First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 8

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First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 8

Postby Nick Assburger » Fri Apr 04, 2014 1:41 am

{Return from Commercial}

Gregory: "Long time no see."

Stan: "Not long enough if you ask me."

Gregory: "Still Throwing up on Wendy are we?"

Stan: "Actually she say's I'm making progress."

Kyle: *Attempts to ease tensions.* "So Gregory what have you been doing since we last saw you?"

Gregory: "Well Kyle I've been busy practicing for the destroy the rainforest choir I'm lead singer you know."

Cartman: "Don't you mean head Fag?"

Stan: *Fist bumps him.* "Good one dude."

Gregory: "I find that quite offensive."

Cartman: "You would."

*Gregory rolls his eyes.*

Gregory: "Humor aside there's no need to use that kind of homophobic language."

Kenny: ("Kelly? Kelly?")

Kelly: "Lenny? LENNY! *She hugs him tightly.* "I never lost hope I always knew you'd save me, It was horrible Lenny they kept us in cages like animals and beat us and they they... *She breaks down sobbing into his arms.*

Kenny: *Holds her tightly ("It's okay Babe nobody gonna take advantage of my girl.") *reaches his hand over and touches her butt.*

Kelly: "Lenny?"

Kenny: (("You had a bug on your butt."))

Kelly: "Oh."

*One of the Quintuplets pushes to the front of the group.*

Quintuplet: "Conner Is this your backup? *She sees the boys.* "Oh Ceausescu not you guy's again."

Stan: "Whoa your one of those Romanian Quintuplets aren't you."

*The rest of them come forward.*

Quintuplet: "Nadia What is it?" *notices the boys.* "Oh Balls."

Kyle: "Uh hi hows it going?"

Natalia: "It's good I guess."

Stan: "What happened to her leg."

Nadia: "She injured it in the escape."

Conner: "Truck we were on got hit by a mortar." *Turns to Nadia* "How is she holding up?"

Nadia: "So far so good but I don't think we''ll be preforming at the concert."

Conner: *Checks her leg.* "Just hold on okay you probably fractured something I don't think it's broken but you need to keep weight off it." *Turns back to the boys* "We need to get these kids to shelter Asap." I don't think they'll last long out here."

Kyle: "There's a temple not far from here the guinea creatures can't reach it."

Conner: "Okay that'll be our destination Everyone on me single file step by step we'll hide our numbers Christophe get a head count started I don't want to leave anyone behind."

Christophe: "Oui

{{Conner leads them through the rainforest, With Gregory and Christophe carrying Glaces And Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman keeping watch with their weapons.* }}

{Elsewhere in a briefing room back at the camp William Connelly briefs the Super Adventure club soldiers Darth Chef and Mr Graizer standing at his right.}

Connelly: "The prisoners are most likely headed here *points to a large temple on a map.* "According to legend these grounds are precious to the Inca and the creatures cannot set paw upon those grounds. It's also exactly where we want them. At first light we'll surround the grounds with a company of trucks and then said company led by Mr Graizer will sweep the ruins and round up every one of the little bastards ." *Turns to Mr Graizer.*
And Graizer If a certain trigger happy snot nosed little sh*t should show up you know what to do."

Mr Graizer: "Yes Sir I'll personally handle Kurtz myself."

Connelly: "I should hope so for your sake." *Darth Chef grips his fist tightly in a groping motion making Mr Graizer gulp and grab at his balls.* "Make no mistake this is your last chance." *Turns back to the face the troops.* That goes for the rest of you too I expect you search every crack and corner like it was the tender assh*le of a Quechua child. That is all dismissed."

*He looks back the map.* "And with any luck the chosen one will be there as well, Mark well my words Kurtz you will not stand in the way of our club fulling the prophecy."

{The sun peaks over the Andes mountains. The Boys and the Choir children have reached the safety of the temple .}

Conner: *Wraps a improvised splint around Glaces leg using two pieces of wood and some rope.* "Apply pressure." *tightens them snugly around her shin* "And done, Now remember not to put too much weight on it."

Glaces: "Thanks I guess."

Conner: "Don't mention it , I gotta check on the others."

{{The boys have set up camp inside the temple grounds.where the Choir children are resting and being treated.}}

Conner: *Walks over to Kyle.* "How's it look?"

Kyle: "It's pretty bad Conner these kids have been through a lot we're running low on what little supplies we have left and Cartman ate more than his fair share of the rations before we found you."

{Cartman squats down in the corner with the runs.}


Stan: "Goddamnit Cartman go outside If you have to do that!!!!"

Cartman: *Waddles toward the exit* "OW OW OW IT HURTS TO WALK"

Conner: "Four Fingers of Death?"


Conner: "Yep!"

Christophe: "Mon Ane his farts smell worse z'hen z'he devil's morning breath. thou I must admit its very gratifying to z'ee z'hat fat bastard in pain. ha ha ha ha ha" *coughs* "ha ha ha ha" *coughs*

Conner: "Yeah anyway I'll be...."


Conner: *Takes out a map and puts down on a stone.* "I saw where the plane went down yesterday when we jumped out." *points to its position on the map.* "Right around here." I could head there grab us some supplies and try and contact Halfcock and tell him where we are."

Kyle: "By yourself?"

Conner: "The fewer that go the fewer that risk getting caught."

Kyle: "Yeah but it's suicide out there."

