First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 11

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First Blood First Serve Part 2 Chapter 11

Postby Nick Assburger » Thu Apr 10, 2014 12:14 am

{Return from commercial.}

Conner awakens to find himself underwater being carried by a current he manages to swim to the surface for air and grab onto a branch but his strength isn't enough and he's pulled off back into the water. But thinking quickly he swims onto his back and goes limp allowing his body to float while he recovers his stamina. He soon spots some rocks on the shore and grabs onto them using them to pull himself out of the river and onto shore. After crawling onto shore he blacks out.

Several hours pass and Conner comes to slowly.

Benjamin: "Conner Conner are you there."

Conner eyes open to Benjamin standing over him.

Benjamin: "Good your still breathing just take deep breaths your gonna be okay." He helps Conner up to his feet.

Conner: Looks up to see the huge stone face leading into a cave. "Where the hell are we?"

Benjamin: Takes off his tactical vest and field jacket leaving just his T-shirt . "I think we're a few miles down river."

Conner: "I could have told you that." He takes off his tactical vest and field jacket off too leaving just his T-shirt

{{Remember Benjamin's actions are a reflection of Conner's.}}

Suddenly Conner here's an engine coming for them followed by a search light.

Benjamin: "Conner over here behind the rock."

The two brothers take cover behind the rock as the as the search light passes over them. Several Super Adventure Club soldiers step off the patrol boat.

British soldier: "Alright lads Colonel Connelly says the children will headed this way looking for a way out were here to cut them off."

Several soldiers head off into the temple to secure the area."

British soldier: Turns to the few remaining soldiers. "The rest of you stay here and guard the boat no child get's past un buggered."

Soldiers: "Yes Sir."

The Officer leaves and leads the rest of the troops into the temple. leaving only 5 on watch.

Benjamin: "That doesn't sound good."

Conner: "We need to find Stan Kyle and the group and warn them their walking into a trap.." He draws his 1911. "Crap my gun's waterlogged It won't shoot.

Benjamin: "Mine too we'll need improvise this." Looks over at the soldiers two guarding the entrance two patrolling the area one standing guard on the boat. "The guy on the boat goes first."

Conner: "Then use the heavy machine to take out the rest?"

Benjamin: "Too high profile."

Conner: "Alright let's see where this goes."

The two of them wait for the searchlight to pass and then head for the water.

The soldier on the boat is reading a magazine called Jail bait depicting a naked little boy on the cover with his pants down.

Benjamin and Conner surface behind him.

Benjamin: "Take him Conner."

Conner climbs aboard and stabs him thru the back of the neck.

Conner: Whispers "Rub one out you sick bastard."

He pulls out the knife leaving the soldier to choke on his own blood.

Benjamin: "Nice work Conner."

The two of them search the boat for weapons finding a 30 caliber M1919 belt fed machine gun, a China Lake grenade launcher, some mortar shells A Colt Python, some hand grenades a couple of ballistic knives and a machete. They arm themselves up with a bandolier and apply war paint to their faces. as Ramboesque music plays.

Two of the SAC soldiers are smoking on the beach when suddenly they hear splash. They both turn their guns to face it.

Chinese soldier: "What was that?"

Kenyan soldier: "Probably just a fi... " A ballistic knife blade flies thru the air hitting him in the eye.

Chinese soldier: "AHHHH HEL...Ugh." A machete blade pierces his stomach as Conner steps into view his face covered in war paint and his hand on the handle, with a swift slice he disembowels the Chinese soldier and shoves him into the water.

The other two soldiers take notice.

Indian Soldier: "Hey You!!!"

Conner draws his machine gun and mows them both down.

Benjamin: "So much for going silent."

Conner and Benjamin race into the passage and into the temple.

Meanwhile back in the temple The children have been trying to evade the Super Adventure Club a task none too simple when your carrying injured in your party.

Turkish soldier: "They're they are."

Kyle: "Jesus Christ!"

Stan and Kyle open fire gunning down the Turk and his men before leading them down deeper into the temple.

Stan: "Man they just don't let up."

Quintuplet: "Which way do we go?

Kyle: Looks around several directions. "This way." Points down a hall and leads them down it."

Christophe: "This is insane every way turn z'ese batards cut us off."

Quintuplet: "We have to do something Glaces can't go much farther."

A soldier calls out from the back of the corridor.

South African soldier: "Hey I've got some men down here they can't be far off."

Quintuplet: "They're coming."

Gregory: "Alright We'll split up into two groups Stan Kyle, Eric,, The Mole and I will try to hold them off while the you girls find a place to hide the injured

The soldiers start getting closer.

Kyle: "Just go now."

The Quintuplets, Kenny, Kelly, and the rest of the choir run down the corridor deeper into the temple while The boys, Gregory and Christophe hold the line."

Gregory: "Just like old times Stanley?"

Stan: "Dude Shut up!"

Kenny's group crosses a rope bridge over a lake inside a subterranean cavern as the sounds of gunfire echo from the caverns behind them. As they cross the bridge Kelly slips and falls off the bridge hanging on only by a hand.

Kelly: Screams "Lenny help I'm slipping!"

Kenny rushes back to help her but the wood slips thru her fingers. Kelly screams as she loses her grip only to be caught by Kenny who's hanging onto the bridge with one hand.

