Joystick of Truth for PC Solved.

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Joystick of Truth for PC Solved.

Postby SlaterMarcus » Mon Apr 14, 2014 2:38 pm

HEY! I know Steam does most of the work alas it only makes the best work of a boring old Xbox controller so hey, what? Oh, PUT SOME Joystick software into the game, I mean MAKE IT DO what every other game does, use Joysticks. Maybe some key mapping options so I can at least SEE what keys I need? Did I buy a f*cking Beta for $50? assh*les.

That being said, it is a very awesome game and I love it. That's why I am so upset. Joy stick rawr!

Solution. There is a program called AntiMicro out there. You know all the things us PC gamers hate about configuring JoySticks? The program AntiMicro is a perfect solution. I have a Chinese PS3 knock off and a .50 (USD) bluetooth receiver and with this AntiMicro Program and I am good to go. (oh and I also use the DS3 Tool)

So when your $60.00 (USD) game for PC can't support an AirFlow Joystick (made in 2005) just get AntiMicro for mapping keys until this developer gets it's sh*t together.

I love the game.
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Re: Joystick of Truth for PC Solved.

Postby PrvMakedonec » Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:25 pm

Sounds cool, how does it work?
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