Conner: "It's also the only shot we have, We won't last very long out here on our own."

Gregory: "They're probably out looking for us as we speak."

Conner: "All the more reason to get out there before they find this place."

Christophe: "Look Conn'er as much as I detest z'he idea of going out z'here again I figure I -I-I.."

Gregory: "What The Mole's trying to say is we're comrades *puts his hand on Conner's shoulder.* And It's definitely been a while but we'd be honored If you'd join La Resistance."

Conner: "La Resistance?"

Gregory: "It's a group we started a long time ago."

Stan: *In the back* "That group was my idea assh*le!"

Gregory: "Ignore him he's just jealous."

Stan: "Screw You Limey!"

Conner: *Takes his 1911 out and points it at Gregory before offering it to him.* "You ever shoot one of these before?"

Gregory: *Nervous.* "No I don't believe I have."

Stan: "Ha Ha Pussy Licker!"

Gregory: *grits his teeth.* "Though I'm tempted to try."

Stan: *walks up them.* "Conner forget this Douche I was by your side the whole time when we were trapped in that mine together."

Conner: "You were drunk."

Stan: "I stuck by you when the National Guard fired on us."

Conner: "You drunkenly fired into the air."

Stan: "While you were talking to your imaginary dead brother I was keeping everyone together."

Conner: "You threw up on me."

*Christophe and Gregory watch in disbelief as they Argue.*

Kyle: "Stan Please this is not the time to argue, just forget your rivalry with Gregory for a moment and think we need someone capable retrieving supplies."

Stan: "Oh am I not capable Kyle is that it? I'm not good enough to go on a mission? I'm not some educated smug little dick or a wannabe badass one man army who's scared of a teeny weeny Guinea pig." Well screw you guys I'm go get the supplies myself." *Stan picks up his weapon and decides to go without them."

Kyle: "Stan You can't go out there by yourself."

Stan: "Watch me."

Conner: "Stan wait."

Stan: *Stops* "What?" *Conner clocks him with the butt of his rifle and knocks him out.*

Kyle: "Dude what the hell."

Conner: "He didn't give me any other choice."

Kyle: "Yeah but still..."

Conner: "We've wasted enough time as it is." Gregory Christophe your with me Kenny your on Lookout. Keep an eye out for any signs of hostile forces. Kenny!! *Kenny turns away from Kelly and walks over to him.* Did you hear what I said?"

Kenny: ("Say what?")

Conner: "Go over the temple entrance and keep an eye out for hostile forces."

Kyle:" That reminds me just who the hell is after us!"

Conner: "They call themselves the Adventure Club or something. *loads his rifle and slings it over his shoulder.* Look Kenny keep a lookout, Kyle stay and tend to the prisoners Cartman..."

Cartman: "Raargh!! Ruurgh!!! *Splatters* "What?"

Conner: "Never mind just keeping doing whatever."

Cartman: "Rurgh!!! Cool!"

Conner: *turns to Gregory and The Mole.* "Ready to head out?"

Gregory: "As I'll ever be."

Christophe: *Spins his shovel and sheathes it.* "Let's do z'his already."

*The head out the door to the beach theme to Call of Duty WoW as the kids look on.*

Gregory: "Have faith my Comrades for we shall soon return." *Raises Conner pistol into the air.*

Stan: *stirs* Yeah yeah Mr smarty pants we heard you the first time *passes out again.*

*As Conner walks out the door someone touches him on the shoulder. He looks up and sees Benjamin.*

Benjamin: "You miss me."

Conner: *Smiles at him.* "Yeah after you disappeared at the camp I was worried you were gone for good."

Benjamin: "No one fights alone Bro We're Marines we watch each others backs."

Conner: "Semper Fi till I Die."

Benjamin: " Amen."

Kyle: *Whispers to Kenny* "He's doing it again."

Kenny: ("Yep.")

Gregory: "Christophe, Is Conner on Ritalin or something?"

Christophe: "He z'aid something about blowing up a ATF helicopter."

Gregory: "Oh sh*t."

Conner: "Your guys coming or not?"

*They both look at each other and follow after him*

{Meanwhile back in the other dimension realm whatever. Craig sits twitching and shaking as if ready to burst while Stripe continues dancing around him in a circle as a disco ball shines lights around the room.}

Stripe: *Dancing around him to Yvonne Elliman* "If I can't you I don't want nobody baby."

Craig: "Stripe?"

Stripe: "If I can't have you Oh ooh!"

Craig: "Stripe!"

Stripe: "If I can't have you I don't want nobody baby."


Stripe: *Stops singing but continues dancing.* "It's rude interrupt me Craig while I'm preforming the ritual."

Craig: "How much longer is this gonna take?"

Stripe: "About 12 more hours give or take."

Craig: "I'm bored."

Stripe: "Craig I must ask you to be silent you are the chosen one and the chosen one must show patience."

Craig: "Too bored don't care."

Stripe: "Fine then watch something in the waterfall of foresight or something."

Craig: "How do I do that?"

Stripe: "Just wave your hand in front of the waterfall and it'll do the rest."

Craig: "Like Red Racer?"

Stripe: "No Craig not like Red Racer The waterfall has the power to see anywhere in the world."

Craig: "Really?"

Stripe: "Yes now let me get back to the ritual. If I can't have you Oh Ooooh oh."

Craig: *Starts channel surfing through the waterfall.* "Being the chosen one sucks ass."


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