Kelly: "Lenny!"

Kenny: ("I got you Kelly it's okay.") The board he's holding breaks and they fall only to be saved by The quintuplets who've formed a human ladder to catch them."

Kelly: "We're saved."

Quintuplet: "Ready Girls."






All together: "Quintuplet powers activate."

The Quintuplets curl up like a party noise maker and whip Kenny and Kelly back onto the platform."

Kelly: "Wow you saved us."

Quintuplet: "It was nothing."

Quintuplet: "Yeah."

The boys come out of the tunnel.

Stan: "Kenny what are you guys still doing here those guys are coming?"

Kenny: ("Kelly and I almost fell to her death and the quintuplets saved us.")

Cartman: "This is no time to talk about double stufs although they do sound good."

Several Super Adventure club soldiers come out and start shooting at the children as they run across the bridge and into a tunnel.

Meanwhile Conner and Benjamin turn down a corridor and run smack dab into a squad of soldiers Conner tries to fire his M1919 but it jams.

Conner: "JAM!" He tries to clear the jam.

British officer: "He's out of ammo get him!"

The soldiers run down the corridor and step on a panel triggering dart launchers mounted in the wall. The soldiers scream out in pain and stumble around one of them falls on another panel triggering punji stakes hidden in the floor which kill the rest of them.

Conner: Clears his jam. "Got it." He notices the dead soldiers impaled on the spikes. "Oh never mind."

The two of them head back down the corridor right smack into Stan and Kyle.

Conner: "Stan Kyle Tanker Tits!!!

Stan: "Conner!"

Kyle: "Your alive!"

They hug each other.

Gregory: wipes a tear "Good to see you alive again."

Conner: "You guys too."

Christophe: Walks up to him and pats him on the shoulder. "It's good to see you again Mon Camarade!" ((My Comrade.)) He wipes a tear from his eye.

Conner: "Are you...?"

Christophe: "No it's just some dust."

Gregory: Laughs.

Christophe: "Shut up you pussy english twat you were crying too."

Gregory: Breaks down into tears of laughter.

Christophe: "Shut up or I swear I'll shove my shovel up your ass so far that I'll strike your teeth!"

Conner joins in laughing too as well as Benjamin as they walk toward the exit.

Christophe: "I mean it Conner I will."

The other children join in laughing too.

Christophe: "Shut up all of you shut up! Oh to hell with it." He throws his hands up in frustration.

Benjamin: "Come on Conner let's get of here and go home."

Quintuplet: "Who are you talking to Conner?"

Quintuplet: "I think he has ADHD!"

Conner: Looks at Benjamin "You girls wouldn't understand."

Quintuplet: Turns to Kyle "What does he mean?"

Kyle: "Conner likes to talk to his brother sometimes."

Quintuplet: "But I don't see anyone."

Kyle: "Conner's brother actually died a year ago, He's had trouble coping with it."

The Quintupet raises her hand and draws a cuckoo with her finger.

Quintuplet: "Whatever I'm just glad this over."

The choir steps out only to be caught in the spotlight of Connelly's hind.

Connelly: "I'm afraid you children aren't going anywhere."

The leader of the Super Adventure Club along with Mr Graizer and several soldiers are waiting for them.

Conner, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Gregory and Christophe raise their guns at them but are dropped suddenly to the knees by a powerful unseen force.

Conner: "Argh!"

Stan: "My balls!"

Kyle: Screams "It's hurts."

Cartman: Screams like a little girl!

Gregory: High pitched voice "Oh bugger all!"

Stan: points at him "Ha ha you sound like a little bitch! Ow God that smarts!"

Christophe: "Mon Couilles! Ils Blessent!" (My balls they hurt.)

The boys all grab their balls in pain.

Connelly: "Resistance is futile my friends the more you resist the tighter the grip on your balls becomes."

Conner: "How the hell are you doing that?"

Connelly: "That would be your old friend here."

Darth Chef steps into view.

Darth Chef: "Hello children how would you like to suck my chocolate salty balls?"

Stan: "Chef!"

The Sith Pedophile twists his wrist causing the boys to black out in pain. Conner tries get back up but a soldier strikes him with the butt of his rifle knocking him out."

Connelly: "Prepare the ceremony."

The Super Adventure Club rounds up the children and loads them into the helicopter which lifts off into the sky.

Craig: "Ha told you so."

Craig watches as Stripe continues dancing to Wham.

Stripe: "Wake me up before you go go don't leave me hanging like a yo yo wake me up before you go go now take me dancing toniiiight."
He stops dancing "It is now time."

Craig: "Finally my butt fell asleep half a day ago."

Stripe: "Now you might feel a slight tingling but don't worry because it's all part of the ritual now relax as I penetrate the barriers deep inside you and grab hold of your inner power."

Craig: "I need an adult."

Stripe: "I AM AN ADULLLLLLLLLLLT!!!!!!!!!!"

The energy gathered by Stripe shoots out of his eyes into Craig as the entire dimension comes to life with light!

The epic music fades and Stripe's not done yet.

Craig: "Uh Stripe how long is this going to take?"

Stripe: "Just relax and let me reach down and pull out you inner power."

Craig: "I need an adult."

Stripe "I am an adult."

{Cut to Commerical.}

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