt and removes the arrowhead replacing it with an explosive tipped head and fires hitting the searchlight and blowing the watch tower to smithereens* "LETS GO WE'VE GOT TO GET TO THE ESCAPE TUNNELS!!!"

*Conner leads them through the camp gunning down several guards in an over the top action sequence that anyone who's ever seen an action movie has already seen before.*

Conner: "This way! *Shoots down two Guards standing over them on a bridge in a railing kill complete with Wilhelm screams.*

*A truck pulls up armed with a 50 caliber machine gun along with several dozen guards.*

Conner: "Wait for my signal then head for the entrance The Mole will be waiting for you there." *Draws his Rifle and shoots the Gunner in the chest and rushes the jeep. He jumps onto the back only to be kicked off by the driver who's climbed onto the back of the truck.*

Guard: *mans the machine gun* "Game over you little sh*t."

*Conner draws his handgun and fires but the magazine is empty, he closes his eyes bracing for the end when suddenly....*

Guard: *Neck snaps.*

*Conner opens his eyes and sees four of the quintuplets have formed a tower to snap the guards neck. the 5th one calls out to him.*

Quintuplet: "What are you waiting for? Get on!"

*Conner climbs up onto the truck.*

Quintuplet: "Grab my hands."

Conner: "What?"

Quintuplet: "There's no time to explain just do it."

*Conner takes her hands and she lifts him up with her feet and kicks him to the the top of the tower.*

Conner: *teetering* "Whoooa whoaaa."

Quintuplet: "Turn around."

Conner: "Oh Right." *He turns around pulls back the bolt and opens fire mowing down dozens of guards too quickly to count.* RAAAARGH!!!!!

{{Elsewhere Gregory, Christophe and the other kids look on in awe as Conner and the Quintuplets make swiss cheese out of the guards.}}

Gregory: "Bloody Hell! where the hell did they get this kid?"

Christophe: "He fights like a child possessed." *An explosion sends a severed arm landing in front of them.* Incoming! *The children take cover as mortar shells rain down on them.*

*Back on the truck Conner and the quintuplets continue to mow down the Super Adventure Club in exaggerated fashion when suddenly a mortar shell lands next to the truck flipping it and sending them flying into the dirt. Conner hits the ground hard and blacks out for a moment as ringing echoes in his ears.*

Quintuplet: *distorted Conner's FPPOV* got!! *Conner's hearing clears up* "Get up We got to get out of here." *Conner's vision clears and he sees one of the quintuplet's looking over him one of them has injured her leg.*

Quintuplet: "Glaces are you okay can you walk?"

Glaces: "I don't think so."

Conner: *Get's up and picks up his rifle.* "Get her to the front gate and meet up with the others I'll try and draw their fire!!"

Quintuplet: "Esti nebun? {{Are you insane?}}

Conner: "JUST GO NOW!! *Runs out into the line of fire shooting randomly while the girls carry their injured sister to safety."

*Mortar shells rain down on Conner as he races toward the tower where the guards are firing on him.*

Conner: *pant pant pant.* "Man these guy's can't aim for sh*t."

"Meanwhile up in the tower the guards are aiming their mortars at Conner."

Guard: "Damn it this little bastard is stubborn. *Raises his pith helmet revealing he's cross eyed.* "How the the hell is able to evade us like this? *The other looks at him revealing he's also cross eyed.* "Hey Where did he go?"

Conner: "CONNER DO A HEAD BUTT!!!!!" * Conner bursts through the floor hatch and head butts the guard in the stomach sending him toppling him over the tower.* "It's super effective! *looks at the other guard with a trance like look in his eyes "Your next!"

{The other guard Wilhelm screams and jumps off the tower.}

{Conner takes out his binoculars and looks over at the gate. He sees a Mole cupping his hands making the sound of a wounded baby giraffe.}

Conner: "That's the Mole's signal." *notices several guards closing in on them* "This is not good." *Looks over at the Mortar.*

{{Meanwhile on the ground the guards shine a spotlight on the escaping Kids.}}

Christophe: "Merde!" *some of the children break down crying.*

Gregory: "Where the hell is your one man army friend Christophe?"

{{The children surrounded raise their hands in surrender when suddenly an explosion takes out several guards followed by another and another.}}

Benjamin: "To the Left!"

Conner: *loads and launches another shell taking out several guards and sending the rest running for cover.* SUCK ON THAT YOU PEE PEE TOUCHING BASTARDS!!!!! Conner loads another one and launches it at the gate.*

Christophe: "EVERYBODY TAKE COVER!!!!!" BOOOOOOOM!!!!! *The gate splinters into pieces opening the way for them and catching Gregory and the Mole in the blast.*

Gregory: *Hair is messed up and his face is covered in soot.* "Christophe does our savior know of the concept of friendly fire?"

Christophe: *swallows on his cigarette* "z'hat was my last one."

Gregory: *Looks at him and sighs*

{Back on the watch tower}

Benjamin: "I count 10 plus KIA's nice shooting Conner!

Conner: "Couldn't have done it without my spotter."

*The brothers triumph is cut short by the sound of rotor blades .*

Benjamin: "The Helicopters are back."

*Two heavily armed Hind helicopters close in equipped with search lights rockets missiles auto cannons and machine guns *

Conner: "Oh sh*t Gunships I hate gunships."

{{Meanwhile back to Craig and Stripe.}}

Craig: "Can I fly?"

Stripe: "No."

Craig: "Shoot Kamehameha waves?"

Stripe: "No."

Craig: "Walk through walls?"

Stripe: "No"

Craig: "Being the chosen one sucks."

{{cut to commercial.}}

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