A new South Park FPS?

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A new South Park FPS?

Postby Jcssk » Mon Oct 17, 2011 10:34 pm

Hay everyone I'm pretty new to the forums here. I was at New York Comic Con this weekend and sat in for the south park panel. The heads of south park digital studios were there talking about the new game coming out. When it was time for Q&A someone asked about the N64 games and they said that they had no plans of remaking/ making games similar to those. They said mainly because they would take to long to make and that when they made them originally south park studios didn't work on the game with them like they do now. But in my personal opinion the south park FPS for the N64 is the best south park game they have ever made, with south park rally coming in a close second. They said they look on the forums a lot to see what the fans like/want. I was just wondering what the Fans of the south park forum think of the old N64 games and whether or not they would like to see a New south park FPS or even a remake of the old one. I don't know about you guys but I know I sure as hell would love it especially if I could play with my friends online! I would much rather wait a few years for them to put together a really good game instead of pumping out an Arcade game every year. (not saying that the arcade games are bad but they just don't stick with me like the N64 games do). This is just my opinion tho so tell me what you think.

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