Peter Cottontail in Latin

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Peter Cottontail in Latin

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 09, 2007 9:59 am

does anyone know the lyrics of Here Comes Peter Cottontail in latin which is what he Hare club for men sings
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Postby Cool_Shan » Mon Apr 09, 2007 10:17 am

wrong section of forum... and no i dont know.
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Goddamn you people suck. Especially Cool_Shan
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Postby triplemultiplex » Mon Apr 09, 2007 4:44 pm

Fresh off of Will's site:

Sanctum Piter oteum, Deus ore uneum.
Hippitus hoppitus reus homine.
In suspiratoreum, lepus in re sanctum.
Hippitus hoppitus Deus Domine.

You read it! You can't unread it!
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Re: Peter Cottontail in Latin

Postby PuffntheMagicDragon » Mon Jan 07, 2008 11:42 am

now i forgot the lyrics to the kyle's mom song :!: thanks a lot :evil:

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