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Gus Van Sant

Postby X Milo » Sat Apr 05, 2014 12:31 am

My name is Stan Marsh. This isn't the kind of thing I do, and this definitely not the kind of story you should tell people unless you want to get snitched on. I don't even know how I am gonna start this off. I've never written one of these before, mostly because I hate writing, it's stupid. To be perfectly honest, this is one hundred times more work than I'll ever write ever again. I'm only doing this to get something off my chest, because Kyle said it was a good idea. I feel out of character.

It all started last month, during the last day of 12th grade, I heard an announcement: my name.

"Stan Marsh, to the front office. Stan Marsh, to the front office?"

'Oh sh*t' was my first thought.

I grabbed my bags, in case it was over by the 3:25, because it was almost time school got out. As I walked out the door, I heard someone whisper "busted." I knew who it was too, so I flipped that fatass for being a smart ass on the way out. Mr. Garrison saw it too, but didn't call me out (personally, I think he hates us)

What I want to know is how he is still my f*cking teacher since 3rd grade or that my classmates are also the same since then? But that's not important.

I thought I was I trouble for getting a into fight with Clyde during lunch. He threw the first punch though, so I was confident about what excuse I would use just as I walked through the door with the bold red letters MACKEY. No, this wasn't the same Mr. Mackey from my old elementary school (he got shot last year), this was his brother, and was just as lame. Well, to his credit, he was less annoying than his brother.

But when I walked in, I didn't find Mackey. Instead I found a woman, whose expression was very intelligent and professional, dressed that way too. She was also hot! I felt confortable enough to walk over and introduce myself.

"Hello Stanley."

"Hi." She was hot! I know said that already. Man, if Wendy even heard a rumor about this then, she would've chopped her up like Machete.

"My name is Detective Rachel Garcia."

After she said "detective," she wasn't so cute no more.

"You have may have a seat. I'm sorry I pulled you out of class."

"It's okay. I hate Mr. Garrison's class anyway."

"Sounds like you're ready to leave because it's the last day. Don't you get your diploma before you get out?"

"We do that tomorrow, in Denver."

"On a Saturday?"

"I know, it sucks ass."

"Okay Stanley. I don't want to hold you any longer, but we have a situation, and I asked Kenny few questions about you."

Kenny that snitchin' son of a whore.

Here's where I'll end the first entry. I'm also writing this out of order. I'll get it all down, eventually.

- Stan Marsh
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